Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Kayla begs to see her son. Lexie explains that he has been rushed to ICU. They’ve hooked him up to a ventilator, so he can’t be moved. Steve reassures Kayla. She really needs her rest right now, so he will go see the baby and report back to her. Lexie shakes her head. She is sorry, but Steve can’t go either.

Outside Kayla’s room, Chelsea talks to Bo on the phone and tell him there’s been no change in the baby’s condition. Bo talks about coming down there, but Chelsea doesn’t think there’s anything he can do. Nearby, Stephanie frets about the baby as Max attempts to soothe her. Stephanie thinks they need a miracle. As Chelsea walks over, Stephanie tells her that she thinks Daniel might be able to help them.

In the locker room at the hospital, a doctor runs into Daniel, saying he thought he was headed off to some beach. Daniel smiles and says he is already there in his mind. The other doctor heard he had turned down the offer to join the staff here and was leaving town for good.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ quietly approaches Sami’s bedroom door. Inside, Sami stares at a picture of Lucas. She looks at the necklace with her wedding ring, sighs, and take it off. EJ flashes back to kissing her earlier. Sami gets up and goes to the door. EJ starts to knock, then stops himself.

Mickey meets Lucas in prison and thanks him for seeing him. Lucas smiles. A con always wants to see his lawyer. Mickey tells Lucas that Sami and Allie need him. How would he like to go home? Lucas doesn’t understand. Mickey explains that there’s a problem with overcrowding in the prison system. First time offenders like Lucas are being offered conditional releases. He would have to wear an ankle monitor, and he would still be considered a felon--but he would be out of here. Is he interested? Lucas says he is, of course.

Sami opens her door and finds EJ in the hallway outside. He says hello.

The doctor tells Daniel to consider sticking around. He’s become a legend in the short time he’s been here. Daniel thanks him, and the doctor sticks out his hand to shake with Daniel, in case they never see each other again. Daniel stops him from leaving, asking how it is that he is able to stay in one place.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that pediatrics isn’t Daniel’s specialty. Besides, Lexie would have called him in if she thought he could help. Stephanie huffs. She doesn’t want to stand around here and do nothing. Max tries to comfort her. He tells her that Lexie knows what she’s doing, and so does Kayla’s doctor. Stephanie just has to relax and let them do their job. Stephanie sniffles.

Lexie tells Steve and Kayla that their lung specialist is running tests on the baby. Until those tests are complete, he must remain in a sterile environment in the incubator. Kayla starts to ask questions about the baby’s test results, but Lexie cuts her off. She will read too much into any results Lexie divulges. Dr. Elman agrees that Kayla needs to rest and focus on her own health. Kayla wails. She can’t relax when she isn’t sure if her baby is ok. She doesn’t care what any of them says-- she is going to see her baby. Steve stops her.

Chelsea tells Max and Stephanie that she is going to call the rest of the family and tell them about the baby. Stephanie asks her not to tell them the baby might not make it. Besides, her mom can’t handle the company. Chelsea hugs her and promises to take care of everything. She heads off as Stephanie turns to Max. What if her little brother doesn’t make it? Max says she has to know the baby is a fighter. Look at the rest of his family. Stephanie isn’t reassured. Max thinks that with everyone praying for the baby there’s no way he won’t make it.

Steve tells Kayla that she needs her rest. She won’t be any good to the baby if she starts hemorrhaging and goes into shock. Elman promises that Kayla can see him as soon as he is stable and breathing on his own. Lexie goes off to check on the status of the baby. Elman tells Steve that she wants to examine Kayla, and he heads out into the hallway, promising to be back soon. Outside, he hugs Stephanie.

Mickey tells Lucas that he petitioned the court on his behalf once before, but the first wave they let out were non-violent offenders. Mickey is hopeful that it will work out this time. His psych report came back clean, and he confessed and took responsibility for his crime. These things all work in his favor. So Mickey is hopeful. He only has one worry. Lucas asks what it is as Maggie comes in with a package. She tells him she was being patted down by the guards, but she was able to get some doughnuts from Alice in for him. Lucas thanks her as Maggie tells him that the whole family sends their love. Lucas frowns. Even Sami?

Sami tells EJ that she was going to check on the twins, and he tells her he just saw them. They’re fine and sleeping soundly Actually, he wanted to talk about what happened earlier. Sami doesn’t want to. It was stupid and crazy. EJ meant that he wanted to talk about their conversation, not the kiss. He wants to know why she is so willing to wipe the slate clean between them. Sami would rather just move on. EJ explains that he doesn’t want to mess this up. He is thrilled that she is ready to move forward, but he needs to know why. Sami sighs. When he explained what he was thinking that night, she realized that she had been there herself.

Stephanie asks Steve how he is doing. He says that it isn’t so bad that he hasn’t heard anything. Stephanie understands. No news is good news. Elman comes out and tells Steve that Kayla needed rest badly, so she gave her something to help her relax. She knows they are worried, but they need to focus on their family and let the staff focus on the baby. Elman says she will check in with any news and heads off. Steve says he wants to go back in to see Kayla. Stephanie wants to come with him. Max asks if he can do anything, and Steve asks him to keep the coffee coming. Max agrees and Steve and Stephanie go into Kayla’s room. Nick comes in and tells Max that he has been looking for him everywhere. What the hell did Max do to his papers?

The doctor tells Daniel that they could use a doctor like him, but Daniel says he isn’t staying. Besides, Salem has a lot to offer. Daniel flashes back to kissing Chelsea. The doctor smiles. What’s her name? Daniel chuckles. No name. It’s just something he can’t quite walk away from. The doctor tells him to take care and heads off. Daniel gets in the shower. Chelsea comes in, calling his name.

Maggie asks Lucas why Sami wouldn’t send her love. Lucas tells Maggie that Sami wanted to visit him, but he denied her request. Maggie doesn’t understand. Lucas says that he wanted to protect her. If she saw him like this, she would never get the image out of her head. Maggie disagrees with Lucas’ decision. So dies Mickey. She could have brought Allie, so Lucas could see her. Lucas says he doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near this place. He knows what’s best for his daughter and Sami. Maggie thinks Lucas is a damned fool.

Sami tells EJ that she was talking about Austin. When EJ told her that he thought she would love him after what he did, she was reminded of what she did to Austin. She explains that she drugged his drink and forced herself on him. She thought he would realize that he loved her. He obviously didn’t, but he was able to forgive her. If she didn’t forgive EJ, then what kind of person would she be?

Daniel comes out of the shower naked and Chelsea gasps. He grabs a towel and chuckles uncomfortably. This isn’t the first time that this has happened, unfortunately. He almost gave another doctor a heart attack. Chelsea says she knows she shouldn’t in here, but she wanted to ask a favor. She was wondering if he could check in on Kayla’s baby. Daniel says he heard he was born prematurely, but there’s not a whole lot he can do. It’s not his area of expertise. Is that the only reason she is here? Chelsea admits that she wanted to talk to him about something else.

Kayla frets about the baby as Steve and Stephanie try to soothe her. Stephanie thinks they need to decide on a baby name. She has a fun way to decide what her brother’s name should be.

Max tells Nick that this isn’t a good time, and besides, he didn’t do anything to his papers besides dry and rewrite them. Why is he so upset? Nick huffs. He got the grant money, but he isn’t sure that it was his work.

Maggie doesn’t think that Lucas should shut Sami out the way he has been. Mickey hopes this is all a moot point. If they secure Lucas’ release, he can spend all the time he wants with both Sami and Allie. Lucas asks when Mickey thinks he might be able to leave, and Mickey says he could be home as early as tonight if all goes well.

EJ would have never believed that he and Sami had something in common. Sami wants to strike a deal never to mention that night again. EJ thanks her and promises not to. He’s glad they’re moving forward, and hopes she can also give him a break about his relationship with Nicole. It’s simply professional between them, and that’s all. EJ asks if she is jealous. Sami asks if that is why EJ has been coming on to Nicole. EJ asks if it would have worked if he had. Sami says it would have.

Stephanie and Steve draw names out of a hat while Kayla looks on, unenthused. Stephanie picks “Cosmo” and says she likes it. It sounds like jazz musician. Steve picks “Sponge bob” and laughs. Stephanie shrugs. He is her little brother. She has to try to embarrass him. Kayla stops the laughter. She isn’t sure Stephanie will get the chance to be a sister. Kayla wails. She can’t believe the baby is down in NICU all by himself. Steve says the baby will pull through. He just knows it.

Nick tells Max that he went down to the dean’s office and looked at the work. Not all of it looked familiar. Max huffs. He has the originals back at the pub if Nick doesn’t believe him. Nick wants it back. Max asks him to think about what he is saying--that Max is somehow smart enough to change his work and make it look legitimate? They both know that isn’t possible.

Chelsea asks if Daniel has come to his senses about the two of them. He tells her that it isn’t going to happen. Chelsea doesn’t want to give up without giving it a chance. Daniel says that she is great, but that doesn’t mean they will be great together. She needs to give up and move on.

Lucas is excited he might be going home soon, but Mickey wants them all to remain cautious. It might not happen. Maggie thinks he has worked hard, and his confession will count his favor. Lucas says being here has been lie hell. Being without Allie has been awful. Maggie tells him that she is a wonderful child and full of life. Lucas is upset about missing so much time with her.

Sami tells EJ that Nicole drives her insane. EJ tells her that he is wise to Nicole. She doesn’t mean anything to him. Sami explains that Nicole will do anything to hurt her. That’s why she doesn’t want EJ around her. EJ says he isn’t worried about Nicole; he’s worried bout being played by Sami. She doesn’t understand. EJ reminds her of their kiss. He asks if that was just to get back at Nicole or if she really meant it.

Chelsea huffs. He is the one that seems to have trouble leaving town. Daniel days he keeps getting one crazy case after another. Chelsea thinks that he doesn’t want to leave because of her. Daniel says they got too close, and it was his fault. He’s older. She says she is mature. He is the one that’s still interested in playing games. He keeps throwing out one empty excuse after another, because he is afraid to reject her or confront his feelings. She thinks it’s his ego bogging him down, not his late wife. Maybe if he gets over himself one day, they can be together.

Max hands the papers over to Nick, who apologizes for acting so crazy. He has been under a lot of pressure lately. He isn’t sure exactly what is going on here, but he does know that Max is his friend. Max nods. He is sorry for turning the papers in. He knows that Nick deserves this success. He should be enjoying it. Max thinks he is doing important work and shouldn’t let a little self doubt put the bakes on that. Nick says he will. He is also going to look these papers over. If Max is playing him, he’ll find out.

Steve tells Kayla that she needs to think positively. Stephanie agrees. Kayla can hold the baby as soon as he can breathe on his own. Lexie comes back with a frown on her face. Steve asks what’s going on.

A guard comes in and tells Mickey that the warden and prison transfer board want to see him. Mickey beams. This could be it. Maggie wishes him luck.

Sami tells EJ that she kissed him because she wanted to. EJ wants to know why she kissed him a second time. Sami explains that she did that because it was different from what she expected. She expected to simply tolerate it, but then she wanted it to happen again. EJ says that whatever happens between them now is up to her.

Lexie tells them that the baby still isn’t breathing on his own, but that’s to be expected at this point. Kayla bawls. She delivered him to early. She knows that his odds aren’t good. Steve tries to comfort her.

Chelsea says she is leaving, but at least Daniel knows where she stands. Daniel stops her with a long, slow kiss.

Mickey comes back and tells Lucas that he is out of here. He’s going home tonight. Lucas beams and shakes Mickey’s hand. He thanks him profusely.

Sami and EJ kiss. EJ breaks away and asks Sami how it was that time. She responds by kissing him again. He asks if she is sure she wants to do this. She asks him not to ask her that anymore. They kiss again and lie on the bed. We pan in on a picture of Lucas on the nightstand.


Lucas tells Mickey and Maggie, “I can't wait to see the look on Sami's face when I walk through that door.”

Sami and EJ kiss passionately.

Daniel hides Chelsea in a locker as a female doctor walks in saying, “Dr. Jonas.” He replies, “That's right.” She smiles, “Looks like I caught you at a good time.” He fidgets.

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