Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole comes down for breakfast and greets Victor cheerily. He grumbles. She’s glad to see he’s still grumpy. He retorts that she’s still a gold-digging whore. Nicole crows about the good night’s sleep she had and how she plans on redecorating. Chloe comes in and Victor rolls his eyes. Now his day is complete. Chloe snags the last croissant and Nicole yelps. She wanted it. Chloe tosses her hair. She should have been quicker. Victor leaves, muttering about sticking a nail in his eye before getting involved in their spat. Chloe enjoys her croissant. Nicole huffs. Those carbs really aren’t doing anything for her, by the way.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena interrupts John working. He tells her that the twins kept him up all night. He could hear those high-pitched screams all over the house. Marlena giggles. He asks how long they’ll all be here. She tells him they’ll leave as soon as Immigration backs off of EJ. She tells him that she has to leave and asks him to tell Sami she’ll be back for supper. She leaves. John gets back to work, and hears footsteps in the foyer. He asks if she forgot to kiss him goodbye. Phillip strolls in He’d appreciate it if John bought him dinner first--or at least drinks. He’s going to need one after they finish talking.

Stephanie comes into Kayla’s room at the hospital as she wakes up. She explains that she spent the night in the chair and hasn’t left her side until just now. Kayla thanks her and says that the pain is gone now. Stephanie folds her arms across her chest. That’s good, because she won’t mind being yelled at. How could she endanger the life of her baby by getting out of bed?!

Chelsea bursts into Bo’s hospital room and demands to know why he got out of bed. Bo jokes about running to win a marathon. Chelsea doesn’t laugh. She’s serious. What was so important that he felt the need to endanger his life?

Hope paces in Ava’s room. Angelo lets Steve in and closes the door. Hope asks about his dinner with Ava and he tells Hope that she passed out. It must have had something to do with the medication she took for her migraine. Steve sighs. There is something really wrong with her. She was always wild, but never all over the map like she is now. Hope tells Steve that Angelo and the others blame him. Steve nukes as Ava walks in. Thinking that he and “Kayla” are fighting, she grins and asks what they’re chatting about.

John sighs. He hopes that Phillip didn’t come to whine about the docks again. He’s had his fill of crying babies. Besides, he’s busy. Phillip smirks. Busy stopping more shipments, eh? John doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Phillip smiles. That’s right. He has Paul Hollingsworth in his pocket. Obviously he hasn’t seen today’s paper. He holds it out to John and urges him not to shoot the messenger. John snatches it and reads the headlines. He snorts, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Bo asks Chelsea for a refill on his water and she stalks out with the pitcher. Bo flashes back to Steve telling him that Hope is fine, and that he can’t get the cops involved. Steve assures him that he can handle Ava. Chelsea comes back with the water and apologizes for being so hard on Bo. She is just worried about him. Bo explains that he just wanted fresh air. Chelsea chides him, and he changes the subject by reminding her the danger she was in. Chelsea sighs. She is fine now, and that isn’t the point. He needs to stay in bed and get well, so that he never has to see the inside of a hospital again. Daniel walks in and agrees. Chelsea is a smart young lady.

Kayla tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t be yelling at her pregnant mother. Besides, she had to check on Bo. Stephanie thinks she could have called. Kayla changes the subject. Stephanie told her that Steve was here visiting with Bo, and he wasn’t. Also, Bo was acting oddly. Stephanie groans. Her dad is going to kill her for leaving Kayla alone to go hang out with her friends. Kayla huffs. She doesn’t need a babysitter. Stephanie needs to tell her where Steve is, and she needs to do it right now.

Steve explains that Kayla is jealous. She doesn’t believe that they didn’t have dinner. Hope plays along. She knows Ava probably couldn’t keep her hands off Steve. She calls her a tramp. Steve defends Ava. Hope accuses him of doing so. Ava watches their argument with pleasure. She wants to have a little chat alone with Kayla. Steve refuses. Hope thinks it’s a good idea, and Ava heads off to get Angelo. Steve looks at Hope questioningly. She shrugs.

Nicole asks Chloe what she did with Brady. Chloe says she didn’t do anything. She smiles. It must kill Nicole that he chose Chloe over her. No matter what Nicole did, she couldn’t compete. Nicole chuckles. And where is Brady now? Missing, and probably dead. Maybe he killed himself because he couldn’t handle being with Chloe anymore. She’s sure Brady regretted every moment he spent with her. Chloe shrieks, “Shut your stupid mouth!” Nicole laughs. Or what? Will Chloe kill her, too?

Victor shows up at Marlena’s office and apologizes for being early for his appointment. He admits that he has been looking forward to it. Marlena is glad. She asks what he would like to talk about today. Victor says his life is a complete disaster. He feels like he is on the verge of losing his mind.

Chelsea says hi to Daniel and he tells her that his rounds aren’t nearly as fun without her around. Bo pouts. Daniel reassures him how fun he is and winks at Chelsea. She giggles and tells Bo that she’s a tough act to follow. Daniel asks her to step out so he can examine Bo and she heads off. Daniel asks him if he’s had any pain or fevers. Bo says no, but he does want to talk about Chelsea, since they’re on the subject of rising temperatures. Daniel asks why. Bo tells Daniel that Chelsea clearly has a thing for him.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she honestly does not know where Steve is. Kayla asks if she knows what Steve is keeping from her. Stephanie tries to play dumb, but Kayla isn’t buying it. She has known all along. She thought she would give Steve time to tell her his secret, but enough is enough. Stephanie says that she promised she wouldn’t tell. Kayla tells her that she isn’t glass. She won’t break. Besides, it’s more stressful for her not knowing what’s going on. So is Stephanie going to do what’s best for her, and tell her the truth? Stephanie gulps.

Phillip flashes back to John telling him that he’ll do whatever it takes to sabotage Kiriakis shipping. Back in the present, John looks at the paper and chuckles. Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted on charges of graft. Phillip nods. He’s been taking bribes, believe it or not. John assumes Phillip had something to do with this. Phillip wonders why he would do that. Anyway, he hopes Paul doesn’t start naming names. He also hopes that John will now reasonably come to an agreement about the docks that’s beneficial for all of them. John shakes his head. That’s boring. He’s not a quitter. Phillip says he isn’t either. John smiles. Then Phillip needs to bring it on.

Kayla urges Stephanie to tell her what is going on. Stephanie refuses. Kayla reminds her that Steve didn’t come home last night, or he would know she’s in the hospital. If he is in trouble, Stephanie has to tell her what is going on. Stephanie begs her to trust them. Kayla wants Stephanie to trust her. Stephanie sighs and relents, but thinks that Kayla isn’t going to like it.

Daniel asks what makes Bo think that Chelsea likes him. Bo sees that she’s all flushed and starry-eyed. Daniel brushes his suspicions off. Chelsea is his patient. It would be unethical for them to date. Bo says she was his patient. Daniel tells Bo that he and Chelsea are just friends, so Bo has nothing to worry about. Bo actually has one other concern. He wants to know when he can get out of here. Daniel says that he has a long way to go. Bo wants to know how long. Daniel is suspicious. Does he want a date?

Ava brings a tray into Hope, who is sitting alone in her room. Hope asks what happened between her and Steve the night before, and Ava tells her that she and Patch made love. Hope pretends to be very upset by the news. She tells Ava that she knew something was up, even before they were kidnapped. She thinks that Steve is afraid of becoming a father. Ava pretends to be sympathetic. She told Kayla that Patch still loved her. Hope nods and cries a little. Whose idea was it to have sex? Ava tells her that he was cold at first, but warmed up after a few drinks. Hope accuses her of having to get him drunk. Ava insists he knew what he was doing. Ava asks her what she wants to do now that she knows the truth.

Victor explains to Marlena that Brady is still missing, and his wife is under his roof. Victor fears that Chloe is after Phillip. Marlena asks if he has a problem with that. Victor nods. Marlena thinks that you have to let children live their own lives. Victor sighs. It’s hard. He’s lived this business, and he lost a part pf his soul along the way. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Phillip.

Phillip tells John that he is making a huge mistake. John nods. Yes, he’s sure he’ll rue the day that he crossed a Kiriakis. Phillip starts to walk out. John asks if this means they can’t be friends. Phillip says that he has plenty of friends. For one, the new customs official down at the docks. His father made sure to properly congratulate him on his new position. Phillip even plans on giving him some golf pointers. John admits that Phillip has the upper hand, but the game isn’t over. Phillip smiles and leaves. John chuckles.

Bo tells Daniel that he wants to go home and spend time with his wife. Daniel understands that. Maybe he can get out of here in a few weeks. Bo is surprised that it will be that long. Chelsea is well already. Daniel tells him that Chelsea healed exceptionally well. He warns Bo not to get out of bed. Chelsea made a huge sacrifice for him. He shouldn’t screw that up. He leaves. He tells Chelsea she can go back inside. She stops him and ask him not to leave.

Stephanie tells Kayla that her dad is trying to protect her from his past. Kayla asks what it is. Stephanie explains that it’s someone. It’s an ex-girlfriend. Kayla shakes her head dazedly. Stephanie barrels on. This woman will apparently do anything to get her dad back.

Hope fumes. She can’t believe that Steve never told her about Ava. It must mean he cares for her. Ava nods. He also made love to her. Hope moans. She doesn’t have to rub it in. She think for a minute then says that this whole thing is dysfunctional. Ava is the bad guy, but Steve defended Ava, and she can see that he is still attracted to her. Ava beams. You can’t help who you love. Hope says that she deserves better. Ava can have the bastard, if they still love each other.

Chelsea asks Daniel what he’s doing later. Daniel says that he is going to try to get off early and look for a good coffee house. Chelsea suggests the Java Café and offers to take him there. Daniel says he’ll go throw off his lab coat and they’ll go right now. He leaves and Chelsea flashes back to her first awkward meeting with Daniel in the park. She comes back to the present and grins.

Victor tells Marlena that his wife also moved back in. Marlena doesn’t understand. Victor tells her that Nicole Walker is back in town. There was a problem with the divorce, and she’s staying at the mansion until his lawyers can sort things out. The only good thing about this is that Chloe and Nicole hate each other. With any luck, they’ll kill each other.

Chloe insists that she isn’t a murderer. Nicole thinks some opera fans in Europe would disagree. Chloe counters. At least she makes an honest living. Nicole’s resume consists of porn videos and stealing cash from rich men. Nicole huffs. She made Austin’s company millions. She just got bored. Chloe still thinks Nicole botched her surgery. Nicole thinks she could use some work. Chloe throes a bagel at her. Nicole grabs some food and chases Chloe around the table. She’s been waiting for this for a long time.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she doesn’t know much about the woman--just that her name is Ava and that she belongs to a crime family. Kayla asks how long they were together. Stephanie doesn’t know. He just left one day when things didn’t feel right. Kayla asks if this woman tracked him down. Stephanie nods. The woman knows that her dad is married. That’s why he hired a guard to follow Kayla around. Stephanie sighs. She is really worried that her dad thinks this woman will do something crazy.

Steve comes in with Angelo and asks about the girls’ chat. Hope slaps him. Ava told her that they had sex. Steve says that she is lying, but Hope accuses him of being the liar. He clearly has feelings for her. Steve says that it is complicated. Ava grins. Steve says they can work it out. They’re having a baby together. Hope glares. Oh no, they’re not. He’s not raising this baby. Steve says this is hard to believe. Angelo smirks. He was thinking the same thing.

Caroline visits with Bo, and he thanks her for bringing Ciara by earlier. He really misses her. Caroline says that she misses him too, and Hope as well. She thought Hope would b with Bo. Where is she?

Kayla rages. Stephanie sighs. She knew she would be upset. Kayla says she is fine. She is just upset because the two people she loved the most lied to her. Stephanie apologizes. Kayla wonders why Steve didn’t tell her about this woman before she caused trouble. Stephanie doesn’t know. All she knows is that Ava is determined to get her dad back. Kayla huffs. She’s like to see her try. She’s going to find Steve and give him a piece of her mind. Then they’re going to figure out how to deal with this woman--together.

Angelo thinks this is all a little too convenient. Ava thinks that Patch and Kayla have problems. A phone rings. Angelo says that it is Patch’s cell. Ava asks who it is.

Marlena asks if there is anything else he would like to talk about. He says yes, but he doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Marlena assures him that everything said here is kept confidential. Victor says that it’s about John, and he just isn’t comfortable. He would never question her integrity, but even an accidental slip-up could be used by John, and they are rivals now. Besides, he has always had a hard time trusting people.

John stares at Stefano’s picture. If Victor and Phillip thought he was ruthless, they have another thing coming. He’s gong to bring the Kiriakis empire to its knees.

Chloe and Nicole continue throwing food and yelling at each other. Philip comes in and Chloe ducks just in time for Phillip to receive a face full of orange juice intended for her. Nicole smiles apologetically.

Bo tells Caroline that Hope is probably resting, but she doesn’t buy it. She wants to know what is going on. Bo admits that her instincts are right. Hope is in danger. But they can’t tell Abe or Roman. She just has to trust him on this one. Caroline says that she does. Bo tells there’s one more thing. She has to bust him out of here.

Chelsea thinks it’s hot in the hospital. She rubs her forehead. She thinks she’s getting a fever. Daniel comes up and asks if she’s ready to go get coffee. She says she’s excited. He is glad they are becoming such good friends. Chelsea nods. So is she. He asks if she is ok with that. She says yes, because anything else might make her boyfriend a little uncomfortable. Daniel laughs and asks her to lead the way. They leave.

Angelo tells Ava that it’s just a number. Steve says that his brother-in-law is sick. They should have let him answer it. The same number calls back. Ava pulls a gun and points it at Hope. She tells Steve to answer the phone. If he tries anything, Kayla will pay. Steve answers. It’s the real Kayla, wanting to know what the hell is going on. Ava demands to know who’s on the phone. Steve freezes with panic.


Kate asks Tony, “I wanted to know if you have anything for me.” He replies, “Quite possibly. But it has nothing to do with advertising.”

Lexie chides, “Kayla, you are pregnant. You can’t be running around playing superhero.”

Ava points a gun at Steve, who yells, “You know I don’t like to be pushed. Not by anyone.”

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