Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s house, Chelsea sleeps on the couch. Bo comes downstairs and watches her briefly. Chelsea mumbles something about Daniel in her sleep. Bo stares.

At the pub, Kate and Martino have breakfast and reminisce about the past. Kate thinks that Martino has changed a lot. Martino smiles. He has changed because of her. He bets she didn’t know that. Daniel walks in behind them. Martino nods to one of his men, and the man grabs Daniel and forcibly hustles him over to Martino. Daniel rages. He just missed his flight because he received a call telling him he needed to have a consult with a colleague. Daniel glares at Kate and wonders how Martino got his personal information. Martino cuts him off. He brought Daniel here because he wants him to look into his daughter’s case. Daniel doesn’t get it. Who did he say he was, again?

Stephanie comes in the pub and kisses Max. Max sighs. Is it morning already? Stephanie wonders if he had a rough night. Max explains that he has been awake all night fixing Nick’s grant proposal.

Abe finds Lexie at the hospital and she tells him that she has made an appointment with a counselor—but it isn’t Marlena. Abe grumbles and Lexie wonders if he is having second thoughts about marital counseling. Roman walks over, wanting an update on Ava. Lexie explains that she is discharging Ava. It’s her medical opinion that Ava is mentally fit to face the consequences of her actions. Nearby, Ava slumps in her wheelchair and stares. Lexie releases Ava to Roman’s custody, and he has a fellow officer wheel her down to the station.

Martino tells Daniel his name, but it isn’t familiar to Daniel. Kate jumps in and tells him that she told Martino that he was the best doctor around. Daniel asks if Martino is making some kind of offer. Martino nods. Daniel is suspicious. Is it one he can’t refuse? Martino chuckles. He thinks Daniel has been watching too many movies. Of course he can refuse. He quickly explains to Daniel that his daughter’s psychiatrist prescribed her the wrong medication for years. Martino wants to make sure there won’t be any adverse side effects. Daniel doesn’t get it. Why would her doctor do that? Martino says he paid the man well, but he clearly had the ethics of a sewer rat. He wants Daniel to tell him that Ava is going to be alright.

Bo brings Chelsea a breakfast tray and urges her to take upstairs. She needs her rest. Chelsea says she would rather head down to the Java Café. She is having strong cravings for a caramel macchiato. Bo promises to go get it for her. Chelsea reluctantly agrees and Bo tells her that she was talking in her sleep. Chelsea stammers around for a bit, and Bo notes that it sounded like she was having a nightmare. Chelsea admits that she did have a bad dream. She wonders where Bo is off to, and he tells her is going to work. Chelsea says she doesn’t think so. Hope asked her to keep an eye on Bo, so he is staying home and resting with her. Bo says he feels all cooped up, but Chelsea wants him to stick around and bond with her. Morgan interrupts them. She has brought coffee and scones for Chelsea from the Java Café. Bo takes the opportunity to make a quick exit. Chelsea stops him at the door. Does he want her to get in trouble with Hope? Bo wishes her luck with that and bolts. Morgan asks what that was all about. Chelsea sighs and tells her that Bo still blames himself for her infertility. Morgan doesn’t get it. If Chelsea hadn’t helped, he would be dead. Maybe he is just thinking of what’s best for Chelsea.

Max tells Stephanie that Nick’s proposal just needed some cleaning up. Stephanie is skeptical. How does Max know anything about Nick’s work? Max fidgets and rattles off some technical terms from his work on cars. He tells Stephanie some beer spilled on Nick’s notebook, so Max just made clean copies and fixed some simple math errors. He puts the paperwork in an envelope and tells Stephanie that he plans on sending it down to the university administration building later. Stephanie wonders why Max just doesn’t tell Nick the truth. Max begs Stephanie not to tell Nick. He wants a promise from her. Nick walks up behind them and asks what Stephanie is promising. Max sweats.

Daniel apologizes to Martino. He thinks that Ava needs a psychiatrist, and that is just not his field of expertise. Kate huffs. Can’t he at least refer someone, then? Daniel isn’t so sure he should do that. Martino tries to sweeten the deal with the promise of money. Daniel tells him to keep it and storms out. Kate rushes after him.

At the police station, Abe tells Roman that they are having problems with Ava’s lawyer. He’s trying to get her arraignment postponed, saying that she was released prematurely from the hospital. In other words, the lawyer thinks Abe is out for blood, and he used Lexie as his wife to get Ava released too early. Roman curses. They only have 48 hours to get this arraignment underway. Abe tells Roman to have Ava booked. Roman passes it along to another cop. Bo walks in and sees Ava, “Well, look who’s here.”

Kate begs Daniel to reconsider Martino’s offer. He refuses. He doesn’t trust the guy, and frankly, he doesn’t want him anywhere near Kate or Chelsea. Kate thinks that Daniel cares for Chelsea far more than he should. Is she the real reason he is leaving Salem?

Morgan and Chelsea dive into the food and drinks. Chelsea thanks Morgan for being so supportive. Morgan says it’s nothing. They are sisters now, and Morgan will always be here for Chelsea if she needs it. Chelsea fantasizes about her kiss with Daniel. Morgan snaps her out of it, asking if she is ok. Chelsea sighs. She worries that her life won’t turn out the way she wants it to. She is trying not to be so negative, but she can’t help it.

Max hides Nick’s proposal in the envelope behind his back. Stephanie picks up on his cue and secretively takes the envelope from Max. She says she has to go to work and heads off with the envelope. Nick says he came looking for his proposal, but Max denies seeing it. Nick sighs and apologizes for dumping his problems on Max yesterday. Max drops Nick’s notebook on the floor and slides it towards Nick with his foot. Stephanie comes back, saying she forgot her work schedule; she doesn‘t even have to show up today. Nick says he has to leave, as he promised Chelsea he would put her before his grant work. He guesses he will have to start all over on his project. Nick leaves, and Stephanie tells Max that she mailed the envelope for him. What’s going on? Max fidgets.

Daniel insists that his feelings for Chelsea are simply professional. Kate seems skeptical. Daniel says the waves are calling. He has a flight to catch. He warns her to be careful with Martino.

Bo lays into Ava. She is quiet. Bo rages. She had plenty to say when she was holding them all hostage! He goads her a little more. Abe and Roman come out and ask him to leave. Ava tells them that she deserves to be punished as she is taken off for processing. Roman thinks that her attitude has improved quite a bit. Bo practically foams at the mouth. He is going to have a little chat with her father, Martino. Abe refuses. Roman agrees. It is too dangerous, and besides, they already have Martino under constant surveillance. Bo ignores them and heads off.

Kate and Martino discuss moving forward from the past. She isn’t sure she wants to do so. First, she wants to hear exactly what happened with his daughter.

Stephanie wonders why Max hid Nick’s proposal. Max tries to defend himself by saying that Nick is sensitive about his work, but Stephanie is suspicious. She says she doesn’t believe his story.

Chelsea frets about what might happen if she ends up with a guy that doesn’t know anything about her infertility. Morgan thinks it’s too soon to be worrying about that. When the time comes, she can cross that bridge. Chelsea is still worried. When is the right time to tell a guy that you can’t have kids? Morgan chuckles. She isn’t sure, but she’s fairly certain you don’t bring it up on the first few dates. Besides, she shouldn’t worry so much about the future. Nick shows up, and Morgan says she has to go to work. She leaves. Daniel comes in shortly after him. Chelsea makes up an excuse for Nick to leave, saying that she was supposed to have one last checkup before he left town. Nick heads out, clearly uncomfortable. Chelsea asks Daniel why he is there. He explains that he was asked to stay in Salem on another consult. Whether or not he stays depends on Chelsea. Her jaw hits the floor.

Roman comes back to his office with Ava, and he tells her that the judge set bail at her arraignment. Ava sulks. She doesn’t want to be bailed out. There’s nothing for her out there. She gestures to the window. Abe gets off the phone and tells Ava and Roman that Ava’s doctor, Nussbaum, was found murdered. Ava doesn’t seem surprised, and Abe wants to know why. She smirks. Her daddy doesn’t like to leave loose ends. Abe gasps. Is she saying what he thinks she is saying? Ava snorts. She isn’t saying a word. Abe reluctantly tells her that she made bail, and she’s free to go.

Max wonders if he and Stephanie are having their first real fight. He realizes how corny he sounds and backs up. Stephanie doesn’t think so; she thinks he is sweet, and they kiss. Nick comes in and interrupts. He tells them about Daniel showing up at Chelsea’s. He worries that the doctor is planning on making a move on Chelsea. Max thinks that Nick should keep an eye on Daniel.

Bo comes in and strides over to Martino. He introduces himself as Detective Brady. He and Martino need to have a little talk.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he was at the airport, all ready to leave, when he got a page saying that he was wanted as a consult in a case here in Salem. He only answered the page because he secretly wanted to stay in town. He didn’t want to leave her. Chelsea beams. Daniel sighs. This is so wrong. She is his patient. Chelsea reminds him that she no longer his patient. She thinks he just needs to let things happen naturally. Daniel isn’t so sure. He doesn’t think it’s right, even though he is no longer on her case. Chelsea moves in and plants a kiss on him. Daniel responds.

Ava tells them that she doesn’t want to leave. Abe and Roman explain that she made bail. She has no choice, and neither do they. They have to let her go. Ava sulks. Where could she possibly go?

Martino apologizes to Bo for Ava kidnapping him and his wife. Bo isn’t buying it. He tells Martino’s men to keep their hands where he can see them. Bo rethinks things and finally asks Martino to tell his men to step outside. Otherwise, he will be forced to review their gun permits. Martino complies and his men head outside. Kate comes over and asks Bo if this is necessary. Bo growls and tells her to mind her own business. Cowed, Kate walks off. Martino smiles. Looks like it is just him and Bo now. What does he want to talk about? Bo punches him. Martino cradles his jaw, “Good shot.”


Sami asks EJ, “Why are you trying to hide it? I know you were with Nicole.”

Chelsea asks Daniel, “Were you married?”

Marlena asks John, “What do you know about out past?”

Bo threatens Martino, “If it weren’t for you, my Pop would still be alive!”

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