Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/24/08


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At the DiMera mansion, John tells Paul that he wants to make his move while Victor is distracted. Paul thinks that is pretty low. He’s distracted because his granddaughter is in the hospital. Victor is sure she is a nice kid, and he wishes her all the best, but they need to strike while the iron is hot. Paul asks what he has to do. Marlena comes in and interrupts. John asks why she isn’t resting. Marlena wonders why Paul is here. She saw the papers. She asks Paul if he and John conspired to stop Kiriakis shipments. Paul doesn’t know what she talking about. John interrupts. Papers lie all the time. He and Paul were just chatting. The bell rings and Marlena wonders who it could be. John doesn’t care. Rolf will keep any unwanted visitors out. Phillip strolls in. He hopes John doesn’t mean him. He notices Paul and chuckles. He isn’t surprised to see Paul here with John. He just wonders what the two of them are up to.

In Chelsea’s hospital room, Kate feels her forehead and announces that she has a fever. Daniel nods. Her temperature went down, but now it’s climbing again. He orders the nurse to go check on the most recent results. Chelsea frets. Is she going to be alright? Tony comes in and greets Kate. Her assistant said she would be there. He sets down some flowers for Chelsea and says he is glad to hear he’s feeling better. Chelsea thanks him. Tony tells Kate that he came down to talk to her about the commercial.

At the Vitali compound, Steve wakes up in a bed. He’s confused and disoriented. Ava reaches out for him and smiles. It’s about time he got up. She welcomes him back to the good old days.

Phillip tells John that they need to talk. John says that he is busy. Phillip asks if he is cooking up another illegal scheme. Maybe he is just trying to cover up what they already did. Paul says he hasn’t been charged with anything. Phillip is confident that the grand jury will rectify that soon enough. Paul rages. He accuses Phillip and his father of railroading the jury and framing him. Phillip flatly denies it. You can’t frame a guilty man. Paul screams. If he has proof then he needs to see it. Right here and now. Marlena eyes a grinning John.

Chelsea asks about Kate’s commercial. Tony says it’s slated to air within the next few days, but he needs to discuss a few things with Kate so it won’t be postponed. Kate refuses. While Chelsea is here, she plans on devoting her full energies to her. Chelsea insists that she leave. Daniel does think that Chelsea needs her rest. Chelsea tells Kate to go on. She is in excellent hands.

Outside her room, Lexie fills Abe in on the disappearances of Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla. She has called everyone she can think of, and no one has seen any of them--not since Bo’s release from the hospital. Abe remembers how weird Bo was acting about Hope. Lexie nods. He eventually admitted that she was missing, but he begged her not to get the police involved. He begged her to trust him. She fears she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.

Steve asks why he is in bed with Ava naked. Ava tells him not to worry. She didn’t have her way with him or anything, he was just out of it and she wanted him to be comfortable. Steve asks about the others, and Ava assures him that they are being taken care of. She and Kayla had a nice long chat about the baby. Kayla agrees that she should get it as payback for what Steve did. It’s only fair. Steve pretends to be offended. Is she saying she cares more about this baby than she cares about them getting back together? He demands that she bring him his clothes.

John tells Paul that Phillip has no proof, of course. He asks Paul to leave. They will finish their discussion later. Paul heads out and Phillip says he finds it funny that Paul is outraged when he knows he did something wrong. John asks Marlena if she would like to leave. She says no, and Phillip wants her to stay, too. She was the one that first warned him about John. Marlena says it’s too bad it did no good. Phillip sighs. There was a time when he respected John. John says that he will learn to respect him in a whole new way. Phillip tells him that they used to work together. He was pretty green back then, but he is a different man now. John says that he is too. Phillip wants them to all coexist as they used to, but John says that times have changed. Marlena steps between them and tells John she won’t let him do this. He says it is none of her concern. She huffs. It certainly is. She his is wife. They have a family together. And she will be damned if she lets him drag them all into a war.

Lexie tells Abe that all Kayla told her was that Steve was being stalked by some woman from his past. Abe snaps his fingers. Ava Vitali! He tells Lexie that Steve confided in him about her a few months ago. They figured out that she was responsible for the plane crash, but there was no evidence to warrant an investigation. Lexie groans. Victor told her that Bo asked about the Vitalis right before he disappeared. Abe sighs. If their friends are in those people’s hands, they could be in a lot of trouble.

Steve buckles his belt as Ava assures him that she wants him and the baby. Steve thought she hated him. She tells him that she did, but she believe his story about Stefano’s men. She knew that he loved her. She should have known he would never have run off like that. Steve stops her. He reminds her that he was having misgivings before he was snatched. He knew he couldn’t marry her because of Kayla. She is the love of his life. Ava says she felt that way about him. Steve sighs. They were both mixed up back then. He couldn’t remember who he was, and she was trying to escape from under her father’s thumb. She has to see that they weren’t meant to be together. Ava cries and shakes her head. Steve tells her that he isn’t the same man she knew. He’s Steve, not Patch. He may as well be a perfect stranger to her. Doesn’t she understand that she needs to forget the past and move on with her life?

Daniel takes Chelsea’s temperature again and he admits that her fever isn’t coming down as quickly as he would like. She asks if she will be alright. Daniel assures her that he will be here every step of the way and do whatever it takes to help her. She thanks him for being her doctor. She can tell he really cares. Daniel smiles. He cares about all of his patients. He leaves and tells Abe and Lexie that her fever is down a little, but it hasn’t yet broken. Abe asks if he can speak to Chelsea and Daniel warns him not to worry or agitate her. Abe promises and heads into see Chelsea. He asks if she knows where Bo and Hope are. She doesn’t. He thinks they might be with Steve and Kayla. Chelsea’s eyes widen. Is he trying to say that they are in some kind of trouble?

Ava insists that Steve is the same man she knew. Thee was always this thing between them. She puts her face close to his. She can feel it now. She moves in for a kiss, but Steve pushes her away. Ava cries. She knows he is the same guy she knew. She knows Kayla and the DiMeras couldn’t take that away from him. Steve says she’s wrong. If she really cared about him, she would let it go. She needs to do this for him--and for herself.

John says that this isn’t personal. Phillip still wants to try to come to some agreement. John doesn’t get it. They have shipping interests all over the world. Salem’s port is small potatoes. Philip knows John doesn’t think that, or he wouldn’t be going after all the business. The point is that his father built his life here. He started his business here and has built hospital wings, concert halls, and buildings for schools. This is his home, and his business here is important to him. It isn’t right for John to try to take that away from him. Marlena agrees. John scoffs. Blondie here tells him that this is his home, too. So he is going to keep trying to gain control of the docks in his home town. Unfortunately, Phillip and his old man are going to have to step aside.

Abe tells Chelsea that her dad was probably anxious to investigate some new cases. Chelsea tells Abe that they both know he and Hope would be here if they could. So where are they? Abe isn’t sure, but he promises her that they will find out.

Tony urges Kate to look at the designs for the set of the commercial, but she says she can’t focus right now. Tony huffs. She needs to see their ideas so that she can make last minute changes. Kate says that all she can do right now is promise that she will show for the shoot. Right now, Chelsea is the most important thing she can concentrate on.

Lexie and Daniel ask Abe how it went with Chelsea. He tells him that she’s worried about Bo and Hope. Lexie is, too. Abe heads off to work on finding them and promises to call with news. Daniel heads in to check on Chelsea.

Ava tells Steve that she can’t let go. That would mean that her life is over. Steve sighs. The Ava he knew would never say a thing like that. Ava cries. She doesn’t care. She swore to herself that she would be well as soon as she got Steve back. Now that that has almost happened, she can’t give up. She won’t. Steve was afraid she might say that. It looks like he will have to give up instead. Ava glares. Steve says he means that he will stop trying to fight her. He wants to do whatever it takes to make her happy. Now she can let the others go. Bo and Hope need medical attention. Kayla does, too. And they won’t need that baby now that they are back together. They can make one of their own. Ava’s eyes fill with tears. He would do that for her? Steve says he would. He moves in for a kiss.

Daniel admonishes Chelsea for still being awake. She tell him she’s resting with her eyes open and asks about her test results. Daniel ruefully admits that he doesn’t know anything yet. He tells her that she is his number one concern right now. They will find out what’s wrong and make her better. Chelsea knows that. She really appreciates everything he has done--she just wishes he weren’t her doctor.

Phillip tells John that he is acting like a true DiMera. John says he is not a Brady or a DiMera. He is his own man, for better, or for worse. Phillip says he feels sorry for him--but he feels sorrier for his wife. He leaves, wishing Marlena a good day. John sighs. He guesses Marlena is disappointed in him. She says she is. More than she can say. John huffs. Maybe it’s because she’s thinking of the old John--Superman, Captain Marvel, and Gandhi--all rolled up into one. She tells him that there is more to life than winning and losing. He says he needs a reason to get up in the morning. She says she will give him one, and kisses him. John asks if she is trying to bribe him. Because it just might work. John dives in for another kiss.

Ava can’t believe what Steve is offering. He says he will have sex with her, if that is what she wants and she agrees to let his friends go. Ava pushes him away. She isn’t interested in his body. She wants him--body and soul. Steve can’t make that promise. If she wants him, she has to take him on his own terms, and that includes him still being in love with his wife. Can she accept that or not?

Daniel is concerned. She wants a different doctor? Chelsea can’t believe she said that out loud. Her speech becomes increasingly slurred as she explains to Daniel that there are rules between doctors and patients. If he weren’t her doctor maybe they could--She stops herself. Never mind. He is way too worldly and cultured for her. She only brought this up because of all the drugs and the fever. She asks if they can forget about this. Daniel agrees, as long as he can still be her doctor. She agrees and closes her eyes. Daniel stares at her out of the corner of his eye and smiles.

Marlena tells John that while she was away, she came to the conclusion that she needs to be more aggressive with John. She kisses him again. John smiles. That’s nice, but he has to go get ready for his hot date. He walks off. Marlena gapes.

Daniel looks at Chelsea sleeping and says he knows what she has been trying to say. She needs to get well. She has her whole life ahead of her. A nurse brings in Chelsea’s test results. Daniel looks them over and frowns.

Ava smiles at Steve, “Let’s do it. Let’s make a baby.” She lies down on top of him on the bed and kisses him.


John tells Marlena, “My date is with Nicole Kiriakis.” Marlena replies, “Oh.”

Nicole tells Victor, “You should still be nice to me, Victor.” He asks, “Why is that?” She laughs, “Because you don’t want me to tell everyone your dirty little secret, now do you?”

Kayla walks in on Steve and Ava and shrieks, “Steve!” He yells, “Kayla!” Kayla cries, “What the hell is going on in here?”

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