Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In his room, Bo yanks at the wires on his chest and pulls them off. He huffs and puffs and struggles to sit up. The machines in his room beep wildly. Bo moans and tries to stand. He falls back onto the bed, unconscious.

At Chez Rouge, Leonard Burke asks Sami if she loves EJ. She huffs. He is her husband! Burke smiles. That wasn’t the question. Sami narrows her eyes. They’re a family and they have a child together.

Nearby, Maggie asks EJ what he thinks. EJ loves the idea. He kisses Maggie on the forehead and pulls her into an embrace. He can’t thank her enough.

Lexie and a nurse rush into Bo’s room and get him back into the bed. The nurse announces that he has a pulse. Bo mumbles. They have to help Hope. She’s in trouble. Lexie frets. He’s pulled out his IV.

In Ava’s room, Hope stares out the window. She begins to make another search of the room for a way to escape. Under the mattress, she finds a photo album. Hope wonders what Ava has here.

Ava sits in a limo and waits on Steve. She huffs. Obviously, he doesn’t care about his wife, so he can kiss her goodbye. She gets on the phone and tells the driver she’s ready to leave. As he starts the engine, Steve opens the door and climbs in.

Burke wants to know if Sami loves EJ. She says she does, of course. EJ comes back and asked if she missed him. She snorts. Like a bad rash, maybe. He chuckles. She asks who was on the phone, and EJ tells her that it was Mickey Horton. He has offered EJ partnership with his firm since he is semi-retired. Burke snorts. Is that what’s passing for entry-level work these days? When will EJ find the time to attend law school? EJ says that he doesn’t plan on going back. He studied law at Oxford. His father insisted. Burke flips through his paperwork. He had no record that EJ was an attorney. EJ shrugs. He’s bar-certified with the state, and he’s now gainfully employed. Burke huffs. It remains to be seen how long that will last. EJ doesn’t exactly have the greatest work ethic.

Lexie asks Bo to look at her. Bo tries to focus. She asks him what kind of trouble Hope is in. Bo flashes back to Steve warning him not to get the cops involved. He comes back to the present and tries to roll out of bed. Lexie threatens to give him a sedative. Bo promises to cooperate. Lexie sends the nurse away and asks about Hope. Bo feigns innocence. He just had a dream. He didn’t know Hope was in trouble; he just knew she wasn’t here. Kayla comes in and asks what’s going on.

Steve asks Ava about his wife. Ava snorts. Steve reminded her that that was the deal. He agrees to meet with her; she takes him to Kayla. Ava says that they had a deal once, too. The preacher? The wedding dress? Steve sighs. Something came up. Ava chuckles. Steve asks what she wants from him. She thinks he knows what she wants. He sighs, “Things have changed, baby.” Ava grins. No one has called her that in a while. She knows that he loves her. Steve sighs. Yes, that is true. But now he wants her to take him to see Kayla. Ava practically spits. Yes, she supposes they should go see his wife. Later, as they speed down the road, Steve asks again why she is doing this. Ava smiles. She wants him back, of course. She wants to be married and wake up next to him. Steve sighs. He just doesn’t see it happening. Ava asks him not to be so negative. Steve thinks she may have her problems, but-- Ava nukes. She does not have problems! She is not crazy! How dare he say that? Steve says that he didn’t mean it. She huffs. She is the one with all of the power, and he is just a whiny little baby. Steve blows his top. Where is his wife? Ava warns him. If he lays a finger on her, or raises his voice again, she’ll call her cousins and have them take his wife far, far away. And then he’ll never see her again. Steve sighs. What happened to her? He couldn’t believe she would cause that plane crash. Ava claims it was an accident. Besides, he knows her. She is the same Ava. She would never hurt anyone on purpose. Steve gestures wildly. She just threatened to kill his wife and unborn child! Ava screams. That’s different!

Hope flips through Ava’s photo album. She finds articles about Ava being promoted to the head of an international corporation. Another article crows that stock prices surged under her command. Hope sighs. What happened to Ava?

Lexie tells Kayla that Bo tried to get out of bed. Bo asks what she is doing here. She explains that Daniel is teaching a seminar, so she’ll be looking after Bo today. Lexie thinks she needs to be resting. Bo thought Stephanie was looking after her. Kayla fidgets. She’s with Max. Bo huffs. And he just bets that Kayla promises her that she would stay at home in bed, right? Kayla changes the subject. Stephanie told her that Steve came to see Bo. Is he still here?

EJ tells Burke that he doesn’t appreciate his work ethic being called into question. He may not have had a job for a while, but when he does work, he works hard. Burke sighs. He still doesn’t like that they maintain two separate apartments, and he would also like to see their extended families more involved with the children. Sami readily agrees. Her family thinks EJ is quite the catch, and not like something you catch from the toilet seat. EJ grabs her nose. Spunky today, isn’t she? Sami deals him a swift kick under the table. EJ plays it off and leaves to walk it off. Burke thanks Sami and says that he will want to meet with them one more time before he renders his decision. He leaves. EJ comes back and they argue about him grabbing her nose and her stomping on his foot. EJ sulks. She should be happy that he got a job. Sami flashes him a fake, toothy grin, “How’s this?” Maggie walks over as EJ leaves again. She thinks that he gets to Sami. Sami asks why she is on his side. Maggie sighs. She knows how Lucas feels about EJ, but she thinks it’s better for Johnny to have EJ as a father as opposed to no father at all. Sami frets about the lie they made up about Mickey hiring EJ. Mickey walks over (now played by Kevin Dobson) and says that it wasn’t a lie. EJ walks over with two glasses of wine and hands one to Sami. She thought he didn’t have a license here. EJ says he did a lot of work for his father. Sami thought he was making it up. Mickey shakes his head. EJ isn’t a phony. He checked.

Bo tells Kayla that Steve left, but didn’t say where he was going. He asks Kayla to come back another time. He’s tired. Kayla asks Lexie what really happened here. Lexie gives her the run-down. Bo claimed that he just slipped on something and fell, but Lexie and Kayla don’t buy it. A nurse comes in looking for Lexie to consult on another patient. Lexie heads off and warns Bo not to get up. Kayla huffs. What is going on between him and Steve?

Steve asks Ava if she is upset about what she did as she stares out the window. He insists on recounting the story to her of the plane crash and Shawn’s death as Ava insists he stop. She swears that it was an accident. Steve presses on about how good of a man Shawn was. Ava shrieks. If he doesn’t stop, she will really get upset, and he doesn’t want to see her that way. She shrieks with rage. She hates him! Steve thought she loved him. Ava groans and rubs her head. She can tells when she is going to lose it. The headaches come first. Steve tells her to take it easy. Ava mumbles. None of this was her fault. Steve shakes his head. Then whose fault was it? She tells him that it was his fault. Shawn died because of him. If he hadn’t left her at the aisle like a fool, this never would have happened. Steve groans. He had no idea she was going to come back and kill a plane full of people years later. He and Ava argue about whether or not it was her fault. She points out that Shawn died needlessly. Steve huffs. Someone else would have died if it hadn’t been Shawn. Ava doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Steve thinks she has hurt enough people. Ava claims hat she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but she will if she has to. Steve asks what she wants. She tells him that she wants the life that he promised her.

Kayla wants to know what Steve is up to, but Bo says he doesn’t know. She thinks it has something to do with his getting out of bed. Bo claims that he just needed exercise, but Kayla isn’t buying it. And what about Hope? She’s been here almost every second. Where is she now? Kayla doubles over with cramps before Bo can answer. Bo calls for the nurse.

Sami asks Mickey if he is ok with EJ working for him. Mickey tells her that he said no at first, but Maggie was insistent. She smiles. Bringing John back to Marlena goes a long way in her book. Mickey just hopes EJ isn’t like his father. EJ assures him that he isn’t. Mickey asks Sami what she thinks of him. She admits that he isn’t the typical DiMera. Mickey tells EJ that his position with the firm is probationary for now, but he may offer him the option to make partner if he performs well. EJ promises not to let him down and Mickey heads off. Maggie warns him not to make a liar of her. EJ promises and thanks her. She leaves. He thanks Sami for sticking up for him and they discuss Burke’s concerns with the apartments and extended family visits with the twins. EJ jokes about his uncle John. He doubts he’ll be running over to visit. Sami knows her mom would be up for it.

Hope puts down the album. She thinks that Ava is full pf surprises. She picks up a picture of Steve and Ava and contemplates it.

Ava reminds Steve of the plans they had. He wanted three kids. Doesn’t he remember? And now he’s putting the life of Kayla and his unborn child in jeopardy. Ava sits up quickly. He doesn’t want more than one child with Kayla, right? Steve says no. Ava smiles with relief. So he does love her more. Steve nods carefully. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. She asks how he will ascertain that. He tells her that he can be the man that she wants him to be again. If that’s what she wants, that is.

Lexie and a nurse rush in as Kayla groans. Lexie calls out for a wheelchair and admonishes Kayla. She needs to be in bed. Kayla moans. She felt alright earlier.

Hope flashes back to Ava telling her that after Steve left her, she cried, hit things, and then got sick. Hope comes back to the present and frets.

Maggie thanks Mickey for giving EJ a chance. He smiles. She knows how hard it is to say no to her. At any rate, he still has his problems with the man. Maggie smiles understandingly.

Sami and EJ argue about how he might or might not screw up this chance with Mickey. Mickey himself interrupts and notes that Sami and EJ argue lie they have been married for years. EJ thanks Mickey again for the opportunity. Mickey knows about his situation with immigration. He’s happy to help. Sami tells Mickey that they have to straighten out their family and living situation now. Mickey wishes he could help. Sami sighs. She hopes her mom will.

Steve promises to be the man that she wants, but she has to promise not to hurt anyone else. Ava readily agrees. She has no reason to, now that she has her man back. She snuggles up to Steve and talks about the kids they will have. She kisses him and rests her head on his shoulder. Suddenly the car stops. Ava squeals. They’re home! Steve smiles wanly.

Lexie tells Kayla that she is going to have her lie down in another room while she pages her doctor. Kayla warns Bo to stay in bed. He tells her to worry about herself. A nurse wheels Kayla out and Lexie follows. Bo tries to get out of bed.

EJ doesn’t think that Marlena will help. She wasn’t exactly her first choice for a son-in-law. Sami huffs. She will be doing this for her grandchildren, not for him. Mickey excuses himself. EJ accuses Sami of making Mickey uncomfortable. They bicker about who started the argument. Sami finally tells him to cool it and not make her mad. She knows what they have to do next. Sami and EJ leave as a smiling Mickey and Maggie look on.

Ava brings Steve up to her room. Steve and Hope rush each other, but Ava stops them. Steve calls Hope by Kayla’s name and asks how she is and if she has been treated well. Ava snorts. This room has been her castle for a long time, but now there is a new princess in town. Hope huffs. She hasn’t been treated like a princess. Ava sneers. She’s lucky that Ava showed some restraint. Steve reminds her that she promised not to hurt anyone. She reminds him of his end of the bargain. But she doesn’t trust him. He is a bad boy. Steve sighs. Not anymore. Ava glares. Did Kayla do this? Did she turn him into the sniveling little wimp he is today? She grabs Steve. It’s ok, though. She can fix him. Doers Kayla have any idea how happy they were? Hope says she does. Ava snorts. Of course she does, because she has been going through her stuff. Ava heads over to the pictures Hope was looking at. Steve turns around and mouths to Hope, “Watch me.” She nods.

Bo manages to get to his feet, “Hang on Fancy Face. I’m going to find you.”


Victor makes a toast, “To Daniel, who saved both my son and my granddaughter.”

Sami tells Marlena, “We need your help. Mom, you and John are the only ones who can help us.”

Phillip says, “This is just great…having all this family under one roof.” Chloe slurs, “Yeah, we’re a regular little house on the prairie.”

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