Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/08


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In her hospital room, Kayla cuddles her son, Joe. Ava bursts in, grabs the baby, and makes a break for it. Kayla screams and wakes up. The baby is nowhere in sight, but Ava walks in with a bouquet of flowers. She smiles meekly, “Hello, Kayla.”

Phillip bangs on the pub door. Pete, the bartender opens up, telling Phillip that they’re closed. Phillip explains that he is Bo’s brother. He is supposed to meet someone here. Pete lets him in, and a few moments later, a mysterious man comes in to meet with Phillip. Phillip tells that man that he needs to know that he can count on him. The man grins. For the amount of dough Phillip is forking over, he can count on him.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas confronts a tearful Sami. He wants to know how long this thing between her and EJ has been going on. Sami swears that this was the first time they slept together. Lucas snorts. She must think he is stupid or something. Sami wails. He told her to move on, so that is what she is doing. Lucas snaps. It didn’t take her very long to move on, did it? And besides, when he told her to move on, he had no inkling that she’d be moving on with that monster EJ. Sami whines. Lucas wouldn’t let her see him. How was she supposed to know he was coming home? She would have waited for him forever, if that is what he asked. Lucas sighs. He didn’t want her to have to do that. He was so excited to be coming home, and he just wanted to surprise her. Sami swears that this never happened before. EJ walks in and agrees. He tells Lucas that Sami is being truthful. Lucas growls. If EJ says one more word, it won’t be attempted murder that Lucas commits. EJ slinks out of the room. Lucas rails on Sami some more. She ruined everything by sleeping with the devil. Now he will never believe another lying word that comes out of her mouth. John comes in, glaring at Lucas. Who is he, and why is he treating Sami with such disrespect?

Ava thought she heard Kayla crying out for her baby. Kayla tells her that she dreamed that Ava kidnapped him. Ava assures Kayla that she doesn’t have to be afraid of her anymore. Kayla asks where Steve is, and Ava explains that he is in NICU with the baby. Ava wanted to come by to see if she could do anything. Kayla tells her there’s nothing she can do. Ava tells Kayla that she feels responsible for her delivering prematurely.

Phillip thanks the man and tells him not to contact him again. Phillip doesn’t want the Kiriakis name associated with any of this. The man agrees and takes off. Chloe comes in as he leaves and asks Phillip what’s going on.

EJ and Nicole run into each other outside the pub. Nicole tells EJ that she needs him, an judging by the look on his face, he must need her, too.

Lucas explains who he is to John. John nods, saying that’s right, Lucas is the convict. Sami asks John to stay out of it. Marlena comes in, and greets Lucas with surprise. She thinks it’s great that he’s home. Sami seems less than thrilled as John explains the house arrest situation to Marlena. He tells with her that Lucas will be chased down like a mongrel dog if he leaves the house. Sami wonders why John didn’t tell her Lucas was coming home. John meant it to be a surprise, but that was clearly a mistake. He asks why Lucas was berating Sami. Lucas tells John and Marlena that he caught Sami in bed with EJ. Marlena gasps. Sami says she can explain. John doesn’t understand. She was in bed with her husband. What’s the big deal? Marlena thinks there must be a good explanation for all of this. Sami agrees. This was the first time this ever happened. Lucas wonders why she is even still married to EJ. The vendetta is over. Marlena tells him there is a reason for that, too. Lucas agrees. There is one good explanation. Sami is a lying, cheating whore.

Nicole suggests that she and EJ go out for a drink. EJ declines. Besides, hasn’t she had enough? He reminds her that she showed up drunk at the mansion just a few hours before. Nicole doesn’t see the problem. Besides, she made Sami good and jealous, which is what EJ wanted. EJ smiles. In a way, he guesses that she is right. She did sort of help him fix things with Sami. Nicole tells him that she needs his help, anyway. She is having a crisis. EJ jokingly wonders if Victor cut off the booze. Nicole says that it is about her dog, Pookie. The dog’s fine, but they won’t let her pick her up until the next day. She needs EJ to do his “lawyer thing” and get her back tonight.

Phillip tells Chloe that he was meeting the man on a business matter. He tells her to stay out of it.

Ava apologizes to Kayla for the way she acted. She knows now that Kayla helped her after her arrest because she’s a good person. Ava just wishes she could find some way to repay Kayla for what she did. She tells Kayla that she will still have to go to trial. This time, her daddy won’t be around to bail her out. Kayla reminds her that her father was a very wealthy man. Maybe she can start putting some of that money to good use and do something charitable.

EJ groans. What is it with Nicole and that dog? He’s plain sick of hearing about it. She pouts. EJ promises to help him if she will tell him what’s wrong with her.

Chloe grins. She loves it when Phillip gets all tough. She tells him that she doesn’t care what kind of business he was conducting. She wants to talk to him because she wants to know where the two of the, stand.

John growls at Lucas. No one talks to his step-daughter that way. Lucas whines. How would John feel if he walked in on Marlena and another man together? John tells him they’re talking about him. He needn’t change the subject. Marlena also thinks that Lucas’ words were inappropriate. He needs to give Sami a chance to explain. Lucas sighs and asks Sami why she slept with EJ. A blubbering Sami explains that EJ has changed. He has really been there for her since Lucas went to jail. If it weren’t for him, she doesn’t know how she would have handled the twins. Marlena wants to give the two some privacy, but John stops her, saying he is enjoying the show too much. Sami brings up the fact that Lucas told her to move on. Again, he can’t believe she chose to do that with EJ. She says that she never lied to him. Lucas gave hi blessing when she married EJ, but then shot him anyway and lied about it. Lucas stammers. Sami lays in to him. EJ has been a good husband to her lately, and that’s a hell of a lot more than she can say for Lucas.

Nicole says there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s as shallow as everyone says she is. What you see is what you get. EJ doesn’t think that’s true. Nicole is smart, but she hides it well. Nicole thinks she hides it too well, then. She can’t find Mr. Right to save her life. EJ smiles. Perhaps she just hasn’t been looking in the right place.

Phillip thought that Chloe wasn’t ready to pursue anything because her marriage wasn’t yet over. Chloe says her divorce will be final soon. There’s as much chance of her and Brady getting back together as there is for Phillip and Belle. Chloe tells Phillip that she is ready to move on. She wants him to help her forget about Brady.

Ava tells Kayla that she should try sneaking out to see her son, Joe. Kayla sighs. She doesn’t think she would make it past the nurse’s station. Ava sighs, says she will say a prayer for Joe, and leaves.

Chloe tells Phillip that they can’t deny the attraction between them. She dives in for a kiss. Phillip willingly responds.

Nicole leers at EJ. He backs away. He wasn’t talking about himself, of course. He is in love with Sami. Nicole laughs. There isn’t a chance in hell of that happening. EJ tells her that Sami already admitted earlier that she has feelings for him. Nicole calls Sami a tramp and asks about Lucas. EJ tells her about Lucas being release on house arrest. There was a quarrel when he arrived, so EJ thought it best if he left. Nicole says that now that Lucas is home, there’s no chance for EJ and Sami. EJ disagrees. He thinks that Sami will eventually choose him after the fallout of the argument. She’ll realize that she loves him. Nicole thinks she still loves Lucas.

Lucas gapes. Is Sami saying that she thinks EJ is a better husband than he is? Sami says that she just meant that he was there for her. They argue about EJ some more, and Marlena steps in and tells Lucas that EJ has changed. Sami asks John’s opinion. He admits that part of him sides with the convict. His woman was heating, after all. But the other part of him knows that EJ finally did Sami because the sexual tension around here was unbearable. Marlena dryly tells him that eh isn’t helping. John chuckles. Her family is ever more screwed up than his is.

Kayla cries a little and stares off into space. Ava comes back in, dressed in scrubs. She tells Kayla that she has been to NICU and she saw the baby. She holds out a phone. She took a picture for Kayla. Kayla takes the phone and cries with delight.

Phillip breaks off the kiss. He thinks that trying to be friends with benefits can be tough. Besides, he really doesn’t have the time for any drama. Chloe eyes him coyly. Phillip grins. Maybe she is just the medicine he needs. Chloe tells him that the best part is that it goes down really easily. Phillip dives back in for more.

Nicole figures out that Sami and EJ “did the nasty.” She can’t believe that the little tramp jumped EJ’s bones. She also can’t believe Lucas came home to that. What a welcome. EJ nods ruefully. It was a bit of a mess. Nicole reminds him that once again, Lucas is the victim. Sami feels sorry for him, and shell go back to him. EJ is better off without Sami. He needs to face the fact that the game is through.

Lucas and Sami continue to argue. Lucas finally throws up his hands and says that he’s out of here. He rushes out the front door. His ankle monitor beeps shrilly. Lucas screams, “DAMN IT!”


Phillip tells Morgan, “All you need to do is persuade your father to give me whatever he's got on John.” Chloe walks over, “Isn't this cozy?”

Marlena tells Sami, “If you decide your heart is with Lucas you have to go fight for him.”

Lucas tells EJ, “I think I have the perfect solution to our problem.” EJ asks, “What's that?” Lucas retorts, “Why don't you move out?”

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