Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena finds John dressed to the nines and making preparations for dinner. Marlena asks what’s going on and he reminds her that he has a date. She thought he was trying to get her goat. He says no; he has a date with Nicole Kiriakis. Marlena didn’t realize that they knew each other. Is this just dinner or is it business? John chuckles. Why doesn’t she take a look around? Does it look he’s getting ready to do any business?

At the hospital, Victor comes to see Chelsea, but a nurse informs him that she’s out for testing. He’ll have to wait. Nicole comes in raging. What part of “we are still married” does he not understand? One of his maids started packing her stuff. He is not kicking her out. Victor smirks. He just did.

At the pub, the man that has been following Stephanie watches her kiss Max.

Outside the pub, Chloe comes up to Phillip and tells him that Victor finally did it. He kicked her out of the house.

Max sighs and tells Stephanie that he wishes they could do this all night. She guesses his break is over. Another bartender, Pete, comes over and tells Max that he just clocked in. Max asks him to cover for him and Max agrees. Max grins and asks Stephanie if she will be able to handle him for a little while.

Abe and Roman meet at the pub and Abe explains that Bo is missing. Roman thought he was in the hospital. Abe explains that he was released last night. Kayla, Hope, and Steve are all missing, too. Roman wants to know what the hell is going on. Abe isn’t sure, but he fears all their lives are in danger. They have to find them now.

At the Vitali compound, some of Ava’s men escort Bo, Hope and Kayla down a hallway. Kayla demands to see her husband. Bo grimaces and works at his bonds.

In a room nearby, Ava and Steve lie in bed, seemingly nude, and kiss. Ava tells Steve that she has missed him. The door swings open. Kayla stands there, dumbfounded. She tries to leave, but the door locks behind her. She whirls around and asks what the hell is going on. Steve jumps out of bed, fumbling for his pants. He accuses Ava of setting all of this up. Ava says it’s true, but she had no idea he was really going to go through with the sex. Now that she knows he will, she demands that Kayla leave. Kayla crosses her arms. She’s nor going anywhere. Ava glares. Like hell she’s not.

Chloe explains that one of the maids was packing her bag. She told Chloe that she was doing it on Victor’s orders. Phillip can’t believe this. Chloe is his guest, and he wants her to stay. Chloe thinks that she has caused enough trouble already. Phillip shakes his head. She doesn’t need to worry, as he will talk to his father about this right away. She’ll be back in the house by this evening.

Victor tells Nicole that he will have her arrested if she tries to come back to his house. Nicole reminds him that both their lawyers said she had the right to stay. Victor doesn’t care. Nicole threatens to take him to court. Victor tells her he expects that. He’s thrown Chloe out, too. It was time to get rid of all of the trash. Nicole smirks. Victor should still be nice to her. Victor chuckles. He can’t imagine why. Nicole grins. She knows that he does not want her to tell everyone his dirty little secret.

The man watches Stephanie and Max as they decide what to do. Max says they can go up to his room or maybe someplace else. Stephanie thinks his room his fine. Max asks if she is sure. Stpoehnaie smiles and says yes.

Roman asks Abe if he thinks this Ava woman has the four of them. Abe nods. For some reason, she took Hope first. Roman nods. Then Steve went after Hope, and it seems that Kayla and Bo went after them as soon as they were released from the hospital. Roman asks Abe if Ava is Martino Vitali’s kid. When Abe confirms it, Roman groans. How in the hell did Steve get mixed up with that family? Abe explains that it was back before Steve knew who he was. Roman sighs. They have to find them, and fast. He has a feeling their time is running out.

Ava begs Steve to get back in bed. Steve refuses. Kayla isn’t jealous, and they’re not going to have sex anyway. Ava huffs. This is about making love. Steve sighs. This isn’t about love. She is just obsessed with the past. Why else would she try to drag Kayla into this? What did she expect Kayla to do? Ava pouts. Steve explains that Kayla went through what Ava went through. She also lost the love of her life. She got over the pain. And Ava will, too. Ava wails. When? It’s been years. She pouts. Kayla ruined their night together. She calls for Angelo and tell him to put them in separate rooms,

Bo manages to free himself. He attacks the unsuspecting guards and knocks them both out.

Victor chuckles. She has certainly become more dramatic. Nicole insists that she knows his secret; a secret that would destroy his relationship with his family. Victor insists that he doesn’t have any secrets. Nicole is bluffing. She tells him that he is making a big mistake. Victor tells her to do what she has to. Nicole tells him not to worry. She will. She huffs off.

Marlena frowns. She thinks she and John need to be clear about something. Married people don’t date. John smirks. Not even each other? Marlena thinks his date with Nicole is inappropriate. John smiles. He thinks jealousy becomes her. John asks why she is upset. Marlena stammers. He’s her husband, and he should act like it. John calls her bluff. Maybe she should start acting like his wife. Marlena huffs. Oh, so the date is about sex? John shrugs. He wouldn’t have made it if he had something to do, that’s all. She asks John not to do this. The bell rings. John says it’s too late. But if it makes her feel batter, he was toying with her. Then nature of this dinner is strictly business. Marlena says he won’t mind her joining them then. John says he does, actually. He heads out to the foyer and greets Nicole. He helps her with her coat and sees that she’s wearing a skimpy, leopard print dress. John says he like it.

In his room, Max turns on some music. Stephanie says he doesn’t have to, but Max wants to. He wants tonight to be special. She says that it already is. He dims the lights and sits on the bed next to her. They don’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to. Stephanie thinks what is happening between them feels right. She wants them to be together. Max starts to protest, but she tells him to be quiet and kiss her. Max complies.

Kayla asks Steve if he heard that. Steve says it sounds like a fight in the hallway.

Bo unties Hope and asks if she is alright. She wants to know how he is. He admits he has been better. She wants to get him to a hospital right away. Bo says they have to get Steve and Kayla out of that room first.

Steve says they have to go out and see what is going on. He tries the door. Ava pulls a gun out of a drawer and points it at Steve. He isn’t going anywhere. He tells her to put the gun down, but she refuses. It anyone walks out that door, they die. Outside, Bo and Hope prepare to break into the room.

John asks Nicole if she wants more champagne. She agrees and admits that she is glad that Marlena didn’t join them. She was surprised to see that she is living here. John doesn’t really want to discuss his relationship with Marlena. He wants to talk about the two of them--and how good they could be together.

Marlena eavesdrops outside. Rolf surprises her. She tells him she holds him responsible for what is going on in there. Rolf doesn’t know what she means. She wants him to reverse John’s memory loss. Rolf shakes his head. That’s impossible. Marlena scoffs. He is too arrogant to really believe that. She knows he must have taken copious notes, and that he must know how to bring her husband back to her. Soon, she too will know how to do it.

Nicole giggles and tells John that she has been known to fall in lust with the slightest bit of encouragement. John offers to fly her to Napa for wine-tasting, and then Paris for a vacation. She accepts and John agrees to make the arrangements. She hopes the trip won’t interfere with his business engagements. She knows that he and Victor are at war over the docks. John smiles. It took her long enough. Nicole doesn’t follow. John accuses her of coming here to spy on him.

Max and Stephanie kiss and roll around under the covers.

Bo calls out to Kayla that he is coming in. Steve uses the distraction to knock the gun out of Ava’s hand and snatch it up. Bo and Hope burst in and ask if they are alright. Kayla says they are fine.

John tells Nicole that he lost his memory, not his sense. Did she really think tasteless dress and her embarrassing come-ons would get him to open up about his private affairs? Nicole insists that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. John wants to know who she’s working for--Victor, or little Phillip?

Roman and Abe meet up with Bo’s informant, Earl. Earl balks when he sees Abe. He didn’t agree to meet two cops. He threatens to leave. Abe doesn’t have time for this .They need information. Earl says he’s walking. Roman threatens to throw him in lock-up for the night if he doesn’t talk. Abe asks for the location of the Vitali compound. Earl chuckles. Is that all? It’s in Brookfield, on Riverstone road. It’s a mansion. Roman gives him some cash and sends him on his way. Abe calls for backup to meet them on Riverstone road. He and Roman head off.

Bo wants to get out of there, but Steve worries about Stephanie. They don’t know where she is. Bo hands him a cell phone he got off of Angelo and Steve calls her. As Stephanie and Max roll around, her cell phone vibrates nearby.

Nicole thinks John is paranoid. She stands up and says that she never should have come here. Marlena walks in and asks if she is leaving so soon. Nicole says she lost her appetite. She’s sorry for Marlena’s loss. John is nothing like his old self. Perhaps Marlena can convince him to get professional help. Marlena thinks she needs it, too. She and John are both married. What did she hope to accomplish by coming here? Nicole huffs. She is getting a divorce. Marlena thinks she is a spy. Nicole thinks Marlena is as crazy as John. She leaves. John tells Marlena that he is impressed. His talent of rubbing people the wrong way is rubbing off on her. Marlena smiles. He was impressive, too. He handled Nicole beautifully.

Steve tells them her phone went to voicemail. He hands the cell back to Bo and asks him to call for backup. He needs to put someone on Stephanie while he’s at it. Bo agrees. Steve grabs Ava and tells her they’re going to go for a little walk. Outside the room, Angelo’s walkie-talkie buzzes. Bo grabs it from Angelo and hustles him into the room. Angel threatens Bo. He won’t get away with this. Bo shoves him in the room.

Abe and Roman wander around the compound and compare notes on how many guards they saw. The get ready to storm the place.

Max pulls away and Stephanie wonders what is wrong. Max knows that she us worried about her parents. This is not the way to get her mind off of that. He loves her, and he wants this to be right. She is confused. So he doesn’t want to do it? He says he does, but he also doesn’t want to be selfish. For the first time in his life, he knows exactly what he wants. He wants her. And that’s worth waiting for. Stephanie sighs. She isn’t sure how much longer she can wait.

Nicole and Chloe run into each other at the pub and Nicole asks her if she has seen Phillip. Chloe tells her that he is with Victor. Nicole groans. She got kicked out of the mansion today. Chloe says she did too. Phillip is speaking to Victor about it. Nicole huffs. After everything she did for that man, he had a maid pack her things and put her dog in a cage. Chloe grins. Yeah, he should have at least waited until she tried to kill him again. Nicole laughs. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think that she and Chloe just had a nice moment there. Chloe laughs. Is that what that was? Nicole says she thinks Chloe as changed since he left town. She has a backbone now. Chloe starts to head off, but Nicole stops her. She has something to say, and she is sure that Chloe will want to hear it. Nicole warned Victor, but he ignored her. So here goes.

Kayla, Steve, Bo, and Hope meet up with Abe and Roman. They have Ava in tow. Steve asks about the squad for Stephanie as the others apprise Abe and Roman of Hope’s wound. She thinks Bo is the one who needs medical attention. Abe arrests Ava and reads her her rights. Bo and Hope head off for the ambulance. Roman tells Steve that the men are on their way to Stephanie. Steve gives Kayla the news and strokes her cheek. Everything is going to be alright.

Angelo makes a call. He tells the person that it’s a go.

John wants Marlena to admit that she was jealous. Marlena says that he is her husband. She won’t share him. John muses. So she was impressed with the way she handled Nicole? She hasn’t seen anything yet. He explains that Phillip made a pathetic attempt to infiltrate his organization tonight. He and Victor have proved to be very disappointing adversaries. He wanted them to roll over, but they didn’t. They fought back. And now he is going to put an end to this.

Phillip comes to the hospital to speak with Victor. After some small talk about Chelsea, Phillip tells Victor that he understands why Victor threw Nicole out, but Chloe is his guest. He wants her to stay. Victor says no. Phillip wants to know why, but Victor says he doesn’t have to explain his actions to Phillip. However, Phillip does have to explain his actions to Victor. Why is he supporting Nicole and Chloe against the family?

Max and Stephanie come downstairs and Max prepares to go back to work. Stephanie can’t wait until he gets off. Then they can have the whole night to themselves.

Chloe wonders what Victor could have done now. Nicole tells her that Victor knows where Brady is. He always has. Chloe gasps.

Max tells Stephanie that he will be right back and heads off. The man that has been following Stephanie sneaks up behind her and puts a knife in her back. If she makes a sound, she’s dead. Stephanie’s eyes widen.


Ava says, “Do you have any idea what's going to go down when my daddy finds out about this? You know what can happen to someone when Daddy's angry.”

Daniel tells Chelsea, “I'm sorry Chelsea. I just had to make sure.” Chelsea asks, “Sure of what?”

Victor tells Chloe, “Cut the act. Your recklessness nearly cost my grandson his life.”

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