Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip works on his computer. Henderson brings him an express delivery.

Outside the pub, Sami accuses Nicole of trying to get EJ into bed. She says she won’t stand for it, and pulls EJ into a kiss. Nicole chuckles. Luckily for EJ, she has some antibacterial breath spray in her purse. Sami backs away and wipes her mouth. She gasps. What has she done?

In the sauna, Chelsea confronts Daniel. She tells him that she knows all about his wife, and that he is leaving Salem because of her. She is hoping that she can convince him to stay. Daniel says she can’t. His past is too much to overcome, so she needs to keep away from him. Chelsea huffs. Is he trying to say that he lied to her, or is he just using his past to let her down gently?

Phillip opens the package to discover John’s disc. He flashes back to talking to John about Paul Hollingsworth and the indictment. Phillip puts the disc in his computer and frowns. He wonders what John has been up to. Unfortunately, Phillip too discovers that the disc is encrypted. He curses and places a call to Titan’s computer division. Chloe interrupts, saying that she has returned from Switzerland. Phillip asks where Brady is. Did he return with her?

EJ asks Sami if that is meant to be a rhetorical question. Sami gapes. What is wrong with her? Nicole wonders where she should start. Sami makes a break for it and rushes into the pub. EJ swallows and grins falteringly at Nicole. He says he should thank her--he thinks.

Chloe explains that while Brady is making progress, he is still in rehab. He blames Chloe for his addictions. Phillip explodes. How can that be? Brady is an adult, and he is capable of making his own decisions. Chloe shrugs. Phillip asks why she is back here, instead of staying with Brady. Don’t they have some things to work out? Chloe says there is nothing to work out. Brady wants a divorce.

Sami rushes up to the bar and begs Caroline for a drink. She’ll take whiskey, water, rubbing alcohol--anything. Caroline is suspicious. What’s going on? Sami tried to look innocent. She claims that she is just thirsty. Caroline isn’t so sure. She thinks Sami looks like she is about to have a nervous breakdown. Sami says that she just needs to talk to Lucas. She has to talk to him right now. She pulls out her phone and hurriedly dials.

Nicole tells EJ that she had no intention of manipulating Sami into kissing EJ. She had no idea that Sami would even show up and react that way. EJ asks for her opinion on Sami’s reaction. Nicole chuckles. Honestly, she thinks Sami acted like a crazy, jealous lunatic. EJ isn’t so sure she is jealous. Nicole laughs. Is he serious? The way Sami threw herself at him was disgusting. EJ smiles dreamily. He thinks it was wonderful. Nicole feels sorry for him if he truly feels that way.

Daniel explains to Chelsea that what happened to his wife has nothing to do with her or his feelings for her. Chelsea thinks that’s untrue. She thinks Daniel is afraid that she might get sick again, and that is why he is pulling away. He is afraid that she might die, just like his wife did. Isn’t that so? Daniel sighs.

Nicole tries to warn EJ to stay away form Sami. She thinks that Sami is the same insecure, selfish, desperate woman she has always been. She’ll do or say anything to get what she wants. EJ thinks that sounds funny, coming from Nicole. Isn’t it like the pot calling the kettle black? Nicole says that hardly matters. What is important is that Sami is going to end up causing EJ all kinds of grief and heartache. EJ is willing to take his chances, but he wonders why Nicole is trying so hard to keep him away from Sami.

Chloe sighs. She and Brady never had a chance--not even from the start. Phillip sympathizes. He understands. Her career got in the way. Chloe snaps. That wasn’t it at all. Only one person is responsible for her marriage crashing and burning. They both know who that is. Chloe glares.

Daniel heads out of the sauna, and Chelsea follows, arguing her case. Daniel tells her to just trust him. Chelsea thinks it’s sad to live your life based on what might happen. Daniel says he is sorry, but he just can’t make the same mistake twice. Chelsea sees now why he drifts from place to place. She thinks that he could find happiness if he stayed long enough in one town. Daniel tells her that even if that’s true, finding that happiness briefly won’t change who he is.

Nicole says she just cares because EJ is her lawyer. She doesn’t want to see him get distracted from her case. EJ says his personal life never interferes with his professional one. He is sure that Nicole is just jealous of Sami. She clearly doesn’t want her to be happy. Nicole protests. EJ insists. In fact, he thinks it kills Nicole to see Sami share the same loving relationship with a person that Nicole has with her dog. Nicole scoffs. He has no idea what he is talking about. She stomps off. EJ smiles. The hell he doesn’t.

Sami voice breaks as she asks someone on the other line if they explained that it was an emergency. They confirm, and Sami hangs up sadly. She tells Caroline that Lucas wouldn’t talk to her. She sighs. If she and Lucas are going to work things out one day, he has to let go of his guilt over shooting EJ and having to leave their family. EJ comes in as Sami cries on Caroline’s shoulder. He comes over, wondering if he can help. Caroline briefly explains the situation to EJ, who thinks Sami is desperate to hang onto what she had with Lucas. Sami nukes. She is not desperate. What she had with Lucas was true love, not that EJ would know anything about that. She storms out. Caroline asks EJ if he did anything to Sami.

Chloe tells Phillip that she tried to get Brady help on her own, but he refused. The next thing she knew, Victor meddled and got involved where it wasn’t his business to do so. She will never forgive him for the way he let her and everyone else Brady cared about suffer. Phillip smirks. Is that why she is back here? To give his father hell? Chloe smiles flirtatiously. That is one of the reasons, yes.

Daniel tries to explain to Chelsea that their kiss didn’t mean anything. He did it impulsively, and it was wrong. It won’t happen again. Chelsea moves in and kisses him. Daniel responds.

EJ tells Caroline that this time, Sami has herself to blame. He fills her in on what happened with Nicole and him, and Sami’s reaction to him hugging Nicole. Maybe she is jealous. Caroline tells him that Sami truly loves and misses Lucas. The real reason that she tolerates EJ is because Lucas isn’t around. Caroline heads off. EJ muses. EJ has several flashbacks, including Sami telling him about her last visit to Lucas, EJ telling Nicole about his plan to win Sami’s affections, and lastly, the kiss she planted on him outside the pub.

Sami and Rolf head into the living room at the DiMera mansion. She thanks him for helping her with the twins. He says he is exhausted and asks for double. Sami makes a couple of drinks, and they toast to the twins sleeping through the night. Sami says she never expected Rolf to be so adept at handling children. Rolf reminds her that he spent a lot of time with another set of Brady/Roberts twins, Rex and Cassie. Sami had forgotten all about that. She compliments him on not being as cold and aloof as he used to be. Rolf explains that that was part of the territory when working for Stefano. She asks what eh thinks of EJ. Rolf thinks that EJ is finally becoming his own person, but he isn’t sure if that is good or bad. What does she think? Sami thinks that EJ is trying. Rolf chuckles. Is he trying to be a good person or trying her patience? Sami smiles. A little of both, actually.

Chloe explains that part of the reason she came back was to get even with Victor. Phillip snorts. He gets it. What better way to do so than by going from his grandson to his son? Chloe laughs long and hard. Phillip really needs to get over himself. Philip reminds her that she did come back here alone. She is back in the game--and Phillip knows it and loves playing it.

Sami asks if Rolf knows where John and Marlena are, but he doesn’t. She wonders if he thinks they’ll get back together. Rolf isn’t sure that she will like his opinion. With Marlena longing for John the way she is, Rolf thinks they have as much chance of getting together as Sami has of getting rid of Lucas and falling in love with EJ. Rolf leaves as EJ walks in. Sami says she is tired and practically runs upstairs to bed.

Chloe tells Phillip that she just wants to get a job and start rebuilding her life. Phillip tells her that she can stay at the mansion if she wants to. Chloe isn’t sure. She’d rather live in a cardboard box. Chloe relents. Maybe Phillip was right about how she can exact her revenge on Phillip. She rips Phillip’s shirt open and kisses him. Nicole walks in and groans. Oh God, not them, too. She prays that she is hallucinating.

Daniel breaks off the kiss. Chelsea challenges him to say that he didn’t feel anything. Daniel wipes his mouth. He definitely felt something. That’s the problem. He hurries off. Chelsea grins. That’s not a problem. In fact, that’s all she needed to know.


Roman tells Sami, “If he doesn’t want to see you, there is absolutely nothing I or anybody else can do about it.”

Angelo tells Ava, “Patch is the reason for all of your problems and I know for a fact your father thinks so, too.”

EJ tells Steve, “Aren't you a little bit concerned somebody might see us?” Steve replies, “I don't care who sees us so long as I get what I came for.”

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