Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the police station, Sami and EJ show up and question Roman as to why they have to meet Mr. Burke here. Roman explains that he’s busy, and since he is vouching for EJ, he told Burke they could conduct the meeting in his office. John and Marlena walk in and John says that he is ready to get started. Nicole comes in behind them and apologizes for being late. Sami glares. What the hell is she doing here?

At the pub, Phillip makes small talk with Max about his community service. Max says he only has a few hundred hours left. Then he has to start looking for a real third job to make ends meet. Phillip thinks he must be kidding, but Max only wishes he was. Phillip knows a way that he can earn extra cash and finish the rest of his community service. All he has to do is keep an eye out at the docks and help Phillip nail John Black.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Kate visits Chelsea and sympathizes with her over her infertility. Chelsea insists that she is fine, but Kate isn’t so sure. She thinks the news must have been devastating. Chelsea admits that the infertility is bad—but it isn’t even the worst part.

In Ava’s hospital room, Martino argues with the cop. He claims he has a court order stating that he has the right to be here. Steve tells the cop to go ahead and check. Martino was hoping that he never had to see Steve again. Martino hovers over Ava and frets. Does she really need to be tied up? Kayla says it’s a precaution to keep Ava safe. She explains that she is Ava’s doctor, as well as one of her recent hostages. Martino isn’t comfortable with Kayla being Ava’s doctor. Do they know what’s wrong with her? Kayla wants to know why he put her in the hands of a physician who made her unstable and dangerous. Martino huffs. Her doctor was well-respected. He would never do anything to harm Ava. Kayla tells him that whoever prescribed the pills wanted her to lose her mind. Ava gapes. She asks Martino if that is true. Did Dr. Nussbaum give her the wrong medication?

Chelsea explains to Kate that her feelings were hurt when Daniel took himself off of her case. Kate thinks it’s normal. Besides, she and Daniel can still be friends. Chelsea still feels like she did something to offend Daniel. Why would he dump her otherwise? Kate wonders if Chelsea wants to be more than just friends with Daniel. Nick knocks and interrupts. Kate lets him in and smiles wanly at Chelsea, “Look. Your boyfriend.”

Nicole smiles. She is here to testify about Sami and EJ’s unholy matrimony. She is curious though—EJ was born right here in Salem. Why doesn’t he have dual citizenship here and in the U.K.? EJ explains that his mother tried to pass him off as another woman’s child, so his birth certificate was null and void. When he moved to England, he was registered as Edmund’s son, so all traces of his American citizenship were obliterated. Nicole says she needs a drink after that. Burke comes out of Roman’s office and asks to speak to John first. John winks and assures Sami and EJ he has their back. Nicole and Sami bicker. Marlena and Roman warn Sami to calm down. Roman wonders if Nicole is really here to help. She claims she is. Marlena wonders what John and Burke could be talking about. John doesn’t remember his life with Sami at all.

Burke asks John about his memory loss. How can he be sure that Sami and EJ aren’t masquerading as a married couple? John explains that since he cannot remember Sami, he has been able to observe both she and EJ with the objectivity of an outsider. Burke asks if he thinks they love each other. John nods. He isn’t sure that those two kids realize how much in love they really are.

Max doesn’t want to spy on John. Besides, Victor already made this offer to him and he turned him down. Phillip promises there will be no risk involved. Max huffs. Phillip is trying to bring Morgan’s father down and ruined his career. He’s not going to be any part of it. Morgan walks up behind them and glares at Phillip.

Nick tells Chelsea that he can’t wait until she can get out of here. He has planned a romantic getaway for them at the Horton cabin. Chelsea is skeptical. Is he planning this all on his own? Nick says yes. How hard can it be? Chelsea sighs. She guesses it won’t be. Nick suggests they go outside and jump in the hammock. Chelsea sighs again. Nick asks what’s wrong.

At the hospital, Lexie thanks Daniel for all he has done. Daniel tells her that if she needs anything, she can call him. Lexie wants to know why he is leaving Salem. Does he really want to go catch a wave, or is this all because of Chelsea Brady?

Ava thrashes. Martino wants to know what is wrong, and Kayla explains that Ava is going through withdrawals. Ava cries. She wonders if her daddy will take care of her. Martino vows to do so. Ava wonders why her doctor would give her the wrong medicine. Martino promises they will sort all of it out. If she really needs to blame this situation on anyone, she ought to blame Steve. Martino sure does.

Nick gets the feeling that Chelsea doesn’t want him around. Chelsea says that she is just feeling badly. Nick agrees to leave and says he will call later to see if she is feeling better. He tries to kiss her, but Chelsea rebuffs him. He leaves. Chelsea takes out her phone and makes a call.

Daniel tells Lexie that he isn’t leaving because of Chelsea. His phone rings. He answers, and Chelsea immediately hangs up. Lexie wishes he wasn’t leaving. He is an excellent doctor. Daniel smiles ruefully. Salem is nice, but there’s no surf. Lexie asks him to stay anyway.

Steve tells Martino that it’s time to go. Martino protests. Kayla backs Steve up. She is Ava’s doctor, and she agrees. Martino says he will talk to Ava when they go home. Ava bawls. She’s under arrest. She isn’t going home. Martino assures her that she is going home. He will take care of it. He goes outside and makes a call. He tells someone to get it done. They don’t have a choice. He hangs up and he and Steve glare at each other through the glass.

Morgan tells Phillip that she overheard his proposition to Max. Is there anything he won’t stoop to? Phillip smiles and says no. Morgan tells him to leave her friends out of it. Phillip wants to buy her a drink, but Morgan refuses. She will, however, challenge him to a game of darts. She asks Max for her special darts, and he hands over a box containing a box of rhinestone-studded pink ones. She throws one and it hits the bulls-eye, but not before it rips Phillip’s shirt on the way. Morgan laughs. Good thing he can afford a new one. He can take that as a warning. Phillip sarcastically jokes that he is intimidated. Morgan thinks he should be.

John comes out of Burke’s office and Sami rushes over to make sure that he told their version of the truth. John doesn’t understand the difference between her version and the truth. EJ thanks Nicole for coming down. She just hopes all of this will help expedite her divorce. EJ reminds her that it will take time. Nicole smirks. Being deported doesn’t, though. EJ warns her not to say anything that upsets his chances of staying in the country. Nicole rolls her eyes. She’s heard it before. Sami walks over and pulls EJ aside, thanking him for sticking up for her. Sami worries. She isn’t sure it’s enough, however.

Nick sits in the pub with Max and Morgan, and he fills them in on what happened with Chelsea. Morgan can’t believe she asked him to leave. Max thinks she might just need time to really digest her diagnosis. Morgan tells Nick that Stephanie is on her way over there now, and he hopes that she can cheer Chelsea up. Daniel walks in, unnoticed. Nick spills his beer and rushes out, saying that his work is what has him in trouble with Chelsea. Morgan rushes after him, bumping unto Phillip. She huffs. She would have caught Nick if not for him being in her way. Phillip wants to know if she is always such a drama queen. Morgan snorts.

Chelsea lets Stephanie in and sighs with relief when it isn’t Nick. She really hasn’t been up for him lately. Stephanie thinks Nick must be being less attentive than usual, but Chelsea says that isn’t it. Stephanie wonders if Chelsea is thinking of breaking up with him. Chelsea sighs. She can’t think about making an important decision like that right now. Stephanie thinks she had better be sure. She doesn’t want to make a mistake that can’t be undone. Chelsea asks about Max. Stephanie gushes. She can’t imagine wanting to be with anyone else. Chelsea felt the same way about Nick until she met Daniel. Stephanie says she thinks Daniel might be interested in Chelsea. She has seen the way he looks at her. Besides, no offense to Nick and all, but Daniel is smart and gorgeous. Chelsea nods. She knows. She thinks she is in love with Daniel.

Kate meets Martino at the pub. She calls him Marty and says she thinks the years have treated him well. Martino sighs. She is the only one that ever called him Marty. He asks if she wants a drink, but Kate says she has to run off for a meeting. Martino wants to meet up later at his hotel for dinner. She hesitates, and then accepts. Martino senses something is wrong and asks what’s up. Kate admits that she is rattled after stumbling onto a murder scene earlier. Martino questions her, but Kate doesn’t know anything about it. Kate asks if he accomplished what he came to Salem for. Martino says he hasn’t yet, but plans to soon. Martino offers to walk Kate to her car.

Sami frets as Burke interviews Nicole. She comes out giggling. Burke kisses her hand and thanks her for her cooperation. Sami rushes over and Nicole tells her that Johnny will have a nice time visiting his father in London. Sami rages and lunges after here. Roman and Marlena hold her back as Nicole claims she was joking. Burke tells EJ that he is ready, and EJ tells him that he and Sami would like to have their interview together. Burke agrees and they all head into Roman’s office.

Chelsea explains to Stephanie that Daniel only sees her as a patient. He acted very objectively with her. Stephanie doesn’t think so. After Chelsea called her the other night, she went downstairs and had a talk with him. Chelsea wonders what he said. Stephanie said he made little sense. So she thinks Daniel thought she was right when she accused him of having feelings for Chelsea. Chelsea suddenly doesn’t want to talk anymore and asks Stephanie to leave. She heads out. Another knock sounds at the door. This time it’s Daniel, wanting to make one last house call before he leaves town. Chelsea notes that he must like to ride into town, save a couple of lives and head out. But what kind of life is it when he can’t put down roots or start relationships?

Max picks up Nick’s notebook and groans. He can’t believe Nick left this at the pub. He leafs through the notebook.

Sami and EJ describe to Burke how they first met when EJ moved in across the hall. They’ve had their rough patches since, but they always find their way back to each other. Burke asks about the ongoing feud between their families. EJ likes to think of their relationship as a new beginning for everyone. Burke gets to the point and asks Sami if she loves EJ. Sami gazes into EJ’s eyes. She does.

Lexie takes a look at Ava’s chart and tells her that she is coming along nicely. Ava asks about her father and Patch, and Lexie tells her that they both left. She urges Ava to try and get some rest.

Stephanie catches Max with Nick’s notebook and asks what he’s doing. Max claims that he is fixing something. Kayla comes by and takes a peek. She says she went to medical school, but she doesn’t think she can figure any of that out. Max stammers. He just wants to help his friend. Stephanie says she doesn’t know what he is doing, but she supports him no matter what.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he can’t stick around. He asks her to say goodbye to Hope and her dad for him and turns to leave. Chelsea turns away, disappointed. Daniel comes back, turns her around, and kisses her. He leaves. Chelsea beams.

EJ makes one last impassioned speech to Burke about how much he loves this country and his family. He can’t live without them. Burkes thanks them and tells them that he will review his notes and make a recommendation. They head out and Roman walks Burke to his car. Marlena asks how it went. Sami collapses in her arms. She just isn’t sure. Nicole snorts. She tried her best to help Sami, but she doubts if Sami’s attempted attack on her went unnoticed. She leaves. Sami sobs. What if she is right? EJ soothes her.


Sami tells John, “I don't know what I will do if E.J. gets deported.” John replies, “You can always go with him.”

Nicole tells EJ, “If you weren't so in love with Sami, maybe I'd go after you.”

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