Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Bo’s hospital room, Ava sneaks up to Bo’s bed. She’s sorry she has to do this, but she hates when people mess with her. She yanks at some of the wires hooked up to Bo. His machines beep rapidly. Bo flat lines. Hope wakes up with a gasp.

In Ava’s room, Steve paces and mumbles to himself. He promised Hope that he would get them out of here, but he doesn’t see a way to do it. He checks the window and sighs. They’re all locked. How the hell did he get them into this mess?

At the pub, Bo tells Kayla that the DVD contains footage from the surveillance camera in the hospital’s parking lot. That’s the last anyone saw of her. Kayla tells him to turn it on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole dreams pleasantly. She giggles and asks someone not to stop. Phillip knocks and says he needs to speak with her. Nicole grumbles. Phillip barges in and glowers. He knows what she did. Nicole has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her that Chloe was taken away by the Austrian consulate. She could be extradited back to Vienna. Nicole huffs. Everyone knew the Austrians were interested in speaking with Chloe. Phillip knows Nicole had something to do with this.

Kayla and Bo study the surveillance DVD and finally spot Hope’s car leaving. She’s not behind the wheel. Kayla thinks she sees Hope slumped over in the backseat. Bo seethes. What the hell have they done to her? Kayla reassures Bo and asks what they do next. Bo says they have to figure out where Ava was headed. Kayla asks how they will do that. Bo says that’s a damn good question.

Steve hopes that Kayla isn’t worrying too much about him. He vows to tell Kayla everything as soon as they are reunited. He flashes back to kissing Ava years ago. She tells him what an amazing man he is, and she thinks that he’s a good person deep inside. Steve huffs. Maybe she has been watching too much Oprah. She is just glad that he is there to protect her—and not in a possessive way like her father. She just feels so safe with him. Steve tells her that she’s an angel who saved his life. Ava says he did the same for her. They kiss. Steve flashes back to the present and sighs.

Phillip tells Nicole to pack up and leave. People who cause trouble for his friends aren’t welcome here. Nicole huffs. Chloe has always given her the creeps, it’s true, but it was for good reason. Phillip thinks she’s still jealous about Brady. Nicole says that may be true, but it was all with good reasoning. Chloe clearly had something to do with his disappearance. Phillip huffs. Nicole clearly overheard heir conversation—Nicole interrupts. Yeah, she heard that Chloe threatened Brady’s life. She can’t believe that Phillip is still defending her. At any rate, she didn’t call the Consulate, although she may have thought about it. Phillip tells her to get out. Nicole whines. How could he be so heartless? He wonders how she could be such a vindictive bitch. Nicole says she isn’t going anywhere. She tells Phillip she’s going to call EJ. He’s desperate, and will do anything she asks him. Phillip glares.

Kayla frets as Bo attempts to calm her down. He has an idea. They must have taken a bridge out of town. All of the bridges have security cameras on them, so they just have to get the tapes and look for Hope’s car. Kayla asks how they will do that without getting the cops involved. Bo tells her that he has a friend. Bo makes a call and gives the guy the particulars on Hope’s car model and license plate. He hangs up and tells Kayla that they’re going to get some help, but it may take a little time.

In Steve’s flashback, Ava and him romp and argue about which one of them is more amazing. Steve thinks she’s so smart and beautiful. She could do a lot better than him. She wants to believe that he is some knight in shining armor, but it isn’t true. Ava says they are two of a kind. They belong together. She begs him to marry her. She wants to be his wife.

Nicole calls a sleeping EJ and asks to get over to the mansion immediately. EJ groans. Does she really need him at this time of night? Nicole huffs. She wouldn’t be calling unless it’s extremely urgent. She threatens to hire another attorney. EJ says he’ll be right over, but this had better be important. Nicole stares at Phillip and coos into the phone, “I knew you wouldn't let me down.”

Kayla frets and paces. She heads off to get some pie, complaining that she has to eat when she’s nervous. Bo takes a call from his friend, thanks him and hangs up. He tells an anxious Kayla that the car was spotted heading toward Brookville. He sighs. That’s no small town. Kayla muses. There’s no way Ava is holding both Steve and Hope prisoner all on her own. Her family must do business in the area or own property. Someone must know something. Bo snaps his fingers. She just said the magic word. He does know someone who might know something about the Vitalis.

Hope sleeps and dreams about Ava confronting Kayla. Kayla calls Ava crazy. Ava thinks that Kayla is the crazy one. Kayla begs her not to hurt her baby. Ava smirks. The only baby Patch is going to have is the one Ava will carry. Kayla promises to let Steve go if Ava will let her go. Ava calls her a liar, then throws a screaming Kayla out of the window.

Phillip wonders when EJ had time to get a law degree. He thought he was a racecar driver. Nicole smirks. He must be multi-talented. Phillip tells Nicole that she’s going to be out of here tonight. EJ comes into her room and cocks an eyebrow at her negligee. He sees why she didn’t meet him downstairs. He asks what the emergency is. Nicole tells him that Phillip is trying to kick her out. She needs EJ to tell him that he can’t.

Bo explains it isn’t a friend this time. The person he knows will talk if the price is right. Kayla asks if they can trust him. Will he know anything about the Vitalis? Bo isn’t sure, but right now, they have no choice but to trust him.

Hope dreams that she sees Bo at the dock. He tells her that he’s on his way to see his Pop and Zach. He begs her not to let Ava do to her what she did to him. Hope begs Bo to come back, but he disappears. She wakes up with a gasp. Hope says that she has to find a way out of here.

Phillip grumbles. EJ doesn’t have a say in the matter. He is throwing Nicole out tonight. EJ tells Phillip that if he does so, he’ll be charged with assault. Phillip threatens to call the police. EJ sighs. Nicole does have a legitimate claim on the property as Victor’s current wife. Phillip might want to consider the fact that a judge could easily throw him and Victor out while letting Nicole stay. Phillip tells EJ that Nicole is a menace. He fills EJ in on her call to the Consulate. She did that to Chloe purely out of spite. EJ sighs. That’s beside the point. Even though Nicole may be the biggest pain to any man that stumbles across her, that doesn’t affect her rights to stay here. Nicole smirks, “Thank you, I think.”

Bo and Kayla pool their money together for Earl, who shows up. Bo immediately asks about the Vitalis and forks over 250 bucks. Earl smirks. That isn’t enough money. He’s putting his neck on the line here. Bo grabs him by the lapels and slams him up against a table. Those people have his wife, and if Earl doesn’t start talking, Bo will happily break him in half.

In Steve’s flashback, Ava proposes to Steve, who chuckles at her for taking the man’s role. Ava huffs. She has really thought long and hard about this. Steve didn’t think that she would ever want to settle down, and Ava didn’t think she would either—until she met him. Patch taught her what love is really all about. She promises to make a good wife. Steve knows she would be, but he still worries about her father and what he might say. Ava sighs. She wishes her father would get on board. She did want a big wedding, but since she can’t, she’ll take the next best thing—Vegas. She talks about their kids. She wants a boy that looks just like Patch. Steve says he wants a girl that looks just like her. Steve promises never to leave her and asks about the chapel. He snaps out of his reverie and goes to Ava’s door. He calls out for Angelo.

Phillip sneers and tells Nicole not to get comfortable. This isn’t over. EJ starts to head out, but Nicole stops him and thanks him. He really came through for her. EJ tells her there will be a hefty surcharge for the middle-of-the-night house call. Nicole assures him that she won’t be bothering him now that her stepson knows he can’t get rid of her so easily.

Bo roughs Earl up a bit and he whines. He had no idea this was about Bo’s wife. He tells them that the Vitalis have a compound just north of town. Kayla grins. That must be where Steve and Hope are. Earl tells them to slow down. The family having a place up there doesn’t mean their spouses are being held there. If Bo goes in there with that temper and his guns blazing, then his wife is as good as dead, anyway.

Hope frantically searches through the desk in her room.

Phillip asks EJ why he is taking Nicole’s case. Is he that hard up? EJ says he likes a challenge. Phillip seconds those sentiments. That’s why he’s calling his lawyers in the morning. He’s going to find a way to get Nicole out of here. EJ smiles. The law is the law. Phillip’s lawyers will tell him the same thing EJ did—namely, that Phillip is stuck with Nicole.

Earl warns Bo that the Vitali compound is a literal fortress with armed guards. There’s no way Bo is getting in. Bo thanks him and Earl leaves. Kayla thinks they should call the police. Bo refuses. He’s doing this on his own. Kayla tells him to stop wasting time. She’s coming with him, and that’s final. He needs a doctor around. Bo worries about her pregnancy, too, and they both promise to let the other know if they’re in pain. They leave.

Steve tells Angelo that Ava never used to be like this. He thinks that she really needs a doctor. Angelo grumbles. Ava is only the way she is because of Patch. Steve swears that he didn’t mean to hurt her. Angelo glares. If it weren’t for Ava’s orders, he would kill Steve with his bare hands.


Hope asks Steve, "What do you think is going to happen?" Steve replies, "They might want to get rid of the evidence." Hope frets, "You think she's going to kill us."

Sami asks EJ, "You're going to honor Nicole's privacy?" EJ replies, "I'm taking the case." John says, "I haven't decided if I'm going to let you."

One of Ava’s men tells Kayla, "Freeze! Well, look what we've got here." Kayla replies, "I want to see Ava, now!"

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