Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chelsea shows up at the pub to meet Kate, and apologizes for being late. She slept right through her alarm. Kate says it’s fine. Maybe she ought to be resting, anyway. Chelsea shakes her head. She had to get out of that house. Chelsea looks over the menu. Maybe she’ll just get juice or tea. Kate puts her hand to Chelsea’s forehead. Is she sure she’s feeling ok? She looks pale. Daniel walks in and agrees with Kate. He thought Chelsea was going to take it easy today. She looked wiped at the Java Café yesterday. Chelsea insists that she’s fine. Daniel thinks that she is hiding something.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip asks Nicole if they still have a deal. He’ll agree to help her with her divorce settlement as long as she agrees to spy on someone for him. Nicole nods. Who is it, Chloe? She knows that girl is up to something. Phillip says it’s someone he thinks she’ll enjoy spending time with. Nicole laughs. Then it definitely isn’t Chloe. Phillip tells her he wants her to spy on John Black.

At the DiMera mansion, Paul tells John that his life is in shambles. John promised that he would help. John says it will just take time. Paul explodes. He doesn’t have time. His wife’s attorney is breathing down his neck for alimony, which he doesn’t have, because he has no job. He can’t even get a new one, thanks to John and the indictment. John tells him not to worry. John plans to put him back on top, and he’ll be better off than ever. When he’s done, Paul is going to owe him.

In Ava’s room, Bo cradles a woozy Hope as Ava asks them, as well as Steve and Kayla, if they really want to hear her story. Do they want to hear what their good friend and loving husband did to her? Angelo thinks they are stalling. Hope says that isn’t so. They’re going to kill them all anyway. She just wants to know why. Bo doesn’t think Steve would have it in him to cause this mess. Kayla agrees. Ava says it’s true and agrees to tell the story. She won’t bore them with all the details. She’ll just start with the day Patch ruined her life.

Daniel feels Chelsea’s forehead and asks if she has had a fever. She feels clammy. Chelsea says no. She’s just sweaty because she hurried over here. Daniels’s phone rings and he says he will be right back. Kate tells Chelsea that she is taking her home. She doesn’t like her color. Daniel worriedly watches them leave out of the corner of his eye.

Nicole doesn’t get it. She heard John Black had lost it. Phillip says he isn’t the same man--in fact, he’s a lot like Nicole now. She says she likes him better already. She agrees to spy on John as long as Phillip hold up his end of the bargain. Phillip agrees and says he wants to go to breakfast to brief her on what she’s to do. Nicole beams. She’s rather thirsty, now that she comes to think of it. Phillip groans. Even in the morning? Nicole can’t decide if she wants a mimosa or a bloody mary.

John tells Paul that he’s going to go the extra mile for him. He’ll have the life he had when he was married. But in return, he’ll have to do something more for John. Paul agrees. What does he need? John says he will let him know in good time.

Ava tells them that her wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She thought she was marrying a man that loved her. She thought she was marrying her soul mate. They eloped and ran off to a small chapel in Nevada. She wore a simple dress and picked her own bouquet. Her father envisioned something bigger for her, but she didn’t care. She thought she was marrying someone that truly loved her. She glares at Steve, who looks at Kayla helplessly.

Phillip and Nicole walk up to the pub and Phillip sees John through the window. He tells Nicole this is the perfect opportunity for her to cozy up to him and make friends. She reminds Phillip that John hates her. He explains that this John is a clean slate. Phillip has a feeling he will really like Nicole. Even Marlena is out of the picture for now. Nicole agrees to work her magic and unbuttons her blouse a bit. She leaves Phillip outside and heads into the pub. She grabs a bloody mary off of a waitress’ tray and greets John. She introduces herself and apologizes for forgetting about his amnesia. She asks if she can sit and John says it’s ok. He tells her that he’s heard all about her, and she tells him not to believe any of he gossip. John says he makes up his own mind about people. Nicole figured that was so. The old John was that way too. She finds the new John to be a bit more interesting. John smiles. She’s the first person to think that. Philip spies on Nicole and John outside the window. Morgan walks up and asks what he’s doing.

Chelsea holds her throat as Kate walks her into Victor’s mansion. She wants to take Chelsea up to bed right away. Chelsea says that she’s really not feeling well all of a sudden. She faints. Kate shrieks for Henderson to call an ambulance. Daniel, who’s outside on the stoop, barges in and rushes over. He came to check on Chelsea because of the ways she looked at the pub. Thank God he followed his instincts.

Hope asks Ava to go on. She remembers walking to the head of the aisle and seeing Patch at the other end. She mouthed “I love you” to him and he did the same. She asks Steve if she is telling it right. Steve reluctantly admits that that is what happened. Kayla looks sick.

Phillip tells Morgan to cool it with the southern accent. She says she goes there when’s she nervous. Phillip doesn’t get it. Why should she be nervous? She knows John is in the pub and Phillip is spying on him. She doesn’t care that he’s gunning for John, but he needs to leave her father out of it. Phillip denies it hotly. He isn’t gunning for anyone. She tells him that she isn’t stupid. Phillip wants her to join him for breakfast. Then he can prove that he’s not out to get John, her father, or anyone else. Morgan would like that, but she is meeting her father for breakfast. Paul walks over and asks why she’s talking to Phillip. He must be a busy man. Phillip says he was a lot busier before his cargo was held up so mysteriously. He and Paul argue about the legality of his shipments and Morgan accuses Phillip of involving her father in his problems. Paul tells Phillip this isn’t the time to discuss things and takes Morgan inside.

Nicole tells John that she always had a crush on him. John tries hard to look down her shirt and says he thought he used to be boring. Nicole says no. John chuckles. From what he has heard, it sounds like he was a self-righteous stick-in-the-mud. Nicole says he was just conservative, but he was always sexy. In fact, he looks just the same--same handsome face, same hot bod. In fact, he looks better. Has he been working out? John grins and inspects his muscles. Nicole winks at Phillip, who’s drinking coffee across the room.

Steve apologizes to Kayla. He is sorry that she has to hear this. Ava thinks they all need to hear what a liar he is, since they all think he is so wonderful. Hope urges Ava to go on. Ava wants Steve to tell the story. He thinks she is doing a good job, but Ava insists. Besides, his wife needs to hear what he did to her on their wedding day. She tells Steve to finish the story. He sighs.

Daniel can’t rouse Chelsea, so he instructs Kate to call an ambulance. She does so and tells them to hurry. Her granddaughter won’t wake up.

Nicole thinks John must be lonely in that big mansion by himself. John says he has his staff, Rolf. Nicole shivers. Stefano’s creepy butler? John says that he is working on that. Nicole feels sorry for him. He has no memory of his former life. It must be hard--like he’s been set adrift. John laughs. It’s pretty great actually. Nicole says she is just going to bite the bullet and ask him out on a date. She laughs nervously. John smiles.

Paul asks Morgan what’s wrong. She has hardly touched her breakfast. She sighs and gestures towards John. She doesn’t like having to look at him. Pal explains that John is a good friend. He is helping him straighten out all his problems with Customs and the government. Morgan huffs. One man already underestimated her intelligence today. Is he going to be the second? She knows John is responsible for getting him in this mess in the first place.

Kate frets about the ambulance. Chelsea never should have had this surgery! Daniel tells her to calm down. The ambulance will be here soon, and Chelsea’s pulse is strong. She’s made it this far. Kate explodes. She better make it all the way, or she is going to hold Daniel personally responsible. Daniel gapes. Kate yells. That’s right! He was the one that talked her into this foolish surgery! It’s his fault!

Steve tells Ava that he doesn’t mind telling the story. In fact, he wants to. He tells them all that he thought Ava looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle. But then he got a sick feeling in his stomach. He had several quick flashbacks of his wedding to Kayla. He sighs and tells them that he knew he couldn’t go through with it. Something was wrong. Ava cries.

Morgan knows that John must have made her dad take the bribe. She knows that he is a good man, and wouldn’t have done it unless John twisted his arm. Look at him over there, carrying on with a woman half his age. She can tell he is a jerk. She’s also worried Paul might go to jail. Paul assures her that that won’t happen. Everything is going to go back to normal really soon. She asks if John told him that. He says he is saying that to her. This has nothing to do with John. Morgan sighs and says she has to go. She promised Chelsea that she would meet her. She hugs Paul an he assures her again that everything will be alright. Morgan leaves.

John isn’t sure if he should accept. Nicole tells him to lighten up. She’s just asking him to dinner, not to marry her or anything. Besides, she thinks it will be the most fun either of them have had in a long time. Phillip walks over and smirks. Is John sleeping with the enemy now? Nicole says they are just talking. John asks Phillip if he has a problem with that. Phillip smiles. He thinks Nicole and John deserve each other, actually. Phillip gives Nicole a knowing glance and heads out of the pub.

Daniel reminds Kate that Chelsea volunteered for the surgery. Besides, he didn’t want to perform the procedure at all at first. Kate apologizes. She was just looking for someone to blame. Daniel says he understands, but they shouldn’t jump to the worst conclusions. The belle rings and Kate runs off to let the paramedics in. Daniel briefs them on Chelsea’s situation. They need to get her to the hospital right away.

Ava sobs. Steve asks if he should go on. She nods. She wants to hear this part from his point of view. He tells her that he saw flashes of that other wedding. He took a step back, and then another. His heart was pounding in his ears. Before he knew it, he was out the side door of the church. He felt drunk and his head was spinning. He knew he had to go back and tell Ava that he couldn’t marry her. Before he could though, two men ran up behind him and dragged him off. They threw him in the back of his car and took off. Ava asks if he expects her to believe that. Steve says it’s the truth.

The paramedics load Chelsea onto a stretcher. Daniel tells Kate that he isn’t sure quite yet what is causing Chelsea’s illness. He needs to do more tests. Morgan rushes in and freaks, “OMG! What happened to Chelsea?!”

Nicole thanks John for breakfast. It’s the best meal she’s had in a while. She really is looking forward to their date. John hopes he won’t disappoint. Nicole hope she won’t either, but she’s sure that neither of them will be disappointed. John tells her to meet him at his place tonight. Nicole says she can’t wait. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Ava doesn’t believe Steve, but he swears he is telling the truth. She wails. Does he have any idea what she went through when she realized he wasn’t coming back? It was like a part of her died. She doesn’t need to hear any of his lies. Bo wants him to finish. Hope does too. Steve says there isn’t much left to tell. Ava knows how the story ends. The only thing he can do now is tell her a little bit about his life before he met her. He tells her about Stefano kidnapping him and erasing his memory. He escaped once, and that’s when he met Ava. She gave him something to live for, and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Ava and Kayla both bawl. Steve says that it killed him that he never got a chance to say goodbye. Steve swears that’s the truth--on his life and on everything they once meant to each other.

Phillip stops Nicole outside the pub and she tells him she arranged a date with John. Phillip warns her to get the goods on him. Nicole says she will. She’s capable of mixing business and pleasure. Phillip grumbles at her to make sure John doesn’t know what’s going on.

John asks Paul if he is following him. Paul insists he is just having breakfast with his kid, but he did notice that hot little blonde with John. Isn’t he married? John says it’s none of his business, but he knows what he is doing. Paul chuckles. He bets he does.

Chelsea wakes up briefly. Daniel smiles and chides her gently. He told her to take it easy. She asks him to stay with her. He assures her he isn’t going anywhere. The paramedics wheel Chelsea out of the mansion as Kate and Daniel follow.

Ava finishes her side of the story. When she realized Steve wasn’t coming back ,she flipped out. The next thing she knew, she was in an ambulance, and then she was in a hospital, where she stayed for quite some time. The her daddy took her out and locked her in her room. She’s been in here ever since. Steve is sorry. She freaks out and pushes him. He’s sorry? That’s all he can say after what he did? He is one cold-hearted bastard. Tears roll down Steve’s cheeks.


Kate tells Daniel, “I think you need to start talking. Now.”

Sami tells EJ, “Until you drop Nicole, you’re not going to the park or anywhere with your son.”

Ava asks Steve, Bo, Kayla, and Hope, “You all miss your pop so much? Why don't we just arrange a little reunion in hell?” She tells Angelo, “I want them dead.”

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