Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/31/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/31/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ bursts into Sami’s apartment and announces that he’s home. He picks Sami up and twirls her around, then apologizes. That was a bit inappropriate. Sami huffs. He needs to knock before he comes into her apartment. EJ corrects her, “Our apartment.” Sami glares, “My apartment.” EJ needs her to just listen for a moment. He has marvelous news.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chelsea lies in bed while a nurse examines her. The nurse can tell she’s feeling better. She has a twinkle in her eye. Chelsea grins. She was just thinking about somebody. Nick comes in and tells her that he has great news. He called Max and Stephanie, and they should both be here soon. Chelsea asks what’s going on, but Nick wants to wait to tell everyone at once. The nurse heads out and admonishes Nick not to get Chelsea too excited.

In her room, Ava tells Hope how excited she is. Hope is too. Ava glares. She is excited about being with Patch. What is Kayla excited about? Hope is just glad that this will all be over soon. Steve will choose one of them and that will be that. Ava huffs. Kayla thinks that Steve is going to choose her, huh? Hope folds her arms. What if he does? Ava smirks. Well, that won’t be good for any of them. Hope doubts that Steve will want to be with Ava after what she did. Three people died in that plane crash. Ava claims that it isn’t her fault. She just told her cousins to make sure the plane couldn’t take off. The plan was that they would all have to deplane, and then Patch would see her. He’d want to go get coffee, they’d reminisce, and then they’d live happily ever after. Hope reminds her that Steve did get off the plane. He saw her. Ava sighs. It wasn’t right though. When she saw him, he was angry, so she ran and hid. She’s really sorry that those people died. Hope glares. ‘Sorry’ doesn’t bring any of them back. Ava gulps. So one of them was her father? Hope says he was the kindest man she ever knew. He gave his life for his son. But he didn’t die in the crash; he died because of what happened to the plane. Ava asks what happened.

Someone knocks at Chelsea’s door, and Nick thinks it’s Max and Stephanie, but it’s Morgan. She doesn’t think he seems happy to see her, and he explains that they’re waiting on Max and Stephanie. She asks how Chelsea is and compliments the house. It’s almost as big as her momma’s place. Nick tells her that Chelsea’s grandfather hired her a private nurse. Morgan had one once, too. They’re great. Chelsea tells her about Nick’s news and Morgan asks if she can stick around to hear it. Chelsea and Nick agree and she asks for a hint. Nick won’t budge until Max and Stephanie get here. They show up and ask if anything is wrong with Chelsea. She tells them that she’s fine. Nick has some big news to share.

EJ tells Sami that he went down to the immigration office and now they’re looking into his case. Sami doesn’t get it. Haven’t they been doing this the whole time? EJ shrugs. At least they aren’t demanding he leave immediately. He told them that he had a wife and child here, and that seemed to generate some sympathy. So they just have one more box to check. They have to convince U.S. Immigration that their marriage is not just in name only. They have to reinforce the fact that the vows that they took meant something and that they truly love each other.

Hope recounts the story of Shawn’s heroism to Ava. She doesn’t understand why the mask didn’t drop or why Patch didn’t help. Hope glares. Not all of the masks were working, and Steve was trying to land the plane. She tells Ava that Steve’s friend Bo tried to give his mask to her Pop, but he refused it and made Bo take it instead. That’s how he died.

Nick reminds them of the alternative fuel source research that he has been doing lately. Morgan asks if he put it in a car yet. He smiles. He needs money first. Max asks if his grant money came through. Nick nods. Morgan shrieks and hugs Nick. She is so proud of him. Stephanie congratulates him as well. Max stands near the door and chews his lip. Stephanie asks what’s wrong. He says nothing is, and goes over to congratulate Nick. He says he has to leave. He has some things to do. Stephanie wants to know what’s wrong, but Max insists he is fine. He’s happy for Nick. Chelsea suggests that they have a party to celebrate. Maybe her grandpa would let her have it here. Max heads out and Stephanie stares after him fretfully.

Sami huffs. Those vows were a lie and EJ knows it. She thought this was over. EJ tells her that it almost is. He just needs her to do one more thing. It’s something that she does better than anyone he knows. She did it at their wedding ceremony and again when they met the immigration official. He wants Sami to lie through her teeth.

Hope finishes by telling Ava how Shawn died. Ava turns her back and sobs. Hope asks if she is crying. She apologizes for what happened and asks what his name was. Hope tells her that it was Shawn Brady. Ava nods and puts on a coat. She has to go meet Patch now. She knocks on the door and yells for Angelo. He opens and she tells him that she has to go out for a while. He isn’t sure. Her father would be angry. She huffs. He isn’t here. Angelo thinks bringing this woman here was stupid. Ava huffs. It’s all part of the plan. All he needs to do is keep an eye on her. Ava stares at Hope and repeats Shawn’s name. She heads off. Angelo locks the door. Hope sighs.

Max comes to the cemetery and sits by Shawn’s grave. He pours a beer out for Shawn and tells him that Nick got his grant. The poor kid made some mistakes and needed a little guidance. He sighs. He’s happy working at the pub, and he knows Ma needs the help. Besides, Shawn didn’t ever go back to school, and he was one of the kindest and most intelligent man that Max knew. Maybe everyone has their place in life. Max sips his beer and muses. He just wants something else. He really wants to be able to provide for Stephanie.

EJ comes out with Johnny as Sami complains. She thinks that EJ can run rings around Immigration if he chooses. EJ thinks it will be more fun if they do it together. Sami wants to hear him beg first. He smiles sadly. He’ll sacrifice his pride if it means spending more time with his son. Sami softens. She’ll do anything to help Johnny out. EJ beams. Good. Now she just has to live him. Sami scoffs. If they’re doing this for Johnny, then they have to do it right. They have to be realistic. Johnny wails.

Nick tells an enraptured Morgan and Chelsea about opening the letter of approval for his grants. Morgan asks where they are and Nick jokes. He put them in a safe with guard dogs around it. Chelsea asks about Max. Stephanie sighs. He had to go.

Max tells Shawn how much he misses him. Ava interrupts. She asks if this is Shawn Brady’s grave. Max tells her it is. She asks if Max was close to him. He nods. He was his son. Did she know Shawn, too? Ava shakes her head. A friend told her about his death, and she came to pay her respects. She heard he was an amazing man. Max nods. He was the best man he ever knew. She asks him to tell her a little bit about Shawn. Max tells her about his birthplace and about the pub. He was full of life and love and everyone that knew him loved him. He tells Ava that he always cared about charity work--especially with poor kids. Max chokes up. He was willing to help the ones that everyone else had given up on. Ava puts her hand over his. Max yanks it away and stammers. He says he has to go and heads off. Ava sinks down near Shawn’s grave and sobs uncontrollably. She is so sorry.

Sami and EJ come into Chez Rouge. Maggie compliments Sami and EJ tells Maggie that she looks beautiful as well. He explains that they are there to meet Leonard Burke from Immigration. Maggie shows them over to his table. EJ takes a seat and Sami huffs impatiently. He takes her coat and sits back down. He laughs apologetically. His wife says chivalry goes out the window once you’re married. Maggie comes over to take their drink orders and EJ orders ahead of Sami, which causes her to splutter and glare. EJ gulps and offers her bread. Burke eyes them and scribbles some notes down.

Hope looks out the window helplessly. She rifles through Ava’s drawers. Finally, she grabs a bust from a nearby table and uses it to bash the lock on the window.

Nick tells the girls about his project for a renewable resource. Stephanie and Chelsea yawn while Morgan listens, enraptured. Stephen asks Morgan if she even knows what Nick is talking about. She admits that she doesn’t, but he sure sounds good. Nick drones on about renewing hydrogen through electrolysis. Max comes in and explains that he finished his errand. He pipes up and adds that hydrogen, contained in ice, is the most plentiful substance on the planet. Nick agrees. Max thinks Nick should tell him about his work sometime. Nick says it’s pretty complicated. Morgan approaches Max as Nick lectures Chelsea and Stephanie about crystallizing solids. Morgan reminds Max that he almost ruined Nick’s project. Max sighs. He got the grant, so everything is fine. Stephanie eyes them suspiciously. Morgan doesn’t understand why Max did this. She thought Nick was his friend. He says Nick is his friend. He mutters. The machine wouldn’t have worked anyway. Morgan asks what he said. He huffs. He just needed a piece of paper, that’s all. Morgan think he should be glad she told Nick and only Nick. Stephanie heads over and asks if she can talk to Max. Morgan smiles as they walk off.

Ava rides down the road in a limo. She talks on the phone to Eddie and asks for a favor. He agrees and she thanks him and hangs up. She flashes back to being in bed with Steve years ago. They finish making love and she asks him to make an honest woman out of her. He worries about what her dad will say. She asks if he’s worried about what her father might do to him. Ava flashes back to the present.

Hope breaks the lock and opens the window. An alarm brays.

EJ tells Burke that he and Sami are planning a trip to Fiji. They want to make sure they keep the passion alive, although their sex life is quite stimulating. Sami glares. She leans over and examines his fish. She calls the waiter over and tells him that it’s over-cooked. Her husband likes the fish so rare that it practically flops. The waiter whisks the plate away. Burke asks why EJ got a sick look on his face. He says that over-cooked fish makes him ill. Sami salts her food and EJ tells her to be careful. He confides in Burke that she blows up like a puffer with too much sodium. Burke wants to hear about their daily routine. EJ says they take care of the kids, and other than that, it’s incessant love-making, all the time. Sami smiles sweetly. That is, when EJ can perform. Burke asks why they don’t live together. Sami says that they do. EJ jumps in. He maintains his old apartment for space for his furniture. Sami explain that EJ hates change. Burke ask if that is why EJ hasn’t found a job yet. EJ swears that he is doing everything he can to find work. Burke wants to know how they pay bills. Sami nods at EJ. The bills are piling up. They’ll have to cut into their love-making so that he can go to work. Maggie comes over saying that there is a phone call for EJ. He kisses Sami and heads off. Near the bar, Maggie confesses that there was no call. She just didn’t like how that man was glaring and taking notes. Things don’t seem to be going well. EJ nods ruefully. Burke is tougher than they thought. Maggie says she has an idea. Back at the table, Burke asks Sami if she loves her husband.

Ava rolls down the window in her parked limo. She’s going to give that son of a bitch one more minute. And then things are going to start getting really ugly around here.

Angelo runs into Ava’s room and grabs Hope as she tries to climb out the window. She huffs. He can’t blame her for trying to get away. He orders someone to shut the alarm off and tells her that Ava will blame him if she gets away. So she needs to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. He reaches out for Hope. She stumbles backward, trying to get away from him.


EJ grabs Sami’s nose, “Spunky today, aren’t you, sweetheart?” She kicks him under the table as Burke looks on.

Ava tells Steve, “I would never hurt someone on purpose.” Steve replies, “You just threatened to kill my wife!” Ava nukes, “Well you know what, that’s different!”

Bo tries to get out of bed and passes out.

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