Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the DiMera mansion, Sami comes downstairs to find EJ working. She asks if he could sleep, and he explains that he was hungry. Sami admits that she is, too. EJ is visibly disappointed as he hands over a sandwich. He thought she might have come down to apologize for saying she didn’t like kissing him. Sami snorts.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe finds Victor sifting through some papers. He asks her what the hell she’s doing there. He had Henderson pack her bags. Chloe sneers. She had Henderson unpack them immediately. She just came down for a drink. Victor tells her to enjoy it, as she’s shortly going to be charged with trespassing.

Medical personnel swarm around Kayla, who is groaning in a hospital bed. She cries that it’s too soon. Dr. Elman notes that she is dilated three centimeters. Kayla begs her to stop the contractions.

Bo and Hope wait outside her room and fret. Hope makes a call. Bo tries to stop her, saying it’s too soon to call Caroline. Hope says that she isn’t.

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Chelsea and Stephanie snack on popcorn and watch TV. Chelsea admires the rear of some of the men on TV. That reminds Stephanie of Daniel and she asks if Chelsea has seen him. Chelsea says that Daniel doesn’t see a future with her, but she plans on changing his mind. Hope calls Stephanie and tells her that her mom is going into labor. Stephanie flips. It’s too soon for the baby to come!

Dr. Elman tells Kayla that she is doing everything she can to stop the contractions. They’ve put a drug in her IV that will help. Kayla frets about the baby coming early as Elman informs neonatology to be ready for a new baby. Steve tries to comfort Kayla as she moans and groans.

Sami says she would rather have bamboo jammed into her fingernails than kiss EJ again. He laughs. So it was like purgatory, eh? Anyway, he has to get to bed, since he has an appointment with Nicole in the morning. Sami grumbles and says he should say hello to the money-grubbing bitch for her. Before EJ goes to bed, Sami wants to discuss possible preschools for the twins. EJ agrees. They can start thinking about secondary school and college as well. Before he can finish, his phone rings. Someone from Lucas’ prison is on the line.

Chloe tells Victor that she is family, whether he likes it or not. Victor huffs. She is the worst thing that has ever happened to his family. Chloe disagrees. She thinks Nicole and her dog would fill that role. Victor tells her she isn’t wanted here. Why is she trying to force herself on himself and Phillip? Chloe says she does it because she can. Besides, why should she show him any respect after what he did? He made it look like she killed Brady. Victor thought Brady was divorcing her. What in the hell is she still doing sticking around? Phillip walks in and tells Victor that he invited her.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that her mom is going into labor. The girls head off for the hospital in a panic.

Bo and Hope head into Kayla’s room as she comes back from an ultrasound. Elman assures Kayla that the baby isn’t under and duress. She just needs to relax. One of the nurses tells Elman that Kayla is dilated to four centimeters. Steve sighs and tells the baby to slow down. He pulls Lexie aside and asks if the baby can survive if it comes now. Lexie assures him that they’re doing everything they can to make sure the baby will be safe if it arrives.

EJ briefly talks to the warden, and then hangs up. Sami asks if Lucas is coming home.

Phillip tells Victor that Chloe is staying. Victor demands to speak to Phillip alone and throws Chloe a withering glance. She huffs off. Phillip can’t believe Victor. He can justify anything, can’t he? He’s been keeping secrets about his grandson. Victor sneers. What about the secrets Phillip has been keeping from him?

Stephanie and Chelsea arrive at the hospital and Hope fills them in on Kayla and the baby’s conditions. Bo rushes off to see if Stephanie can see her mom.

Kayla groans and frets. She worries that the baby will die if it comes now. Steve tries to reassure her.

EJ apologizes to Sami. The warden called to tell him that Lucas didn’t make the cut for the list. He won’t be coming home. Sami’s face falls.

Victor tells Phillip that he knows all about the man Phillip hired to break into the DiMera mansion. Phillip smiles and nods. He was able to get the disc, but it’s encrypted. Victor wonders hoe he knew about the disc, and Phillip mysteriously replies that he has been monitoring John’s mansion. He knows it has something to do with what Stefano did to John, but they won’t know more until the disc can be decrypted. Phillip has men on it right now. Victor asks what he will do about Chloe. Phillip assures Victor that he can handle her. Victor nods. Actually, he has to admit that Phillip has been highly successful in handling their business affairs. Victor was thinking that it’s time for him to handle some more.

Stephanie goes in to see her mom, and talks worriedly with the doctor. Kayla moans and thrashes.

Sami sighs. She should have known better than to get her hopes up. EJ asks if she would rather he hadn’t done anything. She says no, and he promises her to keep trying to get Lucas out. Sami doesn’t see the point. She just needs to face the fact that he isn’t coming back and that Allie will grow up without a father. She does appreciate the help EJ has given her. EJ simpers. Without trying to sound inappropriate, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Sami thanks him for comforting her. EJ sighs. He wants her to know hat he doesn’t care what kind of relationship they have. She doesn’t have to pretend anymore. Sami cries.

Victor explains that he wants Phillip to take over some more of the operations. Phillip is confused. He thought Victor liked keeping his hand in things. Victor explains that he is just exhausted—physically and emotionally. He sees that Phillip is capable of getting his hands dirty, so he’s giving him more control. Phillip is skeptical. It sounds like Victor is retiring. Victor assures him that that isn’t so. He’s just watching the game from farther back these days. Phillip swears that he won’t let him down.

Some nurses wheel an incubator into Kayla’s room. At this point, she’s dilated nine centimeters. The baby is coming, and there’s nothing they can do. Kayla groans as the doctor encourages her to push. Kayla cries that it’s too soon, but she can feel the baby coming. She wails. Steve frets.

Victor worried that Phillip might not be up to running the business after he came home from war. He thought Phillip might not want to get his hands dirty, so he imagined a career in politics for him. Phillip smiles. If he goes into politics, he isn’t sure he has enough body parts left to get dirty. Victor talks about Belle and Shawn, and Phillip tells him that he has accepted Belle’s decision. He wants her to be happy. Victor thinks Phillip needs to start focusing on his own happiness. He excuses himself. Phillip sighs deeply.

Sami apologizes for being so weepy. She has always hated girls that would cry at the drop of a hat. EJ tells her that she has every reason to be upset. Besides, she doesn’t cry all the time. She’s just angry right now. Sami says she thinks she’s upset about not having control over her own life. EJ says she does have control over her life—it’s her lack of control over other’s lives that is upsetting her. Anyway, he has to go to bed, as he agreed to play tennis with Nicole in the morning. Sami grumbles. What does he possibly see in Nicole? EJ says it’s what Nicole sees in him. She thinks he is “all that.” Sami wonders what woman wouldn’t think that. EJ blushes. Sami, for one.

Bo brings Hope some water. Chelsea stumbles away, blank-eyed. Bo asks Hope if she is ok, but Hope doesn’t think she is taking things very well. Bo heads over to reassure her. Hope remembers Chelsea telling her that her infertility was justice for killing Zach. Hope remembers telling her that it was Zach’s time to go.

Kayla moans and groans. Elman announces that the baby is crowning. Kayla shrieks with pain and continues to push.

Sami doesn’t get it. Is he trying to confuse her? EJ sighs and says no. He realizes that their marriage is a sham. Since the visa debacle is finished, where do they go from here? Sami isn’t sure. EJ says that he just wants to know where he stands. If she doesn’t want to be with him, that’s fine, but he needs to know. Right now, he just feels like Sami is sending him mixed signals. Sami doesn’t understand. He reminds her that she has been telling him that she doesn’t care about him, yet she is clearly jealous of Nicole. If she is as jealous as she seems, she must have a reason—a reason why he shouldn’t be with Nicole.

Victor hands Phillip a leather portfolio. This is his legacy and his future. He tells Phillip that he has earned it.

Hope and Bo fill Chelsea in on Martino’s death. Chelsea worries about Bo. She can’t believe he would put himself in danger so soon after their surgeries. Bo changes the subject, saying they all have more important things to worry about.

Kayla delivers a tiny baby boy. The doctor takes him and hustles him off to the incubator. Kayla nukes. Why isn’t her baby crying? Steve tries to comfort her without becoming completely unglued himself.

Chloe comes back to find Phillip sifting through the papers in the portfolio. She asks if she should leave, but Phillip wants her to stay. He explains that Victor handed over almost complete control of the Kiriakis empire to him. Chloe is surprised. Brady certainly wouldn’t approve, but they aren’t together, so she doesn’t care what he thinks. She sidles up to Phillip and grins. He’s rich and handsome. That’s a potent combination. Phillip grins. She forgot “powerful.” Chloe flirts. Does that mean she shouldn’t cross him? Phillip glares, and then grins broadly.

EJ asks Sami what it’s going to be. Sami says that EJ is her husband, and she isn’t letting that slut Nicole sink her claws into him. EJ asks what she is going to do about it. Sami moves in closer and closer. Finally, she kisses EJ. She stops, and then goes back for more.

Kayla cries as her son is wheeled off to neonatal care. What is wrong with her baby? Lexie tells her that the baby isn’t breathing. Kayla goes ballistic.


Mickey asks Lucas, “You're the reason I'm here. How would you like to get out of Statesville and go home?”

EJ tells Sami, “It's just the two of us. So whatever happens now is up to you.”

Steve says, “I want to go down there and see our baby boy.” Lexie replies, “I’m sorry, Steve, you can't go either.”

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