Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie comes into Bo’s room and he asks about his release papers. Lexie tells him that it’s up to Daniel to sign them, and Bo fidgets. Daniel isn’t here. Lexie knows he is worried about Hope, but if he lets his blood pressure go through the roof, then Daniel won’t let him go at all. Bo threatens to leave anyway, and Lexie threatens to call security. She huffs. Hope would have a fit if she knew how Bo was behaving.

In Kayla’s room, Daniel chats with her about surfing and asks if she tried it while in California. Kayla says she wasn’t born with the “Gidget” gene and asks how he knew about her time in California. Daniel explains that he did some research on her on the Internet. He likes to know all he can about doctors he’s working with. Daniel asks how the baby is doing, and tells Kayla that her doctor approved her release for first thing in the morning. Kayla claims that she wants to go home to her own bed tonight. Can Daniel spring her now? Daniel says that it isn’t his call. Kayla pleads. She knows enough to know that it’s safe for her to go home. Daniel chuckles. He has always been a sucker for beautiful women. He agrees to run it by Lexie.

In Ava’s room, Steve asks what Ava has done with “Kayla.” Ava says she wanted a little privacy. She reminds Steve of the first time she really got hot for him. Steve sighs. He knows that what they had was great, but it couldn’t last. It was real and intense, but sometimes the hottest fires burn out the fastest. Ava grins. In that case, you just relight them.

In her own room, Hope, a.k.a. Kayla, gives herself a pep talk. She’s been in worse situations before. There has to be a way out of here.

At Chez Rouge, Marlena and John dance, and he asks if they are playing their song. She says no, but they do have a song. John says that he would prefer to make this all up as he goes along. Marlena freezes up and says that she is tired of dancing. She and John head back over to their table and John samples the champagne. It’s flat, and he wants to order another bottle, but Marlena refuses. That’s how she got carried away before. John doesn’t think that is a bad thing, but Marlena reminds him that he is a stranger to her. John huffs. If she can’t have what she wants, she ought to try being happy with what she has. Besides, he thought she was going to try falling for the new version of him. Marlena says that she is trying, but she keeps getting tangled up in memories of what they used to be like. She’s afraid she will never be able to look at him without searching for the real John. He sighs. This is about as real as it’s going to get.

Bo agrees with Lexie. Hope would have a fit if she knew he was sitting on his butt, not trying to rescue her while she’s in trouble. Lexie urges him to get Abe and the rest of the force involved, but Bo brushes her off. He could be overreacting. Maybe Hope is at home right now, making stew. Lexie says they both know that she isn’t at home. She wants to know what is really going on with Hope.

Hope flops on a couch, “Damn it.”

Ava kisses Steve and asks if everything is coming back. She thinks they were made for each other. Steve thinks she has a new life now, but Ava says being locked up here isn’t much of a life. Steve reminds her that she is sick. Ava grumps. She’s only sick because of him. Steve apologizes and Ava says that he can still make it up to her. They were amazing, and they can have that again. Steve isn’t sure that her father will approve, but Ava thinks they need to let the rest of the world take care of itself. If it doesn’t, then to hell with it. Steve doubles over in pain. He tells a concerned Ava that his ribs still hurt from the plane crash. Ava thinks he hates her, but Steve claims that isn’t true. He just wants to wait to make love to her at the right time—not when she’s holding him prisoner. Besides, he doesn’t want to make love to her with his pregnant wife right down the hall. Ava reminds him that he is going to have to choose between them sooner or later.

Bo tells Lexie that all he knows is that Hope is missing. Lexie thinks that’s all the more reason to bring the police in on this, but Bo disagrees. He asks Lexie to trust that he knows what he is doing. Lexie says she isn’t comfortable with all this, but Bo says he wouldn’t; put her in this position if there were any other way. She thinks he might be compromising his recovery and reminds him that he won’t do Hope a bit of good if he is ill. He asks if she is going to let him out of here as Daniel walks in. Daniel reminds him again how lucky he is to be alive. Bo knows that. What he wants to know is if Daniel plans on releasing him.

Marlena explains that everything about John is different, but she sometimes catches glimpses of the old John. John sighs. He thought they were moving on from all that. Marlena says she is trying, but she’s still a psychiatrist. She can’t help but wonder, “What makes a man?” She loves him, but he still does things that are deeply unsettling for her. John says he doesn’t really know who this “new John” is either. He’s sort of making him up as he goes along, but he still likes him. He wonders how Marlena reconciles her current feelings with what happened between them in Greenland. Marlena admits that she is still sexually drawn to him. She sighs. She is just confused about him—and herself. John offers to drive for a while in regards to the relationship. She can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Marlena says she doesn’t know who either of them are when they’re together. That’s why she needs to get away for a while and sort things out. John is incredulous, “You’re leaving?” Marlena nods. Yes, she is.

Daniel tells Bo that his vitals look good, but Lexie wants him to stay another night. Bo insists that he will recuperate faster at home with his wife, and Daniel agrees. Bo assures Lexie that he won’t run back to work just because he’s bored. Lexie huffs. She’s worried about much more than that. Daniel asks Bo if he’s willing to follow a strict list of post-operative instructions. Bo agrees, and Daniel agrees to release him. He asks Lexie to speak with Kayla, who wanted to see her. Lexie warns Bo not to make her regret giving in on this. Bo promises, and Lexie leaves. Daniel gives him instructions for his regimen of pills and asks Bo to call at any time if he has fever, chills, or vomiting. He also notes that Bo can’t drive for six weeks. Bo tells him he will arrange for a ride home and thanks Daniel, who heads out. Bo calls Caroline and tells her he needs a favor—no questions asked.

Lexie notes that Kayla has not had cramps for the last twenty-four hours and agrees to release her on one condition—that she go home and stay in bed. Lexie is worried about both her and Bo. She fears that they won’t follow their doctors’ orders. Besides, Bo is desperate to look for Hope. Kayla promises to keep an eye on him. She’ll stick to him like glue if she has to. Lexie reluctantly agrees to get Kayla’s release papers and leaves. Kayla calls Caroline, asking for a favor.

Ava pouts. The Patch she knew would have had her clothes off by now. Steve makes excuses. It’s his ribs. He can barely get his own clothes off. He just doesn’t think it’s going to work out for them tonight. He apologizes. Ava huffs. She’ll wait, but she won’t wait forever. She slaps his face and leaves.

Hope hears noises outside her door and hides with a vase. When Steve comes in, she nearly hits him with it. He tells her that Ava left after trying to sleep with him. He managed to let her down easy. Hope smiles. She’s sure Kayla would be pleased to hear that. He sighs. He had no idea that his leaving would screw her up so badly. Hope thinks she’s clearly willing to forgive and forget. Steve snorts. That’s not happening. Hope thinks they need to find a way out of there before Ava returns. Steve agrees.

John thinks that Marlena is running away from her problems, but she says that she needs to step away from the situation to gain perspective. John huffs and wonders what she plans to accomplish by running away. Marlena isn’t sure, but she is sure that for right now, she doesn’t want to be with him. She says she needs to stay away long enough to figure out if her feelings for him are real. John sighs. He doesn’t want her to go. He really wishes that she would stay.

In her car, Caroline tells Bo and Kayla that she feels like she’s driving a getaway car. They both assure her that they’re in good health. Caroline fusses over Bo and Kayla assures her that they’re adults. They’re not faking sick to avoid going to school anymore. Caroline chuckles and reminisces about dosing them with castor oil. She wonders why Hope and Steve aren’t with them. Bo reminds her that she promised not to ask questions, and Kayla asks her to drop them off at the pub. Caroline isn’t so sure, but Kayla urges her to trust them. They know what they’re doing.

John sighs. He can’t help what Stefano did to him. He just feels that it’s unlikely that the old John is coming back. John thinks that he’s also making progress. Stefano programmed him to be a killer, but Marlena wasn’t afraid. She stopped him from doing it, in fact. John thinks that she feels like she’s cheating on her husband by being with him. Marlena sighs. That’s not fair. He can read her thoughts, but she can’t read his. If she doesn’t take the time to sort this out, they’re never going work this relationship out.

After Caroline gets Bo and Kayla to the pub, she asks Bo to go to bed but he says it isn’t going to happen. She reminds him that Shawn gave his life for him. He needs to honor that and get his rest. Bo assures her that he loves life more than ever. He and Kayla convince Caroline to go to bed. Kayla asks what they do now. Bo frowns, “Find our partners.”

Angelo comes into Hope’s room and demands to know how Steve broke into her room. Steve begrudgingly hands over a paperclip and Angelo hauls him off, asking “Kayla” to sit tight and not do anything she might regret.

John tells Marlena to come back once she has sorted everything out. Marlena asks if he will be waiting. John smirks. He’ll just say that he isn’t a hard guy to find. Marlena says that she can’t promise anything at this point. They come close to kissing, but Marlena backs away and leaves. John stares after her longingly.

Hope frets. She has to find a way to get back to Bo.

Bo shows Kayla a DVD someone in hospital security gave him. It’s going to lead them both to Steve and Hope.


Nicole tells Phillip, "Say whatever you have to say and get out." Phillip replies, "The Austrian authorities are more interested than ever, and I just know you had something to do with it."

Kayla tells Bo, "Looks like she's slumped over." Bo asks, "What the hell did they do to her?"

Steve asks, "How the hell did I get us into this mess?"

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