Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Daniel and Chelsea sip coffee at the Java Café. She asks if he is enjoying himself. He says he is and asks what she likes to do for fun. Chelsea admits that she spends a lot of time studying, but also likes to spend time with her friends. Daniel tells her that he has a proposition for her. He wants her to show him around town. He’s looking for all the cool spots, and he wants her to show them to her. As Nick walks in, Chelsea gushes, “Definitely. I’m in.”

Sami and EJ walk into Chez Rouge. She complains about having to come to his meeting with Mickey, and EJ reminds her that they are there to keep up appearances. There is no telling who Burke might interview about their relationship. He kisses Sami’s neck playfully as Maggie walks over and offers to seat them. EJ beams and thanks her. He plans on romancing his lovely wife tonight. Sami eyes him balefully.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip yells at someone over the phone to work harder. They have one week. He slams the phone down as Chloe comes in. She asks if the call was about Brady and Phillip nods. Chloe tells him that the Austrian Consul called her. He wants to interview her about Brady’s disappearance. Phillip offers to call his lawyers. Everything will be fine as soon as they find Brady. Chloe whines. They might never find Brady. They have to face the possibility that she could end up in prison for the rest of her life. Phillip tries to comfort her. Nicole walks in and asks what’s going on.

In her office, Marlena asks her secretary to clear her schedule. John walks in and asks if she is going somewhere. Marlena asks what he needs. John strolls in, beaming. He has decided to give her what she wants most--him. She wants the old John back, and he is prepared to deliver him. Marlena looks at him skeptically. John tells her to give it her best shot. Marlena doesn’t understand what he wants her to do. John explains that the old John is never coming back. He knows it, but Marlena needs to be convinced of that. There’s only one way to accomplish this. She has to hypnotize him. Then, when she sees it has no effect, she’ll have to choice but to accept him as is.

Chelsea greets Nick and asks him to join them. After she introduces him to Daniel, Nick thanks him for saving Bo’s life. Chelsea explains that he and Nick have a lot in common. Daniel convinced a hospital in Sweden to go green. Nick explains that he just got a grant to make an alternative fuel source. As he drones on about maximizing the energy produced from waste, Chelsea gulps and looks like she might be sick.

EJ asks Sami if she’d like a bottle of wine or a martini. Sami grumps. EJ asks her to try to pretend she adores him. Sami says she can’t. Maggie brings wine and smiles. She thinks fate keeps throwing the two of them together.

Phillip tells Nicole that they were talking about Brady. Nicole asks if she can do something. She cared very deeply for Brady. Chloe snorts. She can help by going back to where she came from. Phillip asks Chloe to leave them for a moment and she heads upstairs. Phillip tells Nicole that she can’t help with Brady, but there is something he wants to discuss with her. Nicole wants an expensive dinner and bottle of wine first. Phillip readily agrees and goes out to get the car. Nicole makes a call. She asks for the number of the Austrian Consulate.

Sami harrumphs as Maggie heads off. She and EJ are not fated to be together. EJ agrees. Fate implies a lack of control over one’s destiny. He thinks he and Sami have the power to convince Mr. Burke to approve his visa. He needs to stay here and be a father to his son. Sami agrees to help him, but he has to apply for citizen ship. They can’t stay married forever. EJ knows, but he wants to always be a part of Johnny’s life. He worries what might happen when Lucas comes back. Sami says they’ll make arrangements when that time comes, but Lucas won’t be coming back for a long time.

Nick tells Daniel how much he loves his hybrid, but he would really love to test one of those hydrogen cars. Daniel tells him it’s his lucky day. He has one parked in Victor’s garage even as they speak. He tells Nick he can head over and take it for a spin. Chelsea sweats profusely. Daniel asks if she is feeling alright.

Marlena explains that hypnosis may not solve John’s main problem, which is his memory loss. John says that that seems to be her problem. She explains that he doesn’t know any different. Stefano tortured and brainwashed him. John says that that makes him angry. Marlena asks what he would say to Stefano if he could talk to him. John chuckles, “Karma’s a bitch.” He’s in a coma, and John is heir to his fortune. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. John is ready to get on with the hypnotizing. Marlena reminds him that he might get his memory back. John reminds her that he might not. Will she be able to accept that? Marlena says she will try and agrees to hypnotize him.

Daniel wants to take Chelsea to the hospital, but she refuses. She’s just hot and has been drinking coffee. She agrees to take off some layers and get a cold drink. She assures him that she’ll be fine. She heads off and Daniel asks Nick to keep an eye on her. Nick thinks Daniel must really care about her. Daniel says he cares about all of his patients, but Nick wonders if he manages to take them all on coffee dates. Daniel thinks that Nick must have something to say to him. Nick agrees.

Sami tells EJ that she misses Lucas. EJ knows. Sami grumps and reminds him that he hates Lucas. EJ says that he doesn’t. Everyone makes mistakes. Sami doesn’t buy it. EJ sighs. He has done some pretty shoddy things, so he sees no reason not to forgive Lucas. Maybe that is the difference between them. She will never forgive someone that has done something to her. Nicole and Phillip walk in and she squeals when she sees Sami. She rushes over to greet her as Phillip prepares to tell Maggie to hide the crystal. Nicole approaches the table just as EJ tells Sami that the thinks a part of her will always hate him. Nicole asks if she is interrupting.

Chloe comes downstairs, calling for Phillip. The phone rings incessantly, and Chloe calls for Henderson, who doesn’t answer. Chloe picks up and the caller asks for her. She says it’s Chloe on the line and it goes dead. Chloe looks at the phone in puzzlement, “That was weird.” She sighs and wonders where Phillip went.

Nick asks Daniel if he is trying to make a move on Chelsea. Daniel chuckles. Of course not. His family has been friends with the Kiriakis family since before they were both born. That’s why he is closer to Chelsea than any of his other ex-patients. He appreciates Nick calling him out like that. Chicks dig guys that mark their territory. Nick grumps. He wasn’t trying to prove anything. Daniel smiles. Nick definitely proved something to him.

Marlena asks John to think back to his very first memory. John remembers a cold room, steel, and pain. He remembers Rolf. She then asks him to clear his mind and think of a place that makes him happy. She wants to tell him several stories about a man and the woman who loves him. We flash back to John and Marlena’s first date, a marriage proposal, and him bringing her strawberries in bed. Marlena tells him how happy this man and woman were. She needs him to think hard. There’s something she wants him to remember.

Nick flashes back to Chelsea telling him that she wants to turn over a new leaf. She assures Nick that he is part of that future. Chelsea comes back and Nick asks her why she still has her coat on. She tells him that she got really cold all of a sudden. She asks about Daniel and Nick told her he had to go take a call across the room. He asks her where she sees herself in five years, because he sees himself with her. He knows he has been busy with his research for the last few months, but he wants her to know that their relationship always comes first. Chelsea says it’s ok that he put his grant work first. She understands. Nick insists that he wants to do some re-prioritizing. Chelsea smiles and hugs him. Over his shoulder, she stares at Daniel.

Nicole greets Sami and tells her she looks like she just had twins. Sami huffs. Would Nicole just get the hell out of here? She asks about EJ, and he introduces himself. She chuckles. Stefano sure does get around. When she asks how they know each other, EJ tells Nicole that Sami is his wife. Nicole smiles at Sami. She did good. She looks pityingly at EJ. He didn’t. Has she seen him on TV? Sami explains that he is a lawyer. Phillip comes over and tells her that their table is ready and Nicole and Phillip head off. Before she leaves, she tells EJ she hopes to be seeing him soon. She’s back in Salem for good. EJ smiles at Sami as Nicole leaves. She’s interesting. He would like to know more about her.

Marlena asks John if he remembers the events she described. He says he doesn’t. She asks if he is sure and John nukes. It’s all a black tunnel with no light. Why can’t he remember his own life?

EJ can tell Nicole gets under Sami’s skin, and she agrees. She gives EJ a brief run-down of Nicole’s marriage to Victor and how she tried to kill him. EJ can’t believe that. She seemed so lovely. Sami smirks. She is if you like the gold-digging, back-stabbing type.

Phillip tells Nicole that he wants to talk about her. Her arrival has really upset hi father, and Phillip doesn’t like it when Victor is upset. Nicole doesn’t want that either. She wants her relationship with Victor to work. Phillip chuckles. She really is crazy, isn’t she?

Daniel comes back and says he has to leave. He tells Chelsea to call his cell if she starts feeling badly. He asks Nick to keep an eye on her and leaves. Chelsea senses the tension between the two and asks what is going on. Nick tells her it’s a guy thing. She wouldn’t understand.

Phillip reminds Nicole that she tried to have Victor killed by Jan Spears. Nicole waves him away. That was all a huge misunderstanding. Phillip tells her she won’t be getting any money. Nicole insists that she and Victor are still married, but Phillip tells her that their lawyers are working on that. Nicole huffs off to talk to a lawyer herself. She heads over to EJ and asks if she and Victor are still married, even though he was claimed legally dead.

The doorbell rings at the mansion, but Henderson is nowhere in sight. Chloe answers to find two men at the door asking for her. They need to take her to see the Austrian Consul—now.

Marlena brings John out from under hypnosis and admits that he didn’t remember his old life. John tells her that the old John is dead, and Marlena agrees to stop pressuring him and let him live his new life the way he wants. John tells her not to look so sad. He isn’t all bad. He heads out. Marlena sighs. Their love is still there, and he knows it. Outside, John smiles. She’ll accept him eventually for who he is now. He knows she will.


Nicole tells EJ, “You take me on as a client and get me the settlement I want, and I will cut you in on a very nice percentage.”

The Consul tells Chloe, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Marlena tells John, “I don't want to start over. I want my John back. I want the man I fell in love with.”

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