Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In her hospital room, Kayla tells Stephanie about Steve hanging up on her. Stephanie thinks they may have gotten disconnected, but Kayla doesn’t. Steve told her not to call back. Stephanie groans. Kayla doesn’t really think that something is going on between her dad and this psycho, right? Kayla says no, but she does fear that Steve is in trouble. She tries to get out of bed, saying that she is going to go find Steve. Stephanie stops her. How does she plan on dong that?

In his room, Bo bangs on his call button. Lexie rushes in and asks what’s wrong. Bo tells her that he needs to be released. He has to go find Hope. Lexie shakes her head, “Not a chance.”

Ava’s doctor comes into her room and she says she doesn’t feel like talking today. He thinks she seems a little tense, and Angelo was acting odd as well. Are they hiding something? Ava says no. The doctor wants to take a look around to be sure.

In another room nearby, Hope looks for a way to escape. Suddenly, Steve knocks on her window--from outside. Hope rushes over. Steve smiles, “Let’s go.”

Kayla summons a nurse to her own room with her call button and asks for a computer printout of the baby’s heartbeat. The nurse pulls it off of a machine and hands it over. Kayla points triumphantly at the sheet. There hasn’t been a single contraction in the last hour. The nurse promises to let her doctor know and leaves. Stephanie asks what it all means. Kayla thinks it means that she doesn’t have to stay here any longer.

Lexie tells Bo that he is nowhere near ready to leave. Bo fumes. Hope is in trouble. Lexie reminds him that he won’t allow Abe to begin a search, but he seems worried sick about Hope. Bo says the police can’t get involved. Lexie wants to know what it is he isn’t telling her. Bo says she has to trust him. He tries to get out of bed. Lexie stops him. She is having Abe come down here right away. If he tries to leave, she’ll have the orderlies restrain him. Bo scoffs. She can’t hold him here against his will. Lexie glares, “Like hell I can’t.” She huffs out. Bo rips off his blood pressure cuff and tries to get out of bed. He flashes back to Steve telling him about Ava kidnapping Hope. Bo struggles to get out of bed.

Ava tells the doctor to go ahead and look. He seems suspicious, but agrees to go ahead with their session. Ava sulks. She thinks he tells her father everything. The doctor says that he is there to make her well. She wonders why she isn’t any better. He tells her that the process takes time. He asks about her medication, and when she says she has been taking it regularly, he wants to up the dosage. She seems nervous and tense. Ava brightens considerably. She’s fine. They’ll go ahead and have their session, and she won’t complain. The doctor wants to talk about the tension he is sensing with her and the guards.

Hope asks Steve how he got out. He tells her that he left by the window in his own room. He explains that he broke the window. Apparently the alarms only sound if the windo is opened, or the frame is disturbed. Hope has an idea. She asks Steve to duck out of sight and turns on some loud rock music. Angelo comes in and asks her to turn it down. She turns it down a notch and he leaves. Hope then uses a stool to break the window. She lays a throw blanket down over the broken glass and Steve helps her climb out.

Lexie comes back into Bo’s room to tell him that Abe is busy, but Roman is on his way. Bo frets. Did she tell him about Hope? Lexie says no, so he has no idea what’s going on unless Abe told him. She asks why Bo is so adamant to keep the police out of it. He tells her that he wants Hope to come home safe. Involving the police could jeopardize her. Lexie sighs. She wishes he would make her understand. Bo wants her to trust him. Lexie says that it isn’t a matter of trust. He is her patient. If he leaves here, it will seriously hurt his chances for recovery. Bo stubbornly insists she call Roman and tell him that he doesn’t need to come to the hospital.

The nurse tells Kayla that she isn’t getting out of here today. Kayla argues. The nurse tells her to talk to the doctor. She has her orders, and Kayla isn’t leaving. And she better not think of signing herself out. Those kind of forms have a nasty way of getting lost for a few days. She leaves. Stephanie likes the nurse. Kayla tells her to stop fooling around. She has to get out of here. Stephanie huffs. She thinks that her dad is capable of taking care of himself, and Kayla is just getting herself all worked up. She threatens to call the nurse back in. Kayla asks for her phone, and calls Roman after Stephanie gets it. She asks him to come by the hospital. He tells her that he is on his way, and she gives him her room number.

Ava tells the doctor that she has been pestering her cousins to let her go, so that explains the tension. She isn’t allowed to have a TV, radio, or computer. The doctor reminds her that he and his father think that it’s in her best interests. He wants to talk about where they left off the last time. There was something she needed to do right before she was going to marry Patch. Ava says she can’t remember and paces with frustration. The doctor asks her not to get agitated and hands her a couple of pills. These will relax her and awaken her sub-conscious, along with those repressed memories.

Hope and Steve slink along the side of the house. Hope doesn’t think it will take long for someone to notice their absence. They round the corner of the house and Steve suggests they book it. He and Hope break into a sprint.

Roman comes to see Kayla and she and Stephanie fill him in on what they know about Steve and Ava. Roman sighs. He is sure Steve tried to take maters into his own hands and handle the woman himself. Kayla nods. She’s worried. Roman tells her he can’t put out an official APB, but he can look into it himself, if she wants. He doesn’t think Steve will take any unnecessary risks, so Kayla needs to relax and focus on the baby. Kayla tells him it’s ok. She’s sure Steve is fine. Roman beams. He wishes Bo would be this easy to deal with, but he doubts it. Roman heads off. Kayla asks Stephanie to go find her some orange juice and Stephanie complies. As soon as she’s gone, Kayla throws back the covers and gets out of bed.

Bo begs Lexie not to tell Roman the truth about Hope. If he finds out she’s missing, he’ll have everyone looking for her. Lexie huffs. Is that such a bad thing? Bo tells her he can’t give her any details. She just has to trust him. Bo comes in and asks Lexie what is going on with Bo. He hears he wants to be released early. He smiles at Bo. He has to ask; Why so anxious? Lexie and Bo exchange nervous looks.

The doctor urges Ava to try and remember. She doesn’t have amnesia; she’s just suppressing the memories. Ava asks why she would do that. The doctor think something traumatic must have happened. He thinks it has something to do with Patch. Ava isn’t sure why, but she doesn’t think it has anything to do with him. He wonders what else it could be, but Ava isn’t sure. The doctor say that is the puzzle that they have to solve. Ava has been trying for years. She’s beginning to think that she is never going to have the answers. She sobs. The doctor soothes her.

Steve helps Hope boost herself up to a nearby wall. A man with a gun stops them. Where do they think they’re going? Hope climbs back down and she and Steve sigh.

Lexie tells Roman that Bo has been threatening to leave. Bo smiles apologetically. He’s ready to get out of here. Roman isn’t sure his body is ready. Lexie agrees. It’s nowhere near time for Bo to be released. If he insists on trying to leave, then Lexie will be forced to call Roman again. Roman tells him he’ll place him under arrest. Bo grumps. Roman asks where Hope is, and Bo fidgets. He says she’s resting at home. Roman and Lexie warn Bo one last time. Bo mouths a “thanks” to Lexie behind Roman’s back and they both leave.

Ava sobs. The doctor comforts her. He cares about her, and he wants her to get better. He thinks she will, with time. Ava thanks him. He says the session is over for today. He tells her to keep taking her medication. She tells him she wants to get better. The doctor smiles. He knows she does. He leaves. Ava knocks a few moments later and yells for Angelo. She tells him that she wants him to bring Patch here alone. Angelo wants her to take a nap and relax, but Ava refuses. She wants to see Patch now.

Stephanie comes back to Kayla’s room to find her bed empty.

The man tells Hope and Steve to stay where they are. He fumbles with a walkie-talkie and Steve takes the opportunity to knock the gun out of his hand. He knocks the guy out with one punch and tries to boost Hope over the wall a second time. Angelo runs up and tells them to freeze or they’re dead.

Stephanie asks the nurse if her mom has been taken somewhere else. The nurse says no. Stephanie freaks. Then her mom left on her own! The nurse heads off to alert Lexie and the rest of the staff.

Kayla comes into Bo’s room. He asks if Roman or Lexie sent her. She says no, but she does know that Steve came to see him the other day. She fills him in on her strange call to Steve. Bo feigns innocence. He has no idea what’s going on. Kayla doesn’t buy it. Nobody knows where Steve is, and come to think of it, she hasn’t seen Hope in a while either. Bo insists that she’s home resting. Kayla shakes her head. Hope wouldn’t be gone this long. She asks if Hope has something to do with what’s going on with Steve. Bo doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Kayla nukes. She needs him to tell her everything he knows--right now.

Ava sips a drink and another guard walks in. She asks about Patch. He tells her that their rooms were empty and their windows smashed out. Angelo and the others are looking for them. Ava screams. They can’t escape! She howls at him to go find them now. The man slinks out. Ava pants.

Angelo tells Steve and Hope to face the wall. He instructs them to put their hands behind their heads and head back to the house. He stops Steve. He hates him for what he did to Ava, so he’d love to have a reason to shoot him. Steve sulks and walks off. Angelo instructs the man with him to help Albert, who is still unconscious from his fight with Steve.

Lexie and Bo rush up to Stephanie and she fills them in on Kayla’s disappearance. Before they can think what may have happened, the nurse comes back to tell them that Kayla was spotted in Bo’s room. Roman thinks that makes sense. Stephanie and Lexie don’t want Kayla out of bed period. Roman tries to calm them. Kayla knows that Bo wanted to leave earlier. Kayla just went down there to talk some sense into him. Stephanie and Lexie both agree that Kayla needs to be a patient first right now, and not a doctor. Behind them, a man dressed in scrubs takes a picture of Stephanie on his camera phone.

Bo starts to tell Kayla about Ava, but she says she already knows. Stephanie told her. But she still doesn’t understand what Hope has to do wit this. Bo sighs. Ava has her. Kayla gasps. That makes no sense! Why would Ava want her? Bo tells her that she thinks that Hope and Steve are married. She thinks Hope is Kayla.

Angelo brings Hope and Steve back to Ava’s room. She nukes. How could they do this to her after how well she has treated them? Hope sulks. They’re being held prisoner. Ava fumes. She tells Angelo to leave. He is worried what she might do and wants to stay, but she refuses, and he leaves. She knew Patch was lying to her. Steve sighs. He had to get Hope out of here. She’s pregnant, and besides, this isn’t her fault. What’s going on here is jut between him and her. Hope pleads. She wants to get away from Ava, and this two-timing bastard behind her. She just wants to raise her baby in peace. Ava smiles. She’s sure she would like for her to believe that. Hope cries and asks if Steve even cared about their baby. He says no. Ava laughs. They would say anything to get her to let Kayla go. Steve reminds her that they can’t make any progress wit her around. Ava agrees whole-heartedly. She says that she’ll just have her guards take care of Kayla. Hope looks at Steve in horror.

Bo explains to Kayla that Steve warned him not to call the police because of Ava’s family. Kayla gasps. She already talked to Roman about it, but he seemed to think Steve could handle this. Bo sighs worriedly. Steve also talked to Abe about Ava. They just have to hope that Abe and Roman don’t get together and compare notes. In the meantime, he has to get out of here and save Hope and Steve. Kayla thinks she’s the one that should go. Bo says she can’t because of her pregnancy. Kayla frets. They can’t just sit around here doing nothing.

Lexie thinks they should let Bo and Kayla visit for a while. She’ll make sure the nurses get Kayla back to bed soon. She gets a page and heads off. Roman offers to buy Stephanie a cup of coffee. He wants to talk about her internship with Anna. The man in scrubs stares at the picture of Stephanie on his cell phone.

Steve tells Ava that he loves her, but he won’t let her threaten Kayla. Ava smiles. She just meant that the guards would take Kayla to another room. Maybe she and Patch can have dinner. Steve says he would like that, but she doesn’t believe him. After all, he was caught trying to escape with his wife. Angelo knocks and comes in. Something came on the phone for her. She smiles and tells Steve and Hope that this is her insurance policy. Steve doesn’t understand. She tells him that he and Kayla made her believe that this was their first child. She opens the phone and shows him the picture of Stephanie. Who is this? Steve gapes. Ava smiles. It’s their first child, Stephanie. And if they try to escape again, she’ll be dead. They’ll only have themselves to blame, too.


Daniel tells Chelsea, “Well, I’m on a mission to hit every cool place I can, and Salem is the town I’m in now. So are you in?” As Nick looks on, Chelsea replies, “Definitely. I’m in.”

Chloe says, “I might go to prison for the rest of my life, okay? I could die in prison.”

John tells Marlena, “I have decided to give you what you want.“ She replies, “Which is?” He grins and spreads his arms, “Me.”

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