Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, John looks through papers and drawers in a panic. Sami walks in and asks what’s going on. Marlena tells her that they are looking for the disc. Rolf comes in and spies on them, pretending to do light housework. Sami asks if they think someone stole it. Sami wonders why it’s so important while John mutters to himself that he has to find it. Marlena confronts Rolf. Does he know why someone might take it?

At the gym, Daniel works out. Lexie comes over and asks if he will consult on another patient for her. Daniel flatly refuses.

Chelsea meets Victor at the pub for breakfast. He frets over her, wondering if she should be resting. Chelsea chuckles and says that he reminds her of her dad. Victor wants Chelsea to move back into the mansion so that Victor can take care of her. Nicole storms in and over to their table. She calls Victor a monster.

At the police station, Bo, Abe, and Roman discuss Martino and Ava. They all agree that the hits on Earl and Nussbaum looked professional in nature. Bo says he wants to investigate the murders, but Abe nixes the plan. Bo already compromised their case by confronting Martino down at the pub. Hope walks in and says that she wants the case. Bo refuses. Abe and Roman think it’s a fine idea. Hope is one of the best they have. Hope tries to convince Bo that she can handle the case.

Outside the pub, EJ talks on the phone. He tells someone to get it done, and he doesn’t care how.

Nicole tells Victor that her dog was poisoned. Victor glares. It probably just found Nicole’s stash of vodka. Nicole explodes. She is convinced that Victor orchestrated this to get back at her. Victor denies it. He wouldn’t touch the filthy mutt, and besides, it left him a “surprise” this morning in the dining room. Nicole huffs. Pookie only does that when she is unhappy with someone. Victor suggests that both she and the dog move out, then. Nicole snorts and takes a phone call from her veterinarian. She heads off. Chelsea doesn’t remember Nicole being this crazy. She then tells Victor that Daniel is leaving town. Victor seems surprised, and Chelsea asks him to convince Daniel to stay.

Rolf claims not to know anything about the disc. Sami accuses him of lying. John intercedes and asks Rolf to get him some cookies and a drink. Marlena huffs. Why did he send Rolf off like that? John shrugs. He had the munchies. Besides, there’s no proof that Rolf stole the disc. It could have been anyone living here. Sami thinks he must be accusing EJ. Sami wonders why John hasn’t kicked EJ out yet, if he suspects him. John says that he likes to have people owe him. Marlena thinks it’s difficult to trust John. He snorts. If that’s the why she really feels about him, he’ll just move her to the top of the suspect list. Marlena says he has no idea how she feels about him.

EJ bumps into Nicole outside. She takes one look at him and starts bawling. A bewildered EJ attempts to soothe her.

Victor gently reminds Chelsea that Daniel never intended on staying in Salem permanently. Chelsea whines. She thinks Daniel is leaving because of her somehow, and she thinks Victor might know why. Victor sighs. It really isn’t his place to say anything.

Daniel tells Lexie that he is leaving town. Lexie sighs. She thinks this must be because of Chelsea, and she isn’t sure leaving is the right thing to do. He is a good doctor. Daniel thinks she needs to know what happened the last time he got involved with a patient.

Roman, Abe, Bo and Hope are all confident that Martino was behind the murders of Earl and Nussbaum. Bo worries about gathering evidence against him. Guys like Vitali don’t leave a trail.

John thinks that Marlena has feelings for him, but she won’t admit them. Marlena would rather discuss this in private. Sami says she has to go drop the twins at Maggie’s anyway. Marlena wants to go with her. Perhaps they could get a little lunch. Sami thinks Marlena needs to stick around and talk with John, but Marlena isn’t sure she’s ready. Rolf tells John that he may search his room for the disc if he has any suspicions. John tells him that he knows Rolf didn’t take it. He tells Rolf that he’s dismissed and picks up the phone. Marlena asks who he is calling. John says that he wants to raise a little hell.

Abe tells Hope that she can take the Nussbaum murder over. Bo sulks and asks if he can at least be partnered up with Hope. Hope thinks that he needs to rest and relax. Abe reluctantly agrees that he can help, but he has to do so from the sidelines. Bo agrees grumblingly.

Nicole bawls and tells EJ that her dog is at the vet. Victor poisoned her. She pulls out some pictures of Pookie dressed up in outfits. EJ tries to comfort her. If Nicole’s dog is as strong as her mistress, she will be fine. Nicole wails and buries her head on EJ’s shoulder. Pookie was the only one she could count on.

Victor thinks that Chelsea should ask Daniel about all of this if she is curious. She says she has tried, but he refuses to say anything. Victor suggests she leave it at that. Why does she need to know so badly, anyhow? Chelsea admits that she is falling in love with Daniel.

Lexie apologizes to Daniel. Perhaps she was out of line. She’s sorry if it brought up bad memories of a former patient. Daniel huffs. She wasn’t just his patient. She was his wife.

EJ comforts Nicole as she bawls. She doesn’t know what she will do without her dog. EJ says that she will still have him. Sami comes up behind them and glares.

Victor isn’t so sure about this. He doesn’t want to see Chelsea get hurt. She says she is tough, just like Bo and Victor. She pleads with him to spill the beans. Victor relents.

Dnaiel tells Lexie that when he met his former wife, he was smitten. She was wearing a white dress and a baseball cap. She had a gorgeous smile, and he fell in love with her right away. She had cancer, and she went through all the treatment she could. Daniel thought he could will her to get well, but she just suffered and anguished instead.

Chelsea listens enraptured as Victor continues the story. He explains that Daniel planned to marry the woman one night in the hospital. That same night, she unexpectedly took a turn for the worse.

Daniel tells Lexie that he knew no more treatment could help her, so he wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the beach. He knows she saw the sunset--and then she died in his arms.

Victor tells Chelsea that Rebecca died that very same night. It was heartbreaking.

Daniel tells Lexie that two things were lost that night--his wife’s life and his own objectivity.

Bo, Roman, Abe and Hope strategize about Ava’s case. They talk about how they can keep Ava’s lawyer from getting her off the hook for the kidnapping.

John calls a security company and complains. He wants a new one installed free of charge. He snaps at the person on the other end and hangs up. Marlena wonders where the hostility is coming from. John seethes. Either a professional or a relative robbed him. It couldn’t have happened any other way. Marlena muses about what could be on the disc. There’s really no telling. After all, he was a project of Stefano’s. John rages at her for referring to him in that way. She says she is sorry, and he apologizes for flying off the handle. Marlena wants to talk about it, but he is tired of being treated like a patient of hers. He wants to be left alone. Marlena agrees, but she wants him to know that she never treated him like a patient. If he doesn’t get that by now, he never will.

Sami demands to know if EJ is this close to all of his clients. Maybe he should start pulling in more money if that’s so. Nicole wipes her streaming eyes, and Sami sarcastically asks if she has missed a sale at Hookers-R-Us. Nicole bawls and tells Sami about her dog through her tears. EJ admonishes Sami to have a bit more of a heart. Sami rolls her eyes and tells Nicole to get a new dog. Nicole snaps. She can’t replace Pookie like Sami replaces husbands.

Daniel sighs and tells Lexie that that was a bad time in his life. He wishes he could go back and do things differently, but that isn’t possible. Lexie doesn’t think he should blame himself. She’s sure he made Rebecca’s last days happy. Daniel smiles. He only knew her for a short while, but he felt like he knew her for his whole life.

Victor explains that after that day, Daniel vowed never to put himself in that position with a patient again. Chelsea expresses remorse for pushing Daniel to tell her about his past. Victor pats her hand. He thinks everything will work out for the best. Chelsea says she has to go home and rest. She kisses Victor goodbye and heads out.

Daniel asks Lexie if she now understands why he can’t go through that again. Lexie nods slowly. On the other hand, she doesn’t think that he should be afraid to fall in love again, either. He just can’t keep running away from it.

Hope tells Abe and Roman that she wants to get to work on the Nussbaum case right away. Abe thinks that Hope and Bo should try to go home and spend a little quality time together. They protest a little, but Abe insists, and they both head off. Later, they arrive home, and Hope still wants to talk shop. She wonders how the can nail Marino. Bo grumbles. How should he know? Abe has him shackled to a desk. Hope kisses him. She thinks he is good at this cop stuff. In fact, she’d like to do a little more “investigating.” Bo’s eyes light up. Are handcuffs involved?

John angrily asks Rolf if he has seen his diving watch. Rolf shakes his head and John rages. Their cat burglar’s list is growing. He calms a bit and makes a joke. At least he didn’t make off with the car-wash coupons. He just wonders why the person tried to make this look like a routine robbery. Rolf wonders what John would have done if he had caught the guy. John calmly says that he would have put a bullet through him.

Marlena shows up at Roman’s office, asking him if she can report a break-in.

Daniel relaxes in the sauna. He flashes back to making out with Chelsea.

Chelsea arrives at the gym and asks a trainer if they have seen Daniel. The woman points to the sauna and Chelsea heads over.

Hope calls Maggie and asks if she can keep Ciara a little longer. Maggie agrees and Hope hangs up. Bo tells her that Chelsea is nowhere to found. She must be at the sorority house. They agree to take advantage of having the house to themselves. Bo grabs her hand and they run upstairs. Hope giggles.

Roman tells Marlena that since she isn’t the official victim of the theft, she can’t file an official report. Marlena admits that she doesn’t know what is on the disc exactly, but she feels that it is important. Roman agrees to look into it off the record. He can’t promise any success. Marlena expresses her gratitude and leaves.

John tells Rolf to take a smoke break. Rolf reminds him that he doesn’t smoke as John gets his own cigars out of the box. John tosses him one and Rolf thanks him for trusting him. John says it is nothing. Besides, if Rolf wanted the disc, would have made a copy and replaced the original. He is very angry that someone would do this to him. The last thing anyone wants id for him to be angry. Rolf trembles.

Chelsea confronts Daniel in the sauna. She tells him that she knows all about his wife.

Sami thinks that Nicole is using her dog to get EJ into bed. No matter what, she won’t let EJ fall for Nicole’s scheming. Sami grabs EJ and kisses him forcibly.


Sami tells Caroline, “Grandma, I need to talk to Lucas. I have to see him right now.”

Phillip sits at a computer, “All right, John, let's see what you've been up to.”

Chelsea asks Daniel, "So what are you saying now?" Daniel interrupts, "Chelsea--" Chelsea barrels over him, "That you were lying before, or that you’re using your past to let me down gently?

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