Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Chelsea’s hospital room, Daniel examines her as Kate and Nick look on. Victor arrives in a panic a few moments later. Daniel tells them that he got Chelsea’s test results back and she has peritonitis. Victor asks what that means, and Daniel explains that Chelsea got an infection as a result of her surgery. Kate nukes. She knew that this would happen. Chelsea never should have had that surgery. Victor remembers Bo and asks where he is.

Outside, Lexie tries to call Bo and gets his voicemail. She knows that he, Steve, and Kayla are up to something, and it all has something to do with Hope, but he needs to get over to the hospital. His daughter needs him.

At the gym, Sami pants and runs on a treadmill. A trainer encourages her as EJ comes up. Sami finishes her workout and nearly collapses. EJ thought she was going to the park. Sami explains that she needs to blow off some steam. EJ thinks he has a bit of catching up to do after all the running she did. He looks at the settings in confusion. He can’t seem to find the “hounds of hell chomping at his behind” setting. Sami glares. EJ asks about the twins and Sami explains that the gym has excellent child-sitting services. Nicole comes over and compliments EJ. She looks scornfully at Sami and notes that Sami seems to be working off her baby weight. It’s a good thing too, because all that fat isn’t becoming. Sami is surprised to see Nicole with water in her hand. Nicole smirks. She has a theory on why Lucas shot EJ. Sami rolls her eyes. No one cares. Nicole understands. Why would Sami want to face the truth--that Lucas opted to go back to jail because the sex there was most likely better. Steam rolls out of Sami’s ears.

Nearby, Morgan admires Phillip’s arms of steel. He laughs lightly and says that they’re trying to imitate his leg. Morgan thinks that he is the kind of guy she wants on her side. Phillip says that would all depend whose side she’s on. Morgan doesn’t understand. Phillip sighs. His problem is not with Morgan. It’s with her father.

Paul comes to the DiMera mansion to see John, who wants some information on Phillip and Victor. Paul explodes. He hasn’t been at work and has been indicted. How the hell should he know what they’re up to? John says he is taking care of all that. He wants to know if Paul ever took a bribe from either of them. Paul stares. John says he will take that as a yes. John chuckles. So much for Paul’s loyalty, and so much for him keeping Paul out of jail.

Sami tells EJ that he’ll be walking Nicole’s dog before long if he isn’t careful. EJ sighs and asks her not to start. Sami interrupts. This isn’t about him. This is between her and Nicole. She’s had with both of them, anyway. Sami heads off for the sauna.

Paul tells John that he never took any money from the Kiriakis’. Both Victor and Phillip approached him separately and offered him double what John did. He shrugs. He and John already had a deal, so he turned them down. John thinks that words are cheap. How is Paul going to prove his loyalty?

Morgan asks Phillip if he thinks her father was taking bribes. Phillip knows he was. Morgan huffs. He said he was innocent. Phillip chuckles. Of course he did. Morgan accuses Phillip of treating her like she’s stupid. Phillip says he just wants to warn her and her father. Paul needs to stay away from John Black DiMera.

Chelsea tries to calm everyone down. She tells Victor that Lexie is trying to get hold of Bo, and explains to Kate that she knew all of the risks before she had the surgery. Daniel agrees. Chelsea was informed that infection was a definite risk with any invasive surgery such as this one. But they caught it early, thank God, and they have her on a course of antibiotics. Daniel turns to the nurse and tweaks Chelsea’s medication a bit. Kate pulls him aside and asks if Chelsea will really be alright. Daniel says that he will do his damnedest to make sure of it.

EJ follows Sami and she yells at him for trying to dictate her day. They argue about whether or not she should take the twins out for some air. Nicole comes over and cheerily remarks that she and Lucas used to squabble like that. She hopes their make-up sex was as good as theirs. Maggie comes over and interrupts. She greets everyone and asks Nicole coolly if she is a member here. Nicole nods. She bets that makes Maggie wish she was still drinking. Sami’s eyes widen. Maggie’s trainer, Jillian, interrupts. She tells Maggie how amazing she was today. Nicole rolls her eyes and mutters, “no pain, no gain.” Jillian smirks. In the industry, they like to say, “no investment, no return” And it looks like Nicole’s assets are bottoming out. Maggie and Sami laugh. Nicole turns around and grins. She points at her butt and says there is nothing wrong with her “assets.”

Morgan thinks Phillip has some nerve. He’s mistaken if he thinks she’s going to run to her daddy and demand he do what Phillip says. Phillip reminds her that John ruined her father’s reputation and lost his job for him. If Paul keeps hitching his future to John, things will get much worse.

Jillian tells Sami and Nicole that she has morning sessions available. Sami has already signed up and Nicole says she will think about it. Jillian doesn’t think that she will, but she should. Being too thin isn’t hot either. Nicole rolls her eyes. Jillian heads off. Nicole doesn’t think she could be a bigger loser--unless she were Sami. Sami huffs off. and Nicole takes the opportunity to discuss her case with EJ. Maggie says she has to leave, and before she does so, EJ congratulates her. Her restaurant recently received a green association. Nicole asks if that means the food is rancid. EJ tries to be patient. He says it means that they are up to certain environmental standards. Nicole says she isn’t interested and drags EJ off to talk.

Paul isn’t sure he can prove it--except that he might end up going to jail for John. Isn’t that enough? John thinks that Paul seems like the “highest bidder” kind of guy. He can’t believe that Victor didn’t offer enough money. Paul throws his hand up. He never should have gotten involved with John. He just wants his life back. John says that he will be in touch in a couple of days. Paul asks what John might expect of him then. After all, the authorities are going to be watching him. John sighs. Maybe he should just cut Paul loose and let him fry. Paul glares. He is not going to do that. John chuckles. Is Paul giving orders now? He doesn’t think so.

Victor asks Lexie about Bo, and she explains that he, Steve, Kayla, and Hope are all pretty much missing. It all had to do with Hope, who disappeared first. Bo wanted to get Abe involved, and then he changed his mind all of a sudden and asked her not to tell Abe or the police anything. Victor muses. Bo did ask him for information on the Vitalis. They must be involved. Lexie, who recognizes the name from her own time on the force, groans. Does Victor think she needs to tell Abe? Victor shakes his head slowly. No. When Bo says “no cops,” he means it. The man is no fool and they have to respect his wishes.

Daniel recommends a dose of probiotics and a nurse says she has never heard of that treatment. Daniel smiles. Now she has. She scurries off and Chelsea says she wishes she could go surfing. Daniel thinks it’s a little cold. Maybe they can both join the Penguin Club when she gets out. Chelsea giggles. Nick slinks off sadly.

Morgan huffs. Maybe Phillip thinks he and his money run the world. Her father isn’t like that. When he makes a mistake, he owns up to it. Phillip asks her gently if her father would have made those same mistakes if he hadn’t been pushed in the wrong direction.

Paul sighs. He can’t afford to get caught up in another scandal right now. John agrees. What he needs is to ruin the Kiriakis’ reputation. He wants Paul to help him do that. Paul sighs. He doesn’t have much of a choice. John has him in his pocket. John reminds him that he has deep pockets, luckily. While all f his legal problems are being cleared up, he just has to keep his head down and his nose clean. Paul agrees. He asks for information on John’s plan for Victor and Phillip, but John keeps mum. What Paul doesn’t know won’t hurt John.

Maggie runs into Sami and notes that she doesn’t look refreshed. Sami says the sauna just reminded her of the time that Lucas saved her life. Maggie reminds him that he saved EJ, too. Sami sighs. Everyone makes mistakes. Maggie doesn’t think it sounds like things are going well. Sami says she’s fine--she’s just married to the wrong man and living the wrong life. Maggie asks if she has visited Lucas, and Sami says that he won’t see her. The hardest part, though, is pretending to be happily married to EJ so he won’t get deported.

Nicole sighs and sips some juice. This stuff without vodka in it is like a day without sunshine. She needs a flask. EJ is ready to get back to his workout, so he fills Nicole in on their next move. They’ll file preliminary papers and start divorce proceedings. He wants to warn her that this won’t be easy. Victor is going to fight to keep her from getting even a single penny. Nicole knows EJ will do his best. EJ agrees. He stands to make quite a bit of money himself. He excuses himself and Nicole skulks off.

John taps his fingers. Paul can either trust him, or go back to his life as a loser. Paul agrees to John’s proposition. John hands Paul a wad of bills and tells him to hang in there. A new scandal will come along and everyone will forget about him. He’ll have his job back and they’ll be back in business. Paul laughs. He got into this to keep his daughter’s respect. Now he is about to lose it. John chuckles and pours drinks. He toasts to the rebirth of Paul, and the demise of the Kiriakis empire.

Morgan wonders why Phillip doesn’t leave her father alone and go after John himself. Phillip says that he is. He just wanted to let Morgan know so she could keep her father out of trouble. Morgan huffs. She knows that Phillip thinks that she is some simpering southerner, but she got into her first fist fight when she was eleven. She can take care of herself. Phillip thinks she can--probably better than her father, even. She tells Phillip that she doesn’t want her father answerer near John. Phillip is glad that they can agree on something.

Sami tells Maggie that she never thought her life would turn out this way. Maggie offers some words of comfort. Sami catches Nicole holding Allie out of the corner of her eye. She says she thinks life just got a little nastier and runs off.

Chelsea complains about an injection as Daniel sends a nurse off with fluid to be analyzed. Nick and Kate come back in, along with the nurse. Daniel looks at some results and beams. Now they are getting somewhere. He prepares an needle and injects Chelsea. He tells her she has to fight. She just needs to let her mind believe that she is getting well. Time passes. Daniel checks Chelsea’ temperature. He tells Kate that it’s almost back to normal. Kate exhales with relief. Daniel says it’s the age of wonder drugs. Chelsea thinks he is a miracle worker. He asks how she is and Chelsea admits that she is a little hungry. Kate is glad to hear it. Daniel heads out to give Victor the good news. Kate stops him and apologizes for the way she acted earlier. Daniel understands that she was just worried. He walks out to Victor in the hallway and explains that Chelsea will be fine. She’ll have to stay for a few days, but that’s all. Can he call Bo and give him the good news? Victor explains that he and Hope are missing. Daniel says he ordered Bo to rest in bed. Victor understand that. He has people looking for Bo now.

Sami snatches Allie from Nicole in a panic. How dare she touch her children? How did she even get them out of daycare? EJ comes over and reminds Sami that she isn’t the only one who is authorized to take the twins. Sami hisses at Nicole. If she wants kids, she needs to get her own. Allie screams and Sami rushes off in a huff, sarcastically thanking Nicole. Nicole pouts. She didn’t make the baby cry.

Morgan says she wants to just workout and blow off some steam. Phillip asks what else has her upset. She can’t believe he hasn’t heard about Chelsea. John comes up behind them and listens. Morgan tells Phillip that Chelsea collapsed at the mansion and was taken to the hospital.

Kate hovers over Chelsea. She was so afraid she was going to lose her. Chelsea says she wasn’t going to give up. Daniel says you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Devil’s Cove. She goes on and on about Daniel, and how he saved her life, and how he’s her personal miracle medicine man. Something in Nick’s eyes dies a little.

Morgan explains to Phillip that she has no idea what it going on with Chelsea. Only family was allowed to visit her. Phillip offers to go call his father and see what’s going on. Morgan thanks him and he heads off. John watches Morgan.

Sami warns Nicole to stay away from her kids. Nicole tells her to relax. Sami refuses and repeats her warning to EJ. She doesn’t want her children anywhere near this thing. Nicole huffs. What does it matter? She couldn’t tell which one she was holding anyway. Good thing Sami didn’t have triplets, or she’d need a program to explain who was whose father. Sami sucker punches Nicole. Nicole goes down in a heap. EJ holds Sami back. She practically foams at the mouth.

Chelsea wakes up to find Daniel in her room. He tells her how much he admires her strength and courage. He loves her. She says she loves him, too. They kiss. Nick snaps her out of it, asking if she is ok. She smiles and tells him that she was daydreaming.

Phillip calls Victor, and he fills him in on Chelsea’s prognosis. Phillip lets Morgan know that Chelsea will be fine, and offers to take her to the hospital to see her. Morgan thanks him, but she has her car here. Phillip tries again. If he asks like a county gentleman will she do him a favor? Will she ask her father to stay away from John Black? He would really hate to see her get caught in the crossfire.

John calls Paul and tells him that Victor’s family is going through some kind of crisis. Now is the perfect time to make their move. He wanders back over to Phillip and Morgan and tells them to be sure to keep in top shape. One can never be sure what’s coming.

Nicole shrieks. Can she sue Sami? EJ lies and says no. Nicole provoked her. Nicole grunts and stumbles to her feet. This better not bruise. She has a date with John Black tonight. She huffs off. Sami tries to go after her, but EJ stops her. Nicole is just trying to wind her up. Sami fumes. Nicole is asking for it, and she is going to get it.


John and Marlena fight over some lingerie. John says, "You're going to model this for me, aren't you?" Marlena replies, “Give it to me.” EJ interrupts, "Marlena? Welcome home.”

Stephanie walks into the pub to find Max hugging Morgan. She glares.

Kayla tells Angelo, "You're not going to hurt me. I'm carrying a baby--the baby that Ava wants.”

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