Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Anna walks into Chez Rouge and spies Tony. She grumps. Of all the gin joints in the world, he had to be in this one. The last thing she needs is to see him fawning all over Kate. She sees Morgan and huffs at her presence as well. Anna loudly asks the bartender for a gin martini. Tony, hearing her, walks over and asks if she is here for business or pleasure. She was getting ready to ask him the same thing.

At a nearby table, Marlena thanks John for the dinner invitation. She was surprised. He admits that he was surprised that she accepted. John wanted to celebrate her taking him on as a project. Marlena asks if he means that he wants to celebrate the “new us.” John nods. Her hypnosis session pretty much proved that there is no “old us.” John wants to start from scratch. He asks if she wants to drink to that.

At the pub, Max brings Stephanie the last piece of carrot cake. She refuses it, and Max digs in instead. He can’t believe Kayla found out about Steve’s ex. Stephanie sighs. Her mom is furious, too. She tells him that her dad hasn’t been around the whole time her mom has been in the hospital. Max asks if she thinks his ex has something to do with it. Stephanie isn’t sure, but she’s really worried. Max thinks there must be a logical explanation for all of this. Stephanie hopes so. She prays that the stress of all of this doesn’t hurt her mom or the baby.

In Bo’s hospital room, a nurse looks over Bo’s charts and asks Kayla to keep an eye on him. She agrees and the nurse leaves. Bo jumps out of bed. Kayla asks what he thinks he’s doing. Bo says he has to find Hope before Steve’s psycho ex does something to her. Kayla says that he has to wait for Daniel to discharge him. Bo groans. He can’t wait that long. Kayla understands. That’s why she’s going to go look for them herself. It’s the only way. Bo stares at her in disbelief.

Angelo lets Steve and Hope into Ava’s room. A dinner table with two place settings is near the door. Hope gets the feeling neither of the place settings is for her. Ava walks in wearing lingerie. She says that she is perceptive. She and Steve are going to have an intimate dinner, but luckily for “Kayla,” she gets to watch. Hope groans. She has to be kidding. Ava says that she isn’t. She moves in on Steve for a kiss.

Tony wishes he could say differently, but he is here on business. Anna knows nothing is more boring than meeting with a stuffy executive. Tony is glad that isn’t the case. He’s meeting with Kate Roberts to go over advertising for her new product line. Anna’s grin widens. Maybe he won’t have such a bad night after all. Besides, Kate is a beautiful woman. Tony doesn’t see what that has to do with anything. Anna reminds him that Kate used to be in the business of pleasure, after all. Maybe they can end the evening in bed, if he plays his cards right. Anna walks off. Tony sighs, “Anna.”

At a nearby table, Morgan thanks her father, Paul, for taking her to dinner. He wants her to consider this a celebration. He has it on good authority that everything is going to work out in his favor concerning the legal trouble. Morgan asks if he’s been cleared of all charges. Paul says nothing has changed as yet, but he was assured that the whole mess would be cleared up soon enough. His reputation will be repaired. Morgan asks who is going to do all of this.

Marlena asks John if he really wants to throw away everything they had and start fresh. John says you can’t lose what you never had. But, sure, why not? Besides, he has a lot to prove. If he doesn’t keep her interested in the “new John,” then she’ll leave. Marlena says that isn’t true. John sighs. Is she talking about that other guy? She is talking about her husband. John says that he is the only one she has. Marlena knows. She also knows that he loves his new life with all of the toys and money, but he has a wife and family, too. John knows. That’s partly what the project is about. If it works, maybe he can muster up more than just a passing interest in their children. Then she’ll like the new John as much as the old. Anna walks up and says that she knows she does.

Ava kisses Steve and asks if it brought back any memories. Steve says that may be. Ava says that it’s ok. They have all night to catch up, if he knows what she means. Hope rushes over and yells at Ava. She’s crazy. Ava tells her to behave. She’d hate to see something happen to her or her baby before she sees how much Steve means to Ava. She asks Angelo to show Kayla a seat. Angelo proceeds to handcuff her to a chair. Steve asks if they’re necessary, and Ava says it is. They don’t want to be interrupted again. Ava thanks him and tells him to get lost. Angelo eyes Hope. He thinks he should stay. Ava tells him to go. He leaves and Ava pours out shots of Jack Daniels. She toasts Patch--to their past, but most importantly, to their future. On a nearby screen, a picture of a gun-toting Steve and Ava show up. She remembers that day. It was taken right after the Pullman job. Hope stares at Steve, “Job?” Ava ignores her. She thinks she loves Patch as much now as she did back then. Ava offers to toast Steve again. He stares at her dully. Hope looks on fretfully.

Bo tells Kayla that she can’t leave. What if it puts her baby at risk? He threatens to call her doctor. Kayla groans. He’s infuriating. She thinks that the stress of not looking for Steve is more harmful than leaving the hospital. Bo’s sorry. Kayla is, too. The truth is that their hands are tied until they both get discharged. She just hopes that Steve and Hope can handle whatever Ava throws their way. Bo worries what she might do if she finds out that Hope isn’t Kayla and that Steve has been playing her. Kayla thinks they need to get the police involved. Bo shakes his head. Steve was adamant that that would only make things worse. Bo does know someone who might be able to help hem out. He makes a call.

Ava reminisces over more pictures. She remember once when Steve made love to her six times in one night. Did he ever do that for Kayla? Hope frowns. Ava beams. She didn’t think so.

Paul says he’ll just say that this person is trying to get him out of trouble. Morgan asks if he will go to jail if they fail. She doesn’t know what she would do if he got put away. Paul doesn’t want to talk so negatively. He just wants to focus on having a nice meal together.

Anna apologizes for interrupting. John invites her to sit down and Marlena asks if she is with Tony. Anna sighs. Actually, they broke up. Marlena asks if she can help. Anna chuckles. She wishes she could get Marlena to shrink Tony’s head a little, but alas, some men are just not very perceptive about women. John, on the other hand, is a different story. She bets he knows exactly what a woman like her wants. Tony listens in behind them and frowns.

Steve tells Ava that that’s enough. He doesn’t appreciate her little slide show. She just put it together to make his wife jealous. Ava admits that’s true, but she also wanted to remind him how good they were together. Steve says it isn’t working. Hurting Kayla and having his daughter followed is not the way back into his heart. Ava says the man following Stephanie is just a precaution. Steve says he has someone following her too. Ava smiles, “Not anymore.” Steve and Hope freak. Ava tells them to calm down. They just paid the guy off, that’s all. Steve fumes. Every time she threatens his wife or daughter, any chance of reconciliation slips further away. Is that what she wants? Ava panics and apologizes. He’s right. She’s going about this the wrong way. She asks Steve to sit down. They can just talk about the good old days, when they were in love. Steve agrees.

Max thinks her parents are both going to be ok. Stephanie says he can’t be sure of that. She just wishes she didn’t have to worry about them. Max knows someone that might be able to help her out with that. She wonders who. He asks her to trust him.

Victor meets Kayla and Bo a the hospital. He tells them that they don’t know what they’re dealing with when it comes to the Vitalis. They’re an old-school mob family. They torture their own men and put out hits on rival for shock effect. Bo asks if he knows anyone on the inside that might talk. Victor shakes his head ruefully. Once you’re a part of them, you don’t leave the fold--at least not alive. Kayla looks at Bo with horror.

Ava shows Steve and Hope a picture of their first kiss. Angelo caught it on surveillance, and wanted to show her father, but Ava wouldn’t let him. She protected him, because she already knew she loved him. She asks Steve if he can remember that night. They could barely keep their hands off of each other. He flashes back to that night. He kisses Ava, then stops. He can’t do this. She’s his boss’s daughter. Ava groans. It always happens this way. Steve assures her that he would love to be with her--if only he were anyone else. She kisses him and he says he has to go. If it’s meant to be, they’ll end up together. Steve comes back to the present. Ava asks if he remembers it all.

John thinks that Anna is interesting. Anna thanks him. John didn’t mean it as a compliment. Coming on to him in the middle of a date with Marlena was inappropriate. Anna says that she was just being herself. She meant no disrespect. John nods. She was just trying to make Tony jealous, right? Anna sputters. Behind her, Tony grins. Marlena tells John that that’s enough. John tells Anna that he doesn’t know who he was, but her wiles won’t work now. Anna excuses herself, clearly embarrassed. Tony goes to follow her, but John stops him. He wants to have a word with him. Marlena excuses herself to check on Anna. Tony apologizes on Anna’s behalf. John tells him not to ignore her much longer. She’s attractive. If he weren’t married-- Tony interrupts. He’d go after her? He chuckles. John beams. Absolutely, he would. What’s to stop him? Tony stops laughing, “I would!”

Marlena walks over to Anna at the bar, and Anna immediately apologizes. She acted like a fool. Marlena wonders why she feels like she has to flirt to make Tony jealous. Anna wails. He doesn’t even treat her like a human being! Marlena thinks he adores her. Anna says that he doesn’t respect her. She envies Marlena. Marlena is shocked. John is not the man she fell in love with. At least Anna and Tony have a foundation to work from. Anna isn’t sure that is such a good thing. Besides, it’s clear that John is crazy about her. Marlena doesn’t see it that way. Anan thinks she’s as blind as Tony is.

Victor asks Bo if the department is involved in investigating the Vitalis. Bo says that he was just curious. Victor warns him not to take a case against them if one comes up. They have plants in the police department, most likely. It’s best to let someone else handle it. Besides, he needs to get well. Victor says he has to head off to a meeting and leaves. Bo tells Kayla that they can’t get the police involved. What Steve said makes perfect sense--the Vitalis have men on the force. If the involved the cops, Ava’s men will know their every move. Kayla asks what they can do. Bo frowns. He’s going to have to take this case on himself.

Ava asks Steve if he remembers. He flashes back to another night. He and Ava celebrate a job. He frets about her father, and she explains that she told him about their relationship. He isn’t thrilled, but he didn’t forbid them either. She told him that she loved Steve. She hopes he loves her, too. Steve says he does--more than anything. They kiss. Steve flashes back to the present. He moves into to kiss Ava. Hope tries to stop him.

Stephanie and Max return to the pub after visiting Shawn’s grave. Stephanie feels his presence, and Max thinks that he is watching over all of them. Stephanie thinks that he makes a great guardian angel. Max reminds her that there’s someone on earth looking out for her too. Stephanie feigns amazement. Who’s that? Max says she’s funny.

John tells Tony not to worry about Anna. Despite her flirting, she only has eyes for him. He wants Tony to do him a favor, though. He has an associate accused of a serious crime. He needs Tony to put some spin on it. When he tells Tony his name, Tony thinks it sounds familiar. Morgan and Paul interrupt. Morgan says it sounds familiar because the man is her father.

Anna tells Marlena that John is enamored with her. Marlena thinks she has to be cautious. Maybe she is waiting for the old John to resurface. Anna cautions her not to let the new one get away. She needs to figure out what she wants before it’s too late and some other woman comes along to steal her husband.

Kayla tells Bo that he can’t go, but he insists. He has to get to Hope before Ava finds out that she’s a cop. Kayla gets that she can’t talk Bo out of this, and says he can go on one condition--that she go with him.

Hope wants to show Steve something. It’s in his back pocket. Ava thinks it’s a trick. Steve pulls away from her dazedly and pulls an ultrasound photo out of his pocket. Ava tells Hope that she can’t guilt Steve. Hope reminds him that Stephanie grew up without a father. Does he want the same thing for this child?

John tells Paul that the told him he would help rebuild his life. Paul thanks him. John tells him he will be in touch and Paul leaves. Marlena comes over and John explains that he just asked Tony to put some positive spin on the situation. Marlena thinks that was nice, and John admits that he isn’t all bad. Marlena asks John if he would like to dance. He used to be a good dancer. John smiles. Why isn’t he surprised?

Morgan thanks Tony for helping her father. He assures her that his agency will make the public forget all about those tawdry headlines. She leaves and Anna comes over. He thanks her for the dinner theater this evening. He was really flattered by her efforts, but she doesn’t have to do this. She already ahs him. She just has to let him in. Anna huffs. Why, so she can take a number in line with the rest of the women in town? She tells him to have a nice evening with Kate and storms out.

John asks Marlena how she thinks their date is going, and she tells him that she’s glad she agreed to come out. John asks if she is thinking about the old version of him, and she says no, she’s enjoying the new one. John thinks that she needs to face the fact that the new him is getting under her skin-- in a good way.

Bo tells Kayla that this is too dangerous for the baby, but Kayla thinks that Bo needs a doctor to come along. They argue a bit, and then the nurse comes in with good news. Their doctors want to give them the once-over. If they both pass, they get to go home. She asks Kayla to go back to her room in the meantime so Bo can get some rest. Kayla heads out and lingers outside. She knows Bo wants to ditch her, but they’re looking for Hope and Steve together. The nurse comes out and asks her to go to her room. Kayla heads off reluctantly. Bo sits up in bed and thinks, “Hang on, fancy face. Wherever you are, I'll find you.”

Hope encourages Steve to look at the ultrasound picture, but he tells Hope that this is where belongs. He hugs a beaming Ava, who knew he would come around. Steve stares at the picture behind her back.


Lexie asks Bo, “Why don't you want the police involved? What's going on with Hope?”

Ava tells Steve, “Once we're back together again, the world can take care of itself. And if it doesn't, to hell with it.”

John says, “You're leaving.” Marlena replies, “Yes, I am.”

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