Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf practices his tongue twisters. John comes in and tells him to keep it up. Rolf complains. These phrases are crazy. Selling seashells by the seashore? It’s just a bad business model. John tells him curtly to lose the accent. Is Rolf familiar with Kiriakis’ man, Henderson? He does everything for Victor. That is what John wants. Rolf huffs. John’s accent annoys him, too. John reminds him that he can throw him in jail. Cowed, Rolf tells John about a call he received earlier. Another shipment of Kiriakis goods is coming in tomorrow. John smiles. It will never get delivered. Rolf doesn’t think it’s a good idea to make enemies of Victor and Phillip. John says it’s just business. Rolf shakes his head. Those two will make it personal. The bell rings. John asks Rolf to answer it. Rolf laments his former job as a scientist. John glares. Now he’s a mediocre butler. Rolf heads off and lets Marlena in. He tells her he has to announce her. Rolf goes back to tell John that she’s there, and John straightens his collar. Marlena sweeps in just as John tells Rolf to show her in. John asks what brings her here.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Phillip discuss their troubles down at the docks near a glittering table full of place settings. Chloe comes in and Victor greets her coldly. Chelsea walks in and Victor helps her with her chair and offers her water. She asks him not to make a fuss over her, but he says it’s nice to have such a lovely, grateful young lady in the house. He glares at Chloe. Phillip fidgets and says that it’s nice to have Chelsea around to liven up the house. Victor tells them that things will be even more lively tonight. He has invited another guest, someone they owe a lot to. Henderson shows Daniel in. Chelsea greets him shyly and calls him ‘Dr. Jonas.’ He asks her to call him either ‘Daniel’ or ‘Jonas.’ No ‘doctor.’ She smiles and blushes, “Okay, Daniel, then.”

Marlena says she got a call--She breaks off and asks Rolf if he has something to do. He says no. Marlena mutters under her breath. She wonders why John keeps him. John says that Rolf is his butler. He tells him to leave and Rolf heads off. Marlena doesn’t get why he keeps that horrible man in his home. John smiles. Rolf spent all that time torturing him, so now he is going to torture Rolf. Marlena thinks it’s demented, but John says that it is fun. Besides, revenge is sweet. He asks about the phone call she was talking about. Marlena explains that Sami called her and asked her to come here. John smiles. So Sami invited Marlena over to his house? The bell rings and John asks if anyone else is coming. Rolf starts to announce Sami, but she bursts into the room with EJ before he can. Rolf grumps. Sami explains to Marlena that they need her help. She and John are the only ones that can help.

Daniel compliments the hors d’oeuvres and Victor explains that the menu was carefully selected for Daniel’s tastes. Daniel thanks hum. Henderson brings champagne in and Victor says he thought they would start with it, since this is a congratulatory sort of night. Everyone has some, except Chelsea, who says she is done with drinking for awhile. Victor toasts Phillip, Chelsea, and lastly, Daniel, for saving his son and granddaughter. Chloe mutters, “To me,” and tosses back her glass. The bell rings and Henderson hurries off. Victor huffs. He wanted tonight to be perfect and to have no interruptions. Chelsea thinks it is perfect. Kate comes in and asks if she is interrupting something. She just came to check on Chelsea. Victor says she‘s doing well, and asks her to stay to dinner. Kate doesn’t think she should impose, but Chelsea and Phillip insists that she stay. She takes a seat next to Chloe and Victor explains that they are celebrating Phillip’s handling of the shipping business, Chelsea’s recovery, and Daniel’s surgical skill. Chloe grins. They’re also celebrating her for just being her. Victor glares. Chloe empties her glass and beckons to Henderson to pour her more champagne. Kate thinks tonight will be a night they won’t soon forget. Chloe thinks she’s going to start trying right about now.

Sami explains that they met with the Immigration official, and he was a bit more demanding this time. Marlena glares at Rolf and asks if he can leave, and John ushers him out with a language book and another threat of prison. Sami explains that EJ might be deported. John doesn’t understand the problem. Sami explains that he is he helping with the twins and they need a father figure. EJ nods. He loves them. John doesn’t get it. He grew up not knowing his parents, and look how he turned out. Sami says that is what she meant. She sighs and complains to Marlena. Maybe they should go. John will never understand .Marlena urges her to let them try to help. Sami explains that they’re having troubles paying rent. EJ says he got a job with Mickey, but it will be little while before they’re solvent. John smiles. So they want money? That’s fine. He’s been shelling out money to a lot of relatives he doesn’t remember. Besides, if it get s them out of his hair, its worth it. Sami says it isn’t about money. It’s more complicated than that.

Kate compliments the salad as Henderson brings out the main course. Daniel mentions that he had the same meal in Italy, but it wasn’t nearly as good. Kate asks why he was there, and he tells them that the daughter of a wealthy family became ill. Chelsea asks if he saved her. Victor knows he did, of course. Daniel says he was able to get some surfing done in southern France as well. He and Chelsea chat about surfing in countries around the world. Victor tells Chelsea that Cook has made her a special surprise for dessert. Kate guesses it has something to do with chocolate. Victor smiles. She’s right. Chelsea mkes several guesses as to what it could be, but Victor keeps mum. Kate thanks Victor for dinner. It was lovely. Phillip agrees. It’s nice to have the family under one roof. Chloe rolls her eyes and gulps her wine. They’re a regular little house on the prairie. Victor glares.

Sami explains that money would help, but Burke wants her and EJ to live together. Not only that, but he is eager to see them spending more time with their extended families. John asks if that is where he comes in. EJ nods. He is, technically, extended family. Sami thought they could solve both problems in one fell swoop. Marlena doesn’t understand. Sami was hoping that they could move in with her. Marlena seems flabbergasted. She isn’t sure there’s enough room. Sami sighs. Of course not. She should have thought of that before she asked. Marlena pauses. She thinks she could get another place. EJ thinks that would be too much trouble. Sami agrees. Marlena wants to do anything she can to help. Suddenly, she eyes John, casually reading a newspaper. She smiles at Sami and EJ. She has changed her mind.

Henderson brings out Chelsea’s surprise dessert, a double fudge chocolate cake with hand-whipped cream. Victor thought he would try pairing a red wine with this course. Daniel says it’s a great combination, medically speaking. Kate agrees to have some and Chloe says she is up for anything. Victor huffs, “And damn the consequences.” Daniel smoothes things over by talking about a performance he saw of Chloe’s in Vienna. She was terrific. Chloe thanks him. It’s nice to hear a compliment for a change. Daniel tells her that she was the talk of the town. Victor mutters, “And has been since.” Chloe gets up in a huff and excuses herself. Phillip follows. She sits down on the stairs with her wine and flashes back to telling Victor that she lost out on a part because of the rumors about her involvement with Brady’s disappearance. Everyone thinks that. Phillip asks her not to let Victor get to her. Chloe rages. She is sick of everyone thinking she did something to Brady. First it was the cops in Vienna, then Interpol, and now Victor. She’s a wife without a husband and an opera singer without a career. Phillip assures her that she will sing again. They’ll find Brady and clear her name. He asks if he can do anything to help in the meantime. Chloe wants an apology from Victor. Phillip chuckles. That’s impossible. Chloe huffs. She wants an apology.

John thinks that Marlena changed her mind quickly. Marlena says that it just isn’t a good time. Her practice is just getting back up to speed, and the real estate market is so up in the air right now. But she has another idea. EJ and Sami need a big place, that’s comfortable, and money is an issue. Sami nods. Marlena smiles. Then they only have one option. They’ll have to move in with John. John practically shrieks, “ME?” Sami and EJ thank her, but it’s impossible. Marlena smiles. John’s eyes practically pop out of his head.

Victor apologizes to Kate, Chelsea and Daniel for his outburst. It’s just that her presence in his home is very irritating. He excuses himself and starts to walk out. Kate pulls him aside. She knows how he feels about Chloe, and she feels the same way. But if he continues to insult her, he’ll drive her right into Phillip’s arms. Victor grimaces. That is the last thing he wants. Daniel asks if he did something to set this off. Chelsea smiles and says no. She explains how Kate, Victor, Phillip, and Brady are related. Then she explains the cause of the strife between Chloe and Victor. Daniel seems puzzled. Chelsea knows her family is complicated. Daniel smiles. He needs to meditate on that one--maybe medicate. Chelsea laughs.

Sami pulls Marlena aside. Is she crazy? She wants her to live in the DiMera mansion with John and EJ? Marlena thinks it will be beneficial for everyone. Sami and EJ will save money, they’ll be living with extended family, and perhaps John can reconnect with humanity through the twins. Sami isn’t so sure. John freaks her out. Marlena assures her that he isn’t dangerous in the slightest. Sami reluctantly agrees and Marlena promises to do whatever she can to make the situation more comfortable. Sami wants her to move in with them. Then she can help John and spend time with the twins. Marlena isn’t sure. She didn’t sign on to this when she got married. She watches John smoke a cigar. That man is not her husband.

Across the room, John asks EJ if he wants a cigar. EJ refuses. He’s glad he’s not in the family circle anymore. Now he doesn’t have to pretend to like them. John asks if it’s hard to accept that. EJ says no. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father anymore. John talks about how things are hard for him, too. People come up to him all the time, telling him about what he used to be like. He can’t discern the truth from lies. EJ thinks that must be unnerving. Rolf comes up and offers drinks. John asks if EJ is really going to move in. EJ shrugs. Their backs are against the wall. John asks Rolf if he is ready to take on the extra chores for the two of them and their babies. Rolf would rather choke on a schnitzel. John agrees. But it may be a good way to keep an eye on someone who may be planning a DiMera coup.

Daniel tells Victor that he didn’t know his family tree had so many tentacles. Victor chuckles. He should try living it. Daniel thinks he knows a few geneticists that would want to talk to him. He also thinks it’s great that Kate and Victor still get along so well. Kate says that they have Chelsea and Phillip to think of. Phillip and Chloe come back Phillip says that they don’t want the night to be ruined. Victor agrees. Kate thinks he needs to apologize. Victor grumbles. He’s sorry that Chloe married his grandson, and he’s sorry he’s missing, and he’s sorry that she thinks that he thinks that she did something to Brady. Chloe huffs. Does he call that an apology? Phillip nods. Chelsea urges Chloe to come finish her cake. Kate agrees. Daniel thinks it’s nice to see a woman that isn’t afraid to indulge in the more sensual side of eating. They all sit down as the doorbell rings. Victor groans. He just wants one night of peace and quiet!

Marlena begs Sami to agree. It would really help her out of a bind, and it wouldn’t be for long--just until they get the immigration situation sorted out. Marlena sighs. She has to speak to John about this first. John compliments Rolf’s cheese puffs. Marlena comes over to him and EJ and tells him that she thinks Sami, EJ and the twins ought to move in with John thinks the plan stinks. The last thing he needs is a couple of brats running around here--and their kids. Sami scowls. Marlena says that she would be moving in, too. Rolf protests. The woman is crazy! She pulled a gun on him. John remembers. He thought it was sexy. He tells Marlena that he will have to think about it.

Victor and Chloe argue about the apology. Victor huffs. He will not be insulted by a woman that only has a roof over her head because of his generosity. Chloe offers to move out. Then she can insult him all she wants. Kate thinks that is uncalled for. Chloe says this isn’t her fault. Victor started it. Victor yells at everyone to sit down and shut up. He wants peace and quiet in this family, and by God, he is going to get it. Nicole comes in, followed by Henderson, who apologizes. Nicole just barged in. She clutches her dog and a purse. She sees she missed dinner. Oh well, she and Pookie can just have drinks. Victor gapes. Kate mouths, “OMG.” Chloe tosses back her wine. Nicole smiles.


Max tells Stephanie, “I don’t want you to come down here anymore.”

Ava tells Steve, “I bet Kayla here isn’t half as much fun.” Steve replies, “We had some good times.” Ava smiles, “Show me. Give her a kiss.”

Kate asks Nicole, “What are you doing here?” Nicole replies, “I’m back. I couldn’t stay away.”

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