Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Roman’s office, Abe tells the D.A. over the phone that haven’t enough evidence to charge John Black. Paul Hollingsworth is going up before the grand jury soon. They’ll have to wait to see how that goes. He hangs up as Lexie comes in. He thought she was going home, but she says she just ended up here after driving around. She had a really bad day at work. Does he have a few minutes for his wife?

Bo comes into Chelsea’s hospital room and brings her a stuffed dog. Bo asks how she is, and she says fine. It’s a little weird to think that she can’t have kids. Bo says that he and Hope talked about it, and they want Marlena to come speak to her. Chelsea thanks him, but she doesn’t need a shrink. She just wants to work this out in her own. Bo tells her to let him know if she changes her mind or needs anything. Hope comes in with Ciara. Hope tells Chelsea that she has missed her big sister.

At the pub, Max fills a drink for Daniel and he tells Max to keep them coming. Kate comes over and asks why he isn’t with Chelsea. Daniel says that he isn’t on call. Kate huffs. Well, Chelsea might need him. If she has a problem, they’ll need him on call, as he put it. Daniel says that won’t be a problem. He is no longer on Chelsea’s case.

Nearby, Anna bumps into Tony and he drops his laptop. Tony tells the person on the other end of the phone that some klutz bumped into him and he hangs up. Anna huffs. Klutz, huh? That’s rude, even for him. She huffs off. Tony groans.

Stephanie comes up behind Max and puts her hands over his eyes, prompting him to guess who she is. He jokingly guesses Beyoncé. Stephanie laughs. He wishes. Max says that he is lucky to have her. He was kidding. He asks about her parents and she explains that they’re asleep. They’re both wiped out. She thanks Max again for saving her life. She hopes he knows that he is her hero. Max tells her he knows and that she’s hotter than Beyoncé anyway. They kiss. Max says with that kind of gratitude, she can thank him all night. Stephanie says that she owes him, anyway. Max smiles. He’ll call his backup bartender, and then Stephanie can have him all night.

Tony apologizes to Anna. She pouts. Did he not realize the klutz was her? Tony says that he was just venting. He should have looked where he was going. Anna can’t believe he apologized that easily. She wonders what’s wrong. Tony admits that his mind is elsewhere. He is concerned about Kate.

Kate wants to know why Daniel is no longer handling Chelsea’s case. He says he isn’t comfortable discussing that with her. Kate snorts. She is worried about her granddaughter. She has a right to know what is going on. Daniel tells her to direct all her questions to Chelsea. She’s going to need all the support she can get.

Abe asks Lexie about Chelsea, and she tells him that she most likely can’t conceive. Lexie’s heart goes out to her. She knows first-hand what she is going to go through one of these days. That’s why Lexie thanks God for Abe and Theo. Abe asks her to take a breather and go to dinner with him. She has been so stressed lately, what with Bo, Hope and Chelsea. It’s wearing her down. Lexie thinks he is in the same position. He is constantly putting himself in the line of fire for their friends. Abe wants a little time just for them. And he wants to start right now. They kiss.

Chelsea greets Ciara as a nurse comes in to run a few more tests. Chelsea complains, but the nurse says she can go home if she aces them. Chelsea asks where Daniel is. Shouldn’t he be giving her this news? Bo and Hope exchange glances.

Tony explains that Kate has a lot going on now that Chelsea is sick. In fact, he should go see her. Anna hopes she will be alright, but she wants to ask Tony a question before he leaves. She hopes he will be honest. He agrees. She asks if something is going on between him and Kate.

Max lets Stephanie know that Pete arrived to cover his shift. She’s ready to show him how grateful she is. Max takes her hand and leads her upstairs.

Kate can’t believe that Daniel would hint that Chelsea isn’t doing well and then leave her hanging. She has to know what is going on. Daniel explains that ethically, his hands are tied. He can’t say more. Kate sighs. Chelsea means the world to her. She doesn’t think she can take any more news concerning bad health. Daniel nods. Kate thinks he is as concerned about Chelsea as she is.

Tony wishes Anna would give him a little more credit. He loves her and her alone. Doesn’t she know that? Anna reluctantly admits that she does. Tony asks if he loves her. She groans and throws her arms around him. Does he even need to ask?

Kate apologizes for being hard on Daniel. When it comes to her family, she can go a little nuts. Daniel thinks she has been nothing less than caring. He would expect no less from a relative of Chelsea’s. Kate says that she should get going, but she profusely thanks him for what he did for Chelsea. She heads off. Daniel sips his drink. Too bad it wasn’t enough.

The nurse explains that Daniel isn’t on call. It will up to the attending doctor to discharge her. Chelsea struggles to hide her disappointment. She thinks she can call Daniel later. The nurse tells Bo and Hope to come back later, but they want to stay. Chelsea insists they leave. She will call them later. The head off.

Max and Stephanie go into Max’s room and he tries to straighten up a little. He apologizes for not being ready for a romantic rendezvous. He does have a lava lamp. Stephanie chuckles. She doesn’t think they’ll need it. She says they don’t need music or candles either. No matter what, wherever Max is is also the most romantic place on earth. Max is glad they are together, then. They kiss.

Tony and Anna kiss. He hopes that that helps her understand his feelings for her. Anna says it does, but she still worries. Kate is a powerful and beautiful woman. Tony tells her to hush. He doesn’t love Kate. He loves her.

Daniel flashes back to Lexie asking him if he has become emotionally involved with Chelsea. Daniel comes back to the present and tells Pete to keep the drinks coming.

Bo paces outside Chelsea’s room. He flashes back to telling Hope that what happened to Pop and Chelsea when they tried to help him isn’t right. He sighs.

Chelsea calls Daniel from her bed. When he answers his phone, she asks why he left without saying goodbye.

Stephanie and Max kiss and then make love. Max thinks making love to her is so amazing. And it feels so right. He has never felt more connected to anyone. Stephanie agrees. What they have is really nice. She hopes it never changes. She’s skeptical when things happen so easily. Max chuckles. Easy? Them? Is she kidding? Stephanie laughs. Now they’re finally together after a few misfires. Max says all that’s ahead of them now is their future. She thinks he got that out of a fortune cookie. Max denies it. They both agree to take it easy and have fun.

Daniel apologizes for not coming by and seeing Chelsea. He just got caught up. She says it is ok, but she wants him to come discharge her. He says he can’t. he is no longer her doctor. He handed her case over to Dr. Carver. Chelsea practically wails. Why? Daniel reminds her that he is a surgeon. She’s in post-operative care, so Lexie is really the best doctor to handle that. Chelsea is clearly let down. Practically in tears, she thanks him for what he did for her and her dad. Daniel hopes everything gets back to normal soon. She says she will see him around and hangs up.

Stephanie’s phone rings. When Max protests, she says it could be her mom and dad and goes to answer it. It’s Chelsea. She’s sorry to bother her, but she needs to talk to Stephanie for a second.

At the pub, Abe toasts Lexie over dinner and asks how she likes her new position at the hospital. She says it’s quite the workload between her patients and the administrative duties. Abe nods. He understands. He keeps crazy hours, too. Lexie says she is glad they both enjoy their jobs, but they can’t let their family or Theo suffer. Abe agrees. They need to make time for themselves, too.

Tony tells Kate that he is glad she signed off on the final concept. Anna asks if she will be in the commercial. Kate says yes. Tony wanted a face to go with the brand imaging. Tony chimes in and says he wants Kate to be the next Martha Stewart. Anna laughs uproariously. She isn’t the “homey” type at all. Kate says she thought the same thing at first, but Tony talked her into it. It will be fun. Anna says she has a new, fun, high-profile account as well. Tony says he would love to hear about it.

Chelsea tearfully tells Stephanie that Daniel dumped her as his patient. Stephanie says she is sorry, but maybe Chelsea shouldn’t take this personally. Just because he isn’t her doctor doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Chelsea whines. He wasn’t very friendly on the phone. He was all business and very professional. Chelsea fears she may have scared him away. She told him she wished she wasn’t his patient and then she practically hit on him. She sounded really stupid and she probably scared him away. What if he found out she was damaged goods and bolted? Stephanie says if that’s true, she’ll march downstairs and tell him off. Chelsea asks if he is at the pub. Stephanie says yes. Chelsea concludes she must be in Max’s room and hopes she isn’t interrupting anything. Chelsea says she has to go anyway as Stephanie insists she isn’t interrupting. She hangs up as Nick walks in. Chelsea greets him. He asks how she is and kisses her on the cheek.

Bo paces. Hope comes up and tells him that what happened to Chelsea isn’t his fault. Bo sighs. If she hadn’t gone through with this surgery, she wouldn’t be facing a life without children.

Tony asks Anna who her new client is. Kate offers to give them a moment alone and heads off. Anna tells Tony that she is working for John Black.

Kate comes over to Lexie, who is sitting alone, and asks to speak to her for a moment. She tells Lexie about Daniel telling her that Chelsea would need the support of her family. Lexie tells her that Chelsea will be fine. She has just been through a lot. Kate shakes her head. Daniel almost seemed sad. That’s what made her think something else was going on. Lexie tells her that Daniel is no longer handling Chelsea’s case. Kate nods. She thought that was odd, too. Victor specifically asked him to look after her. Lexie sighs. He wanted to. Between her and Kate, Daniel thought he was becoming too emotionally involved in Chelsea’s case. He thought it was best if he backed off.

Stephanie storms over to Daniel. Max tries to stop her, but she says she doesn’t like the way he is treating Chelsea. She taps Daniel on the shoulder. They need to have a little talk. Daniel doesn’t understand. She tells him that Chelsea is hurt. She is really vulnerable right now, and she needs people around to talk to. Max pulls her aside. Maybe she shouldn’t do this. Stephanie huffs. She is just communicating. She tells Daniel that he is really important to Chelsea--more than just as a doctor. He understands. He also sees that Chelsea has great friends. With them around, she won’t need him. Stephanie says he is wrong. Max pulls Stephanie away. Daniel sighs.

Anna tells Tony that the account is kind of top-secret. Besides, she can’t talk about this with him, the competition. Tony thinks they just had a moment. They admitted that they love each other. Tony wants to stop the stupid competition and be together. Anna says she will think about it. They can discuss it over dinner. Kate comes over and tells Tony they’re going to be late for the production meeting. He apologizes to Anna. He can’t make it to dinner tonight. Kate heads off and Tony offers to come by Anna’s hotel room later. She says she has a conflict. She picks up her phone and dials. She has a lot of calls to make. He leaves. Anna hangs up in disgust. She knows what time it is!

Chelsea tells Nick that she can probably leave today. Nick thinks that is great news. Chelsea says she has to tell him something, and explains that she can no longer have children because of the infection. Nick asks if she is ok. She doesn’t think it has really hit her yet. How does it make him feel? Nick says to forget about him. This is about her, and besides, she means everything to him. Chelsea thanks him. She really needed to hear that.

Bo hugs Hope and Ciara. Nick kisses Chelsea. Daniel drinks and stares off into space. Lexie and Abe hug and kiss. Stephanie and Max go back upstairs. They kiss and begin to make love again.


Chelsea asks Daniel, “So, does this mean you're still going to be my doctor?” Daniel replies, “I want to be more than just your doctor.”

Stephanie tells Kayla, “I've never been happier in my life.” Kayla asks, “And why is that?” She replies, “Because I'm in love.”

Kayla tells Lexie, “Those pills that Ava was taking -- you're never going to believe what they are.” Ava screams, “Somebody help me!”

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