Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/21/08


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At the hospital, Lexie rushes into Chelsea’s room and asks Kate and Daniel some questions about Chelsea’s blood pressure, temperature, and recent activity. Her blood pressure is low, and Kate insists that Chelsea hasn’t been overdoing it. Lexie thinks she must have some kind of complication from the surgery. Daniel agrees. Kate pulls him aside and tells him that he needs to start talking--now.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sami all about his new office. She ignores him and continues packing a bag for the twins. EJ asks where they’re going. Sami snaps at him. They’re all going to the park. EJ wants to grab a sweater and come too, but Sami tells him not to bother. He’s not coming with them.

In her room, Ava screams at Steve and wildly beats on his chest. He promised to love her forever! They were going to have kids! Kayla comes over and shrieks at Ava to shut up. Angelo tries to comfort Ava as she yells that Steve ruined her life and family. Steve tries to apologize. Bo comes over and quietly tells him that if they don’t all get out of here soon, bad things are going to happen. Hope looks around woozily.

EJ doesn’t understand. He thought that they were going to try to raise these children together. Besides, it’s easier if he helps. Sami says she doesn’t need him. EJ chuckles. Is this about Nicole? Sami rages. She told him specifically not to take her on as a client. EJ sighs. He thought a night’s sleep would help Sami see the folly of her actions. Both she and Nicole acted like a couple of children at Chez Rouge. Sami pouts. Then why is she getting the lecture? EJ says it’s because she’s his wife. Sami glares and tells him to be careful how he uses that word. EJ apologizes and asks if they can just forget about the previous evening. Sami would love to. Does that mean he is dropping Nicole?

Daniel orders a battery of tests to be done on Chelsea. Kate asks him what’s going on, and Daniel lets her know that he can’t be sure until the tests are completed. Lexie and Daniel both try to get Kate to leave. Kate resists, but Chelsea wakes up and assures her that Dr. Jonas will take care of her. Nick comes in and asks what’s going on. Kate fills him in and Nick tries to comfort Chelsea. Daniel asks them both to leave and Nick complies. Kate stares.

Ava asks Kayla what she thinks of Steve now. Kayla is sure that Steve didn’t mean to hurt her. Bo agrees. Hope wants Ava to let them help her. Ava screeches and giggles. They all think she’s crazy. Kayla says they can get her treatment. Ava smiles. She has had that. She was locked in a padded cell and pumped full of drugs. She shrieks at Steve. This is all his fault! She smashes a vase on a nearby table.

Sami urges EJ to tell Nicole to find another lawyer, but EJ refuses. His priority is Sami and the children, and he needs this job. He has no other income. Sami tries to explain that Nicole isn’t worth it. She’s trouble. She almost killed Victor, and Sami doesn’t want her anywhere near her kids. EJ doesn’t think Nicole will ever get the opportunity. This divorce case will take a few weeks. Sami laughs. Nicole will drag this out much longer, and find all kinds of excuses to hang around here. EJ sighs. Then he will bill her by the hour. Sami glares. Until he drops Nicole, he’s not going to the park or anywhere else with his son.

Daniel orders some medication to bring Chelsea’s fever down. Chelsea says that he and Lexie can tell her he truth now that they’re alone. Daniel insists that it’s too early to make a diagnosis. She just needs her rest for now. Chelsea sighs. Then why do they keep giving each other those worried looks?

Outside, Nick brings Kate some coffee and asks if she has heard from Billie. Kate says she left her a message. She wishes she were here. Chelsea needs her mom right now. Nick thinks Bo might be on his way. He tried to call him, but got no answer. Kate says there was no answer at his house either. Caroline hasn’t seen him since yesterday. Kate wonders where Bo could be.

Ava throws her arm around Patch and talks about their wedding day and their honeymoon. She hears music and asks him to dance. She catches Kayla out of the corner of her eye and screams. What is Kayla doing here? This is supposed to be her special day. She beats at Steve’s chest. He ruined her life. He married Kayla. Steve says this isn’t Kayla’s fault. Kayla rages at Ava. What about the lives she ruined? What about her Pop? Ava says that wasn’t supposed to happen. Kayla seethes. She holds Ava personally responsible for the crash. Ava tries to apologize. Kayla can’t believe it. She’s sorry? And she shows that be holding them all hostage? Ava sneers. If they all love their Pop so much, she can arrange a reunion in hell. She calls George, who comes in with a gun. Ava tells him to kill them all. Kayla tells her to wait. She is a good person. She has had some hard knocks, but she wouldn’t kill a baby. Kayla grabs Ava’s hands and puts them on her stomach. Can she feel the baby kicking?

EJ quietly asks Sami how dare she give him such an ultimatum. Sami smirks. She gave him a choice. He can do whatever he wants with that. EJ nukes. If she wants him away from her kids, why doesn’t she just lie and tell everyone he beats them, like she did with Lucas? Sami tells him that she’ll fight dirty if she has to. They have a meeting with the immigration officer soon, and there are so many things that she would love to tell him. EJ doesn’t think she wants her children growing up without a father figure. Sami thinks he’ll be surprised. EJ thinks John was right about Sami’s real reason for not wanting Nicole around. Sami says Nicole is a backstabbing bitch. That’s all there is to it. EJ chuckles. She’s jealous.

Daniel wishes all of his patients were as easy as her. Chelsea doesn’t buy it, but Daniel insists it’s true. He tells her abut a football player who was behind on his tetanus shots. As soon as they swabbed his arm with the cotton ball, he passed out. Chelsea laughs. He better hope he never has to have an IV. A nurse brings him some of the tests on Chelsea. Daniel examines them worriedly and tells her to put a rush on the other tests. Chelsea frowns. It’s not good news, is it?

Kayla insists that they are all very sorry about what happened to Ava. Ava marvels at the baby, who’s kicking. Steve pulls Angelo aside and tells him that they have to help Ava. If they all die, the guilt will eat her alive. Angelo thinks it’s the most sane thing she has done in ages. Steve sighs. Ava is not her old man. She isn’t a cold-blooded killer. Steve thinks there is still hope for Ava, and he thinks Angelo knows that, too. Angelo relents and goes over to George. He tells him to put the gun down. Ava asks what’s going on. Angelo tell her that they need to rethink all of this. Steve says they all want what’s best for her. Ava says that Patch is best for her, and she doesn’t have him. She has nothing.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he’s not ready to go down that road yet. In fact, he thinks she needs to focus on something else. He asks where she would like to be right now, more than any place else. Chelsea admits that she would like to go to Australia. Daniel reminisces about his last trip there a few years ago. The surfing is great, and you can go cage diving with Great Whites. Chelsea is in awe. She doesn’t want to go shark diving, but a vacation does sound great. Daniel thinks she will be there sooner than she thinks.

Hope, Bo, Steve and Kayla are all tied up back to back. Hope tries to stay conscious as Bo jokes with Steve about owing them big time. He thinks they’re going to be ok. The four of them have been in worse jams than this. Hope loses consciousness.

Sami scoffs. Her jealous of Nicole? EJ thinks she made quite an entrance at Chez Rouge. Sami thinks she has the body of a twelve year old boy. Men were looking at her because she was practically naked. EJ thinks that Sami needs to admit that she’s a bit jealous that he’s working with a beautiful, soon-to-be-single girl like Nicole. Sami laughs with disbelief. So she’s beautiful now? Is he falling for Nicole already?

Steve thinks that Stephanie and Chelsea will be worried about them. It’s only a matter of time before a search is started and they’re found. Bo fears that Hope can’t wait long. He asks how she is and Hope slumps forward. Bo yells her name. Kayla asks if she has lost consciousness. Bo wiggles the chair and yells for Hope. Hope remains slumped over, unconscious.

Chelsea thanks Daniel. His story worked. Now when she gets scared, she will just imagine facing a shark. She grins. Daniel is proud that he got her to smile a little. He thinks that she has a lot to be happy about. He leans over and kisses Chelsea. Chelsea snaps out of her fantasy as Daniel asks her how she is feeling. She looks flushed. She says she’s fine and he leaves. Chelsea groans. She is such an idiot. Daniel goes outside and tells Nick and Kate that there’s no news yet, but they can see Chelsea for a little while. She needs her rest, so they can’t stay long. They head in and Chelsea expresses surprise that they are still here. Kate says she isn’t leaving until Chelsea is well. Nick agrees. Chelsea asks about his classes. Nick says he cancelled them. This is where he needs to be right now.

Bo tells George to untie them. Kayla says that she’s a doctor. He can untie her. She thinks Hope needs to go to a hospital. George checks Hope and tells them that she’s still breathing. There’s nothing to worry about. Bo stomps on George’s foot and yells at him. George pistol whips Bo, who passes out himself. Kayla screams. Steve yells.

EJ says that he isn’t falling for Nicole. He was just making an observation. Sami says that if he wants Nicole, he can have her. But he needs to remember that he can’t have everything. She heads off with the twins. EJ laughs with exasperation.

Kate asks how Chelsea is and Chelsea tells her to stop asking. She knows they mean well, but if they keep acting like something is wrong, then she will start to believe it. They just need to stay positive and act like everything is normal. Kate says that she can do that. Nick tries to smile.

Outside, Lexie runs into Daniel and asks if he has gotten any results. He sighs and says he has. The news isn’t good.

Kayla says that Hope’s wound is clean, but she still needs medical attention. She’s lost a lot of blood. Steve asks George bitterly if he is hearing all of this. Angelo and Ava come in and Steve tells them what’s going on with Bo and Hope. Angelo goes over and checks their pulses. He thinks they are fine. Steve tells Ava that his friends need a hospital. She thinks that they’re fine. That’s what Angelo said. Anyway, she has come to a decision about what to do with them. Kayla asks if they can leave. Ava says no. She is used to having them around now. She’s not going to kill them, but she’s going to need to keep them around for nine months. Well, maybe not nine. She asks Kayla how far along she is. Kayla doesn’t see why that matters. Ava explains that she is her surrogate. Kayla gasps. Steve says that she is not taking their baby. Ava sneers. They can consider it payback for what Steve did to her. She knows it will be hard for Kayla at first, but she already has a kid. And now Ava and Steve will have one. She starts to leave, then tells them there’s one more thing. After Kayla has her baby, Ava will decide who lives and who dies.


A woman tells Nicole, “These days, we like to say no investment, no return. And it looks like your assets are bottoming out.”

Kate asks Daniel, “Is she really going to be alright?” Daniel replies, “I will do my damnedest to make sure of it.”

Phillip tells Morgan, “John has ruined your father’s job and reputation. If he keeps hitching his future to John, things will get much worse.”

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