Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At Chez Rouge, Phillip and Chloe have dinner together. Nicole sashays in and asks where Victor is. Phillip says he is at the opera, but Nicole doesn’t remember him ever being interested in it. Chloe sneers. Actually, Victor planned on building an opera house here to commemorate Isabella. Chloe would have been the main draw, and Isabella would have had a worthy tribute. Nicole practically gags. She doubts Isabella would appreciate her son’s slutty wife performing there. Especially since Chloe is two-timing him with his little brother. Chloe glares.

Sami walks into the DiMera mansion, to find EJ in a tank top, all ready to go to the gym. After he leaves, Sami runs into Marlena and asks if she can watch the twins. When Marlena agrees, Sami rushes upstairs to get ready to go to the gym.

Marlena walks into the living room to find John on the phone with the security company about the theft of his disc. Marlena tells him that she too, has asked some people to look into the matter. Daniel bursts in, looking from Marlena. John recognizes him as the doctor from Bo’s surgery, and said he did a little research. He knows Daniel placed in a surfing competition, as well. Daniel explains that he came to see Marlena for advice. He eyes John, saying it’s personal.

Chelsea and Kate sit at the pub, eating. Chelsea tells Kate that she has been thinking. She really needs her advice on something. Kate says that she will do her best to help. Chelsea gulps. How does she get a guy to realize that he loves her?

Nearby, Ava demands answers from Angelo. He tells her not to worry. He and the boys are going to take care of Patch.

At Bo and Hope’s place, Hope gives Kayla some tea. Bo calls her and tells her that Steve is down at the docks, and he’s in trouble. Hope gasps. Bo warns her not to say anything that might worry Kayla. Hope says she is on her way.

Down at the docks, Steve strolls around. The man with the gun trains his sight on Steve.

Nicole sighs. At least Brady came to his senses and realized he married a has-been loser. She’s still surprised that Phillip would jump his nephew’s wife’s bones so soon. Phillip snorts. Since when has Nicole been the expert on morality? She usually runs after any old thing with pants on. Nicole insists that she has paid for her mistakes. She is just trying to help Phillip. He doesn’t buy it. Nicole huffs. Despite what he thinks, she really does care about him.

EJ lifts weights at the gym. As Sami walks in, he begins helping a woman nearby with her set of weights. Sami glares. She tries to leave quickly, so EJ won’t see her, but she ends up tripping over a machine and falling down.

Marlena and John argue about whether or not he needs to leave the room. John finally relents and heads into the hall, but eavesdrops outside the door. Marlena asks Daniel to tell her about his personal issue.

Kate thinks Chelsea must be talking about Daniel. Chelsea sighs and admits that it’s true. In fact, she even broke up with Nick. Kate wonders if she knows what she’s doing. Chelsea tells Kate that Daniel doesn’t seem to want her, despite her best efforts.

Ava pulls out her phone and dials. She tells someone that it’s her, and she needs to talk to them--now.

Nicole gets a call on her phone from EJ. He wants her to come down to the gym, and she readily agrees. She smiles at Chloe and Phillip. She’s so sorry, but she has to go. She leaves as Chloe frets. Nicole was right. They can’t even think of getting together.

Kate thinks Chelsea is a wonderful girl. She cannot imagine why Daniel wouldn’t be interested. Chelsea explains it’s because of his wife. Kate stammer ,clearly flustered. Chelsea explains that he isn’t married anymore. She died, and he blames himself for it.

Daniel fills John in on what happened with his wife as John listens. He was a real mess after she died, and he doesn’t want to go through that again. Yet, here he is, getting involved with another patient.

Angelo tells Ava that her father just has her best interests at heart, but she is sick of him controlling her. She’s off her meds now, and his days of telling her what to do are over.

EJ lifts weights as Sami jogs on a treadmill nearby and chats with a man named Chris. Nicole comes in and tickles EJ, who jumps. Chris comments on how hot Nicole is. Sami groans.

Chloe thinks that it’s a bad idea for her and Phillip to get involved. She is still married, after all. Phillip urges her to let go of Brady.

Chelsea fills Kate in on what happened with Daniel’s wife. Chelsea thinks that Daniel doesn’t want to get involved with her because of it. She really needs Kate’s help. Kate flatly refuses. She thinks it’s a huge mistake for Chelsea to consider getting involved with Daniel. In fact, she thinks that Chelsea needs to stay as far away from him as possible.

Marlena wonders why Daniel is so scared. Daniel tells her that he just wants a guarantee in his next relationship. She says it doesn’t work that way. She asks Daniel to picture his wife. What would she want to say to him? Daniel thinks hard. He thinks she would want him to be happy and find love again.

Steve paces nervously as the gunman gets ready to shoot. Bo walks up behind him and shoves a gun in his temple, saying it’s a nine-millimeter and he better not move. Hope backs Bo up. Steve sighs with relief.

Kayla huffs as she sits on Hope’s couch. She gets up, deciding she can’t wait any longer. She doubles over with pain.

Chloe tells Phillip that she loved Brady. It isn’t so easy to just forget about him. Phillip thinks it might be easier with him helping. Besides, there’s an added advantage in that she’ll make Victor angry. Chloe isn’t sure. Phillip promises that there won’t be any strings attached. Chloe still doesn’t think it’s right. Phillip doesn’t believe that, and he doesn’t think she does either. He moves in for a kiss.

Nicole prances over to Sami and brags that EJ invited her here. Sami tosses her hair. She could care less. In fact, she is here because her friend Chris invited her. She has no problem with EJ and Nicole being here together. Nicole tells EJ that she wants to work out some cramps in the sauna. They leave together. Sami practically foams at the mouth. Chris asks what’s going on, and she fills him in on how much she hates Nicole. She asks Chris to eavesdrop on her and EJ and he agrees.

Steve says he didn’t mind being a target, but what took so long? Bo apologizes as Hope frisks the gunman. Bo reads him his rights as Hope finds a little black book in his pocket.

Daniel asks Marlena if he should go for it. Marlena asks what he thinks. Daniel groans. What’s with the shrink questions? He thought she was cooler than that. Marlena smiles. She thinks Daniel’s problem is that he doesn’t know whether or not he should act on his feelings. Daniel says Chelsea has made her feelings clear. It’s all so confusing. When it comes to surfing or being a doctor, he has everything under control. His personal life, though, is a mess. Marlena thinks that Daniel knows exactly what he wants, but he’s seeking approval from her. Daniel chuckles. She’s good.

Kate worries that Daniel is the kind of man that has trouble committing. Besides, the situation with his wife is problematic. Kate fears that Chelsea will always take a backseat to her. Chelsea sneers. How is it that Kate is suddenly the relationship expert? hasn’t she been seeing Martino Vitali? Kate insists that he is an old friend.

Martino walks into the pub and over to Ava. He tries to kiss her cheek, but she recoils. Angelo heads over to speak with the men that came in with Martino. Ava frets about Steve to her father. He promises that he won’t do anything to Patch. Ava doesn’t buy it. She demands that he back off whatever scheme he’s up to.

Steve asks Bo and Hope if Kayla suspects that anything is wrong. Hope explains that she didn’t tell Kayla a thing, and that she’s back at their house. Steve rushes off to be with her.

Kayla groans and doubles over as a wave of cramps hit her again.

Marlena tells Daniel to take everything slowly and hands him her card, saying he can call for advice anytime. Daniel; thanks her and leaves. As John walks in, Marlena asks him why he was spying on them.

Nicole locks the door of the sauna and moves in on EJ. Chris spies on them.

Kate tries to explain that Martino is an old friend, but Chelsea doesn’t buy it. She thinks he is a scumbag, and it’s clear that he and Kate were once together. Kate says that Martino means nothing to her. She was serious about Daniel. She has known a lot of men just like him--with issues that keep them from forming relationships. Chelsea rolls her eyes as Daniel walks in.

Sami lays into a punching bag. Chris rushes up and tells her that he heard a lot of moaning and groaning coming from the sauna. He’s pretty sure those two were getting it on. He says he is sorry. Steam comes out of Sami’s ears.

Chloe breaks the kiss off. Phillip tries to get her to admit that she cam back to town because of him. She can’t deny that there is something going on between them. Chloe huffs. She has lost her appetite. She storms off. Phillip pulls out John’s disk and smiles, “Suit yourself.”

John snorts. This is his home, and he will do what he pleases. Shouldn’t she be seeing clients at her office, anyhow? Marlena says that house calls are infrequent, but she takes them if she has to. John grumbles about his disc, and Marlena tells him that Roman is looking into it. He doesn’t want her involved, but she says that they are in this together.

Kate warns Chelsea once again and leaves. Daniel comes over and tells Chelsea that he spoke with a psychiatrist, but he still doesn’t have any answers. He’s afraid that their relationship isn’t going to work. Chelsea tells him that she also spoke with Kate, who thinks that Daniel is going to hurt her. Chelsea sighs .She isn’t going to push him, but she thinks they could have something great. If he’s interested, he can give her a call. Chelsea leaves.

Sami cries. If EJ wants to be with Nicole, that’s no problem.

EJ tells Nicole that she is tempting, but he is in love with Sami. Nicole chuckles. Who cares about love?

Ava tells Martino that she knows he has a hit out on Patch. She demands that he call it off. Bo rushes in with Hope and arrests Martino on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Kayla struggles to get to the phone and dials 911. She explains that she thinks she is going into premature labor.


Martino tells Bo, “You need to pin that murder on whoever it is you arrested. You can't prove that he works for me.” Ava smiles, “No, but I can.”

Nicole tells EJ, "She is in love with Lucas." EJ replies, "Well that might not be the case for too much longer."

Kayla moans, “Oh no!” Steve asks, "What's happening?" Kayla groans, "Oh, it's too soon." Steve asks, “What is it? The baby?” Kayla repeats, “Oh, its too soon!” Steve panics, “Did you call 911?”

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