Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Chez Rouge, Maggie shows John to a table. He examines the champagne and huffs. Maggie leaves to greet Marlena. She tells Maggie that she was at a charity event, and received a call telling her to come here. Maggie nods towards John. Marlena sighs.

In Bo’s hospital room, Abe tells him not to worry. They’ll find Hope. Bo takes a call from Steve, who asks him no to involve the police until they’ve had a chance to talk. Bo agrees and hangs up. Abe says he has to go, but he’ll keep Bo updated on what they find. Bo fidgets. He thinks they should call the search off.

At their place, Steve checks on a sleeping Kayla. Stephanie comes in and Steve thanks her for getting over so quickly. He needs to go see Bo, so he wants Stephanie to keep an eye on her mom. Stephanie is suspicious. He’s been sticking to her mom’s side like glue. Does this have something to do with Ava. Steve is silent. Stephanie huffs. He better tell her what’s going on or she’s waking her mom up.

In her room, Ava tells Hope that she isn’t calling anyone. Hope doesn’t understand. She called Patch and Ava refused to meet him. Ava scoffs. She knows Patch will call the police right away. She’s smart like her father. Hope wonders why her father doesn’t just bring Steve her for her. Ava says it’s none of her business. Hope doesn’t think her father knows about her plans for Steve and their future. What would he do if he did? Ava says it doesn’t matter. He’s out of town, and he’ll never know. Hope asks about her guards. Ava says they are family. They work for her father, but they protect her. The thing is, they all blame Patch for what happened to her, and they’d all love to see him dead.

Abe says he doesn’t understand as Lexie walks in. Bo says that he had a bad dream about Hope earlier, so he just overreacted. Lexie says that they’ve looked everywhere they can think of. She isn’t home, at the pub, or with Ciara. Bo thinks she might have gone shopping. Her phone probably went dead. Abe isn’t so sure. Bo was freaking out fifteen minutes ago. He even had Abe worried. Bo thinks it’s best that they call off the search. Abe agrees to do so and Lexie asks Bo to rest. They both leave. Bo clutches his cell phone and frets.

Steve hushes Stephanie. Her mom had pretty bad cramps earlier. Stephanie asks if she’ll be alright. Steve nods. He had to call the doctor though, and she said that Kayla needed to rest. Stephanie wishes he would tell her if this had something to do with Ava. Steve says he doesn’t have time to explain it all right now. She just has to trust him, and stay her with her mom. Stephanie reluctantly agrees and Steve leaves.

Marlena asks John what this is, besides a huge presumption. John huffs. So, he can’t ask her to dinner? She says he lured her here; he didn’t ask her. John sighs. He knew she would have said ‘no’ if he had asked her. He takes her coat. He’s trying to be nice. She asks why he suddenly cares what she thinks of him.

Kayla wakes up as Stephanie paces. She assumes that Steve ran out to the store for food and Stephanie urges her to go take a real nap in the bedroom. Kayla groans good-naturedly and agrees. She heads off as Max knocks on the door. Stephanie lets him in. he asks what’s going on. He can tell when she is worried. She tells him that it has to do with her mom and dad, but if she tells him, he has to swear not to repeat any of it. He agrees. Maybe he can help.

Lexie comes in and asks Bo what is going on. He had her call Abe down here, and then he just changed his mind? She doesn’t buy it. Bo sighs. She just has to trust him on this one. She knows that he would never back down if Hope were in trouble. She just has to make sure that Abe lays off. She agrees, but if Hope isn’t found by tomorrow--Bo interrupts. Then they’ll call in the Marines if they have to. Steve comes in and asks if he can have visitors. Lexie readily agrees and leaves. Bo glares at Steve. Why the hell can’t they get the cops involved in Hope’s disappearance?

Ava tells Hope that as soon as her father sees how happy Patch makes her, he’ll be ok with them being together. Hope doesn’t think that Steve will leave her. They have a great love. They met almost twenty years ago. And sure, he had a wild side back then, and it was hard for him to settle down. But her loved her, and he did. Ava scoffs. But he was with her for a few years, which means he left Kayla before. So much for their great love. Hope corrects her. He wasn’t with her because everyone thought he was dead.

John asks Marlena to sit down and have a drink. He tells her that her opinion of him does matter, but he isn’t quite sure why. Marlena would be happy if it meant his memories were coming back. John doesn’t want her to start in on all that. She’s smart and classy, and she has gone out of her way to help him, so he does feel guilty when he disappoints her. Marlena smiles. John gestures towards a square flat box on the table. That’s for her. She opens it to find a gigantic diamond necklace. John beams. So all is forgiven right? Marlena shakes her head, “Wrong.”

Stephanie tells Max about Ava. He thinks that this girl from Steve’s past must be watching all three of them. Stephanie nods. That’s why she and her mom have guards. Max asks if Steve has talked to Abe. She say yes, but not a lot came of it. Apparently, the cops can’t even get a lead on where she might be. Max scoffs. How can that be? Stephanie sighs. Her father is some mob boss. Max groans. This just gets better and better. He wishes he could help, but all he can really do is be here for her. She says that that is all she needs. They hug.

Hope tells Ava that Steve was in an explosion meant for one of his friends, and they all thought he died. When he was with Ava, he didn’t remember who he was or who his friends and family were. As soon as he did remember, he remember his love for her, and they were reunited. Ava scoffs. How could that happen. Hope says it was because of a man named Stefano. Ava tells her to shut up. She doesn’t want to hear anymore. Hope doesn’t care. She asked, so now she has to hear the story. And so what if she is upset? So is Hope. She has been dragged here against her will. So if Ava lets her go, they’ll call it even. Ava refuses.

Steve gives Bo a short run down of what’s going on. He tells him about being with Ava, and her hand in causing the plane to crash in Ireland. He apologizes to Bo about his father. Steve can never make it up to him. He sighs and goes on. She threatened Kayla and the baby. Bo asks why the cops don’t bring her in. Steve tells Bo that they can’t find her. Steve only saw her once, but he doesn’t know where she’s staying Bo huffs. What does all of this have to do with Hope? Steve tells him that Ava has her. The crazy bitch thinks that Hope is Kayla. Bo gapes.

John asks if she likes them. All women love diamonds. Marlena says she doesn’t, especially when they’re being used as a bribe. John says a bribe is when you give something and expect something in return. Marlena wonders if that’s what happened with the customs agent who is holding up all of the Kiriakis cargo. John grins. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Besides, he read somewhere that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Marlena says that her husband has always been her best friend. And right now she misses him more than ever.

Max is glad that they’re spending this time together, even they both should probably be doing other things. She thinks all of that other stuff can wait. Max says that he has something to tell her. He wanted to wait for candlelight and a romantic dinner, but he can’t. He stammers. He wants her to know that he--has very strong feelings for her. Stephanie laughs.

Ava tells Hope that Patch loved her. He may not have knows who he was, but he knew her. She flashes back to lying in bed with Steve. They talk about how her father would kill them if he knew they were here. Steve worries about him keeping them apart. He loves her. She thinks they should get married. Then her father can’t object. He knows that she wants a big wedding, but Ava says that she wants him more. They kiss. She comes back to the present and tells Hope that he was hers once, and will be again.

Steve tells Bo to calm down. Bo can’t believe this. Steve is telling him some crazy bitch has kidnapped his wife and he is supposed to calm down? Steve says he has it under control. He’s waiting for Ava to call back. Bo freaks. He’s waiting on a phone call? What the hell is wrong with him?

Marlena is sorry that he went to all of this expense. He can’t buy her forgiveness like he bought the customs agent. John huffs. He didn’t do anything, and even if he did, you have to spend money to make money. Marlena thinks that there are much better things for him to spend his money on. John scowls. Like what? A bracelet and matching earrings for her?

Max wasn’t expecting that reaction. Stephanie laughs again. He feels strongly for her? She thinks she knows what he wants to say, but he thinks she won’t say it back, and he will be all vulnerable and embarrassed. Max denies it. She thinks he’s a liar. She’s not afraid to say it. She smiles and says, “Love.” Max smiles and kisses her. Kayla comes out of the bedroom and sees them.

Ava says she doesn’t want to talk about the past anymore. It makes her head hurt. She wants to talk about her future--her future with Patch. Hope thinks that if she is so sure of it, then she needs to prove it. She needs to call Steve and get him here.

Steve tells Bo that he talked to Hope, and she’s fine. He is going to take care of this. He knows exactly how to work Ava. Bo doesn’t understand why he hasn’t gone to the cops. Steve explains that he told Abe about the plane crash, but there was no evidence. There was nothing they could do. Bo glares. If anything happens to Hope--Steve assures him that that won’t happen. Bo says that it had better not ,or he is kicking Steve’s butt.

John urges Marlena to take the gift. He can afford it. She thinks he should be spending his money on better things, like feeding the hungry. John scoffs. She knows she wants it. Why doesn’t she just take it? Marlena says that what she want is her real husband back, a man who would never dream of buying her affections or forgiveness. She gets up, taking the necklace with her. She gives it to Maggie and says it’s for her. John scowls.

Kayla says that she couldn’t sleep. Max says that he should leave. Kayla says no, she can go back in the bedroom. Everyone stands around uncomfortably. Kayla speaks up. She thinks most people have probably forgotten that Max was adopted by the Bradys. Stephanie says that her sorority sisters have already mentioned it. Kayla nods. She just wants them to be prepared for comments and misunderstandings about their relationship. She sighs. She thought Steve would have been back by now.

Hope reminds Ava that she promised to call Steve. Once he gets here, she will see how excited and committed he is to this baby. Ava rolls her eyes. Hope sighs. She just wants to get back to her life. Ava thinks only one of them can have what she wants. They’ll have to see. Hope nods and agrees. But first she has to make that call.

Steve understands that Bo is upset, but they have to concentrate on keeping Hope, Kayla, and Stephanie safe. Bo nods. They have to find Hope right away. Steve says that “they” aren’t doing anything. He is going to handle this, but it’s just a waiting game right now. Steve’s phone rings. It’s a restricted number. Maybe it’s Ava.

Maggie tells Marlena that she can’t accept it. Marlena sighs. Then she can sell it and give the money to charity. She huffs off. Maggie takes the necklace back to John and guesses it didn’t go well. John says he’s no good at this man-woman thing. Maggie thinks many women would have gone gaga over a gift like this. John scowls. Nor that woman. Maggie ruefully agrees. Does he really want to impress Marlena? Then he has to do what she suggested. Sell he necklace and give it to charity. John doesn’t want to impress her anymore. She’s too high maintenance. Maggie smiles. They both know that isn’t true. She walks off.

Stephanie tells Kayla that Steve went to visit Bo at the hospital. Kayla is glad. Bo could use the company. Besides, it’s nice not to have him hovering over her. Max pipes up. Steve just wants her to be safe. Stephanie covers for him. Max meant the baby. Steve wants the baby to be safe. Kayla eyes them suspiciously.

Steve answers and asks what the deal is. Ava laughs. He always cuts to the chase. He asks about Kayla. Bo’s eyes widen. Ava says she is ok so far. Steve asks about meeting her. She tells him to meet her at a roadhouse out on Route 19. They used to meet there a long time ago. Steve remembers the place. He asks if she will bring Kayla. Ava nukes. She tells him to stop asking questions and do what she says if he ever wants to see his pregnant little wife again. She hangs up. Steve stares. Bo gapes.


EJ tells Sami, “All we need to do is show them that we are married… in more than just name only.”

Chelsea tells Morgan, “Nick has some big exciting news to share.” Morgan gapes at Nick, “What is it?” Nick replies, “I don’t want to say until Max and Stephanie get here.”

Ava asks Hope, “You think he’s going to want to stay with you, don’t you?” Hope asks, “And if he does?” Ava glares, “Well, that won’t be good for any of us.”

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