Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/08


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At Bo and Hope’s house, Daniel brings up the fact that he is much older than Chelsea. Chelsea grumps. She can’t believe he is trying to pull the age card. Daniel denies it. It just is what it is and always has been. Chelsea is suspicious. Has he ever been married? Daniel fidgets.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tries to change the subject and he and Sami argue about their right to question each other’s every movement. Sami wants to get back to talking about their resident wicked witch, Nicole. EJ sighs. How does she even know he went and met Nicole? He has several other clients besides her now. Mickey was kind enough to thrown him a bone and send some of his own clients EJ’s way. EJ was thinking of taking her shopping at the mall since he has a steady income. Sami thinks they should spend the money trying to get out of this house of horrors. She tells EJ all about her conversation with John the night before. They really bonded in a dysfunctional sort of way, but she worries that she said too much.

In the living room, John replaces Stefano’s picture with a painting of Marlena. She tells him that she finds it embarrassing and asks him to take it down. John doesn’t want to, and explains that it is a kind of monument to their rich and exciting past. Marlena wonders how he knows anything about their past. John tells her that someone talked to him about it, but he can’t say who. Sami strides in and thanks him for keeping his promise. She explains to Marlena that she was the one that told John about their past. Marlena wishes she hadn’t said anything, but John disagrees. Their conversation was very enlightening. He discovered that they could both be really cruel when they put their minds to it.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he isn’t married. Chelsea presses him for more information. She thinks he must have been married at least once. Daniel evades the question and reminds her that she already as a boyfriend, Nick. Chelsea whines. She isn’t in love with him anymore. Daniel makes more excuses. He lives a nomadic existence, like a gypsy. It’s best that he continue to live his life that way. Chelsea wants to live that life with him, too. Daniel disagrees. He thinks this is all a waste of time. They can’t be together.

At the pub, Bo has Martino in a headlock. He starts reading him his rights, saying that he isn’t afraid of Martino. Roman, Ava and Abe bust in. Roman stops Bo. Ava, meanwhile, lays into Martino. She wonders why he bailed her out. Martino says its because he loves her, but Ava suspects that he paid her psychiatrist to give her the wrong drugs. Martino snaps at her. Roman reminds Bo that they can’t press charges against Martino. Bo argues. This monster is responsible for Ava and what she did to Pop and all of them. He sneers at Martino. He’s taking off his badge. Martino is going to pay for what he did. Kate looks on in horror as Roman pulls Bo off of Martino. Martino begs Ava to let him explain. She refuses. Maybe she is finally seeing him for who he really is. She has never felt more free. She tosses her hair and leaves. Kate wonders if that was a performance on his part. Martino says no. He is really heart-broken over this. Besides, he only ever wanted to protect Ava. Kate isn’t so sure. Martino asks her to join him in finishing their breakfast.

Chelsea confides in Daniel about her brother Zach’s death. He sympathizes.

John smiles widely and reminds Marlena that they slept together on a conference table. Marlena flushes. That kind of talk is inappropriate. John tells her most of the town knows already. EJ grins. He didn’t. Marlena changes the subject by asking EJ how things are going with immigration. EJ says he is waiting to hear any minute. A fax machine beeps and whirs. EJ thinks this might be the news he’s been waiting on. Nicole strolls in and asks if she is in time.

Daniel tells Chelsea that some others in the hospital told him about Zach. He thinks the whole thing is very sad, but he’s touched that she confided in him. He swears that he doesn’t think any less of her. Chelsea tries to get him to tell her some things about himself, but Daniel balks. He tells Chelsea that he is sure that she will find the right person one of these days. He then says he has to go. Chelsea stops him.

EJ pulls a piece of paper out of the fax machine. Sami snatches it and waves it in front of her face. She isn’t handing it over until she finds out the truth about him and Nicole. EJ hems and haws. Sami gasps. She knew it! He and Nicole are sleeping together! Nicole beams. She asks EJ to tell Sami all about their mad, passionate affair. EJ tells her to knock it off. Sami demands to know why she is there. Nicole claims that she just wanted to talk her case over with her lawyer. EJ snatches at the fax. Sami pulls it away. He’ll have to rip it from her cold, dead hands. He struggles with her, and is able to get it from her despite the fact that she is very much alive. He looks it over and grins. His visa has been renewed. Sami rages and pushes Nicole, screaming at her to get out. Nicole tells her to keep her hands off of her. Doesn’t she remember what happened the last time she got pushy?

Daniel explains to Chelsea that eh can only stay in town if she understands that they can’t be together. Chelsea frowns. Fine. He can go. If he really wanted to be with her, she guesses that he would make it happen. Daniel sighs and heads out.

Martino asks Kate what’s wrong. She admits that she has lost her appetite. Martino wants to give her a call later about meeting up again soon, but Kate declines. She really doesn’t think it is such a good idea.

Back in Roman’s office, he and Abe explain to Bo that they need to lie low with Martino. He’s not going anywhere. They have a spotlight on him. Bo isn’t sure that’s enough. Ava comes in and tells them that she wants to know the truth about her father. If they agree to help her, she will agree to help them.

Later, Bo and Roman show up at Bo’s place. Bo wonders where Chelsea is, as she is nowhere to be found. Roman thinks that she is fine. In fact, getting out of the house will help her keep her mind off of things. He asks Bo to take it easy. He’s pushing himself too hard. Bo seethes. He can’t rest until Martino is behind bars. Roman promises that they will get him soon. Bo frets about Chelsea. He worries that the impact of her infertility hasn’t fully hit her yet.

Chelsea comes into the pub and greets Max and Stephanie. Nick walks over and glumly tells Chelsea that he tried to call her. She sniffs. Her cell phone was off. Nick thinks they need to talk, and he and Chelsea head off. Stephanie feels sorry for Nick. She thinks he is really going to need his friends after this.

Sami continues to throw a fit about Nicole and EJ’s relationship. Marlena steps in and tells her to cool it. Sami argues with her. Nicole uses the opportunity to leave. EJ grins from ear to ear. He just loved her little temper tantrum. It makes him happy to see her so jealous, though he hates to admit it. Sami tells him to think again. John pulls out some champagne to celebrate EJ’s visa renewal. Sami smiles angrily. Now that his immigration status is safe, she can finally get that annulment she has always wanted. She storms out. EJ thinks she really likes him. He heads off after her. Marlena catches John grinning and asks what’s going on. John says he has been thinking about how hot they must have been together. Marlena admits it was something like that. John comes close and runs his hands through her hair. Was it like that? He sure wishes they had a conference table around. Does she think she’s still got it? Marlena wonders why he and Sami ended up having a heart-to heart. John tells her that it was insomnia at first. They also talked about the disk John found. Marlena asks where it is. John hunts around, but can’t find it. Rolf looks on.

Chelsea tells Nick that she is sorry, but she just can’t see them as a couple anymore. It’s not him. He’s a great guy. It’s just that a lot of stuff has happened to her lately, and she just can’t commit to him. Nick says that he won’t deny the way he feels just because she feels differently. But he does want her to be happy, whether that is with him or without him. He starts to walk off, but Chelsea stops him, asking if they can be friends. Nick looks at her in disbelief, turns, and walks away without saying a word. Max and Stephanie come over and Chelsea tells them that she dumped Nick.

Ava tells Abe that she will be staying at the Salem Inn. Abe isn’t sure that’s such a good idea, since Steve and Kayla’s place is there. Ava tells him not to worry. She swears that she won’t bother him. Ava gives Abe a warning about Bo. He needs to stay away from her father. People that take on her daddy end up dead, one way or the other.

Some of Martino’s men meet him outside the pub. They worry about bumping off Earl and Nussbaum in the same day. Martino growls at them to keep their opinions to themselves. They need to focus on getting his daughter back where she belongs. One of them men asks about the cops, and Martino says that any one of them that steps into his world will pay. Patch is his first priority. Then he’s going after the SOB that clocked him.

Bo’s wound seeps blood under his bandage. He pours a glass of water and sighs. Roman tells him that he has to let him and Abe handle Martino. Bo agrees, but they better get him before Martino gets someone else.


Nicole sobs to EJ, “She's the only one I could really count on.“ She hugs him as Sami watches.

Lexie tells Daniel, "You are an excellent doctor." Daniel replies, "Maybe you should know what happened the last time I got involved with a patient."

John tells Marlena, "Well, now that I know how you really feel about me, you have just jumped to the top of my suspect list."

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