Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/08


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Stephanie comes into the pub and greets Caroline behind the bar. She asks how the internship is going and Stephanie says she spilled coffee on her shirt and walked into the men’s restroom. Caroline chuckles. Stephanie asks about Max just as he comes from the kitchen to bus dishes. He tells Stephanie that he’s swamped. Another waitress called in sick. Is she mad that they can‘t hang out? Stephanie says that she isn’t and Max heads off to take someone’s order. Stephanie sighs.

Paul walks into the pub and confronts John. John says the place looks like a dive, but the chili will bring tears to your eyes. Paul rages. He’s going to bring tears to John’s eyes if he doesn’t get him out of this legal mess! Marlena watches outside and makes a call.

At Chez Rouge, Nicole asks EJ if she is still legally married to Victor. He was declared dead, but he’s alive.

Nearby, Maggie tells Phillip that Nicole has managed to insult a busboy and a waiter in the ten minutes that she’s been here. Phillip sighs. Maggie should try living with her. She’s claiming that she and Victor were never divorced. Maggie clucks. She’ll want half of everything. Victor had better cover his assets. Phillip takes a call from Chloe, who is freaking out over the two men from the Austrian Consulate. They’re demanding she come with them. Phillip tells her to stay put and call the lawyer, Greer, at his office. Phillip will try his cell on the way back to the mansion. He hangs up and throws a wad of cash on the table. He tells Maggie he has to go and to tell Nicole the same, then leaves.

Sami tells Nicole that she and EJ are trying to have dinner. Nicole interrupts her. She was asking EJ, not Sami. EJ says she won’t get very far with him treating his wife like that. Nicole huffs. Is she still married or what? EJ says that it’ possible. She snorts. Where did he get his degree, online? EJ smirks. It was from Cambridge, actually. Nicole softens. That’s a classy school. She asks EJ to start representing her. If he gets her the settlement she wants, she’ll share a nice percentage with him. Sami tells her that there’s no way EJ would represent a gold-digging witch like her.

Caroline brings Stephanie a piece of apple pie and Stephanie asks if they can have a bit of girl talk. Caroline asks how things are going with Max and Stephanie tells her that they barely hang out anymore. He works all the time, and she misses him. He just hasn’t been the same since Grandpa Shawn died. Caroline thinks that throwing himself into his work is how Max copes with the loss of his father. Stephanie wishes he would let her help him get through this. Caroline agrees that Max has spent too much time working at the pub. She wants to give him some time off. He deserves it. Stephanie thanks her.

Paul reminds John that he promised him this wouldn’t happen. The front page of the paper makes him sound like he was already arrested and convicted. John tells him to trust him. Paul grumps. Why should he? John has to do something fast--some kind of damage control, or he’ll be toast by next week. John tells him to relax. Paul has no other option but to trust him. As long as he keeps names out of this, nothing will happen to him. Marlena comes in and tells John that she didn’t expect to see him here.

Nicole is surprised that Sami couldn’t do better than that insult. Sami yells that she should go back to her own table and choke on a piece of bread. EJ asks them both to quiet down before they’re asked to leave. Nicole takes some wine and makes a face. EJ tells her it’s a good brand, but she disagrees. It tastes like motor oil. If he takes her as a client, he’ll never have to by this cheap stuff again. Mickey interrupts and tells EJ it’s best that he not do that. He pulls EJ away for a chat. Sami toasts Nicole, “To cheap women, and everything that comes along with them.” Nicole toasts and drinks. She thought Sami would be glad that she’s trying to earn her husband some money. She could use it to buy a new wardrobe. Sami says Nicole wouldn’t know fashion if it hit her in the face. Nicole smiles smugly. This dress is couture. Sami says she recognizes the porn star collection. They start shouting. Maggie comes over and warns them to keep it down. They’re both wearing out their welcome.

Mickey tells EJ that Nicole is a tyrant, but EJ thinks she seems harmless. Mickey is serious. She tried to murder her husband, and that isn’t the half of it. You could fill a book with the stunts she has pulled. EJ thinks he can handle her. Mickey just asks him to talk to Sami first. Maybe she can knock some sense into him. EJ thinks that Nicole will be a good client to cut his teeth on. Mickey sighs. He’s not going to tell EJ he can’t represent her, but he knows that Nicole will come after someone after she’s done with Victor. He just doesn’t want EJ to say he didn’t warn him.

Sami talks to Alice about the twins as Nicole tries to flag down a waiter for another martini. After she hangs up, Nicole asks to see pictures of the babies. Sami refuses. Nicole smirks. So they really have two different fathers? Sami must have really been “slutting” it up, huh? Sami rages. EJ comes over to calm her as other patrons look on with shock. Nicole crosses her knife and fork to make a crude crucifix, as if warding Sami off. Sami tells EJ that Nicole was saying horrible things about his son. EJ takes Nicole aside and tells her to quit with the snarky comments. If she wants him to consider taking her case, she must stop insulting his wife. Nicole beams. So he’s considering her offer? EJ says yes.

John asks Marlena to have a seat and tells Paul that eh will be in touch. Paul leaves. John sighs and waits for the lecture, but Marlena says that she won’t pry into his business affairs. John doesn’t buy it, but she means it. He is who he is. John smiles. He didn’t expect her to give up so easily She says that she is just being practical. He puts his hand over hers. Is she saying she feels nothing for him? He feels something. Marlena says she can’t do this. John thinks they can start over. He introduces himself to her and smiles. Marlena says she doesn’t want to start over. She wants her husband back. She wants the man she fell in love with.

Max comes behind the bar and tells Caroline that there’s something wrong with the soda machine. Two customers have complained about flat drinks. Caroline says she will call a repairman in the morning, but Max says he can do it himself. Caroline says that they need to talk. She asks Max how many hours he put in last week. When he tells her it was about sixty hours, she says it’s too much. How many hours did he spend wit his friends? Max spies Stephanie eating pie nearby and tells Caroline he knows who put her up to this. Caroline says she knows he is trying to fill his father’s shows, but he’s doing too much for a part-time job. She wants him to take some time off. She’ll be fine. Max needs to focus on his friends, especially that one over there. Stephanie smiles and innocently eats her pie.

John tells Marlena to lighten up and calls her doc. She asks him not to do that anymore. He isn’t the same man, so it doesn’t mean anything. John has had enough of this new John/old John stuff. He thinks if she gives him half a chance, she might find something she likes. She smiles. What is there to like?

The men from the Consulate tell Chloe that it’s time to go. She leaves Greer a frantic message and tells them she isn’t going anywhere without her lawyer. The men tell her that they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Chloe huffs. They can’t arrest her. The men agree. But they can contact the police and ask that she be extradited back to Austria. Chloe sweats.

EJ reminds Nicole that he hasn’t yet accepted her offer. She laughs. She forgets he doesn’t know how it works around here. Whatever Nicole wants, Nicole gets. And he doesn’t want to say no to her. EJ asks what would happen. Would she have him eliminated? Nicole sees Mickey has been filling his head with lies. She couldn’t hurt any living creature. She wants to have a meeting with EJ right away, but they can’t meet at the mansion, due to Victor’s presence. Sami, Maggie and Mickey glare at her. Nicole tells EJ that she thinks Sami is jealous. She wonders how he ended up with her. Did he lose a bet or something? Sami wonders aloud how long it takes to say no. EJ is saying no, right? Mickey pats her arm and apologizes. He did everything he could. Nicole thinks there are some things that EJ needs to know about Sami. Like how she drove Lucas to drinking by lying about him hitting Will. Sami walks up as Nicole wonders what else she can tell EJ. Sami smiles. How about the time she threw a drink in Nicole’s face? She does so promptly. Nicole wipes the wine out of her eyes. Sami is so dead. Sami says she’s lucky it wasn’t red wine as Nicole shrieks for a napkin. She huffs off to the bathroom as EJ tells Sami that what she did was inappropriate. Sami has been waiting to do it all night. She’s just glad EJ turned down the offer. EJ says he hasn’t yet. Sami explains that Nicole doesn’t have a moral bone in her body. EJ heard the lecture from Mickey. Why does Sami even care? Sami gives him a background of Nicole’s relationships with Eric and Lucas. EJ sympathizes, but he has made his decision. Nicole walks over as EJ tells Sami that he plans to accept her offer. Nicole grins. It’s about damn time.

John wonders what’s not to like. He has rugged good looks and charm. Marlena rolls her eyes and gets up to leave. John begs her for five more minutes. She sits back down and he wonders what would happen if she took him on as a project. She doesn’t understand. He says that they have been trying to jump start his memories, but maybe they should take a different approach. He wants Marlena to try to mold him into the man she wants him to be. Marlena raises her eyebrows. John tells her to ponder it for a moment.

Max apologizes to Stephanie for working so much. She tells him that it doesn’t have to be this way. Max explains that this is just how he’s dealing with what happened. Stephanie thinks that he needs to spend time with people that love and care about him. She’s not trying to tell him how to grieve, but she thinks he needs a break to clear his head. Grandpa Shawn would have wanted him to spend more time with family and friends. Max sighs. She sounds like his mom. Stephanie urges him to do this for himself. Max says that he has to go do something. Marlena comes over and Stephanie tells her that she wanted so say hello, but she and John looked intense. Marlena says they have been trying to sort some things out. Stephanie knows exactly what she’s talking about. Max tells Caroline that he is going to take some time off, starting tonight. Caroline hugs him and urges him to give Stephanie the good news.

The men tell Chloe that it’s time to go. She begs for one more call as Phillip rushes in. He tells the men to wait for the lawyer, but they refuse. The lawyer can meet them at the Consulate. They leave with Chloe in tow. Phillip tells her not to say anything. He’s going to fix this.

Nicole wants to celebrate and calls for Maggie and a bottle of the finest champagne. Sami says that she is disappointed and he pulls her aside. He reminds her that Nicole is his only client. She isn’t pulling in any income and they have the children to think of. Sami nukes. This isn’t about Allie or Johnny. It’s about Nicole. EJ tries another tactic. He and Sami have done some pretty despicable things, and have both been given second chances. Maybe Nicole deserves one, too. Sami thinks she has only changed for the worse. EJ makes her a deal. If Nicole becomes a problem, he’ll find her another attorney. Sami glances at Nicole, who waves at her sweetly. Sami says there’s no deal. It’s either her--or Nicole.

Stephanie tells Marlena that Max needs to take some time off right now. Marlena thinks they will work it out. Stephanie isn’t so sure. Max comes over and Marlena excuses herself. Max tells Stephanie that he decided to take some time off. She hugs him. She thinks it’s great news. Max hopes she wont get sick of him and she swears she won’t. She wonders what made him change his mind. He says that she did. Caroline looks at them and smiles.

Marlena tells Caroline that she did a good job as John comes back. He asks her if she’s willing to make him her science project. He knows she is interested. She wonders why he wants this. Didn’t Stefano do the same thing to him? John smiles. He didn’t look half as good in a dress, though. Marlena chuckles.

Nicole comes over to Sami and EJ and tells Sami that she’s sorry. She thinks they got off on the wrong foot. Sami asks what she’s been smoking. Nicole sighs. It’s just that she doesn’t have any friends in town--Sami scoffs--for good reason. They have all done some bad things here, but she is willing to forget about the past if Sami is. EJ thinks that sounds lovely. Sami isn’t buying it. This is clearly one of Nicole’s tricks. Nicole says that she understands. She will just try to find another lawyer--one she doesn’t have to beg to take her money. She leaves. EJ glares at Sami and says thanks. He rushes off after Nicole. Sami sighs.

Max walks outside with Stephanie and asks what they should do. She thought they could talk. He wants to know what is wrong with her. He says she doesn’t want to worry him with her troubles. Max insists. She finally tells him that her dad is missing, and that she’s really worried abut him.

John tells Marlena that she could wear a housecoat and slippers and she would knock his socks off. Marlena blushes. John compliments her hair. She smiles. He thinks he’s started without her. She asks what he has started. He beams. He isn’t sure, but they’ll figure it out soon enough.

EJ tells Nicole that he would be happy to take her case. She asks if he is sure. She doesn’t want his personal life interfering with work. Sami huffs off. EJ tries to go after her but Nicole stops her. EJ tells Nicole that he knows what she is doing. If she interferes in his relationship with Sami one more time, she’ll be looking for another attorney. He goes off after Sami. Nicole squeals. She guesses that means they start tomorrow. She leaves. Maggie doesn’t think this is going to end well. Mickey agrees.

Phillip tells someone on the phone that they have to move fast before Chloe is imprisoned. He hangs up and wonders who could have said anything. He flashes back to he and Chloe discussing Brady and Nicole walking in right afterwards. Phillip groans, “Nicole, damn it!”


Anna tells John, “Fortunately, some men are more perceptive about women. I bet you know exactly what a woman like me wants.”

Kayla says, “You know Bo, maybe we should call the police.” Bo replies, “No, no, Steve was adamant that that would make things worse.”

Ava tells Steve, “We’re going to have an intimate evening together and luckily for Kayla, she gets to watch.”

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