Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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In the locker room at the hospital, Chelsea and Daniel kiss. They stop, and Daniel says that he thinks this is wrong. Chelsea goes after him for more and backs him into a locker. They kiss passionately.

At Abe and Lexie’s place, Abe plays with Theo on the floor while Lexie reads a newspaper. Lexie suggests that Abe not force Theo to play if he doesn’t want to. Abe rages. He isn’t forcing him to do anything that he doesn’t want to! Lexie comes over and tries to encourage Theo to say “block.” Theo remains silent. Abe glares. When Theo is ready to talk, he will. Lexie sighs.

At the pub, Nick and Max talk about Kayla’s baby and his chances of survival. Nick brings up Chelsea and tells Max that he thinks Daniel is the cause of their breakup. Max thinks that it’s terrible if Daniel went after her on purpose. He thinks Nick is acting pretty calmly, given the circumstances. Stephanie comes in and Max greets her, asking how her baby brother is doing.

At the prison, Lucas celebrates his release. Mickey reminds them that there will be conditions involved, but Lucas doesn’t care, as long as he can get out of there. He doesn’t know how he will ever repay them for what they’ve done. Maggie beams. The look on his face right now is payment enough. Lucas says he can’t wait to see the look on Sami’s face when he walks in the door.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami lie on her bed, kissing.

Daniel strips off Chelsea’s shirt as they kiss. They hear footsteps and Daniel hides Chelsea in a locker. He shuts the door as a resident, Amber walks in. She smiles. It looks like she caught him at a good time. Daniel sweats.

A guard brings in some paperwork for Lucas to sign before he can be released. Mickey explains the conditions of Lucas’ house arrest. He’ll have to wear a monitor, and he’ll be confined within 10 yards of the perimeter of the home. Lucas thinks it sounds like an electric fence they use in dog training. He doesn’t have a problem with the conditions, but he isn’t sure how Sami will react to them. He’ll have to be in the apartment all the time. Mickey frowns. He forgot to tell Lucas this, but Sami has moved into the DiMera mansion with John and Marlena. Lucas gapes.

EJ and Sami begin to make love.

Abe and Lexie talk about Kayla’s baby and the hospital’s efforts to stabilize him. Lexie isn’t sure that the baby will make it, and Kayla isn’t going to take that well. Lexie flashes back to her own pregnancy and remembers how happy Theo’s conception made them. Now Theo won’t talk, and he has to go to speech therapy. That or something worse could be in store for Steve and Kayla’s child, and that’s if he even makes it. Abe thinks this all hits too close to home to discuss. Lexie agrees and takes Theo up to bed.

Stephanie tells Max that the baby is still in ICU. They aren’t sure if he is going to make it, and her mom is a complete wreck. In fact, Dr. Elman had to give both her parents sedatives to calm them. She thinks not being able to see the baby is making them both a little crazy. She tells Max that she came down here to get them some decent food. Max heads off to get her a cup of tea. Nick comes over and consoles Stephanie with positive statistics about premature babies. He reminds her that medical technology has made leaps and bounds in the last decade, so her brother’s chances of surviving are good. Stephanie thanks him and asks about his grant. Nick fills her in on getting his proposal, and his suspicions that Max tinkered with his figures. Stephanie tells Nick that as far as she knows, Max simply cleaned and copied his work. Nick sighs and agrees that it might be time to just let this go. Stephanie tells him that she is really proud of the work he is doing. She hugs him and he thanks her. They talk about Chelsea, and Stephanie says she hasn’t talked much about her infertility. Nick just wishes he could be there for her. Stephanie thinks that Chelsea would want to keep Nick around as a friend. Max brings back Stephanie’s tea and offers Nick a beer. Nick declines, saying that alcohol kills brain cells. Max should know all about that, right? Max chuckles and agrees. Nick looks at him suspiciously, saying that he thinks Max knows more than he lets on. Stephanie agrees. Max says that they’re wrong. He’s just a simple, straight-forward guy. They can ask him any question they want to prove that.

Amber offers to come back if this is a bad time. Daniel reluctantly admits that it isn’t, and she formally introduces herself. Daniel starts to do the same, but she stops him, saying that everyone in the hospital knows who he is. She tells him that she looked him up on the internet, and saw that he was a surfing aficionado. She likes that. Daniel gapes as Amber removes her top. It’s really too bad that he has already showered. She bats her eyes. As they say, “Save water, shower together.” Daniel’s eyes widen.

Lucas rages. Why in the hell is Sami staying at the DiMera mansion? Mickey tells him to calm down. Sami is low on money and needed help with the twins, and Marlena is staying there because of John. She is hoping that he’ll regain his memories if she lives with him. Lucas groans. He had no idea things were this bad. He berates himself for not taking Sami’s calls. This is all his fault. He let her and everyone else down. Mickey tells him that he is going home tonight. Soon he’ll be able to spend time with his kids and make up for the time he lost. Lucas sighs and agrees. Is there anything else he needs to know?

EJ breaks off kissing Sami and tells her that he has wanted her for a long time. Sami smiles, and tells him to shut up and kiss her. EJ obliges. One of the twins wails.

Nick confronts Max about the grant work once again. He demands to know if Max changed his work. Max fidgets. He gave it to a professor who might have. Nick wants a name. Max thinks for a moment and comes up with “Simmons.” Nick heads off to call the professor. Stephanie thinks Max is acting strangely. He says that he is just a strange guy. Stephanie eyes him suspiciously, and says she has to go call the hospital to check on her family. Max picks up the phone and asks for Professor Simmons’ number at Salem University. Nearby, Nick leaves a message on Simmons’ voicemail.

Lexie comes back downstairs form putting Theo to bed to find that Abe has poured them a couple of glasses of wine. She thanks him and sits down, complaining that her back hurts. Abe massages her shoulders. They kiss a few times, and then Abe suggests they go upstairs. Lexie smiles and agrees. Just as they get up, the phone rings. Lexie groans.

Amber continues to flirt with Daniel, asking him when he is leaving town. He tells her that he is staying for a few weeks. She senses that he is visibly nervous, and asks if he has something to hide. He says he doesn’t, at least not a lot. She makes more small talk, telling him that she is a surfer, too. Suddenly, her pager goes off, and she says he has to go. She says she will page him, but he stops her, saying he has to be honest. She gets it. He is seeing someone. Daniel nods. Amber thinks the girl is lucky. She hands him her number in case things don’t work out and she leaves. Chelsea bursts out the locker, grinning. So Daniel is seeing someone? Was he talking about her?

Mickey tells Lucas that John knows that he is staying at the mansion. He doesn’t remember Lucas, but he agreed. He had to sign some papers. Lucas smirks. This ought to be interesting. He signs a few papers and heads off with the guard. Maggie sighs and turns to Mickey. That was close. Can he imagine what might have happened if they had told him about EJ staying at the mansion? Mickey thinks that it is Sami’s place to tell Lucas that.

EJ and Sami come back from soothing the twins. Sami says she is too tired to go back to what they were doing before. EJ thinks he may have his work cut out for him. He starts kissing her neck, and Sami quickly responds. She pulls off his shirt and they jump back into bed.

Stephanie comes back and asks Max who he was calling. He stammers and says that he was calling someone about a beer shipment. Nick walks over and tells max that eh couldn’t get in touch with Simmons. He says he has to go and heads off. Stephanie frowns at Max. She knows what he did to Nick’s work. She reminds him that one lie leads to another. Max sweats.

Lexie tells Abe that the hospital was on the phone. Abe tells her he was able to get Theo back to bed, but he thinks that he senses the tension between the two of them. They can’t agree on anything. Lexie sighs. She thinks they need to try to go to counseling. Abe agrees. He will do anything to make this work. They hug.

Chelsea thinks she is the reason Daniel stayed in Salem. Why is it so hard for him to admit he has feelings for her? Daniel says that they can’t be together. There is no sense in giving her false hope. Chelsea knows it isn’t false. He has feelings for her, whether he admits it or not. She can tell by the way he touches her. Daniel groans. He isn’t made of stone. She is very beautiful, but this is wrong and they both know it. He can’t let it happen. Chelsea says they can make this work, as long as he wants it. She begs him to give them a chance.

Sami and EJ make love.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he is in town for professional reasons, and that is all. Chelsea says that may be true, but he also wants her. What is his problem. Daniel says he isn’t comfortable making a commitment. Chelsea wonders what they are going to do. He isn’t sure, but they cant meet her. Chelsea says she will go, but this isn’t over. She huffs off. Daniel sighs and stares.

Stephanie presses Max and he folds. He admits that he found a lot of Nick’s mistakes and fixed them before he turned in the work. Is she happy now? Stephanie gapes.

A police officer brings Lucas to the DiMera mansion. He stands outside the front door and smiles. He can’t wait to see the look on Sami’s face when she sees him.

Sami and EJ continue to make love upstairs.


Kayla tells Steve, “I can hear him crying. We need to get to our baby.” Steve sorrowfully replies, “Our baby's gone.”

Hope tells Bo, “I'm just glad this thing is finally over with.” Bo replies, “I'm not so sure about that.”

Lucas knocks at Sami’s door as she makes love to EJ, and then walks in on them.

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