Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie shows up at Anna’s office with her camera guy, David, in tow. Anna groans. She doesn’t feel like being filmed today. Stephanie explains that he really needs this project for his master’s degree. Anna finally relents, but tells Stephanie that she doesn’t want this to serve as a distraction. They have a lot of new prospects. Stephanie asks how she can help. Anna tells David to “cut” as he zooms in on her. David ignores her. Anna yells, “CUT!”

A despondent Morgan and her cameraman, Mark, walk into Tony’s office. He greets them and warns Mark to stay out of their way. Tony talks to Morgan abut coming up with some slogans, but she doesn’t think she can do it today. Tony asks what’s wrong.

In Ava’s room, Steve’s cell rings. Ava snatches it from Angelo and hands it to Steve. She pulls a gun, points it at Hope, and tells Steve to watch what he says, or Kayla here will pay. Steve answers the phone to find the real Kayla on the other end. She demands to know what in the hell s going on. Steve says that this is a bad time. He can’t really talk. Kayla goes ballistic. Ava demands to know who’s on the phone.

Tony can tell that something is wrong with Morgan. She sighs. He’s a busy man. She doesn’t want to bug him with her problems. Tony insists. He is always here to help out an employee. Morgan relents and admits that the problem is with her parents. She tells Tony about their divorce and her father’s recent arrest. He’s been accused of accepting bribes. Morgan explains that her mother has all of the money, but she hired a big-shot lawyer and got child support and alimony from her father. Tony asks how things are going with her father. Morgan admits that she is angry with him. Tony hugs he and soothes her. Mark zooms in on them with his camera.

Anna argues with David. She can’t concentrate with that thing on. Stephanie assures her that she will forget about it after a while. Anna doesn’t think so. Stephanie asks David to turn the camera off. Maybe they can turn it on later when Anna feels comfortable. Anna grumbles and checks her makeup.

Kayla pleads with Steve to tell her what’s going on. Her stress level is off the charts. Steve brusquely tells her to relax. Kayla says she knows all about Ava. Stephanie told her about it. She just needs to know where he is. Ava tells Angelo to get the phone away from Steve. They need to find out who he’s talking to. Kayla begs Steve to tell her where he is.

Kate walks in and Tony asks Morgan to go freshen up. Mark stays behind and tapes Tony and Kate. Tony tells her to pretend as if the camera isn’t here. Kate sighs and agrees. She asks Tony if he has anything for her. He tells her that he won’t say what popped into his mind. Kate asks if it is creative. Tony thinks it may be, but it has nothing to do with advertising.

David mouths instructions to Stephanie. He wants her to go talk to Anna, who’s reading a magazine. Stephanie sighs and asks what she’s reading. Anna says it’s stupid. It’s called “10 Ways to Get Your Man Back.” Anna thinks that either way the man left, he’s an idiot. If you kicked him out, he deserved it, and if he walked out, then you shouldn’t want him back. At any rate, they’re ten bad ways. Anna knows of ten others that would actually work. Stephanie thinks she should have written the article. Anna agrees. She got Tony back when she wanted him, and got rid of him when she was sick of him. Stephanie asks if she could get him back now if she wanted. Anna says that she could. Stephanie asks how.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn’t want to argue. She just wants answers. Steve yells. She already has his answer. He shouts at her not to call him back and throws the phone on the ground, breaking it. Kayla, completely bewildered, hangs up. She tells Lexie, who has just walked in, that Steve hung up on her. Lexie warns her to relax.. She’s becoming too agitated.

Ava asks why Steve did that as Angelo picks the broken pieces off of the floor. Steve says it was a real estate agent that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Ava tells him not to mess with her. Angel agrees.

Lexie thinks Steve must have said something. Kayla says that eh just said he didn’t want to talk to her and not to call him back. Lexie doesn’t think that sounds like Steve. She warns Kayla not to get too worked up. Kayla says it’s far too late for all of that. She flashes back to Stephanie telling her about Ava.

Steve insists that it was a real estate agent. Ava doesn’t buy it. Why did he get so mad? Steve says that she guy pushed him too far, and he reacted. That’s all.

Anna tells Stephanie that you should play hard to get first of all, and also not return the guy’s phone calls. Then he’ll be forced to slink back to your door with flowers and take-out. Anna reminisces about Tony. Stephanie thinks Anna’s “ways” are mean. Her boyfriend would never talk to her again if she did them. Anna asks if she means Max. Stephanie blushes and nods. She’s never said it out loud, but she supposes they are like boyfriend and girlfriend. She quickly changes the subject back to Tony. Maybe Anna is sad that they aren’t together. Anna snorts. She got rid of Tony and he can go jump in a lake for all she cares.

Tony tells Kate about an idea for the ad that she loves. Tony goes over to his computer to show her another. He leans over her and sniffs her throat. She smells wonderful. Kate turns around and thanks him, coming face to face with him. Mark tapes them the entire time.

Kayla tells Lexie that she thinks Steve is in some kind of trouble. There was something seriously off about that conversation. He didn’t even sound like himself. Lexie thinks that Steve is a big boy. Kayla has to rest and try not to worry about him. Kayla huffs. She thinks there’s something wrong. She has to find a way to help Steve.

Ava asks Angelo to leave and asks Steve to tell her the truth. Steve explains that he and Kayla were planning on buying a house, but that isn’t going to happen now that he is staying here. Anyway, the guy just kept pushing, and Steve doesn’t like to by pushed--by anyone. She knows that. Ava smirks. Is she supposed to be buying this?

Stephanie wants hear some more of Anna’s ways to get a man back. Anna sighs. What’s the point? Stephanie asks if she would take Tony back if he walked in here. She says that she would if came in on his knees, pleading. The problem with men like him is that when she says she likes walks in the park, he doesn’t understand that that means that she wants to take a walk in the park with him. Stephanie thinks she should try telling Tony what she wants if he doesn’t know. It can’t hurt. Anna huffs. He is supposed to know what she wants. Stephanie thinks she must really miss him. Anna says that he is frustrating, but admits that she does. She tells Stephanie and David that none of this goes past this room. David secretly continues recording and agrees. Anna wants to get back to work, but there isn’t much to do, so she suggests that they all take a break.

Kate asks Tony if he is coming on to her. He tells her that he is in the advertising business. It is his job to appreciate beautiful things. Kate tells him that she loves what he’s done with her line so far. Morgan comes back and Tony asks her to take the rest of the day off. Mark starts to pack up his camera, but Tony asks him to leave it. It will be safe here, and there’s no point in lugging it all back tomorrow. Mark thanks him and he and Morgan leave. The camera continues recording as Tony fills Kate in on what’s going on with Morgan. Kate pities her. Tony thinks she will be fine after a hot bath and a good meal. Speaking of good meals, would Kate be interested in joining him for dinner this evening?

Lexie tells Kayla that the only thing she’s doing is staying in bed. Kayla insists that she has to find Steve and help him. Lexie wonders what she could possibly do. She can’t run around playing superhero all the time. Kayla tells Lexie what Stephanie told her about Steve’s ex-girlfriend. Supposedly the woman is a real mental case.

Hope tells Ava that shooting her won’t do Ava any good. What can she hope to gain by it, besides getting herself in to more trouble? Ava smiles. She can easily get out of a little pinch like this. Steve says that what this all comes down to whether or not she believes him. Ava smiles. He loves her, right? He would never lie to her. Steve nods. And the truth is, that he never loved Kayla like he loved Ava. Ava beams. Steve wants to take her to a secluded beach somewhere. Ava smiles. Can they get married and start over? Steve agrees.

Ann comes into Tony’s office to find it empty. She catches sight of his open laptop with designs for Kate’s advertising campaign. Anna sulks. These really are good. She catches sight of the camera and heads over to it. She wonders aloud what Tony has been up to.

Tony comes to Anna’s office, and finds it empty as well. He flips through Anna’s portfolio and smiles. He catches sight of the camera equipment and thinks.

Lexie tells Kayla that Steve can take care of himself. Kayla needs to let Abe handle this. Kayla groans. She can’t just sit here and worry, imagining the worst scenarios. Lexie reminds her that the welfare of the baby is more important than anything else. Kayla sighs and lies back. She agrees. The baby is the number one priority.

Ava talks to Steve about the wedding she wants. It has to be magical this time. She’ll wear a long gown and he’ll wear a white dinner jacket. Then the honeymoon--Angelo interrupts her. They need to talk. Ava says she is busy. Angelo insists that it’s important.

Tony watches the video from Stephanie and Anna’s conversation earlier. He smirks at Anna’s ways to get men back, and then fast forwards to her admitting that she misses him. Tony stops the tape and sighs deeply.

Anna watches the tape of Tony calling Morgan and she calls him a son of a bitch. The girl is half his age! When Kate comes in, she fast forwards to the latter part of their conversation, when Tony compliments her and asks her to dinner. Anna nukes. That bastard!

Lexie tells Kayla that when Steve does come home, he’ll want to come home to a healthy, pregnant wife. Kayla agrees. Lexie reminds her that her first priority is making sure that this baby doesn’t come before term, and she has to stay in bed to ensure that happens. If Steve doesn’t show up in a few hours, Lexie will call Abe. There must be something he can do. Kayla thanks her and Lexie leaves. Kayla prays that Steve and the baby stay safe.

Angelo tells Ava that her doctor is here. Her father’s orders still stand so she needs to come along. Ava promises Steve that she will be back soon and they leave. Hope asks Steve if he thinks she bought it. Steve hopes so. They got to look for a way to slip Hope out of here, at least. She wonders what kind of doctor was here. Steve says it must be a shrink. Hope thinks that Ava needs help. Steve agrees.

Anna fumes and mocks Tony. She mimics him asking Kate to dinner, if she is free. Anna rages. She wasn’t free when she was a hooker! Her phone rings and it’s Tony. He asks if it’s a bad time. She says no. He asks where she is and she tells him she’s getting her hair washed and styled. Tony thinks it is exquisite. Anna’s eyes flash. Is Kate’s hair exquisite too, or just her eyes? Tony doesn’t understand. Anna says he wont be playing any of his little games with her anymore. She hopes he and Kate will be very happy. Tony says she isn’t making any sense. Anna cries. She’s the one that’s going to come out on top here! She hangs up and storms out of his office.

Kayla frets. Stephanie comes in and takes her hands to try and comfort her. Kayla smiles.

Steve and Hope go through the drawers of the room and Hope warns him about the alarms on the windows. Steve wants her to fake going into labor, but Hope thinks that Ava will just bring that doctor in. She wishes Bo were here. He would know what to do. Steve asks if she thinks he isn’t s good as Bo. She tells him to prove it and get them out of here. Ava and Angelo come back in and she asks what they were talking about.


Stephanie asks Kayla,, “What are you doing?” She replies, “I’m going to go find your father.” Stephanie asks, “And how exactly do you think you’re going to do that?”

Bo tells Lexie, “You can’t hold me here against my will.” She replies, “Like hell I can’t.”

Ava tells Steve, “We can never truly be happy as long as she’s around. I’ll just have my guards get rid of her.”

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