Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/28/08


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ complain about how difficult it was to get the twins down for the night. EJ blames Allie. Sami nukes. Is he saying his kid is perfect and Allie is a nightmare? He has no right to say that about her daughter! EJ soothes her. He loves Allie as much as he loves Johnny. Sami says she is too tired to argue. She needs to go to bed. EJ tells her she can’t go yet. She has work to do. They have to fall in love, and they only have tonight to do it.

At the pub, Nicole tells Chloe that Victor knows where Brady is. Chloe asks her to prove it.

Nearby, the man that has been following Stephanie presses a knife into her ribs. If she screams, he’ll kill her. So she is going to walk out of here with a big smile on her face. Besides, he really would rather not get blood all over his shiny new knife. He walks Stephanie out of the pub. Max comes over and wonders where she went.

In Chelsea’s hospital room, Daniel tells her to make herself comfortable while the nurse reconnects her monitoring equipment. He explains that Victor was here, but had to leave. He promised to be back soon. Chelsea sighs. She doesn’t get it. It seems like Daniel has done the same tests over and over. Daniel tells her that he just had to make sure. Chelsea pales. Sure of what?

Ava is brought to the police station, raging. She screams at them to wait until her father finds out about this. They know what can happen when her daddy gets angry. Kayla comes in as Abe gets off the phone. He tells her that the detail they had on Stephanie lost her. She was at the pub, and then she vanished. Max is out looking for her right now.

EJ explains that their Immigration hearing is coming up, and they are both going to be asked some very personal questions. They’ll ask about political affiliation, likes, dislikes, phobias, etc. Sami says she has a phobia of all DiMeras. The cure is sleep. EJ sighs. He has been working his tail off to prove he’s a contributing member of society. Can’t she just meet him halfway? She was perfectly happy to do so before the whole thing with Nicole came up. Sami glares.

Nicole explains to Chloe that she hacked Victor’s computer looking for information on his assets. She found that he had written several checks to a rehab facility in Switzerland. She hired an investigator, he did some digging, and he got a picture of Brady. She shows it to Chloe. She can’t imagine Brady being a drug addict. Chloe sighs. She tried to keep Brady away from the drugs. She kept it a secret because Brady was ashamed of his addiction. She respected that. Victor walks up and growls. Chloe didn’t want anyone to know because she was responsible for getting Brady hooked in the first place.

Kayla and Steve press Ava for answers as to Stephanie’s whereabouts. She claims she has a headache and can’t talk. Besides, she wouldn’t tell them anything even if she knew. Steve and Kayla head off to search around the pub. They don’t think Stephanie could have gotten far. Abe tells Hope and Bo that Chelsea has been readmitted to the hospital. She had some postoperative complications. Bo and Hope rush off to the hospital.

Bo and Hope come into Chelsea’s room and she tells them she feels better now that they are here. She asks about Hope’s shoulder, which is bound in a sling. Hope says it’s an old injury. She asks Daniel why Chelsea is back in the hospital. Daniel tells them that she has an infection. Chelsea knows that Bo is worried, but she knows she will be fine. She did this to save his life, and she would do it all over again. It was the best decision she ever made. Bo tells her that she has to fight this. He will be there for her. Chelsea agrees to fight this—with Daniel’s help.

Ava calls Roman and Abe a couple of losers and tells them to find a good attorney. Her father is going to sue them for everything they’ve got. Abe suggests she call her father. They’d like to talk to him. Ava shrieks for her lawyer. Abe and Roman agree to leave and let her make a call. She snorts and tells them she’ll take her coffee with two sugars. They head out and Ava makes a call. She tells the person to get her dad. She needs help.

Phillip comes over and asks what’s going on. Nicole apprises him of the situation with Victor and Brady. Chloe calls Victor a bastard. He tells her to stop playing the victim card. Chloe huffs. She just introduced Brady to some of her artistic friends because he was unhappy. Victor explodes. They were drug addicts and self-destructive lowlifes. Chloe cries. She’s sorry. She tried to help him. Victor tells her to cut the act. She doesn’t get any sympathy points. Her recklessness nearly cost his grandson his life.

Steve and Kayla come to the pub looking for Max. Pete tells them that Max is out looking for his girlfriend. She left her phone upstairs. Steve sighs. That explains why she isn’t answering. He calls Abe and asks him to put out an APB on Stephanie.

The man drags Stephanie into a warehouse. Max stealthily follows. The man sees him and threatens Stephanie if he comes closer. Max calls his bluff. He thinks the man needs Stephanie as a hostage, or he would have already killed her. He tells the man that the cops are on their way. It’s best if he just hands the girl over. Stephanie takes the opportunity to kick her captor. He goes down. Stephanie rushes over to Max as sirens wail in the distance. The man runs off. Max hugs her.

EJ and Sami go over some of the questions they might be asked. They establish that Sami loves her grandma’s chowder, while EJ prefers bangers and mash. They move on to good and bad habits. Sami notes that he makes an annoying clicking sound with his tongue when he is thinking. Sami struggles to think of something good. She finally says that she likes the way EJ puts the twins down at night. He kisses them both on the nose the same way, and he always looks the same—happy and sad at the same time. EJ is surprised she noticed that. He wasn’t aware if it. Sami says she notices a lot of things.

Chloe glares. There is no way in hell that Victor is pinning this all on her. Victor throws his hands up. How can he be blamed? He was nowhere near Brady when this all happened. Chloe whines. He set her up. He could have cleared her name. She was lonely and miserable and her husband was missing. But Victor wanted everyone to hate her. He let her suffer. Victor glares. It serves her right, too. Nicole grins. This is fun. Phillip demands to know why Victor kept him in the dark about this. Victor sighs. He did not want Phillip to be forced to keep this secret, too. He just wanted this vile woman to pay for the agony she inflicted on Brady.

Bo says that he knew this operation was a bad idea. Chelsea insists that she would have done it all over again. Daniel explains that her infection isn’t life-threatening. They are treating it with antibiotics, and she is responding. Bo thought they were out of the woods. Daniel reminds him that infection was always a possibility. They were all warned of it. Chelsea will survive this, but he does have some bad news. Chelsea asks how bad it is. Daniel sighs. He has never lied to before, and he isn’t going to start now.

Max describes Stephanie’s assailant as some cops haul him back to the warehouse. Max points him out and the cops drag him off. Steve and Kayla rush in and hug Stephanie. After they make sure Stephanie is alright, Max asks Steve if this has to do with the crazy woman he was dating. Stephanie apologizes for telling Max. She had to talk to someone. Steve says it’s ok. Ava is in custody and they’re raiding the compound where she held them all prisoner. Stephanie pulls Kayla aside and asks about the baby. Kayla beams. The baby’s fine. In fact, it just kicked. Stephanie feels her belly and smiles. That’s so amazing. Steve thanks Max for saving his baby girl.

EJ and Sami discuss their favorite actors and movies. EJ thinks that Sami is a good mother, but a terrible cook. They argue about how heavy a hand she had in the chicken dinner she baked the other night. She huffs and tells EJ that he has the morals of a groundhog, considering the clients he will take. EJ laughs. But they’re over that, right? Sami chuckles. Of course; she never holds a grudge. EJ is happy. He thinks they know each other pretty well. Sami doesn’t think they’ll be able to convince Immigration that they are really in love. Anyway, the interview will be a piece of cake. EJ doesn’t understand. Sami smiles. Immigration has seen a million marriages. By now, they must know that most married people aren’t in love.

Daniel explains that Chelsea has peritonitis, an inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. The infection has done permanent and irreversible damage.

Roman offers Ava the chance to make a statement before they book her. She tells him and Abe to shove it. She’s not talking unless Patch gets down here. She wails. He was the love of her life. They would be together right now if it weren’t for that lying bitch pretending to be Kayla. Abe tries to calm her. Ava rages. She wishes that they all had died except Patch. Without him, everything is darkness and emptiness. Ava goes into convulsions and drops to the floor. Roman tends to her.

Victor tells Chloe to get out of his sight. She tells him to stop playing God with her husband. Phillip soothes her and gets Chloe to leave with him. Nicole grins at Victor. He shouldn’t have messed with her. She told him she had something on him. Victor grimaces. He tells Nicole that she can get out of his sight, too.

Back at the pub, Stephanie asks Steve and Kayla for details about their kidnapping. Was it scary? Kayla flashes back to walking in on Steve and Ava. Kayla says she doesn’t want to know. Steve wants to focus on the fact that they are all together again. Steve offers to go get Stephanie some tea to calm her. Max wants something with a calming affect, too. Steve offers him a beer and a shot. Max readily agrees. Steve heads over to Victor and tells him that Bo and Hope are at the hospital, but they’re both fine. Victor sighs. He was sure this all had something to do with the Vitalis. Steve says it does. Victor says he warned Bo not to get involved. Steve is glad he did, or his family could be pretty messed up right about now. Victor thanks him and heads off.

Daniel suggests that he speak with Chelsea alone first. Chelsea refuses. Bo and Hope are her family. They can stay. Outside, they hear Ava screaming in the hallway. They rush out and Roman tells them that Ava had some kind of seizure. They’re putting her on suicide watch. Ava catches sight of Hope and hisses. This is all her fault. This all happened because of her.

EJ asks Sami if she wants him to fail. She says no. She wants Johnny to have a father. EJ asks her if she wants to go back to living in separate apartments. Sami says yes. She doesn’t want to be around him anymore than she has to. EJ tells her that she is transparent and incapable of hiding her true feelings. He doesn’t care what she thinks. He tells her to go to bed. Sami can’t believe EJ is doing this. She can do anything she sets her mind to. She doesn’t believe in giving up. She thought he felt the same way. EJ asks what she is saying. Sami says she wants to try again. Nicole walks in and asks what they’re trying. To have more problems? She can help. She smirks. Sami glares.

Roman asks Bo and Hope if Ava had any similar episodes. They say yes, but none this bad. Roman says he has to get her to her room and start processing paperwork. He heads off. Victor rushes over and asks Bo what he was thinking. The next time he wants to go against the mob, he needs to get Victor involved. Bo agrees and fills him in on what’s going on with Chelsea. They head back into her room and Victor asks Daniel if Chelsea is getting better.

Steve thanks Max again. Stephanie gushes. He was so brave. Max doesn’t think he was so courageous. What happened to Steve and Kayla was far worse. Kayla wants to put it behind them, but Steve says they have to keep their guard up for now. Stephanie asks what he means. Steve reminds them that Ava’s father is still around.

Sami wonders what makeup Nicole is using to cover her bruise. Nicole smirks. Sami tells her that they are in the middle of something. Nicole tells Sami that she needs her lawyer. Victor kicked her out, so she spilled her guts about a huge secret he was keeping. Sami wants to hear it. Nicole wants a martini first. Sami agrees to get her one, and Nicole tells them about Brady being in rehab in Switzerland.

Phillip and Chloe meet Abe at the station. Chloe wants her passport back so she can leave for Europe. Abe thinks the Austrian Consulate may have a problem with that. Phillip says they won’t when they hear what happened. Chloe frowns. She wants to press charges against Victor.

Stephanie asks if Steve thinks Ava’s dad will come after them. Steve just wants to be cautious. They’ll just let the police handle this. A bulk of the family has already been arrested. Steve didn’t mean to worry them all. He just wants them to be safe. Right now, their number one job is to take care of her mom and the newest member of their family.

Daniel explains that the infection has caused some scarring, mainly to Chelsea’s fallopian tubes. Chelsea asks what that means. Daniel apologizes. As a result of the infection, she will never be able to have children.


Abe tells Paul, “We agree to drop the pending charges--“ Roman interrupts, “If you finger John black for the graft.”

John tells Victor, "You played God with my son. That's another mistake, Mr. Kiriakis."

Lexie asks Daniel, "Are you saying that you are becoming emotionally involved with Chelsea?"

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