Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Sami tries to call Marlena and leaves her a message. She frets to EJ. Maybe the whole thing is a lie. EJ wonders why Nicole would lie about such a thing. Sami thinks that the whole thing--Brady being a drug addict--is embarrassing. He would never. EJ thinks that Sami can’t do anything about it. They need to get back to the questions. Sami studies a card. What perfume does she wear? She doesn’t think Immigration will ask any of these. EJ knows the answer anyhow. EJ has one for her--boxers or briefs? Sami groans. EJ says she should know this after the steam room incident. Sami remembers monogrammed boxers. EJ says that’s right. She gave him the kiss of life, and she is still saving his life today. Sami rolls her eyes as Marlena walks in. She hugs her and tells her she has great news. Brady has been found. Marlena gasps. How is he? Where is he? Victor walks in and asks what all the excitement is about. Marlena tells him Brady has been found. Sami smirks. Tell him something he doesn’t know.

At the police station, Phillip tells Abe that Chloe is on a direct flight to Zurich. Abe thinks she must be happy that she’s been cleared as a suspect in her husband’s disappearance. Phillip thinks she should thank Abe for dealing with the Consulate. Abe thinks she should thank Nicole for telling the truth about what Victor did. Phillip knows she loved letting everyone know Victor put Brady in rehab and kept it a secret. Abe smiles. The secret is out. And now she’s on her way to reunite with her husband. Phillip takes a call as Roman comes over. They’ve started processing the paperwork on Ava. Abe heard she called her dad for help. Roman explains that he’s on a yacht off the Amalfi coast. Phillip comes back over and tells Roman and Abe that Victor framed Chloe. He wants to make sure that she doesn’t press charges.

At the hospital, Chelsea sleeps as Hope feels her forehead. Bo asks if they can take her home and care for her there, but Lexie says that they can’t release her yet. Besides, both he and Hope have been through a terrible ordeal. They need to run some tests on them. Bo sighs. Pop and Chelsea both risked their lives for him. Pop is dead, and Chelsea can’t have kids. Neither one of them deserve this. Daniel walks in and agrees. He says bad things just happen. He knows that Bo is frustrated and angry, but it isn’t helping anyone, especially not Chelsea, so he needs to knock it off.

Sami glares at Victor accusingly. He stashed Brady in a rehab clinic in Switzerland and framed Chloe for his disappearance. Victor stiffens. He did what was best for his grandson. Sami rages. Her mother was sick with worry. All Victor cared about was revenge. Victor snarls. Chloe introduced Brady to the low-lives that got him hooked on drugs. She deserved to suffer. John doesn’t think that Victor should have kept this from him. Victor wonders why he would care. He doesn’t remember him. John says that he is Brady’s father. Victor says that he had to get Brady help right away. John scowls. Victor played God with his son. That was a mistake.

Abe tells Phillip that they have been in touch with Brady. He refuses to press charges. Phillip sighs. That’s a relief. The last thing his family needs right now is a scandal. Roman says that there is nothing to charge Victor with. Abe nods. Whatever he pulled, there’s no criminal liability.

Daniel says he means that Bo needs to cut himself some slack. He can’t blame himself or anyone else for what happened to Chelsea. She wanted to do this. She wasn’t going to just stand by and let him die. Bo huffs. So this is a complication from surgery? Lexie says yes, as far as they can tell. Daniel says he is free to hire a lawyer if he is implying negligence. Bo glares. He knows the process. Chelsea calls out for Bo. He goes over and apologizes for waking her. Chelsea says that she trusts Daniel and Bo should too. Next to him, Daniel is the kindest, most caring person she knows.

Victor and John argue. Phillip interrupts and says it’s urgent. He pulls Victor aside and tells him that he was at the police station, asking if Chloe could press charges. He wonders why Victor didn’t just tell anyone the truth. Victor says he was protecting Brady’s privacy. Phillip reminds him that Chloe was being pursued by the Austrian authorities. She didn’t get Brady hooked on drugs. She tried to help him. Victor says that he just had Brady’s best interests at heart. He didn’t want anyone to know about his addiction. Victor wonders if Philip is angry because Victor never told him. His love for his family knows no bounds. Phillip thinks that’s the problem. John’s phone rings a few feet away and he answers. He hangs up and tells them that the Salem police would like to see him. Marlena offers to go with him and they head off. John grins at Phillip on the way out. Phillip overhears and tells Victor, who is coming back from the bathroom, that John is going downtown. Victor wonders if it about Hollingsworth and the bribes. Philip isn’t sure, but he’s heading down to find out. Victor offers to go with him, but Phillip says he wants to do this alone.

In Roman’s office, Morgan tells Paul that she’s not leaving until this mess is straightened out. Roman says she should wait outside, but Morgan refuses. She won’t let them take a rubber hose to her daddy. Abe says they don’t use those anymore and asks Paul if he is sure he doesn’t want a lawyer. Paul nods. His lawyer is expensive and he hasn’t done anything wrong. Abe says they have enough evidence to charge him with graft. It’s a felony, and Homeland Security is very interested in people who might be allowing illegal or unsafe cargo into the country. Morgan huffs. If they have evidence she wants to see it. Roman doesn’t think she should even be here. Paul asks if they’re going to arrest him. Abe tells him that they’re prepared to cut a deal. They’ll agree to drop the charges. Roman jumps in. Only if he fingers John Black for the graft.

Hope asks Lexie and Daniel for some time alone with Chelsea and she allows them a few minutes. She wants Bo and Hoe to both be checked out soon. She and Daniel head outside and he laments Chelsea’s infertility. None of this should have ever happened. Lexie soothes him. No one could have predicted this outcome. Daniel reminds Lexie what she heard from Chelsea in there. She thinks he is some kind of miracle worker. Maybe he was the wrong guy for this surgery. Lexie doesn’t think he should keep thinking the worst. He needs to get a few more doctors in here and get several opinions. Daniel sighs. He thinks he has let himself get too close to this case. He’s lost objectivity. Chelsea deserves better than him.

EJ asks to see Sami’s wallet and notes that all of the cards have “Roberts” on them. Sami says she is sticking with that name. EJ sighs. If they want to be successful in this charade, they have to convince Immigration that they are married in every sense of the word. They only have one interview to go, and he is so close to getting his visa. Sami sighs. She doesn’t want to give up. She wants to do this for Johnny. He reminds her that she had no problem making him believe she loved him when he was shot. He can be believable, too. He looks into her eyes and says he loves her. Sami bursts out laughing.

John and Marlena show up at the station and Roman asks John if he wants a lawyer. He says no. Roman explains to John that Paul is a customs official. John knows. His cargo always went through smoothly under his watch. Abe asks about the Kiriakis lines. They were delayed at the same time his were cleared. John denies any knowledge of it. They ask him point blank if any money was exchanged between him and Paul, and he says no. Phillip sails in. John accuses him of showing up because he ratted Paul out. Phillip asks John if he is admitting that Paul is his patsy. Is he admitting he’s guilty?

A nurse comes in and takes Bo off for testing. Chelsea tells Hope that she wishes Bo didn’t blame himself for what happened to her. How could she regret it? Hope sighs. Honestly, if they had knows what would happen--Chelsea cuts her off. What? Would they have let Bo die? It wouldn’t have made a difference. She says she doesn’t want anyone pitying her. She’s not even ready to have kids. It’s no big deal. Hope hugs her. Chelsea says she wants to talk to her before Bo gets back. It’s about their relationship.

Lexie reminds Daniel that he just scolded Bo for blaming himself over what happened to Chelsea. Now he is doing the same thing. Daniel says he can’t let himself be near the girl. He needs to keep his distance. Lexie gasps. Is he saying that he has let himself become emotionally involved with Chelsea?

John sighs. He wonders if the cops have anything to go on besides Phillip’s random accusations. Paul says that they offered him a deal if he flipped on John. John demands to know if they have evidence. His query is greeted with silence. John grins. He didn’t think so. Paul is ready to leave. Morgan tells him to go ahead. She’ll be right out. She huffs over to Philip and ask him what the hell he’s doing. He may be angry at John, but he does not need to drag her father into it. She stomps out. John smiles and stares after her. Suddenly he catches sight of Roman’s name plate on the door. He stares and stumbles a bit. Marlena asks what is going on. John recovers and says he was thinking that Phillip must be disappointed that his scheme blew up in his face. Roman says the case isn’t closed. John tells him to feel free to waste tax-payer’s money. But doesn’t he have some real criminals to catch? John leaves. Marlena throws up her hands and follows. Abe and Roman exchange glances.

Lexie asks Daniel if he will excuse himself from Chelsea’s case. Daniel thinks it’s best. Lexie says she won’t talk him out of it, but she doesn’t understand. Should she tell Chelsea that he will no longer be her doctor? Daniel says no, not yet. She has too much else to deal with right now.

Chelsea tells Hope that she had a dream about Zach. They were playing hide-and-go-seek, and when she found him, she hugged him. She felt this shooting pain in her heart, like he just died yesterday. She bawls. Zach was Hope’s child and she took him away. Hope soothes her. It took her a long time to realize it, but now she knows that God had a plan for Zach. Chelsea sniffles. Does she mean how a piece of his liver was used to save Claire? Hope nods. Like Chelsea saved Bo with a piece of her pancreas. Chelsea says when she first heard that she couldn’t have kids, she thought of Zach. It’s almost like justice. Hope tells her to never talk like that again. Not ever. She hugs her. Bo spies on them from behind the door.

EJ agrees with Sami that they shouldn’t overdo it. When they start acting all lovey-dovey it looks suspect. They’re bad actors. They just need to keep acting hostile towards one another and leave it at that. Sami says that is what she has been suggesting all along. EJ chuckles. If the officer sees that they are not very happy and heading for divorce, he wont suspect anything is amiss. Sami laughs. And he calls her cynical.

Outside the pub, Marlena asks John what happened back there. He stared at Roman’s door and spaced out for a few moments. He says he just got distracted. Marlena thinks something about it triggered a memory for him. There was a time that he worked down at the station. John says he has too much to worry about to add that to the list. He heads inside for a drink. Marlena follows and Sami asks what’s going on. Marlena tells her that she thinks John is starting to remember something.

Morgan confronts Phillip outside of Roman’s office. She insists that her father is a good man and is honest. John is powerful, and perhaps he influenced him. Phillip doesn’t think that makes it ok. Morgan huffs. Like he never did anything like it when he was frightened or backed into a corner. Phillip says he did, but he never used it as an excuse. He owns up to his actions. Morgan glares. Well, he is such a noble gentleman, then. Phillip tells her that her father is guilty. If he says otherwise, then he is lying.

Hope insists that what happened to Chelsea is not a punishment for Zach’s death. Chelsea thinks it feels right. Hope says it isn’t. She has been such a blessing for both her and Bo. What happened to Zach was just an accident. Chelsea thanks Hope for being so amazing. Hope smiles. She sees so much of the good in Bo in Chelsea. She hugs her. Chelsea wishes she could be like Hope when she gets older. Bo stares in and smiles.

Marlena talks to Brady on the phone and tells him how good it is to hear his voice. She asks if he would like to speak to John. He’s not exactly himself, but he will want to speak to him. She hands John the phone. John clears his throat and tells Brady that it’s his father on the line.

Phillip asks Morgan what he should do. Should he lie and say her father is innocent? Morgan says she won’t stand for Phillip calling him a criminal. Victor says he loves his father, too, but he has had to come to terms with some questionable things he’s done. Their father are alike in that they won’t admit they’re wrong. He doesn’t let loyalty to his family corrupt his judgment. Morgan rolls her eyes. Maybe it’s because he is such a superior human being. Phillip huffs. If her father can’t decide for himself what’s right and wrong, then he is a spineless jerk.

Lexie comes into Chelsea’s room and tells Bo that he has a clean bill of health. Chelsea is glad. Everything worked out. Bo disagrees. Chelsea chides him. He is always telling her to be more positive. Lexie says she wants to check out Hope’s shoulder and they both head off. Chelsea tells Bo she loves him. He says he loves her too and she asks if he wants to talk. He hugs her. He tells her there are no words.

John tells Brady to take care and hangs up. Marlena asks how it went. John says it sounds like Brady is getting the treatment he needs. Marlena asks if his voice triggered any memories. Did it sound familiar? John shakes his head. It was like talking to a total stranger. He heads back to his drink. Sami knows how frustrating this is for Marlena. Marlena says what happened at the police station gave her hope. He’s beginning to remember. She can feel it.

Morgan wants to know where the hell Phillip gets off bad-mouthing her father. She should have known better than to think the great and powerful Phillip Kiriakis would give a damn about what she had to say. She’s just a college student with a spineless jerk for a father. Morgan storms off.

Daniel gives Lexie Chelsea’s file and says everything should be in order. She asks if he is at least going to say goodbye. Daniel heads over to her door, but can’t bring himself to go inside. He walks off. Hope comes up and peeks inside. Bo and Chelsea are hugging. She smiles.


Stephanie tells Max, “You really are my hero. You do know that, right?” Max replies, “And you're much hotter than Beyoncé, anyway.”

Anna asks Tony, “Is there something going on between you and Kate?”

Kate asks Daniel, “Shouldn't you be monitoring Chelsea?” Daniel replies, “I don't think there will be a problem with Chelsea considering I'm no longer on her case.”

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