Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ discuss Allie’s recent fussiness. Sami says that the nurse thinks she’s teething. EJ thinks that she might just miss him around. He has been out of the house a lot lately working. Sami doesn’t think so. She’s Lucas’ daughter, anyway. EJ sighs. He knows this already. Sami grumps. She doesn’t want Allie dependent on EJ. He reminds her that she’s a baby. She’s dependent on everyone. EJ wants to know the real reason that Sami is so upset. She admits that Lucas being in jail and her mom leaving on this soul-searching trip has her on edge. Living in this creepy mansion doesn’t help matters, either. John walks in and tells her there is no need to worry. He and Elvis may be evil DiMeras, but they are hardly on the same side.

Angelo pushes Hope into Ava’s room with Steve. He leaves and Hope tells Steve that she has to get back to Bo. He asks her what’s going on outside. Hope isn’t sure, but everyone appears to be on high alert.

Outside, Ava asks Angelo what’s going on. He tells her that the perimeter has been breached. He moved Kayla and Steve to a secure location until they can find the intruder. Ava asks him if the person that’s here came for Patch and Kayla.

Steve tells Hope that it sounds like they have company as dogs bark and alarms bray.

Outside, Bo winces with pain. Kayla hovers over him. She knew he should have stayed home in bed. A dog nearby goes nuts as Bo tells her they have to get a move on. Kayla gulps, “Too late.”

John explains to Sami that EJ is working for the enemy, Nicole Kiriakis. Sami agrees. She’s a low-life slut that never met a wallet she didn’t like. EJ doesn’t understand why John has a problem with his client. John says that he is simply surprised that EJ would take the side of a Kiriakis over his own family. EJ chuckles. He thinks that if John knew Nicole a little better, he would have less of an issue with EJ taking her case.

Bo and Kayla hide in the bushes as she continues to fret over his condition. She knows a simpler way to go about rescuing Steve and Hope, but Bo thinks that it’s too dangerous. If something happens to her, Steve would never forgive him. Hell, he would never forgive himself.

Steve and Hope listen at the door as Ava and Angelo panic over the intruder. Angelo fears that all of this will lead to her father finding out about Steve and Kayla. Ava freaks. If he finds out, he’ll have her doctor lock her up for a long time. Angelo tells her that she knows what they have to do, then. Hope and Steve back away from the door. They can tell Ava is panicking. Steve worries that they may try to get rid of evidence. Hope turns white. Does he think Ava’s going to kill them?

Sami hears Johnny crying over the monitor and heads off to check on him. EJ explains to John that Nicole has an even bigger grudge against Victor than John does. She’s a Kiriakis in name only. John mentions that she’s staying at the house. EJ says that Victor doesn’t have a choice in the matter. John thinks EJ is resourceful, but EJ says there’s simply a community property law in play. John wants to know more, but EJ says that he is bound to honor his client’s privacy. Sami comes in, fuming. How can he honor Nicole’s privacy? She can’t believe that he is handling her case. EJ says it’s already done. He took the matter over. John muses. Actually, he hasn’t decided if he is going to allow EJ to take it.

Ava tells Angelo that she doesn’t like what he is suggesting. Angelo tells another guard to bring the intruders to him once they are found. Ava whines. She doesn’t want any more blood on her hands after the debacle with the plane. Angelo tells her that they don’t have much of a choice. Steve knocks on her door from the inside and asks to talk to Ava. She hesitates. Steve tries again, “It’s about us.”

Kayla and Bo argue over whether or not her plan is dangerous. She takes it upon herself to leave the cover of the bushes. Two flashlights shine in her face. Kayla throws her arms up as a man demands that she freeze. Bo watches from the bushes as Kayla demands to be taken to see Ava.

John isn’t sure that he wants his nephew working for a Kiriakis—even one on her way out. EJ asks why he has a say in the matter, and John retorts that he is the head of the family. EJ grumps. Who does he think he is, Tony Soprano? John blinks. Is he related to him, too? EJ says he has no say in what cases he decides to take. John smiles. Yet EJ is willing to live under his roof and eat his food. EJ thinks he has a good point. EJ tells Sami to get the twins. They’re leaving.

Ava argues with Angelo, and he finally agrees to open the door. Steve tells Ava that he’s ready for them to be together again. She gestures at Hope questioningly. Steve tells her that it’s finished between him and Kayla. He was hoping they could spend some time together alone. Ava brightens, but then remembers the situation going on outside. She says that now isn’t the best time. He asks her if she remembers how good they were together. Ava flashes back to her and Steve talking about getting married and having kids. Steve snaps her out of it by asking if she is ok. She is still worried about Kayla. Steve tries to assure her that Kayla means nothing. Ava grabs her head and wails. Steve asks Angelo what’s wrong. He tells her that Ava is having one of her headaches. He urges Steve to hold the flailing Ava still. Hope eyes Angelo’s gun as he fishes for Ava’s pills.

Kayla demands to see Ava. One of the men tells her that she’s trespassing. Kayla smirks. Yeah, that’s why she came over the wall instead of through the front gate. She simply came to retrieve her husband, Steve Johnson. One of them accuses Kayla of lying. Kayla huffs. She is Steve’s real wife, Kayla Johnson. She tells them to tell Ava that she wants to see her right away.

EJ wants to leave right away, but Sami refuses. EJ huffs. So she would rather stay here with John, eh? Sami says she doesn’t trust John—but she doesn’t trust EJ either. EJ gasps. How dare she? Sami says she can’t trust anyone who would take up with that slut Nicole Walker. EJ says she’s simply his client. Besides, he simply took the case so that he could provide for Sami and the children. Sami says that’s another reason they can’t leave. They have no money, and it would be irresponsible to take the twins out of here in the middle of the night. She refuses to leave. John arranges pieces on the chessboard and grins slyly.

Ava thrashes and refuses to take the pills. Steve tries to figure out what’s going on as Angelo tries to force her to take her meds. Steve snaps at Angelo to back off. Angelo says this is all Steve’s fault. Ava needs her pills before she collapses. Angelo hits Steve. Steve hits him back. Angelo scrambles for his gun before Hope can get to it. He tells Steve that he’s going to make him pay for doing that.

The men holding Kayla radio for Angelo, but there’s no answer. They hazard a few guesses as to what he might have them do to Kayla. Bo flies out of the bushes and takes them both down. Kayla rushes to assistance, asking if he is alright.

John is curious as to why Sami hates Nicole so much, and EJ and Sami both fill him in on Nicole’s relationships with both Lucas and Sami’s brother, Eric. Sami says it’s Nicole’s fault that Lucas started drinking. EJ reminds her that Nicole blames her for lying about Lucas beating Will. Sami huffs. That isn’t how it happened. EJ asks her to explain, but she refuses. Sami says that everything that happened between them was Nicole’s fault. Johnny wails and EJ goes off to soothe him. John offers to hire a nanny for the twins. Sami must feel trapped. Sami can’t believe he even cares. He almost sounds like the old John. John smiles. He understands why she doesn’t want EJ representing Nicole after all of the grief she has caused Sami. She thanks him and admits that things are hard right now. She wishes her mom were here. John asks if she spoke with Marlena before she left.

Bo cuffs the two unconscious men. Kayla asks how he is feeling. Bo wheezes and admits that he isn’t doing so well. He hands Kayla a gun and tells her to be careful. As soon as they make sure Steve and Hope are safe, they’ll grab them and call the cops. Kayla and Bo head for the house.

Angelo rages. Steve threw Ava out like yesterday’s trash, and he’s going to finally get revenge—with his fists. He knocks Steve out with one punch. Later, Hope urges him to wake up. Hope tells him she thought it was over. Angelo comes back in with Ava and tells her that it will be over soon enough. Ava made this mess, and he is going to clean it up. One of the other men radios Angelo to tell him about the men found cuffed and knocked out. The intruders are still somewhere on the grounds. Angelo barks out orders. When they find the person, he wants them brought to him right away. If they resist, they’re to be shot immediately.

Sami tells John that Marlena didn’t have much to say, and she wouldn’t; tell John where she went even if she knew. Her mom needs some time alone to think. John asks Sami what conclusion Marlena will come to. Sami isn’t sure, but she’d rather that John stop trying to mess with her head. She stomps off. John muses, “Messing with your head. Not likely. I just...want... never mind.”

Outside Ava’s room, Angel asks how Ava is doing. She says she is ok, and he tells her that he has to go check the situation outside. She hugs him and apologizes for causing so much trouble. She takes his keys out of his pocket and Angelo leaves. She flashes back to Steve promising that he no longer wants to be with Kayla. She opens the door of the room Steve and Hope are in to find them restrained to two chairs. Steve begs her to untie them. She tells him that she knows he was lying about wanting to be with her. He never meant to leave Kayla at all, did he? Steve asks her to listen. Ava nukes. She knows that the intruders on the grounds are here to rescue the both of them. Bo and Kayla burst in, guns drawn. Bo smirks at Ava, “That's right.”

John tells EJ that he has reconsidered EJ’s representation of Nicole. He detected a hint of jealousy from Sami after her tirade about Nicole. John thinks that it would kill Sami to lose another man to Nicole—even EJ. EJ finds this information interesting. John does, too. He tells EJ never to say that John doesn’t look out for his family.

Kayla stuffs her gun under a couch cushion as Bo works on Steve and Hope’s bonds. Steve and Kayla hug. He sighs, “Oh, sweetness.” Ava asks who the hell Kayla is. Kayla whirls on her, “I'm Steve's wife, Kayla.” Ava points at Hope. That’s who she is. Kayla tells her that Hope is her sister-in-law. Ava kidnapped the wrong woman. Kayla hurries them all. They need to go. Those men are still looking for them. Kayla doubles over with cramps. While everyone is distracted, Ava grabs the gun with a mad shriek. She aims for Steve, misses, and shoots Hope. Bo catches her and aims his own gun at Ava.


Phillip asks Nicole, “You've been gone for over two years. You could have come back anytime, but you chose now. What, did something happen in Los Angeles?”

While Max sleeps, someone sneaks in his window.

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