Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami comes downstairs to find John playing chess. John explains that Rolf told him that Stefano loved this game. He used to stare at the board for hours. Sami nods. She thinks Stefano thought the game would help him strategize the destruction of her whole family. John asks why she is still awake, and she admits that she can’t sleep. John says he can’t either. Maybe his scrambled brain is his problem. He wonders why Sami so gung-ho about keeping EJ in the country. She explains that her daughter has to grow up without a father. She doesn’t want Johnny to have to go through that, too. John suggests that Sami could go overseas with EJ.

EJ meets Nicole down at the docks. She wonders why he wanted her to meet him here.

Sami explains that she won’t move. Her entire family is right here. John asks if she would rather have the old John back. Sami isn’t sure. They never got along back then. He was always so self-righteous, and it bugged her. Isn’t he curious about the way he used to be? John says no. Sami eyes the disk that John found in the safe. She asks if he has watched it, but he says no. He thinks it might contain things that he’d rather not know. Besides, he would rather hear the whole story form Sami. He thinks she will be objective.

EJ hands over an envelope with a wad of cash. Nicole never thought she would do any of this for money, but she did enjoy her little mission. Did he notice how much Sami freaked out? EJ growls. He paid her to speak positively about them to Burke, not to torment Sami. Nicole tells him that she told Burke that he and Sami were very much in love.

Sami starts telling the John the story of how he and Marlena fell in love. She explains that everyone thought he was Roman for a while. By the time Marlena found the truth out, it was too late to turn back. We flash back to John and Marlena making love on a desk. A much younger Sami catches them and runs away. Then we flash back to Sami confronting Marlena about her affair with John. Sami explains that he destroyed the love that Roman and Marlena had. Roman is fine now, but he was very angry about it for a long time. John thinks she still has a chip on her shoulder, but Sami says that it John’s fault. John thinks the person she is really upset with is Lucas.

Nicole sighs. If EJ weren’t so much in love with Sami, she might go after him herself. EJ tells her that it’s a moot point, as he is truly in love with Sami. Nicole says she is married anyway. Since EJ is her divorce lawyer, a relationship between them might bring up ethical issues. EJ tells her that he has other clients now. Nicole grins. She guesses that is how EJ got the money to pay her. He warns Nicole not to say anything about their little deal. EJ has to make sure that Sami falls in love with him.

Sami explains that John was like her father, and then one day, he just wasn’t her dad anymore. It was all like a big lie. In fact, he left Marlena in the middle of their honeymoon so that he could get together with Hope. John is incredulous. Bo’s wife? Sami nods. Pretty crazy, huh? We flash back to John saving Hope in the ocean, and then he and Hope kiss. Sami explains that Hope didn’t know who she was either, so it wasn’t really either of their faults. John wants to hear more about his time as Roman. Sami tells him that Marlena believed that he was Roman, but she started having doubts when she found a phoenix tattooed on John. We flash back to Marlena finding the tattoo. John muses. Stefano must have done it to mark him as a possession. He had no idea he was branding his own brother. Sami worries that John may start acting like a DiMera.

Nicole tells EJ that all this intrigue gives her a tingly feeling. She asks if he wants to go somewhere together. EJ laughs and reminds her that she is married and he is in love with another woman. Nicole pouts. So his charming British routine was all for show? EJ chuckles. She wouldn’t be the first person he’s fooled.

John assures Sami that he has no intention of living his life being driven by revenge or for anyone else. Sami, too, wishes that the past could stay in the past. John thinks she should just forget about it. Sami chuckles. With all she has done, it would take a severe case of amnesia. John tells her to be careful what she wishes for. He wouldn’t want what happened to him to happen to anyone. Anyway, he just wants to focus in expanding the DiMera empire. She encourages John to see what’s on the disk. With a little urging, he finally agrees to put in the computer. When he does so, a series of junk images and numbers pop up. John thinks the disk must be encrypted. Sami thinks he should hand it over to Roman. His contacts at the ISA could probably make some sense of it.

Nicole finds EJ charming. EJ also finds her sexy bad-girl act pretty entertaining. Nicole gets serious. Sami may fall out of love with Lucas, but she will always take his side over EJ’s.

John tells Sami that he knows some people soon. Sami hopes he checks out the disk soon, no matter who helps him. Anyway, he isn’t half bad once you get past all of his weird behavior. John feels the same way about Sami. John asks more questions about how he came to Salem. Sami tells him that Victor found him. We flash back to Victor questioning a bandaged John. Victor lists names that might be familiar, Nurse Honeycutt, Stefano DiMera, Alex Marshall, Roman Brady, etc. Sami explains that he finally got his name went he went to a mission. John huffs. This is unacceptable. He has been used time and again by Stefano, and manipulated by Victor. His days of being a victim are over.

EJ reminds Nicole that Lucas is no threat. He’s not around. Nicole laughs. That makes no difference. As far as Sami is concerned, Lucas is in jail defending her honor. He’s like a martyr in her eyes. EJ is determined to make Sami love him.

Sami tells John about Belle and how good he was wit her. We flash back to Marlena taking a paternity test, then Sami changing the results. Marlena tells John he isn’t the father. We see Sami kidnapping baby Belle, and then we see Marlena lay into Sami for wanting strangers to raise her sister. Sami comes back to the present and looks ruefully at John. He waits a long while, then reiterates that Sami kidnapped her sister because she didn’t want people to know that she wasn’t her father’s. Sami nods. John thinks that makes sense. Sami can’t believe he isn’t mad. John says it doesn’t matter, as he can’t remember any of it. Sami asks him not to tell anyone she told him all of this, and John agrees to keep quiet.

EJ asks Nicole what her plans in town are, besides getting half of Victor’s money. She tells him that she is planning on taking the other half. EJ doesn’t get it. Nicole says that she is setting her sights on Victor’s son, Phillip.

John admits that he applauds Sami’s initiative. She is shocked. If Will acted the way she did, she wouldn’t stand for it. John shrugs. Blondie doesn’t seem to be worse for the wear. Sami thinks it’s pretty weird to sympathize with your child’s kidnapper. She explains that it took time for her own father to get over what happened. He left town for quite a while. She abruptly asks John if he loves Marlena. John claims not to know what that is. Sami thinks she has him figured out. He likes to keep people at arm’s length. She is more sure than ever that he has feelings for her mother. John abruptly says he has to go to bed. Sami smirks. She thinks she struck a nerve. One of the twins shrieks and the monitor crackles. Sami heads upstairs. After she turns out the light, we see a figure dressed in black enter the living room and take the disk.


Chelsea asks, "You don't want me to get in trouble with Hope do you?" Bo leaves in a hurry, "Good luck with that." Morgan asks, "What was that all about?"

Kate tells Martino, "I have to say you've changed a bit." Martino replies, "It's all because of you, Kate. You didn't know that, did you?"

Lexie tells Abe, "It's my professional opinion that Ava Vitali is mentally fit to face the consequences for her actions."

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