Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/08


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Max sleeps in bed. Someone silently slides open his window and slips into his room.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole comes downstairs in a negligee. She flashes back to overhearing Chloe talking about dying in prison. Nicole finds Phillip in the living room and notes that it seems he can’t sleep either. Phillip grumbles at her to go back upstairs. Nicole tells him that she had a nice evening at Chez Rouge. She’d like to do it more often. Phillip brusquely asks her what she wants. Nicole grins. Besides eternal youth, world peace, and all of Victor’s money? Phillip is tired of playing games. Nicole changes the subject by bringing up Sami. The look on her face tonight when Nicole walked over was priceless. She wonders how Sami landed EJ. Phillip tells her that Sami uses the same tactics she does—a little sex and a lot of lies. Phillip wonders how smart it was of Nicole to let EJ represent her. He’s a DiMera, and he’s married to Sami. Nicole chuckles. She’s doubling her fun—she gets to torture Sami and get great legal advice at the same time. She says she has to go check on her dog, but Phillip has another question. He wants to know why she came back now. She’s been gone for two years. Did something happen in Los Angeles?

Kayla and Bo happily reunite with Hope and Steve in Ava’s room. Kayla explains to a bewildered Ava that she is the real Kayla. Ava kidnapped her sister-in-law. Enraged, Ava grabs the gun Kayla hid under a cushion and fires wildly. Hope flies back into Bo’s arms. He yells miserably. Steve points a gun at Ava in turn. Bo yanks it out of his hand and goes after Ava himself.

Phillip urges Nicole to tell him the truth. Nicole tells him that she simply came back to claim what it rightfully hers. Phillip eyes her suspiciously. The last he heard, she and Austin were looking to expand his company. Nicole sighs. The partnership just didn’t work out. Phillip pushes her for more answers, but Chloe interrupts before Nicole says more.

The figure sneaks over to Max’s bed. He wakes up with a start and realizes that Stephanie is in his room. He glances at the clock and his eyes widen. It’s 3:15. What’s going on? Stephanie says that her mom is missing. She doesn’t know what to do.

Bo cradles Hope as Kayla examines her wound. Luckily, the bullet entered her shoulder, missing any major arteries. Hope moans as Kayla probes the wound. Kayla frets. They have to find a way to stop the bleeding. Bo comforts Hope as Steve warns Kayla to find something fast. They have to get out of here. Bo tells Hope that she’ll be fine.

Chloe tells Phillip and Nicole that Phillip’s lawyer brought her home. Nicole plays dumb about Chloe’s whereabouts, but Chloe tells her to cut the act. She knows that Nicole was spying on her and Phillip earlier. Nicole denies it, but Phillip backs Chloe. He thinks Nicole is lying. Nicole continues to deny it, but Phillip and Chloe persist, and Nicole finally admits that she called the Consulate. Chloe whines. How could she be so hurtful? Nicole explodes. She knows something horrible happened to Brady, and she thinks Chloe had something to do with it. She’s made it her mission to make Chloe pay.

Stephanie explains that her mom was released from the hospital, but she hasn’t been home. Max suggests she might be at Bo and Hope’s. Stephanie says that no one is there. Max asks if she checked at the hospital. Stephanie says that her mom was already sent home. She isn’t there, and her phone is off. Max thinks she just forgot to turn it back on, but Stephanie thinks Kayla is in danger. Maybe her dad’s crazy ex-girlfriend kidnapped her.

Bo helps Hope to her feet and she chides him for coming. He doesn’t look well. Steve asks Kayla what she was thinking. He and Hope had everything under control. Kayla says she was worried about him. Hope suggests they get the hell out of there. The group passes Ava, who is bound to a chair and gagged. They head out of her room and down the hallway.

Chloe insists she had nothing to do with Brady’s disappearance. Nicole doesn’t buy it. She may have Phillip fooled, but she can’t fool Nicole. Chloe huffs. She wasn’t angry at Brady, she was just sad that he could date a tramp like Nicole. Nicole reminds her that Chloe was faking her death at the time simply over vanity. She underestimated Brady’s love and overestimated her so-called beauty. Nicole isn’t stupid. Chloe was furious that Brady dated someone else instead of pining away over her. Chloe says that isn’t true. Nicole grins. Chloe has to face the facts. Brady wanted to leave because she was a pathetic, washed-up hack. He tried to get away, and she murdered him. Chloe shrieks and attacks Nicole.

Stephanie tells Max that her mom was really mad at her dad for hanging up on her, and then she disappeared. She hasn’t seen either of them since. Max thinks she must be looking for Steve. Stephanie thinks that’s crazy. Her dad said Ava was really dangerous. Max thinks that’s exactly the reason that Kayla is out looking for Steve. She must think he is in danger. Stephanie sighs. And now her mom and the baby are in danger, too.

Ava flashes back to telling Steve that she knows he would never hurt her. She tells him that she feels safe with him, and that she knows he will never let her down. Steve, Bo, Kayla, and Hope sneak down the hallway. Ava comes to and groans. How could Patch do this to her? She smacks a button with her knee and an alarm brays. Some of her men confront the foursome in the hallway and tell them to freeze.

Nicole shrieks at Chloe to get off of her. Phillip yells at them both to calm down before they wake Chelsea and Victor. Chloe and Nicole both refuse to live together. They continue their threats. Phillip nukes. They had better learn to live under the same roof. If they don’t, they’re both out of here.

Ava’s men and Bo and Steve all point guns at each other. The men tell the group to surrender. They refuse. Hope goes down like a sack of bricks. Bo, Steve and Kayla crowd around her. Ava’s men take advantage of the situation and recapture the four of them.

Stephanie tells Max that she knows her parents are in trouble. She has to do something to rescue them. Max reminds her that she doesn’t know where they are. Stephanie grumps. He sounds like he doesn’t want to help her. Max says he does. He reaches out for her, but Stephanie jerks her hand away and tells her not to touch her. She cries and Max soothes her. He swears that they will do whatever it takes to find her parents.

Ava’s men take the group back to her room and untie Ava. She glares at Kayla. So she is Patch’s wife? Kayla nods. Ava must be his crazy ex-girlfriend. Ava shrieks. Her head starts ringing and she jitters across the room. She screams at everyone to shut up and instructs Angelo to kill all of them.

Nicole smirks. Phillip can’t kick her out, as she is married to Victor. He can feel free to throw Chloe out, though. Phillip glares. He still has things to discuss with Nicole. He asks Chloe to go upstairs. She huffs resentfully and flounces upstairs. Phillip glares at Nicole. It’s about time they got something straight.

Stephanie flashes back to Steve filling her in on who Ava is. He asks Stephanie to trust him. She comes back to the present and apologizes to Max for flipping out on him like that. Max says it’s ok. He meant what he said earlier. He wants to help her find her parents. In fact, he has an idea. Since Kayla and Bo disappeared at the same time, they are most likely together. Stephanie shakes her head. They were both supposed to be resting. Max reminds her how stubborn they both are. He sighs. He just doesn’t know how to find them. Stephanie knows what to do. She wants to call the police and tell them everything.

Steve asks Ava not to hurt more innocent people. This is no one’s fault but his own. It isn’t Kayla’s fault that she married him. Ava accuses Patch of being a liar. It doesn’t matter anyway. They’re all going to die. Bo growls. Not if the cops get here first. Kayla rushes Ava, who throws her on the bed. Steve screams at her. If she wants to hurt someone, she needs to hurt him. Ava points a gun at Steve. Kayla shrieks.

Phillip reminds Nicole that she won’t get any of Victor’s money as long as they’re married. Divorces can take a long time to become final, and Phillip is the sole beneficiary of Victor’s will. So if he were to die, Nicole would get nothing. Unless—She interrupts him. Unless what? Phillip wants her to do what he says. He needs her services. He wants Nicole to work for him.

Max reminds Stephanie that Ava is part of a crime family. Steve could have gone to the cops right away, but didn’t. Doesn’t Stephanie think there was a good reason for that? Stephanie reluctantly admits that that is so. Max also thinks that Steve and Bo can take care of themselves. Max thinks they should respect Steve and Bo’s decision not to involve the police, at least for now. But if Stephanie insists, he will go along with whatever she wants to do.

Angelo takes the gun away from Ava. Her father would not want her to do this. He gives her a knowing look. She smiles. Angelo is right. She asks him to do it for her. Steve gasps, “Ava.”

Nicole chuckles. She supposed Phillip thinks she has no options. Phillip smirks. She doesn’t. Victor plans on stalling this divorce until he dies or Nicole runs out of money. Either way, she gets nothing. He will help her if she agrees to work for him. He needs her to do a little spying. If she is successful, he he’ll make sure she gets her divorce and her money. She’ll never have to work another day in her life. Nicole readily agrees.

Stephanie agrees that it’s best not to call the police. She apologizes for waking Max up. He’s going to hate her in the morning when his alarm goes off. Max smiles. He was asleep before, but now he’s awake and in the best dream of his life. Max asks her to stay the night—just to sleep. She agrees and Max tucks her in. She tells him that she feels safe with him.

Steve rails at Ava. The woman he knew was good. She would never hurt him, and if she has them all executed, she’s nothing but a monster. Ava ignores him and tells Angelo to kill them all. Hope thinks they have a right to know why they all have to die. Kayla agrees. Ava owes them that much. Ava snaps. She doesn’t owe any of them a damn thing. But it is an interesting story—she just wants to warn them it doesn’t end well.


Nicole asks Phillip, "You still haven't told me who I would be spying on. It's Chloe, isn't it?" Phillip replies, "It's not Chloe. It is someone I think you might enjoy spending some time with."

John tells Paul, "I'm putting you back on top, Paul, and when I'm finished, you're going to owe me.

Ava asks, "Y'all want to hear what your good friend, your loving husband did to me?"

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