Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie comes down to the docks looking for Max. She hands him a hot chocolate, and he explains that he’s trying to finish up his community service. She rubs his shoulders. He works too hard. Max sighs. This is the best way for him to forget about his Pop dying. Stephanie tells him to take this from someone who knows--he’s going to have to deal with this sooner or later.

In Ava’s room, Ava asks Steve why he doesn’t want to lay one on his wife. Steve says that isn’t his style. That isn’t how Ava remembers it. She starts reminiscing and Steve asks her to stop for “Kayla’s” sake. Hope nods. She’ll take a pass. Ava thinks that she needs to know how great her and Patch were. Steve sighs and tells Hope there were some great times, but he mostly remembers staying ahead of whoever was after them--on both sides of the law. Ava thinks it was fun. She bets Kayla here isn’t half as much fun. Steve says that they’ve had some good times. Ava wants him to prove it, “Kiss her.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole puts her dog down and tells him to go play. She asks for a cocktail. Victor demands that she leave as Kate, Chloe, Phillip, Chelsea, and Daniel look on. She ignores him and asks Henderson for her usual. She hands him her dog’s bag and asks that Pookie be fed. Nicole sits at the table and expresses surprise at Victor’s guest list. She is especially surprised to see Chloe there. Her scars healed nicely. Are she and Victor not still on the outs? Chloe glares. Nicole asks where Brady is. Victor rages. That’s enough! Henderson brings Nicole a martini. She drinks half at a gulp and asks for another. Kate asks what she is doing here. Nicole smiles. She’s back. Salem is her home, after all, and she couldn’t stay away. Victor threatens to throw her out. She pouts. How could he talk to his wife that way? Victor demands to know what she is talking about. She sighs. It was a lovely ceremony, on New Year’s Eve--she thinks, and someone was murdered. Victor snarls. It was Colin Murphy, whom he thinks she tried to murder, much as she tried to murder Victor. She laughs him off and tells him that she never signed any divorce papers. She’s still his wife. Victor isn’t buying it and continues to yell at her to leave. Kate stops him and pulls him aside. Daniel pulls Chelsea aside as well and asks what’s going on. Chelsea gives him the rundown on Nicole’s marriage to Victor. Daniel thinks she’s charming, but Chelsea says she is about as charming as a snake. Her grandmother says that she makes a pastime out of marrying men for money. Daniel shrugs. At least she’s good at what she does. Victor wonders aloud to Kate about what Nicole has planned. She always has something devious schemed in that head of hers. Kate thought Victor had her arrested or something. Victor scowls and turns back to Nicole, who changes tactics. She needs a place to stay, and she’s so little. He’ll barely even notice she’s here. There’s no place like the cozy casa Kiriakis. She grins. Victor scowls.

Max flashes back to telling Shawn that he knows that everyone has his place in life, but he wants to be able to provide for Stephanie. Max comes back to the present. He thought Nick’s party was tonight. Stephanie say that they are going to wait for Chelsea to get well, and they both talk about her stay at the Kiriakis mansion. Max wonders if she wouldn’t rather be hanging out with Chelsea with all of her personal servants and cooks. Stephanie says she would rather be with him. He reminds her that her sister are out at clubs. Doesn’t she want to join them? She says that she doesn’t.

Steve hugs Hope and whispers to her to follow his lead. They almost kiss, but Ava stops them in disgust. She doesn’t think it had a lot of passion. Hope says that hostage situations don’t really do it for her. Ava smiles. If she had a man like Kayla, she would take every opportunity to show him that she loved him. Steve sighs. Ok, so what’s next? Ava isn’t sure. What does he think? Steve says that she has him. She needs to let Kayla go.

Stephanie assures Max that there is nowhere she’d rather be. Even if she was out clubbing, she would be thinking about him. Max just wants to be sure. He doesn’t know what he would have done without her the last few weeks. She says she isn’t going anywhere. Max sighs. It just feels like he is stuck while she is moving up. Stephanie says that whatever direction they move in, they’ll do it together. She hugs him.

Steve asks Ava to let Kayla go. She refuses. Kayla isn’t going to just let him go. Besides, she’ll just have the cops come out here and get him back. Hope insists that she won’t do that. She doesn’t even know where this place is. Besides, she’s willing to let Steve go. Ava doesn’t believe her. Steve thinks she is making sense. He calls Ava “babe.” She grins.

Victor asks Nicole how much money she needs. She huffs. She doesn’t need any. He says it’s always about money with her. How much? She says it isn’t this time. She just needs a place to get away from it all. Victor groans. Are the police involved? Nicole snorts. Of course not. She leers at Kate. Unless she wants to share, she suggests that Victor has Henderson prepare a room for her. Victor says that they need to discuss this in private and heads off with her. Phillip can’t believe Nicole showed up here after trying to kill his father. Chloe agrees that she ups the misery around the place. Daniel thinks she is hot. Kate offers him some advice as he’s young, and presumably has a hefty bank account. He needs to stay away from Nicole. Daniel asks if she is that bad. Kate says she is worse.

Chloe and Phillip step aside and complain about Nicole. Chloe can’t forgive her for the things she did to keep her away from Brady. Victor just can’t let her move in here. Phillip fears that she won’t have much of a choice. He asks how Chloe will feel for Nicole as a room mate. Chloe huffs. She’ll feel like looking for a new place to live. Phillip smiles grimly. That makes two of them.

Kate tells Daniel and Chelsea that she loved the food, but she could have done without seeing Nicole ever again. Daniel thinks she is a firecracker. It must run in the family. Chelsea huffs. If he is referring to her, she doesn’t appreciate the comparison. Nicole tried to kill her grandpa. Wasn’t she also married to Uncle Lucas? Kate sighs. She’s ashamed to admit she played a role in that. She has done things she isn’t proud of, but she always did them for her children or grandchildren. Nicole only thinks of herself. Kate thinks Chelsea looks tired. Chelsea wants to stick around but at Kate’s urging, Daniel asks her to get some rest. Chelsea leaves and says goodbye to everyone, lastly singling Daniel out for his own goodbye. Daniel smiles.

Max’s boss comes over and yells at him to get back to work. After he leaves, Stephanie laughs at what a jerk he is. Max huffs. Well, he’s just a grunt around here, and he has to do his job. Stephanie disagrees. She feels badly, knowing that he is doing this because of him. Max sulks. So she feels like she owes him. She says yes, then asks if he thinks that is why she comes down here. He tells her that he doesn’t want to feel like he is holding her back or keeping her from doing what she wants to do. He thinks it’s best if she doesn’t come down here anymore.

Ava thinks that Steve and Kayla are trying to trap her. Steve tries to soothe her, but she snaps. She doesn’t trust him! Hope doesn’t get it. She wants a relationship with him ,but she doesn’t trust him? Ava glares. He has to earn her trust. He can start doing that right now. But the little lady isn’t going anywhere.

In Chelsea’s room, Kate tells her that she notices a twinkle in her eye whenever Daniel is around. Chelsea says she is glad he came tonight, but not for the reason Kate is thinking. She needs a distraction. She’s still worried about her dad. Kate offers to take her to visit Bo tomorrow and Chelsea thanks her. The talk about Nicole’s return. Kate thinks the look on Victor’s face was priceless. Chelsea asks if Kate thinks that Nicole will stick around. Kate nods. And before she goes, she’ll make Victor’s life a living hell.

In the foyer, Victor accuses Nicole of being broke. She plays coy. How silly! Her husband is very wealthy! She compliments the zinfandel, but it isn’t her favorite. Victor scowls. She deserves rot gut. Nicole sighs. She is here whether he likes it or not. She spoke with a very knowledgeable attorney, who feels that she his entitled to a large share of his estate. Victor snorts. He plans on having his own attorneys look into the matter in the morning, after which, she’ll promptly be kicked out. She tells him to go ahead. She’d also like a bath drawn. Traveling is such a chore. Victor tells her to get used to it; in fact, she had better not waste her time unpacking. She grins and heads upstairs. Victor glowers.

Ava rubs her head and moans. Steve tries to explain why she should let Kayla go, but his voice echoes in her head. She screams at him to shut up. Hope begs her to let her go. She’s pregnant. She shouldn’t under this kind of stress. Ava tells them to be quiet. She needs to think. She paces manically, then fumbles through a drawer for a pill bottle. She has to stop the headache before it gets really bad. She explains that she gets migraines and no one knows why. Steve apologizes. Ava says it’s his fault she gets them. That’s why he has to pay.

Max explains that he doesn’t think this is the safest place for Stephanie. She groans. She raced, remember? The guys in the pits were as bad as any dock worker. Max sighs. It’s just that this is what he does, it’s not who he is. Stephanie reminds him that they already went over this. She wants to see him, and this is where he is. Max tells her that he would do anything for her. Will she do something for him?

Daniel asks Phillip and Chloe if Nicole really was the one that “killed” Victor. Phillip nods. Daniel sighs. His father was devastated, then shocked when Victor showed up alive, but he bets Nicole was more surprised. Chloe can’t believe she would show her face here after all of the enemies she made in town. Phillip can’t wait to see what she is up to. Daniel thinks things will be interesting, at any rate. He says he has to go and thanks Phillip for their hospitality. Phillip thanks him for saving Bo. Daniel smiles. He’s just doing his thing. He heads out.

Stephanie says that she would do anything for Max, and he asks that she not come down here anymore. Stephanie wonders if the other guys are giving him guff about his girlfriend visiting. Max fidgets. He can handle them. Stephanie laughs and agrees to abide by his wishes. Is she barred from the pub? Max says no. She tells him to expect to see her there eating a lot of chowder. Max smiles and tells her to bring it on. They kiss.

Steve tries to convince Ava that he wants to be with her. He knows he hurt her, but he wants to fix it. What can he do to earn her trust? She tells him that he can start by having dinner with her tonight. Then they can talk. He asks about Kayla. Ava rages. She meant just the two of them. Besides, stress is bad for the baby, right? She walks over to Hope an tries to pat her stomach. Hope jerks away a fraction too late. Ava grins. Wow, her stomach is really flat. How far along did she say she was? Hope says she’s twelve weeks along. Ava says she must be having a girl. In her family, they’ve always said that with girls, you show later. Hope gulps. She has heard the same thing. Ava talks about reading up on pregnancy when she and Patch were thinking of having kids. She doesn’t look forward to morning sickness. Is Kayla over that? Hope says she never had any. Ava asks Steve if he is sure she’s pregnant. Steve shrugs. He saw the pictures and the sonogram and everything. Ava thinks a doctor should come check Kayla out. Hope refuses, but Ava insists. The guy makes house calls. It’s fine. Hope and Steve glance at each other desperately.

Kate and Chelsea talk about her schoolwork. Daniel knocks and Kate says that she has to go, anyhow. After she leaves, Chelsea asks if this is an official visit. Daniel says not really. He just wanted to see how she was feeling. She says she feels fine. He asks her to come in for a check up in the next couple of days and she agrees. She asks about her dad, and Daniel says he is doing well. He says that he has to go, and he wishes her a good night. He leaves. Chelsea sits on her bed and smiles dreamily.

Hope tells Ava that she only trusts her own doctor. Ava asks if she is jealous that she and Steve are having dinner. Hope says that she is angry, but she won’t let Ava see that. Ava laughs. So she hides her emotions, huh? She calls out for Angelo and asks him to take Kayla to another room. She and Patch are having dinner in here tonight. Steve nods at Hope and she leaves. Ava smiles. They’re alone at last. She kisses Steve. Hope asks Angelo how long Ava has been like this. She obviously smart and beautiful. Angelo scowls. She has been like this ever since that man in there left her. He’s only alive through Ava’s good graces, so he suggests that Hope stay on her good side.

Stephanie tells Max that she is proud of the work he is doing here. He’s doing work for charity, and that is a good thing. They kiss. Her phone rings. Stephanie says she’ll be right there and hangs up. She tells Max that her mom has been admitted as a patient in the hospital. She has to go. She rushes off.

Phillip, Chloe, and Kate all discuss how they wish that Victor would kick Nicole out. The two enter and Victor reluctantly admits that Nicole can stay--at least until his attorneys can remove her. Chloe huffs. Nicole smiles viciously. She was hoping she and Chloe could become best girl friends. Kate says that she has to go. Victor hisses at Nicole. She may have won the battle, but the war is far from over. She laughs lightly. She plans on winning the war--and claiming the spoils.


Phillip tells John, “I guess you’ve been too busy to read the paper this morning. Allow me to deliver the good news.”

Stephanie tells Kayla, “I shouldn’t have left you home alone.” She replies, “You just need to tell me where your father is.”

Bo tells Daniel, “We need to talk about my daughter. She obviously has a thing for you.”

Chloe yells at Nicole, “Shut your stupid mouth!” Nicole mocks her, “Or what? You’ll kill me, too?”

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