Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Kayla holds her baby boy and smiles radiantly. The camera pans to her bedside clock, which flips forward half an hour. When we pan back to Kayla, she is sleeping soundly, and the baby is nowhere to be seen. Kayla wakes up, panicking about her baby. She rings for a nurse and Steve comes in. She wails. Where is her baby? She can hear him crying. She needs to see him right away. Steve sighs sorrowfully. He’s sorry, but their baby is gone. Kayla wakes up for real this time, sweating and with her eyes starting out of her head. Steve is by her side, and soothes her, telling her that the baby is still in ICU. There hasn’t been a change in his condition. Kayla wants to see him, but Steve says she can’t. She complains, and he says he understands. He wants to see their son, too.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ lie in bed together after making love. Sami can’t believe she just did that. EJ thinks it was wonderful. Sami smiles. She thinks Nicole must have really gotten under her skin. EJ smirks. Was what happened all about her marking her territory?

Outside the front door, Lucas tells the police officer that he is thrilled to be able to be with his daughter and the woman he loves. He knocks at the door. The cop takes that to mean that he and his wife are still involved. Lucas doesn’t really want to be the subject of any gossip, but yes, they are still together. The cop compliments the house, and Lucas sighs. He just can’t believe his wife has decided to stay at his father-in-law’s house—he understands it, he just can’t believe it. Hopefully he will be able to keep EJ away from her.

Sami explains to EJ that sex doesn’t always have to have a deep meaning. Sometimes it’s just sex. The combination of missing Lucas and hating Nicole just got to her. EJ doesn’t buy it. He can tell by the way she made love to him that it meant something to her. Sami hears the doorbell ring downstairs.

Lucas continues to ring the bell and grumbles. Didn’t anyone tell Sami that he was coming? Rolf answers, and they’re equally confused to see one another. Lucas wonders why Rolf isn’t in jail. Rolf explains that John didn’t press charges. Lucas says that he is lucky, and Rolf asks what he is doing here. Lucas explains that he is going to be living there now. Didn’t John tell him?

Kayla frets about not being able to see her baby as Steve tries to comfort her. He knows their son will pull through. Speaking of which, an administrator came by asking for the baby’s name. Steve thinks they ought to get started thinking about what to call him.

At Chez Rouge, Anna and Roman have dinner while she confides in him about her problems with Tony. Roman is sure that Tony loves her, and Anna agrees, but he is always so busy with Kate and his other clients that he has no time for her. Roman reminds her that Tony’s ad agency is the top earner in town. Of course he’s busy. Anna begrudgingly agrees as Kate and Tony walk in, fresh from shooting another commercial. Roman chuckles. The commercial may never see the light of day if her investors learn of her involvement with Martino Vitali. Roman wants some more information, and asks to speak with Kate in private. Anna and Tony head off for another table as Kate explains that she and Martino were involved years ago. She just had dinner with him again recently, but that’s all that happened. Roman sighs. How in the world did she ever get mixed up with a scumbag like Martino?

Lucas tells Rolf that this is his new prison. He shows off his ankle monitor. Lucas wonders how Stefano would feel if he knew Lucas was enjoying his mansion.

EJ says he didn’t hear a thing. Sami insists she heard a doorbell. It’s just like how she hears the twins crying from across the house. It’s just an internal “mothering” mode. Her hearing is practically bionic.

Lucas asks Rolf where Sami’s room is. He wants to surprise her. Rolf points him in the right direction and Lucas rushes up the stairs.

EJ wants to stay here and fall asleep in each other’s arms. He thinks he has proved that it’s worth Sami’s while to keep him around. Sami grins. She really doesn’t remember if that is true. EJ takes her cue and dives in for a kiss.

Abe and Lexie chat with Dr. Carrington at the hospital. Carrington asks them some questions about their marriage, starting with how supportive Abe is of Lexie’s new job. Abe says he supports her, but Lexie disagrees. He is constantly jumping down her throat about the long hours she works. She never did that to him; in fact, she was understanding of the fact that his job took so much time from their family. Abe snarls. He thinks Lexie is a micromanager, and that’s she’s too protective of Theo. Lexie sighs. Something is definitely wrong here.

At the police station, Bo and Hope talk about Martino’s death as Bo signs his statement of what happened that night. Bo sighs and flashes back to the shooting at the pub. He says that killing a man always sticks with you—even if the guy was a dirt bag like Martino. Hope soothes him, reminding him that he had no choice but to shoot Martino.

Roman smirks as he asks Kate if Martino was one of her clients. Kate huffs. He was, but he was always a gentleman towards her, and she felt comfortable with him, despite his background and connections. Kate tells Roman that they had dinner together, and that was all. If Roman had asked her to get information out of Martino, she would have in a heartbeat. Roman smiles. He would never have put her at risk like that. He cares too much about her to do so.

Steve insists that they try to choose a name. Kayla says she already has one in mind, and it’s perfect. She scribbles on a sheet of paper, folds it, and hands it to Steve. He opens it and grins when he reads what’s written there.

Lucas strides down the hallway, knocks at Sami’s door once, and then he bursts in to find EJ and Sami in bed. Lucas gapes. Sami gasps, “Lucas!”

Hope hands Bo some papers, saying that she is glad this whole thing is over with. Bo scowls. He isn’t so sure about that. Hope excuses herself to go to the restroom and Bo makes a call. He tells the person on the other end that he wants to do something special for Hope. He needs a favor.

Anna and Tony talk about Kate and her relationship with Martino. Tony reminds Anna that they all have things in their past that they aren’t proud of. Anna grumbles. It’s obvious that Kate got involved with the wrong people. Tony and Anna argue about Kate, and Ann finally admits that she is jealous. Tony is successful, and he doesn’t need her. Tony nods. He doesn’t want Anna to feel like she is walking in his shadow. He thinks it’s time he fixed that. Anna gasps as Tony pulls out a tiny jewelry box. He knows they aren’t young anymore. Now that he has matured, he realizes that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Anna. He asks her if she will marry him and opens the box. Anna beams.

Lucas grimly tells Sami that’s he home and stomps off. Sami throws on a robe and rushes out after him. EJ groans and rolls his eyes. Sami asks Lucas to stop. He smirks. Why, so he can watch her in bed with another man? He’s sorry he had to put the brakes on her little party. Sami wails. She thought Lucas was never coming back. Lucas thinks that is a good idea. He’s going to take Allie and then he’s out of here.

Steve loves the name and he knows a certain grandma that will be thrilled, too. Kayla remembers that Adrienne also named one of her sons Joseph, but Steve doesn’t mind. They can just call him Joe. Joe Johnson.

Carrington talk to Lexie and Abe about Theo’s speech problems and frequent tantrums. Carrington thinks that Theo can sense the problems at home and is suffering a real disconnect from his family. Abe and Lexie’s time away from home with their jobs is contributing to the problem. Since Theo doesn’t see all that much of them, maybe they can help Theo and their marriage at the same time. Abe thinks he knows the perfect way to make them all happy.

Downstairs, Lucas tells the police officer that he can’t stay here. He needs a new address. The cop is sorry, but he can’t deactivate the ankle monitor. Lucas will have to wait until the morning when his lawyer can take the matter up with the review board. Sami rushes downstairs, shrieking that she and Lucas have to talk. Lucas rages. Sami doesn’t understand why he is here, and finally, the cop intervenes and explains that Lucas will be staying here while he is under house arrest.

Anna can’t believe that Tony is proposing. He admits that it has been at the back of his mind for a while, but he just got around to doing it today. He actually wanted to do it on the cruise, but couldn’t for one reason or another. They both apologize for being insensitive to one another’s feelings. Tony places the ring on Anna’s finger and she gushes over how gorgeous it is. She’d love to be his wife. The room breaks into applause. Kate and Roman come over and offer their congratulations. They want to get a bottle of champagne, but Tony tells them that he has planned a more intimate celebration for him and Anna. They head off. Roman smiles. He gives them six months—three if Anna tries to cook. Roman proposes a toast with Kate, and she accepts a drink from him.

Steve asks Kayla if she would like him to sneak a wheelchair in here. Maybe he can wheel her down to NICU for a peep at the baby. Kayla agrees, but a nurse comes in and vetoes the plan. The baby is having tests run right now, so they can’t see him. She promises to come and get them as soon as the tests are finished. Kayla sighs disappointedly.

Sami tells Lucas that she had no idea he was coming home. He sent her a letter telling her to move on. He wouldn’t see her or take her calls. What was she supposed to do? Lucas huffs. He would have thought moving on with the man that destroyed their lives would be last on the list. Sami swears that EJ means nothing to her in comparison to Lucas. Lucas snorts. He wants to see his daughter—now. Sami pleads with him to listen. He demands to see Allie, and Sami goes upstairs to get her.

Kayla cries. She just wants to see her baby. Steve puts an arm around her and tries to comfort her.

Abe and Lexie apologize to each other for not being more understand of each other’s work schedules. Carrington praises them for opening a dialogue and gives them an assignment. He wants to them to take a family outing with Theo and turn off their cell phones. Then he wants Abe and Lexie to write about the experience and give him their thoughts so he can analyze them. They agree and Carrington leaves. Abe asks what Lexie thinks. She isn’t sure this will work, but at least it’s a start.

Bo closes the pub and he, Hope, and a much older Ciara have the place to themselves. Bo and Hope toast each other and Bo asks Ciara if she would like to dance with her daddy. She readily agrees and Hope snaps plenty of pictures while the two dance.

Sami brings Allie down to see Lucas. He cuddles and coos to her, saying how much he has missed her. He tells Sami he can put her back to bed. They’ll catch up tomorrow. Rolf takes Allie back upstairs.

EJ sits in Sami’s room and sighs.

Lucas tells Sami that it is over between them. Sami cries. She refuses to let him walk out of her life again.


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