Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/1/08


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At the hospital, Daniel tells Chelsea that he is sorry he took himself off her case. She beams. Does that mean that he still wants to be her doctor? Daniel smiles. He wants to be more than just her doctor. In fact, he is in love with her. Chelsea snaps out of her fantasy when Hope asks how she is. She sighs.

Outside in the hallway, Daniel tells Bo that Chelsea has been discharged. Her infection has completely cleared up. Bo wishes there were more to celebrate. Daniel thinks that Bo should blame him if he blames anyone for this. Bo says assigning blame isn’t going to do any good. He just has to help Chelsea get through this.

At the pub, Max refills Nick’s coffee and asks what he’s working on. Nick says he’s crunching some numbers for his upcoming grant project. Now that he has the money, he has to figure out how to make all of this work.

Lexie and Abe come into the pub for breakfast. Abe is sorry things didn’t go so well after dinner last night. They both admit that they didn’t sleep well. Abe gets ready to order. He wants the works. Lexie frowns. She doesn’t have time for all of that. She was hoping they could grab something light. Bo and Hope are taking Chelsea home, so she wanted to get down to the hospital as soon as possible. She worries about Bo. He is taking Chelsea’s infertility hard. Abe knows she is worried about their friends, but she promised to try to make their family a priority. Lexie stammers. She knows that it was they decided--but maybe that was a mistake.

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Stephanie and the two of them sleep on the couch. They all wake up and wonder how they go there. Stephanie explains that she came home and found them asleep in front of the TV. She didn’t want to disturb them, so she just curled up next to them with a blanket. Stephanie is glad they are both home. She wants them to promise to keep themselves safe. They promise, but Stephanie wants to keep an eye on them, just in case.

In her hospital room, Ava shrieks for Patch. She glares at her guard and demand that she leave. The guard shakes her head. Ava screams at her. She’ll be sorry. A nurse comes in and prepares an injection for Ava. She screams miserably for her daddy.

Outside Ava’s room, Chelsea hears her cries and asks Hope about them. Hope tells her that the woman was brought in the night before. She’s very sick. Hope thinks Chelsea looked a million miles a way a moment ago. Chelsea admits she was having a daydream. Hope thinks it must have been pretty good. Chelsea quickly comes up with a lie. She was just thinking how grateful she is to her family for being there for her. Bo comes over and tells them that he has Chelsea’s discharge papers. Daniel walks over and says he bets she can’t wait to get away from hospital food. Hope ruefully mentions her cooking isn’t much better, so they’ll order out. Daniel excuses himself and Hope follows him to thank him for all he has done. Hope wants him to know that Bo didn’t mean it when he blamed him. Daniel thinks that Bo really blames himself. Hope asks him if he can give Chelsea any instruction, but Daniel says the nurse will do it. He isn’t Chelsea’s doctor anymore.

Max walks over to Nick and makes small talk. Nick asks if he has work to do. Max admits that the breakfast rush is over. He’s free as a bird until lunch. He sits down across from Nick, who sighs. Max thinks his work looks complicated. Nick gives him a pointed glance. That’s why he needs to devote his full attention to it. Nick ignores the hint and sits down. He takes Nick’s calculator away and makes a word out of some upside-down numbers. He chuckles and shows Nick, who rolls his eyes.

Lexie sighs. Abe told her that he was worried about Ava’s father and what he might do. She is also concerned about Hope, Bo and Chelsea. She really needs to get down to the hospital. Abe urges her to stay. She may be the chief of staff, but he thinks the hospital can run itself for one hour. There is someone there that can handle Chelsea’s discharge. Lexie sighs. He is right. They can get along without her for a little while.

Steve heads off to the shower so Stephanie and Kayla can have a little alone time. Kayla wants to talk about her. Stephanie can’t believe it. She was held hostage by a crazy woman. She could have died. So could her dad and the baby. Kayla reminds her that everything is fine. Stephanie tells her that other than the recent crisis with them, she has never been happier in her life. Kayla asks why. Stephanie admits that she is in love.

Ava lies on her bed and writhes, semi-conscious. She mumbles for her daddy to take care of them. She wants him to kill them all.

Kayla is so happy for Stephanie. Max is a great guy. Stephanie asks if this was what it was like for her mom when she fell in love with her dad. Was it like floating on air all the time? Kayla smiles. Her getting together with Stephanie’s dad was a little more complicated, but she knew it was a “forever” kind of love. Stephanie says Max was great while they were missing. Kayla is sorry she had to go through that. Stephanie knows it wasn’t her fault. She hopes they lock that woman up and throw away the key. Kayla just wants to talk about her and Max. Stephanie sighs and smiles. He was so wonderful through all of it. She doesn’t know what she would have dome without him.

Max tells Nick that he plugged some of the calculation he saw on his paper into the calculator. He came up with completely different numbers. Nick snatches the calculator from Max and furiously enter numbers.

Lexie decides to order the omelet of the day. Abe reminds her that it has spinach, which she hates. She says she didn’t notice. Abe sighs. Maybe she doesn’t want to do this. Lexie thinks it all seems kind of forced. Abe reminds her that marriage takes work. It isn’t always going to be perfect. Lexie doesn’t think it’s that simple. They have deeper issues that haven’t been resolved. Maybe it’s time to do that. Maybe they need to go to counseling. Abe wonders if it’s that bad. Lexie thinks it will be if it keeps going on like this. Abe says he will do whatever it takes. He doesn’t want to lose her. He checks his watch and says he has to go down to the hospital to ask Ava a few questions. Lexie hope they can talk about this another time. Abe agrees.

Bo tells Chelsea that her room is all ready for her. She sighs. She doesn’t need to move in. She’s fine now. Bo huffs. Will she let her old man take care of her for a minute or what? Chelsea reminds him that her life isn’t over. Bo knows that. Daniel said the same thing. Chelsea reddens. Daniel was talking about her? Bo knows Daniel is off her case. Does she want him to talk to Daniel? She says no. She just wants to get out of here. Bo is glad she is coming home with them. Chelsea nods. For the first time, she will feel like she is going home.

Daniel tells Hope that Chelsea really doesn’t need him anymore. Lexie is best for handling her post-operative care. Hope feels like there is something more going on. Is there a problem with Chelsea? Daniel says it isn’t what she thinks. Chelsea is a remarkable girl. Hope raises an eyebrow. Is he always so complimentary of his patients? Daniel says he is if they are so deserving. Hope doesn’t think so. Daniel tells her to think what she wants. He has to go. He leaves. Steve walks over and Hope tells him about Chelsea’s release. Why is he here? Steve says he had to see Ava. He goes into her room and gives his name to the guard. He sits by Ava’s bed as she sleeps. He apologizes for what he did to her.

Nick check his numbers as Max whistles. Nick gasps. His work was wrong. Max grins. He guesses it’s a good thing he happened along. Nick smirks. He would have caught it when he checked his work later. Max thinks it’s best that he doesn’t have to redo all of those complicated equations. Nick agrees that’s true.

Lexie comes over and asks if Chelsea is ready to leave. She says yes. Bo asks about medication and Lexie says she’ll be on antibiotics. She can get the prescription filled quickly if they’d like. Bo thanks her. He has a lot of insurance paperwork to fill out. Lexie wheels Chelsea off to the pharmacy.

Kayla asks Ned, a lab technician, to analyze the pills Ava had. There is no branding or markings on them. Ned says he will get to it right away.

Stephanie walks into Ava’s room. Her eyes widen when she catches sight of Steve.

Nick asks what is up with Max. He is watching every move he makes. Max laughs. He wants to watch a genius at work. Nick grimaces. His phone rings. It’s Daniel, letting him know that Chelsea is being released. He asks where she is going and Daniel thinks she’s going home with Bo and Hope. Nick thanks him and hangs up. He tells Max what’s going on and says he has to leave.

Lexie brings Chelsea back to Bo and Hope and Hope thanks her for everything. Daniel comes over and says goodbye to Chelsea. She thanks him for everything he has done, and for being her doctor--at least for a little while. Daniel says that just because he isn’t her doctor anymore doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Chelsea smiles and says of course. Then she asks to leave. Bo wheels her off and Hope follows. Daniel frowns. He can’t let it happen again. He walks off. Lexie stares after him.

Stephanie comes in and Steve lets the guard know it’s his daughter. She glares at Ava, who is awake. She lambastes her for putting most of her family in danger over her sick obsession. She knows people like her who forces themselves on other people. She deserves everything she is getting. Ava smiles. She can tell she is Patch’s daughter. She even reminds her a little of herself. Stephanie hisses. She is nothing like Ava! Kayla comes in and tells Stephanie to cam down. Ava is ill. Stephanie rages. She gets a pass because she is crazy? Abe comes in and Kayla tells him she was just leaving. She takes Stephanie out. Steve says he will be right behind them. Abe asks Ava if she is strong enough to answer some questions. Ava says she is feeling strong enough not to answer them.

Bo fusses over Chelsea at his house. Chelsea asks him to stop and Hope asks Bo to help her in the kitchen. Chelsea flops on the couch and sighs. A knock sounds at the door, and she answers to find Nick with a bouquet of flowers. He explains that Daniel called and told him she was out. He hopes she doesn’t mind he surprised her. Chelsea says she is glad he came and hugs him.

Stephanie calls Max from her parent’s house. He wants to go to lunch, but she asks him to come over. She needs to talk to him. Max says he’s on his way.

Lexie asks Daniel what’s wrong. If he still upset about Chelsea, he can talk to her. Daniel thinks he’d just like to go home. He’s beat. Lexie says that’s fine. She’ll see him tomorrow. Daniel says she might not. Lexie doesn’t understand. He says that his work is done here. It’s pretty much time for him to move on.

Abe wants to talk about the plane crash. Ava plays dumb. She doesn’t know what he is talking about. Steve sighs. She admitted it to him and Hope. There’s no sense in denying it now. Ava wants to see proof. Abe says they have plenty of evidence of kidnapping. Ava huffs. When her dad gets here, he will straighten all of this out. She’ll get justice. Abe agrees. She will get that, no matter what, and he doesn’t give a damn who her daddy is.

Max rushes in and asks Stephanie what’s wrong. She tells him that she told off Ava Vitali. Maybe it was stupid. Mac doesn’t think so. It took a lot of guts, actually. Stephanie tells Max that there was something in her eyes. She looks crazy. Max tells Stephanie she’ll be in jail for a long time. Stephanie isn’t so sure. Her dad is a mob boss. Max hugs her. Everything is going to be ok.

Nick has brought Chelsea some magazines and her favorite cookies from the pub. Chelsea thinks he is sweet. He thinks she’s sweeter. He loves her more than ever. Chelsea doesn’t think she deserves him. Nick doesn’t get it. Is she talking about the infertility issue? She tells him not to worry. She wants to hear abut his grant project. Hope and Bo come out of the kitchen. Hope tells Bo that Chelsea clearly doesn’t blame him. Chelsea overhears and walks over. It’s true. She would do it all over again if she could. She’d rather have him around than a bunch of kids with no grandfather.

Abe tells Ava to make it easy on herself and confess. They have more than enough evidence to convict her. He is just trying to make it easy on her because of her mental state. Ava pouts. She didn’t do anything wrong. She will get justice when her father arrives. Abe agrees and walks out. Steve follows. Steve warns him about her father. Death and destruction follow him around, and he can do anything that he puts his mind and resources towards. Abe tells Steve t o let him try. No one is going to get away with that in Salem.

Ned comes back with the lab report on Ava’s pills. He knows what they are. Ava takes the paperwork and looks it over. She frowns.

Chelsea and Nick have fallen asleep on the couch. Bo watches them. Hope looks at Bo with concern.

Daniel takes shpts at the bar. He makes a call. He wants to book a flight out of Salem bound for Australia as soon as possible.

Max assures Stephanie that Ava will be going to jail for a long time. Max loves that she let the woman have it. He wishes he could have been there. Stephanie agrees that it felt good. Max knew that it would. She wonders how he got to be so smart. He thinks he is just a bartender. She thinks there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Steve tells Ave that he doesn’t want Martino Vitali for an enemy. Abe says he isn’t letting Ava go. Steve doesn’t want that, but she does have mental problems. Maybe jail isn’t the best place for her. Kayla comes over and tells them that she needs to talk to them. Lexie walks over and Kayla stops her, too. She had those pills Ava was taking analyzed at the lab. They’re never going to guess what they are.


Anna gasps, “What, you want me to be in Kate's commercial?” A man replies, “I think you'd be perfect for it.” Tony gasps, “What?” The man smiles at Anna, “You're just what I need.”

John peers behind Stefano’s picture. He turns to Rolf, “Now, what have we here?”

Steve asks Ava, “Can you think of any reason why Dr. Nussbaum wouldn't want you to get better?”

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