Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Chelsea applies makeup in bed at the hospital. Daniel comes in and she shoves the makeup under the covers. Daniel reviews Chelsea’s charts and blood work. Chelsea freaks as Daniel’s expression grows more concerned. He murmurs something about triglyceride levels. She asks what that means.

At the mansion, Phillip argues with a business associate on the phone. Chloe walks by in a dress and Phillip beckons. He tells the person to get the job done and hangs up. He tells Chloe that she cleans up nicely. He can tell that she isn’t going to be lounging around the house today. He asks where she’s going. She says she has an audition.

At their place, Kayla sneaks to the door as Steve lies on the couch, seemingly asleep. Kayla reaches for the doorknob. Steve asks where she thinks she’s going.

In his room, Bo struggles to get out of bed. Lexie comes in and asks where he thinks he’s going as he struggles with the IV. Bo says that he’s going to find Hope.

In her room, Ava hands the cellphone to Hope. She tells her that this isn’t a request. She needs to call Patch now.

Daniel tells Chelsea that they thought they could keep her here, but they need to move her. She freaks. What’s wrong with her? Daniel says he isn’t the one that should break it to her. Max wheels Stephanie in with a wheelchair decorated with leis and balloons. Stephanie tells her that she’s going home. Chelsea smiles.

Lexie tells Bo that he isn’t going anywhere. The surgery that he just had was highly experimental. It isn’t to be take lightly. Bo says he has to find Hope. He’s afraid something’s wrong. Lexie lectures. She wants his butt back in bed before she jams a needle full of sedatives into it. Bo groans and agrees. He tells Lexie that someone has to find Hope and let him know that she’s alright.

Hope takes the phone from Ava.

Kayla says she was going to see Bo. Steve says no; she needs to rest. Steve’s phone rings. He answers. It’s Hope. She says, “Hello, darling. It’s me, Kayla.” Steve’s eyes widen.

Chelsea admonishes Daniel. He freaked her out. Stephanie asks him if he’s going to stick around now that both surgeries have gone so well. Daniel isn’t sure. This place seems pretty legit. Maybe the board will make him an offer. Chelsea asks if that means he is staying. He says for right now, yes. Tomorrow, who knows? He says he’ll leave so Chelsea can get changed. Max follows. Stephanie sits by the edge of her bed. She thinks Daniel is sweet.

Max congratulates Daniel on the surgery. Daniel says a monkey could have done it. Max nods. Yes, maybe three or four monkeys in the whole world. Daniel says Bo has a long way to go. They shouldn’t start celebrating yet. Max smirks. It seems he’s getting quite the rep after his stint as the “miracle worker.” Daniel fidgets.

Chloe tells Phillip that an opera star became pregnant, and she was offered the chance to audition for the role of Venus in Tannhäuser. Phillip muses. That’s Wagner, right? Chloe nods. She knows Leta will want to get off her feet, so rehearsals will start right away. She was just born for this part. Phillip hopes she will be ok with whatever happens. If he knows anything, it’s that there are no sure things in life. Chloe smiles. She knows the director. She’s worked for him twice and he loves her. Phillip smiles and says he’ll save wishing her luck for when she might need it, then. Chloe heads off.

At first, Steve tells Hope that she has the wrong number. She tells him to knock it off. This is Kayla, and she’s here with Ava. Ava wants her to stay here for a while, at least until he gets his priorities straight. Steve perks up as the urgency in Hope‘s voice grows. Hope tells him that Ava wants to meet up with him. Steve offers to come by right away. Where are they? Ava snatches the phone. It isn’t going to work like that. Steve tells her to take it easy. Everything’s good. Ava shrieks. Everything is not good! She has Kayla here, and if he isn’t careful, he’ll put her in a bad mood. Then she’ll take all that nastiness out on Kayla. Steve wants to meet her. She refuses. She says she’ll call him later and hangs up. Steve hangs up and frets. Kayla demands to know who that was.

Daniel knocks to make sure Chelsea is dressed and tells her that he signed her release papers. She hugs him and thanks him for helping her dad. He says it’s nothing and scoots off to check on another patient. Stephanie tells Chelsea to put her eyes back in her head. Chelsea scoffs. He saved her dad, that’s all. Speaking of which, she would like them to wheel her by Bo’s room before they leave. Stephanie agrees and they leave.

Steve tells Kayla that it’s a long story. She says she has all the time in the world, since he won’t let her leave. Steve sighs. He didn’t want to tell her this before, because of her fragile state, but here goes. He starts off, “When we were in Ireland--” Kayla doubles over in pain. Steve rushes to her side and asks what’s wrong.

Bo tries to get out of bed again. Lexie rushes in and admonishes him. He tells her that he has to find Hope. No one knows where she is, and she isn’t answering his calls. Lexie tells him to get back in bed. What will he do, jog around town looking? Bo sighs. Can she call Roman? She says she thinks that Roman is out of town on a case. Bo asks about Abe. Lexie agrees to call him, but Bo has to stay put. He agrees and Lexie heads off. Later, Lexie comes back and examines Bo’s incision. She sees that he popped a stitch and scolds him. Abe comes in and Bo asks him to put out an APB on Hope. No one has seen her, but he doesn’t want to get the family involved and worried. Abe agrees to get some of his men right on it. Bo thanks him and Abe asks to speak with Lexie outside. He tells her that he wishes he could get away for dinner. He wants to do it soon. She says she has to stay here a little longer, anyway. They both sigh. Max wheels Chelsea over and she asks if she can see Bo. Lexie says it’s fine, but he needs to take it easy. He popped a stitch earlier. Chelsea promises to be careful and all three head for Bo’s room. Bo compliments her wheelchair and asks where she’s going. Chelsea isn’t sure. She doesn’t want to burden her sorority sisters by taking care of her, and her mom is gone. Stephanie doesn’t mind taking care of her, but Chelsea feels like she has nowhere to go.

Ava tells Hope that Patch can be funny, but he also has a dark side. Does she really think that he loves her? Hope wonders if she should answer that. Ava says it doesn’t matter, because he doesn’t. She paces wildly. It’s just that Steve has to feel hurt like she did when he left her. It’s pain she still feels. Hope asks if she wants to hurt her, too. Ava smiles. No, she really doesn’t. She doesn’t even know Kayla. And it isn’t her fault for marrying Steve. She didn’t know about Ava. Hope nods. That’s true enough. Ava pats her on the hand. She’s sorry that Kayla will have to go through the heartache that she did when Steve left her, but that’s just the way it has to be. Just like Steve has to feel a little pain, too. She asks Hope if she wants her sandwich.

Steve calls Kayla’s doctor, who insists that Steve get Kayla to bed immediately. The doctor agrees to come by their house and Steve thanks her profusely. He hangs up and helps Kayla into the bedroom. She groans.

Chloe stomps back into the mansion. She tells Phillip that she nailed the audition, but her reputation in Austria preceded her. The gossip papers had a filed day with her in connection to Brady’s disappearance, and the director didn’t want her. Phillip soothes her. Sooner or later, they’ll find out where Brady is. Chloe prays that it is sooner. She makes herself a drink. Everyone thinks she did this, including Interpol. Phillip comforts her. He doesn’t believe that.

Steve ushers Kayla’s doctor into her bedroom and makes a call. He asks if the call he just received can be traced. It came from a restricted number. He listens and frowns. He doesn’t have that kind of time!

Bo wishes that Chelsea could stay with them, but Hope’s hands are pretty full right now. Max suggests she come stay with him and his mom. She tries not to show it, but she thinks about Pop a lot, and it might get her mind off of him. Bo isn’t so sure about that. Their Ma has a lot of extra work now. He actually has a better idea. He asks someone to hand him the phone and makes a call.

Ava asks if Hope wants more food. Hope says no and puts her sandwich down. Ava beams. She thinks Kayla can see why Patch loves her. She Isn’t an ogre. Hope agrees. She is a beautiful, sensitive, thoughtful woman. Ava thinks she is patronizing her, but she feels the same way about Kayla. She’s even sorry that she has to take Patch from her. Hope asks how the met and Ava tells her that they hailed the same cab and ended up getting coffee afterwards. Ava tells her that they started seeing each other, and her father even offered him a job. They dated for two years and they were engaged. Hope urges Ava to tell her about the wedding. Ava describes the decorations in detail, but admits that her dad didn’t want it to happen. So she and Patch ran off. They found a minister and even had two strangers as witnesses. Hope asks if they got married. Ava sulks. Obviously not. She doesn’t want to talk about that. Hope thinks she should want to talk about the love of her life. Ava admits that she hates Patch sometimes. Hope asks what happened after he left. Ava says she came home. She cried and she hit things. And then she got sick.

Abe tells Lexie that Hope hasn’t been gone long enough to file an official report or to put out an APB. That won’t mollify Bo, so he plans on getting his own people to work on this--unofficially, of course, for now. He asks Lexie to make sure she takes car of Bo. He needs him back at work. Lexie agrees, but frets about being able to restrain him if news about Hope doesn’t come in soon. She hugs Abe and they both head off.

Chloe and Phillip come close to kissing, but Phillip’s phone interrupts. It’s Bo, wondering if Chelsea could stay with them until she recuperates from surgery. Phillip readily agrees. That’s what family is for. He agrees to hire a nurse right away. Bo thanks him and hangs up. He gives the news to Chelsea, and she thanks him. She hugs him and tells him she loves him. He says the same, and Max and Stephanie wheel her out. Bo takes a call from Steve, who says he thinks he knows where Hope is.

Hope asks what Ava means about being sick. Ava doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. Kayla was the one that was married to Patch. What was it like?

Steve isn’t exactly sure where Hope is. Steve promises that she isn’t hurt. He’ll have to call Bo back. Bo freaks. Where is she? Is she in some kind of trouble? He has to get be on it. Steve says he will come down and talk to him as soon as he can. They lose the connection.

Daniel runs into Max, Stephanie and Chelsea out in the hallway. He thought they were going home. Chelsea says they’re cruising the hallways first. He wishes he could come with them, but Lexie gave him more work to do. Chelsea grins.

Kayla comes out with the doctor and sits on the couch. The doctor explains that she can walk from the couch to the bedroom and bathroom, but that is all. She tells Steve she gave Kayla a sedative, so she may get drowsy. Steve says he will make sure that she stays here, even if he has to get an extra pair of eyes on her. The doctor tells her she will be fine, but warns her to stay off of her feet. The doctor leaves.

Ava wants to know what it’s like to be married to Patch. Hope doesn’t want her using her words against her. Ava nukes. She gave her a sandwich, and now she’s going to tell her all about her life with Patch. Hope promises to do so, but only if she lets her make one more phone call.

Steve calls Stephanie and tells her to come home. She says they have to take Chelsea to the Kiriakis mansion first, but Steve needs her home now. He hangs up.

Abe finds Bo trying to call Steve. Abe tells him to rest and try not to get stressed. They’re going to find Hope.

Steve tries to call Bo, but he can’t get through. Steve urges him to pick up.

Abe tells Bo that he has guys out right now, looking for Hope. They’re just friends, doing this on their free time to help Bo. So, he needs to lie back and relax. Bo frets.

Ava chuckles. Who will she call? The cops? They won’t find her here. She is sorry, but Kayla can’t have her happy ending. That is reserved for her and Patch.


Marlena asks John, “Why do you suddenly care what I think of you?”

Stephanie tells Steve, “I just wish you’d tell me what’s going on. Does it have to do with Ava or not?” Steve replies, “I don’t have time to get into it right now.”

Ava tells Hope, “They all blame Patch for what happened to me, and they would all like to see him dead.”

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