Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the set of her commercial, Kate sits in a chair. She practices lines while a couple of hair and make-up people fuss over her. A man walks over and introduces himself as her husband. Kate is taken aback. He says she plays his wife in the commercial. His name is Jeff Voorhees. He wonders if she is pumped for this. Kate rolls her eyes. She unenthusiastically says, “Sure.”

Nearby, a man bustles around and gives orders. Tony walks up and introduces himself. He introduces himself in turn as Barney Bateman and Tony thanks him for coming by on short notice. Bateman grins. He tells Tony not to worry. They’re going to make some magic today. He excuses himself and Tony walks over to Kate. She complains about the director. He’s taking it too seriously. Tony hands her a flower and wishes her luck. Anna walks in and glares.

At the DiMera mansion, John asks Marlena what they should have for lunch. She didn’t know it was time. He’s also thinking about expanding his business interests. Italy or Japan. She tells him they were married in Italy once. John nods. Italy it is, and pasta for lunch. Marlena just wanted to borrow his computer. Hers has been freezing up. John grins. He will expect something in return. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. Sami and EJ walk in and interrupt.

In an alley, Earl, Bo’s informant, kneels on the ground, bloodied and bruised. Two men hold him up. He begs Martino Vitali not to kill him. He has a family. Martino tells him that he is disappointed. Earl says he had to talk to the cops. They didn’t give him a choice. Martin thinks he had a choice. He just made the wrong one. Martino sighs. He has a problem, though. He really does believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Earl grins. He swears he won’t regret this.

In Ava’s hospital room, Kayla asks how she is feeling. Lexie tells Kayla that she is de-toxing. Abe and Steve look on with concern. Kayla tells Ava that they had her medication analyzed. Ava shrieks. That’s an invasion of privacy! Abe thinks they should wait until she’s more stable. Ava screams. She wants her doctor, Nussbaum! She needs her pills! Kayla tells her that she is going to be handling her case now. Ava shrinks back in fear. Kayla tells her that those pills weren’t helping her. In fact, they were making her worse.

Barney tells everyone to take a break. One of their actors called in sick, so they’re going have to call casting for a replacement. Anna walks over to Kate. She hardly recognized her without all the over-done eye makeup. Kate asks what she is doing here. Tony jumps in. He thought they could use her expertise. Kate snorts. She doesn’t know the difference between a flower pot and a crock-pot. Anna huffs. She’s one to talk. Tony asks them to be civil and asks Anna to excuse them. Kate tells Tony that it won’t work. She has tolerated Anna and even threw a little internet account her way, but this is too much. This is her product, her commercial, her rules. Either she goes or Kate will. Nearby, Anna read over the script. Barney overhears her and asks her to read it again. She does so and as Kate and Tony walk over, he offers her a role in the commercial. Barney thinks she’s perfect. Tony and Kate gasp in unison. Tony thinks they could find another replacement. Anna accepts. Barney wants to get her over to hair and make-up. Anna squeals. This is going to be fun.

John glares at EJ. They should know better than to interrupt him when he is making out with his wife. Marlena says that isn’t what they were doing. EJ smiles faintly. Then what were they doing? John calls Marlena “doc” and urges her to tell them. Sami gapes. Did he just call her doc? Is the old John back? Rolf walks in with a tray in time to overhear the last. He drops the tray with a loud clatter.

Kayla tells Abe that she saw Ava taking the pills. She claimed they relaxed her, but they actually cause anxiety, mood swings, and manic episodes. It’s an anti-seizure medication, and it’s never used to treat her type of psychotic disorder. Abe wonders if it was intentional. Ava shakes her head. Dr. Nussbaum would never do anything to hurt her. Kayla asks why her condition hasn’t yet improved, then. Ava isn’t sure. Maybe medication cant help her. Maybe nothing can. Steve wonders how well she knows this doctor. Can she think of any reason he might want to hurt her?

The director starts filming the commercial, and Anna compliments Kate on he delicious cookies. Kate mentions her storage containers. She makes a light remark about her husband, and Anna catches sight of Tony. She wails that husbands never appreciate their wives. Kate huffs. That isn’t even the line. She grabs Anna, who pushes her away. Kate knocks some of the cookies and containers on the floor. Kate fumes as the director yells “cut.” Anna tells her she’s going to be sorry. She goes after her with a frying pan. Barney tries to soothe them. He knows they’re all a little tense. They need to take this from the top. Tony chuckles. They need a miracle.

Rolf apologizes. Marlena goes to help, but John stops her. Sami sighs. So the old John isn’t back. So why was Marlena kissing him? She says it is complicated. John says that he kissed Marlena. She loved every second of it. Rolf tells John that the chair will have to be cleaned. John wants to get rid of it. EJ says its an antique. John shrugs. They can have it cleaned then, but there are some things in this mausoleum that he wants to get rid of. He strolls over to Stefano’s picture and sneers. He wants to start with this. Rolf gulps.

Ava isn’t sure. There is something that happened right after Patch left, but she can’t remember it. She and her doctor would talk about during their sessions. She would always get a little closer, but she never remembered anything. She screams. She just can’t remember. Lexie tells her to relax. She ask Abe and Steve to leave. Ava screams for Patch. Lexie orders the nurse to give her an injection. Ava shrieks and writhes. Outside, Abe sighs. That woman has problems. Kayla wants her to get better, no matter what she did. Steve says it’s because she cares about people. Kayla says they can try talking to her in a little while. When the drugs are out of her system, she may remember a little more. Steve hopes so. He thinks she has a hell of a lot to tell them.

John repeats his request. Rolf stammers. He wants to bring more coffee first. Sami asks if he is missing his old boss. Rolf admits that it would feel like he was betraying Stefano. Marlena reminds him that Stefano is in a coma. John reminds him that he got him out of jail. He’ll do what he says. Doe she need to hold a gun to his head? Rolf hopes it’s a rhetorical question. John says he’ll do it himself. He goes over and starts to remove the picture. Rolf tries to stop him, but to no avail. John swings the picture back and sees the safe. He wonders what they have there.

Earl lies dead on the ground. Blood pools around his head. Martino chuckles. He never did like that punk. One of his men agrees.

Abe is surprised that Kayla is so forgiving. He says she has to be. She is a doctor. Abe asks if she really thinks that Ava didn’t know what she was taking. Kayla doesn’t think she did. Steve agrees. Steve explains that they just want to make sure that the right person is caught. Kayla asks Abe if he can do some searching on Ava’s doctor. Lexie comes out and tells them that Ava has calmed significantly. She asks to speak to Kayla alone and she asks her if she has told Steve. Kayla say no. Lexie says he will find out eventually. It’s in Ava’s chart. Kayla didn’t think it seemed like the right time. Steve comes over and asks what they’re talking about. Kayla sighs and explains to Steve that Ava tried to take her own life shortly after he left her. She apologizes. Steve cries quietly. He reaches out for Kayla, who shrinks away from him. He asks Lexie if he can see Ava. She agrees. Steve asks Kayla to go with him and they both go inside. Ava wakes up and asks where she is. She can’t feel her arms. Steve says she’s at the hospital. They will take good care of her here. Ava begs him not to leave her. Kayla rolls her eyes.

Anna thanks the director after the shoot. Kate complains to Tony. She thinks Anna ruined everything. She’ll be lucky to sell a potholder. Anna walks over and Kate tells her she can forget about the internet account. She is never working with Anna again. Anna is aghast. She already did all the research! Kate storms off. Tony tells Anna to let it go. She needs to cool off, and will soon enough. Anna thinks Tony took a risk when he let her be I this commercial. He could lose Kate’s account, too. Tony takes her in his arms. There are other accounts, but no other Annas. Tony wants to take her to dinner, and Anna accepts. They kiss. Tony wishes the cameras were still rolling. Anna squeals and fends him off. They kiss some more.

As they all marvel at the safe, Rolf says he thinks he hears a buzzer for his cake. It will burn. John grabs him. He wants to know the combination. Rolf claims to not know it. EJ wonders what is inside. Sami thinks they are better off not knowing if it has anything to do with Stefano. John says he will crack it. EJ suggests he call a locksmith. John goes over to his desk and grabs a stethoscope. He’s going to check for a pulse. He puts the stethoscope on and positions it near the lock. He starts turning the wheel. John smiles.

The men stand near Earl’s body. Martino takes a call and says he is on his way. He wipes the prints from the gun and leaves it behind. He and his men leave.

Ava complains about not feeling well. Kayla explains that they are purging her system. It will take a couple of days before she feels well again. Ava wonders why she is being so nice. She did some horrible things to Steve and Kayla and their friends. Steve soothes her. That wasn’t her. Those drugs were making her act that way. Kayla suggests she rest and he and Steve go out in the hall. Lexie tells them that Ava has a tough road ahead of her. Abe takes a call and tells them all that a body was found behind the Cheatin’ Heart. Abe starts to head off. Lexie asks him to be careful.

Kate stumbles across the crime scene and an officer stops her. Did she see or hear anything? Kate says she doesn’t even know what’s going on. She was just coming to get some food. A cop takes her name and number as a few others attempt to ID Earl’s body. The cop gets Kate’s information and thanks her. Her phone rings. It’s Martino. He tells her that he’s in town on a family matter. He wants to get together, just like the old days. Kate replies coolly. She isn’t in that line of work anymore. Martino is glad for her. He would at least like to buy her a drink--no strings attached, just as friends. Kate agrees. He wants to pick her up, but she suggests they meet instead. He offers to call her later with a time and place. Kate hangs up. She stares at Earl’s body, shivers, and heads off quickly.

Rolf say he thinks they should respect Stefano’s privacy as John gets the combination. He pulls out some papers and rifles through them. They appear to be real estate documents. Marlena can’t believe Stefano would go to that much trouble to hide them. EJ agrees. Rolf urges them to all go to the dining room and get cake. John finds the disc among the papers. He wonders what he has there.

Steve goes back into Ava’s room and asks how she is doing. She asks him to break her out of here. All he has to do is untie her straps. She will do the rest. Steve says he can’t. She hisses. He owes her for what he did to her. Ava begs and cries. Steve refuses. She starts to scream. Kayla rushes in. She asks what’s gong on. Ava continues to scream. Martino walks in and asks what’s going on. Steve smirks. Well look who’s here.

John announces that he will look at the disc later on in private. Didn’t Sami and EJ come down here to ask him something? Sami says it’s a small favor. She wants John and Marlena to testify at EJ’s immigration hearing. They don’t have to make anything up, like they’re lovey and gushy, but they can just say they’re a couple with kids that works hard. John smiles. They want them to lie, then? Sami huffs. She knew this wasn’t going to work. John asks Rolf to leave. He agrees to help. The sooner EJ becomes legal the sooner they can get their own place. Marlena ask Sami if she is sure. Sami nods. There is no telling when Lucas is getting out jail, and EJ really has been a good father. Marlena isn’t sure. Lying is against her nature. Sami says it isn’t a lie. She and EJ don’t hate each other. Marlena sighs. She cant promise anything, especially if they ask her something specific. Sami hugs her and thanks her. Marlena hopes she isn’t making a mistake. When is the hearing? Sami apologetically explains that it’s in a half-hour. She promises it won’t take long. They’ll each just answer a couple of questions. Sami coaches them briefly. They just need to keep their answers short and simple, and stick to the truth as much as possible. Marlena agrees. Sami and EJ have to take the twins to Maggie’s so they agree to meet them at the police station in twenty minutes. Marlena leaves. John follows. Rolf comes back in and stares at Stefano’s picture. If John discovers what is on that disk, he is in big trouble.

Abe instructs a cop to search the alley as Kate walks over. Abe asks what she is doing and she points at her bag of food. She was getting lunch for Chelsea. Abe asks another cop to escort Kate to her car. Kate heads off as Abe gets a call from Lexie. It’s his day to pick up Theo. The sitter can probably keep him for a couple of hours, but she needs to call her. Abe asks if she would. He will be tied up here for a couple of hours. Lexie asks how bad it is. Abe tells her that it’s a professional hit.

Ava smiles at her father. He came. He comes over to her and kisses her on the forehead. Of course he did. Kayla asks who he is. Martino smiles. He introduces himself. He’s Ava’s father. Steve and Kayla exchange looks.


Kate asks Chelsea, “You're hoping that you and Daniel could be more than just friends, aren't you?”

Lexie asks Daniel, “Are you leaving Salem because you want to go and catch a wave, or is it because of Chelsea Brady?”

Nicole shows up at the police station, “I am so sorry. I hope I'm not too late.” Sami rages, “What the hell are you doing here?”

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