Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Down at the docks, Stephanie finds Max working and says they need to talk. She wants the truth about Nick’s proposal and what Max did to it. Max sweats.

At the pub, on of Nick’s students, Alicia, approaches him with some questions about her coursework. Nick is short with her, and she pouts.

Nearby, Steve joins EJ, who is waiting for him with a table. EJ tells Steve that he thinks this is a pretty conspicuous place to meet. Steve explains that he still doesn’t trust EJ. EJ grins. They agreed to keep the past in the past and EJ is willing to do that. He wonders if Steve is worried about someone seeing them together. Steve smirks. As long as he gets what he came for, he could care less who sees them.

At the police station, Bo comes into Roman’s office, asking to see Earl Larson’s file. It really bugs Bo that he got shot to death just for speaking with him. Roman assures him that they all know Vitali is behind this. They’re going to get him one way or another. Sami rushes in in a total panic. She tells Roman that she tried to visit Lucas, but he refused to see her. She begs Roman to talk to Lucas. She has to see him before she does something stupid.

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Hope and Kayla chat about her pregnancy. Kayla thanks Hope for agreeing to take her to her doctor’s appointment. Kayla grumps. Steve is being really overprotective. He is convinced that Martino will use her to get back at Steve.

EJ tries to make small talk about the kidnapping, but Steve is reticent. He just wants to get down to business. EJ hands him a small envelope and tells him that it’s all there. Steve rifles through the envelope as an evil-looking man spies on them through the window.

Hope and Kayla talk about Ava and Martino. Kayla doesn’t seem to be too worried now that Ava is lucid, but Hope warns her to be careful. She has to focus on her baby and taking care of it. It has to be her first priority.

Angelo meets Ava at the hospital. She tells him that her blood work just came back, and she appears to be fine now. She tells Angelo that she is ready to start living her life again—outside of her locked room. Angelo asks her if they know anything about Nussbaum and his hand in this. Ava isn’t sure, but she thinks that the doctor was keeping her ill as long as he could so that he could keep bleeding her daddy dry.

Roman asks Sami what she is afraid of doing. She flashes back to kissing EJ and wails. She needs to see Lucas now, and she was hoping Roman could help convince him. Roman shakes his head. If Lucas doesn’t want to see her, there is nothing he or anyone else can do about it.

Steve tells EJ they have a deal as the man watches outside. Steve gets uncomfortable all of a sudden, and feels like he is being watched. He whirls around, but the man has disappeared from the window.

Nick apologizes for being short with his student. He explains that he is really stressed out right now, as he lost his grant proposal and has to start the work all over. Alicia is confused. Nick’s proposal has already been submitted. She knows that it arrived at the Dean’s office just this morning. Nick gapes.

Stephanie says she doesn’t have a problem with Max helping Nick, but she does wonder why he has been so secretive about it. Max tells her again that it’s just because Nick is a proud guy. Max didn’t change anything in the proposal; he simply fixed some mathematical errors. Stephanie accuses him of not trusting her. Max says that isn’t it at al. Stephanie muses. She doesn’t think any of this makes sense. Max tries to make it up by moving in for a kiss, but Stephanie rebuffs him.

Roman comes back to his office and tells Sami that he spoke with Lucas, but Lucas told him that he didn’t want to see Sami. He said he might call, however. Sami huffs. She thinks a call would be better than nothing. Roman reminds her that a lot of stuff between her and Lucas was left unsettled. Sami sighs. She understands why Lucas shot EJ. She can’t understand why he lied about though. Roman advises that she try to let Lucas know how much she loves him. Another cop walks in with a piece of paper. Somehow, he got his hands on an e-mail that Lucas has just sent to Sami.

Kayla and Hope run into Angelo and Ava at the hospital. Ava thanks Kayla for treating her and wishes her well at her appointment. As Hope and Kayla head off, Angelo admonishes Ava for thanking Kayla. Patch is the reason she is having so many problems. Angelo knows that her father thinks so, too. Ava glares. What else does he know?

Stephanie demands to hear the truth from Max, but he says that she already knows it. Stephanie glares and huffs off. Max flashes back to sitting by his father’s grave. He tells him that he wants to do something with his life, and also confides in Shawn that Nick is a smart guy, but he makes mistakes from time to time.

Nick gapes at Alicia, who explains that she works in the Dean’s office. She saw Nick’s proposal come in just this morning.

EJ wants to buy Steve breakfast, but Steve refuses. EJ tells him that they have to start trusting one another. Steve stares out the window, but the man spying on them earlier is nowhere to be seen.

Roman and Bo head off so that Sami can read her email/letter in peace. She reads aloud. Lucas explains that he will be in jail for a long time. He is sorry for causing her so much pain, and he now knows that he has to let her go. He loves her and always will, but she has to forget about him and move on. Sami sobs uncontrollably.

Stephanie comes into the pub and greets Steve, asking where Kayla is. Steve tells her about Hope taking her the doctor. Apparently, Kayla said that Steve is crowding her. Stephanie kisses him on the cheek and heads off to talk to Nick. Nick asks about Chelsea right off the bat. Does Stephanie know why she dumped him? Stephanie lies and says no. She quickly changes the subject to Nick’s prototype and he fills her in on what Alicia said about the proposal arriving at the Dean’s office. Nick even double-checked her story. She’s telling the truth, but none of it makes sense. Max walks over as Nick tries to sort things out. He says that his proposal was a mess and totally incomplete. He wonders why in the world someone would send it in instead of just returning it to him. Max plays dumb.

Meanwhile, Steve heads out of the pub. The man that spied on him and EJ earlier follows.

Back at Bo and Hope’s house, Kayla and Hope return from her doctor’s appointment. Kayla complains about being put on permanent bed rest. Hope soothes her. Kayla thinks she is fine, but Hope thinks this is all for the best.

EJ works at the DiMera mansion. Sami comes in, complaining about how little sleep she got the night before. EJ thinks she looks sad. Is this about what happened between them last night? Sami snaps. She insists that nothing happened. EJ chuckles. He doesn’t think he imagined that kiss. Sami huffs. She claims to have a headache, saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. EJ offers to do something for her. Sami retorts that he can help her by dropping Nicole’s case. EJ says he can’t do that. He asks if he can just give her a hug instead. Sami bawls.

Stephanie tells Nick that she has something to tell him. She starts to tell him about Max, but Max interrupts and tells Nick that they looked for the proposal everywhere. They just couldn’t find it. Max says he has to get back to work, and Stephanie says she has to go too. She tells Nick that she’s sorry about both Chelsea and the proposal. Nick flashes back to his conversation with Max about his grant.

Ava wants to know what Martino said about Patch. Angelo shrugs. She knows as well as he does how much her father hates him. Ava meant that she wanted to know if her father was going after him. Angelo isn’t sure, but he hasn’t heard if that’s so. He and Ava decide to go get some food. Angelo says he knows a good little place.

Steve paces around down by the docks. The man following him hides out behind some crates and trains his rifle on Steve. Steve takes out his harmonica and plays, thwarting the man’s clear shot.

Hope and Kayla argue about who should go make tea. Hope wins and adds that she’ll get them some pie, too. Kayla thanks her and Hope heads into the kitchen. Kayla cramps up and doubles over and man.

Stephanie tells Max that she can’t keep lying to Nick. Max tells her to think about what she is doing. There was no sense in letting Nick throw so much work down the drain. Stephanie flounces over to Nick and tells him that she has something to say. Max sweats.

Ava and Angelo walk into the pub. Ava sees the confrontation between Nick, Stephanie, and Max and wonders what’s going on. She points Stephanie out to Angelo, remarking on how pretty she is. Angelo doesn’t think she is nearly as pretty as Ava. Ava changes gears and wonders how he knew about her appointment today. Angelo fidgets. She must have told him and since forgotten. What is she going to have to eat? Ava snorts. She never told him she had an appointment. Is he keeping tabs on her?

Stephanie tells Nick about Max and his involvement with Nick’s proposal. She apologizes for not saying something sooner. Nick glares at Max. They need to talk.

Ava continues to badger Angelo. He finally admits that her father sent him to keep her busy. He is still really worried about her. Ava fumes. She still thinks Angelo is keeping something from her.

Steve plays his harmonica as the gunman trains his rifle on him. Steve moves out of the sight of the gun again and calls Bo.

Sami doesn’t want a hug. She drinks some water and EJ asks if he can get her a cold compress or aspirin. Sami refuses those things too, and says she will go for a walk. She’s almost out the door when EJ’s phone rings. Sami goes back to eavesdrop and hears EJ take a call from Nicole. He agrees to meet her in an hour.

Nick demands to know why Max took his proposal. Max sighs. He tells Nick that he just copied it and cleaned it up. He didn’t change anything. Nick lays into him. Now, he most likely won’t get approval for his prototype. And it will be Max’s fault. Nick stomps out. Stephanie apologizes to Max. She had to tell Nick the truth. Now she wants to know the real reason why Max did this to Nick. Max is reticent. Stephanie storms out.

Angelo tries to convince Ava that nothing is going on, but she doesn’t buy it. She starts to leave, but Angelo stops her. She’s right. Martino specifically asked Angelo to keep Ava busy today. There’s something bad going down, and Martino didn’t want her to get hurt.

Steve says he will see Bo soon and hangs up. Bo turns to Roman. He thinks Steve is in trouble, and they don’t have much time to act. The gunmen gets Steve back in his sights.


Nicole tells Phillip, “I'm serious, Phillip. Despite what you think, I really do care about you.”

Chelsea tells Kate, “There was something that I wanted to, um, get your advice on.” Kate says, “Ok…” Chelsea goes on, “How do I make a guy realize he loves me?”

Marlena asks Daniel, “You said you had a personal issue. What is that?”

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