Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/15/08


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Sami storms into the DiMera mansion, calling EJ every name in the book. Rolf rushes in, warning her that the twins are taking a nap. She needs to keep it down. Sami continues ranting, albeit more quietly, calling EJ a liar, scumbag, sleaze, etc.

In the sauna, EJ and Nicole kiss. EJ breaks it off and tells her he can’t do this. He’s in love with Sami, and this feels like he is cheating on her. Nicole huffs.

Stephanie meets Max down at the docks. He takes her hand and apologizes for not trusting her. He shouldn’t have lied, and he is sorry. Stephanie sighs. She is sorry, too.

At the pub, Bo and Hope place Martino under arrest. Martino chuckles. He suggests that Bo rethink whatever evidence he thinks he has. Bo smirks as Hope tosses him the black book she found. He explains that the book belonged to Dr. Nussbaum. Bo thinks the guy they found it on must have killed him. Martino sweats.

Steve rushes into Bo and Hope’s house to find Kayla doubled over and groaning on the couch. He asks what’s happening. Kayla groans that it’s too soon. Steve panics. What is it? The baby? Has she called 911? Kayla moans.

Nicole sarcastically thanks EJ for humiliating her. Nicole understands why he is doing this, but it’s not a good idea. Sami will always love Lucas, and EJ will never be able to compete. EJ snorts. That might not be the case much longer.

Sami continues to rave about EJ to Rolf. She doesn’t even know why she is so angry. She’s sure she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. It’s probably best that she ignore her emotions. Rolf agrees. The only useful emotion is fear. She needs to try to hold on to that one, as it could save her life. Sami smirks. He sure does know how to cheer a girl up. She agrees to take his advice, and only pay attention to her fearfulness. Sami tells Rolf about Lucas and the e-mail he sent her. She says she misses him more everyday. Rolf tells her that he overheard EJ talking to the warden of the prison Lucas is at. Rolf says that she may be seeing Lucas sooner than she thinks. Sami gapes.

Stephanie tells Max that she now realizes that he was trying to help Nick. She just wishes Max would have told her than instead of being so secretive. Max apologizes. He explains that he was afraid to confront Nick, since the last time he “helped” with Nick’s work, Nick caught him and they got in a fight. It all blew over, but Max isn’t so sure it will a second time. Max promises to never lie to Stephanie again. Stephanie thanks him and admits that the lie scared her. As he knows, she has major trust issues. Max says he is sorry, and it won’t happen again. Stephanie sure does hate to disagree with him, and she’s glad they’ve made up. Max moves in for a kiss.

Ava asks her father what he has done. Martino grumbles. He didn’t do anything. The cops just want to arrest him and are trying to pin these murders on him. He sneers at Bo. They can’t prove the gunman they arrested works for him. Ava smiles. No, they can’t. But she can. Martino sweats.

Stephanie and Max kiss. She breaks it off and suggests hey take it easy tonight. Maybe they can pick up a sack of burgers and drive out to Lookout Point to eat in the car. Max tells her that he has an even better plan.

EJ tells Nicole that the prison Lucas is in is experiencing problems with overcrowding. EJ spoke with the warden personally, and asked that Lucas be put on a list of prisoners who are being let out on house arrest as the jail fills past capacity. Nicole thinks he’s crazy. EJ explains his motivation. He wants to win Sami’s affections fair and square, and making the playing field more level is the best way to do that. Nicole isn’t so sure. EJ harrumphs. He is the victim here. He was the one that was shot, and she shouldn’t forget it. Nicole wonders if Lucas’ bullet hit EJ’s brains.

Sami doesn’t get it. Why would EJ want to help Lucas get out of jail? It makes no sense. Rolf isn’t sure either, he is just glad that he can pass on some helpful information. Sami thanks him again, and Rolf asks her what’s in it for him. Sami admits that she owes him one, and Rolf promises to collect in the future. He heads off as Sami makes a call. She calls EJ a creep and grumbles to herself that he had better pick up.

Max shows Stephanie that he has prepared a giant picnic lunch with gourmet food. He was hoping they could plunk down right here on the docks for their picnic. Stephanie is both thrilled and surprised, but she would really like to get to dessert quickly, if Max catches her drift, kisses her, and urges her to eat before the food spoils. She agrees. Max glances at her tenderly. He doesn’t know what he would do without her.

EJ returns to the mansion to find Sami waiting. She lays into him about his behavior in the sauna with Nicole. EJ protests. Nothing happened. Sami huffs. The only thing he has to gain by seeing Nicole is a communicable disease. EJ insists that nothing happened, so Sami changes gears. She knows that he is up to something trying to get Lucas out of jail.

What’s going on? EJ tells her that he wants her to be happy. He isn’t stupid. He knows she loves Lucas. Sami glares. She wishes he had thought of that the night Johnny was conceived.

Nicole leaves the sauna and heads over to a punching bag. She hits it for a little while, then stops, saying it’s time to cozy up to an old friend. She pulls out a flask and gulps from it.

Martino hisses at Ava to keep her mouth shut. Ava refuses. She knows he had a hit out on Patch, and she also knows the people on his payroll. She can make any positive ID they need. She was kept on drugs for years by that doctor, and now her father is trying to take out Patch? She refuses to let that happen. Angelo interrupts. It wasn’t Nussbaum that was keeping her messed up. Martino orders Angelo to be quiet, but he barrels on. Nussbaum was only giving Ava those drugs under orders from her father. Ava gasps.

The paramedics arrive at Bo and Hope’s house and tend to a groaning Kayla. Steve looks on with concern.

Sami tells EJ that she can’t even look at him without thinking of that night. She loves Johnny just a much, but she still can’t forget. EJ apologizes. He is deeply ashamed of what happened that night, and he wants her to know that he never intended to hurt her. He just thought that they both felt the same way about each other. Sami says that she told him she loved Lucas. He knew that. EJ explains that he would take it all back if he could. Sami says it is too little, too late. She still has bruises and scars. A shocked EJ says he had no idea. Sami glares. She meant emotional scars. They both know it wasn’t like that. She does wonder why EJ was such a scumbag afterwards. EJ apologizes for the way he acted. He was angry because he thought Sami felt the same way about him. When he realized how foolish he was, he tried to do everything he could to make it up to her and her family. He swears that he is a different person, and he would like to prove it to her. He hopes they can wipe the slate clean.

Max and Stephanie kiss. Max wants to take it back to his room, but Stephanie refuses.

Ava gasps. Martino kept her drugged because he didn’t want her to remember what he did. A light of recognition gleams in he eyes. This is about her mother. She wanted to leave, so Martino had her murdered. Martino tries to deny it. Ava rages. She heard him admit it to one of his men after she killed herself. She throws herself at him and beats at this chest, screaming that he killed her mother. Martino lunges for a gun lying on a nearby table. Bo goes after it at once. A shot rings out.

Sami isn’t sure. EJ still has a lot of work cut out for him, especially after his romp with Nicole earlier. EJ again insists that nothing happened. In fact, he told Nicole that nothing could ever happen because he is on love with Sami. Sami grins brightly. It’s nice to know Nicole think that, even if it isn’t true. If he wants a clean slate, that’s fine with her. EJ is incredulous. Just like that? Sami nods. He has done a lot of good. She is willing to let the past go so that they can raise their son. A crash sounds from the hallway. Rolf answers the door and Nicole strides in, telling him to get out of her way. She stumbles in drunkenly and leers at Sami and EJ. Rolf apologizes to Sami. She stormed right past him. Sami says it’s ok, as trying to stop Nicole is like trying to stop a train wreck. EJ asks what Nicole needs. She weaves back and forth. She doesn’t need anything. She’s just a glutton for punishment, and she is looking for more.

As the paramedics carry Kayla out on a stretcher, she worries about the baby. Steve tries to comfort her.

Sami drags Nicole to the door, pushes her out, and slams the door after her. Sami hisses at EJ to stay away from her. EJ chuckles and shrugs. As Sami can see, Nicole is the one pursuing him. Sami snorts. He is clearly enjoying this. He had better stay away from Nicole or else. EJ wants to know what might happen if he doesn’t. Sami rushes him and kisses him.

The camera pans up on a body lying on the floor of the pub. Ava kneels down and shrieks as we see Martino, pale and unconscious. She calls him an SOB and wonders how he could do this to her. She cries.

Sami jumps back and freaks out about kissing EJ. He doesn’t see the problem. They’re married. Sami sobs. How dare he talk to her that way? She isn’t stupid! Sami wails and rushes upstairs, leaving an bewildered EJ behind.

Max and Stephanie kiss. He is so glad that he has someone he can count on. Stephanie wishes she could hang out with him tonight, but she really needs to get home before her parents start worrying. Max kisses her again.

Martino is placed in a body bag and the police wheel him out. Roman comforts Ava. Hope does the same for Bo. She tells him he had no choice but to shoot Martino. Bo grumbles. He thinks the SOB got off easy. Roman apologizes to Angelo and Ava, but neither of them can leave town. Ava says she hasn’t going anywhere, and Oman gives them his card and tells them to call if they need anything .They head out. Bo gets a call from Steve and tells Hope and Roman that Kayla is going into labor. They promise to keep Roman informed while he finishes up things at the pub, and then leave.


Phillip tells Victor, “You can justify anything, can't you? You've been keeping secrets about your own grandson.” Victor huffs, “What about the secrets that you're keeping from me?”

Hope calls Stephanie, “Your mom's going into labor.” Stephanie cries, “She can't be having the baby! It's too soon!”

Steve asks Lexie, “Can the baby survive if it comes now?”

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