Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami runs downstairs and sees John with his shirt off and back turned. She reaches out for him, thinking he is EJ. John grins. He can see why she might make that mistake. He puts his shirt on as a flustered Sami asks if he has seen EJ. John says no and asks why. Sami tells him to forget it and heads back upstairs. EJ comes in a few moments later and quietly asks John if Sami is around. John asks why they are whispering. EJ smiles. Because he doesn’t want her to know he’s home. He heads off and John chuckles. And people say that he has a bizarre marriage. Marlena comes in. John stares with disbelief.

At the pub, Max wits tables. Morgan comes in and asks if she can put up a few fliers for a charity event the sisters are handling. Max agrees readily and asks Morgan how thinks are going with her father. She admits it isn’t good. He’s still being pursued by the prosecutor. Max apologizes. Morgan sighs. She wishes she could do something, but she can’t. Max tells her that she just needs to show her father that she loves him. He hugs her. Stephanie comes in, catches sight of them, and glares.

In Ava’s room, Kayla paces alone. Angelo comes in and she demands to know where everyone else is. Angelo assures her that they are all being well taken care of. Her friend is being looked at by people who can deal with gunshot wounds. Kayla wants to see Ava. Angelo says no. They have a cozy little room all set up for her. She needs to come along, and she had better not push him. Kayla scoffs. He won’t hurt her. She’s carrying a baby--the baby that Ava wants. So he is going to let her see Ava--now.

John asks about Marlena’s trip. She says the weather wasn’t bad in Colorado. He wonders if she has come to a decision about them. She hems and haws a bit, then says that she has decided to accept John as he is. John goes for a bottle of champagne. This calls for a celebration. Marlena doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She will never lose hope that the old John might return. John wonders why she is so afraid of the new him. Is she worried she’ll like him better now? Marlena says that she wants to take a bath and heads to the foyer. John spies some packages she brought in and pulls out a black lacy negligee. He like this. Did she buy it to model it for him? Marlena tries to get it back from him. As they fight, Sami comes downstairs as EJ walks out from the living room. He welcomes Marlena home. She blushes.

Stephanie walks over to Max and Morgan and tells them that she thought she was handing out fliers in this neighborhood. Morgan says she was in the area, so she thought she would save Stephanie some time. Max asks to speak to Stephanie alone, and after Morgan leaves, Stephanie crows sarcastically about how good Morgan looks. Max tells her to cool it. Morgan is having family problems, and they’re friends. Sometimes friends hug. Stephanie whines. Her parents are still missing, too. She is really starting to worry. No one has heard from them. Max hugs Stephanie. Morgan watches.

Ava comes to see Kayla. Angelo tells her that he will be right outside and heads off. Ava tells Kayla to hurry. Patch is waiting for her. Kayla tries to explain to her that Steve isn’t the man he was when Ava met him. Ava is confident that that man will come back. Patch used to have an edge. Kayla tells her to be realistic. Ava thinks Kayla should learn to heed her own advice. She needs to face the fact that her husband is in love with another woman. She pops a pill into her mouth. Kayla asks what kind of medication she’s taking.

Marlena tells Sami about all the wonderful baby things she bought, and she and EJ head upstairs to help Marlena with her bags. John follows, but stops Rolf first to admonish him for not working on his lessons. His accent is the same as before. Rolf nods and heads into the living room. He stares at Stefano’s picture. He isn’t sure he likes this monster Stefano created.

Max serves the girls apple pie. Nearby, a man takes a phone call. The person on the other end tells him to keep following the Johnson girl. They may need to use her as leverage. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Max an amusing anecdote about her job with Tony. Max wonders if he needs another intern. Morgan laughs and puts her hand on his. She thinks he’s doing well with all of the jobs he already has. Stephanie stares at her hand and glares. She excuses herself, saying she needs to check her messages. Her phone has been off and there may have been news about her parents. She leaves and the man follows her.

Ava hands the pill container over to Kayla and she asks who prescribed them. Ava laughs. She got them from a vending machine. Why does Kayla even care? Kayla says she has a lot at stake here. She has to make sure that Ava is healthy enough to take care of the baby once it gets here. Ava swears that she will be a good mother. Kayla believes her, but they still need to talk. She urges Ava to tell her about all of the drugs.

Stephanie comes back into the pub, followed by her “tail.” Max asks her if she is feeling better. He noticed she bailed the second Morgan’s hand touched his. Stephanie grumbles. Max explains that Morgan is touchy-feely. That’s just how she is. He motions to Morgan, who is explaining something to another guy with her hand on his arm. Stephanie sighs. He must be annoyed at her for being so possessive. Max kind of thinks it’s sexy. Stephanie chuckles. She guesses she should apologize to Morgan, too. She heads over as Morgan tells the man she was speaking with goodbye. She apologizes to Stephanie for upsetting her. Stephanie says that she is the one that is sorry. She shouldn’t have gotten jealous. Morgan says that she and Max are just friends. She asks Stephanie if she is in love with him. Stephanie admits it, but says she hasn’t told him yet. Morgan thinks it’s time that she does so.

Rolf opens the safe behind Stefano’s picture. He takes out the disc and flashes back to Stefano saying that it contains all of John’s memories. Marlena comes downstairs.

Kayla urges Ava to let her help her by telling her the truth. Ava doesn’t understand why she is doing this. Kayla tries to convince Ava that she genuinely cares about her. Ava smirks. She has already seen half of the doctors in the state. What makes Kayla think that she can help her? Is she even a shrink? Kayla admits that she isn’t. But she has seen and dealt with a lot of people like Ava. Ava laughs. She means crazy people. Kayla doesn’t think that Ava is crazy. Ava doesn’t want to hear it. She makes for the door, and Kayla stalls her. She thinks Ava tried to kill herself. Ava stops dead.

Marlena sees Rolf by the painting and asks what he’s doing. Rolf stammers.

Stephanie tells Max that she wants to talk to him about how she feels about him. Max tells her to go ahead, but Stephanie gets shy and says she wants to wait until later, when they’re alone. Max tells her to give him two minutes. Morgan comes over and asks where Max is going. Stephanie isn’t sure. Suddenly, the lights flicker and go out. Max comes out of the kitchen and tells everyone that they are temporarily closed. They’re having problems with the electricity. Everyone leaves, even Stephanie’s tail, who watches her ruefully out of the corner of his eye. Max puts the closed sign on the door and heads back to the kitchen. The lights come back on and he comes back, grinning. Morgan thinks this is her cue to leave. Stephanie laughs. She cant believe he did this. Morgan motions at Stephanie to call her, and she leaves. Max asks Stephanie what she wanted to say now that he went to the trouble of getting them alone.

Ava admits that she tried to kill herself after Patch left. Kayla is sorry that happened. Ava bets she wishes she had succeeded. Ava does. She has been on suicide watch ever since. Kayla asks what she was diagnosed with. Ava tells her that it was a psychotic disorder. Kayla is familiar with the one she names, and says that those episodes are triggered by traumatic events. They shouldn’t have lasted more than a month. Ava asks if she thinks she was misdiagnosed. Kayla muses. Maybe not.

Stephanie tells Max that all this stuff going on he with parents has reminded her that you should keep the people that are important to you close by. She has wanted to tell him how she feels for a while, but she was afraid how he would react. Max tells her not to be afraid. She takes a deep breath and tells him she loves him. Max beams.

Rolf tells Marlena that the picture was crooked. He was just straightening it. Marlena smirks. It must be taking after the subject. Rolf tells her she has a wicked sense of humor and darts off. Sami comes in and thanks Marlena for all of the wonderful things she bought. She actually wanted to talk about the other thing she bought. Marlena chuckles. She liked the negligee and it was on sale. Sami tells to come off it. She’s worried about her. John isn’t who he used to be. Marlena says that she can take care of herself. Sami warns her that men are pigs--all of them. Marlena wonders if she is talking about EJ. Sami spills her guts about Nicole and EJ taking her on as a client. Marlena thinks EJ is probably just happy to have some work. Sami groans. Why does it have to be Nicole? EJ comes downstairs and listens outside the door as Marlena confronts Sami about her feelings for EJ. She thinks Sami sounds as if she is jealous.

Kayla thinks that if Ava was misdiagnosed, her medication could be doing more harm than good. Ava says that her father hand-picked her psychiatrist. He knows what he is doing. Kayla peppers her with more questions about her pills, and Ava nukes. Kayla asks if she feels relaxed on them, or agitated. Ava yells. She feels relaxed, alright? Kayla smiles and nods.

Sami says the only feelings she has for EJ are those associated with anger. Marlena isn’t so sure. Sami groans. She is sick of everyone telling her that she is jealous of Nicole. Marlena wonders who is saying that. Sami tells her that John and EJ also accused her of it. Marlena sighs. A part of her will always hate EJ for what he did to Sami, but she also understands that people can change. She doesn’t think Sami realizes what a huge step it was for EJ to betray Stefano and tell them about John. Sami scoffs. She can understand that, but she doesn’t feel the same way at all. EJ walks in and tells Sami that he thinks she should listen to her mom.

Ava doesn’t want to tell Kayla anything. She’ll just run back and tell it all to Patch. Kayla tells her that he wants Ava to get well. In fact, he was the one that asked her to try to help Ava. Ava immediately softens. Kayla urges her to tell her how many pills she takes. Ava says she takes one some days and up to five or six others. Kayla frowns. She isn’t sure that the person that prescribed these knows Ava very well. These pills just seem to agitate her. Ava shrieks. Maybe it is Kayla that is agitating her!

Sami accused EJ of spying on her. He scoffs and pours coffee. He was getting from point a to b. That’s all. Maybe he should tie a bell around his neck for her? Sami tells Marlena that this is what she has to put up with. John walks in and tells them to keep it down. He is trying to work. EJ asks Sami if she is still mad about Nicole. Sami rages. Of course she is. EJ thinks Nicole is the one that should be angry. She could have pressed assault charges. Sami grumbles. EJ would probably represent Nicole’s suit against her. Marlena doesn’t get it, and EJ explains that Sami tried to rearrange Nicole’s face. Marlena chides her. John warns them to be quiet. If he hears one more word--A baby cries and the sounds screech from the baby monitor. John stalks off. Sami and Marlena head upstairs to comfort Johnny. Sami says that she wants to get away from EJ, when he gets a call from Burke, the Immigration official. Marlena tells Sami not to run away from her problems and heads upstairs. Sami goes back to the living room to talk to EJ.

Ava bangs on the door for Angelo. She tells Kayla that she’s lucky she’s pregnant. Ava orders Angelo and another man to take Kayla away. Kayla begs Ava to consider her advice as the man hauls her off. Ava asks Angelo about Patch. He says he is out cold, but he will be getting up soon. Ava is glad. They need to spend some time together--up close and personal.

Stephanie thinks she must have freaked Max out. He says she caught him off guard. Stephanie sighs. This isn’t how she pictured this would go. They should have been on a beach with romantic music, and then he would look into her eyes and tell her he loved her. Max grabs some wine glasses and flips on the stereo. He knows it isn’t perfect, but he does love her. He kisses her. They dance and kiss some more. The man from earlier watches Stephanie outside the window.


Chelsea tells Daniel, “Don’t worry about me. I’m in excellent hands.”

Phillip tells John, “There was a time not long ago when I respected you.” John replies, “And now, you’re going to respect me in a whole new way.”

Steve wakes up next to Ava in bed and she says, “Well, it’s about time, sleepy-head. Welcome back to the good old days.”

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