Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Max gets a drink at the Java Café. Phillip comes in and sits down. Max asks what’s going on down at the docks. Victor came by after Phillip left and told him that John Black was behind the quarantine of the Kiriakis cargo. Phillip says he’d appreciate it if he kept that to himself. Max has no problem with that. He has too much going on right now anyway. Phillip asks about Paul’s daughter Morgan. Didn’t they date? Max nods. It didn’t work out. Phillip smiles. That’s too bad. He hopes she isn’t anything like her father. She’s awfully damn cute.

Morgan and Stephanie burst into Chelsea’s room with flowers, chocolates, and a stuffed bear. Morgan heard Chelsea was on some special diet, so she’ll have to save the chocolate for when she gets out of here. Stephanie heard that she might get to leave later today.

Kate comes to Tony’s office and he apologizes if he’s missed an appointment. His assistant is swamped and his intern isn’t here. Kate says she just wanted to surprise him. She came to let him know that she has chosen his firm to represent her new product line. He tells her that she’s made the right choice. He’ll set up a presentation for her immediately. Kate takes a call on her cell phone. It’s Anna, wondering if Kate has had a chance to choose a firm to represent her product line.

Lexie comes into Bo’s room and a nurse tells her that Bo’s vitals are strong and stable. He’s been sleeping, but he has tossed and turned a lot. Lexie walks over and Bo wakes up. He asks about Hope, and she tells him that Hope went home to spend time with Ciara and get some rest. Bo sighs. He tells her that he had a dream that Hope was off in the distance, and he couldn’t reach her. Lexie asks if he will feel better if he talks to her. Bo nods and she hands him a phone. Bo dials and frets. Her cell phone went straight to voicemail.

In Ava’s room, Hope rifles through a drawer. She finds a small metal object and starts trying to pick the lock. She hears voices and turns away. She shoves the object in her pocket as Ava walks in. Ava smirks. It’s a lot harder to escape from here than it looks; she should know. Besides, Angelo is right outside, and she doesn’t want to mess with him. Hope reminds Ava that she wanted to talk about Steve. She wants to get that over with so she can go home to her husband. Ava snaps. How dare she call him that? Patch was in love with her long before he met Kayla.

Max tells Phillip not to use Morgan to get to her father. Phillip says he would never do that. Max isn’t so sure. Phillip wonders why he even cares. Max says they are still friends, so Phillip better not mess with her. Phillip says he won’t. Max says he has to leave. He needs to go wish Stephanie luck on her first day of being an intern.

Chelsea thought that she wasn’t getting out of here until tomorrow. That’s what Dr. Jonas said. The girls heard otherwise from the nurses. Maybe she should just ask. Stephanie tells her that they hate to gift-and-run, but they have to get to their internships. Morgan thinks Chelsea should get one when she feels up to it. Chelsea says she isn’t sure what she wants to do yet, but she wishes them both luck. They leave. Chelsea sighs.

Kate tells Anna that it isn’t a good time. Anna asks Kate to call her back later, then. Kate sighs. She doesn’t want to be brutal, but there’s no sense in wasting Anna’s time. She has decided to go with Tony’s firm; in fact, she’s meeting with him right now. However, she is planning a second product line to run exclusively online, and she would like Anna to head that project up. Anna says that she appreciates the offer, and tells Kate to call her to set up a meeting. Anna hangs up and curses, “Damn it!”

Bo leaves a message for Hope on her cell phone, and then leaves a message at the house as well. Then he calls Caroline, who still has Ciara. Bo hangs up and frets. It’s not like Hope not to answer the phone, especially since he is in the hospital. Lexie thinks she must have just gone home to sleep. Now that she knows Bo is feeling better, she’s catching up on some much-needed rest. Bo nods. A nurse wheels Chelsea in. She might be leaving later, and she wanted to see him before she went. Bo beams.

Hope says she knows that Steve and Ava had a relationship, but things change. Ava sulks. They can change right back, too. Hope wonders what she wants. Ava says she just wants to chat. Hope asks about her, but Ava wants to talk about her, Patch, and the baby. Hope says stress is bad for the baby, and being here is stressful. Ava thought they were friends. Hope scoffs. Friends don’t chloroform and kidnap each other. Hope asks about the attempted escapes Ava talked about earlier. Why does her father keep her locked up here? Ava nukes. They’re not here to talk about her! Hope sighs. She just wants some kind of assurance that she’s going to be let go. Ava grins. Who said anything about letting her go?

Morgan and Stephanie order two coffees at the café. Phillip comes up behind them and offers to pay. Stephanie wonders why. He smirks. Do they think he has some kind of ulterior motive? Morgan is frank and says yes. Phillip chuckles. He admits it. He does.

Bo asks Chelsea to smuggle him in a cheeseburger sometime after she gets out. Chelsea laughs. Can he eat those? Bo isn’t sure, but wants to find out. He takes her hand. He ought to beat her with a tick for what she did, but she saved his life, and he thanks her from the bottom of his heart. Chelsea tells him that he always stuck up for her and believed in her. She had to do this to show him how much she loves him. They hug.

Hope gets that Ava is loving this. She loves to be in control. She sighs. How long is she going to be here? Ava smiles. Just until Patch decides to join them. Then all three of them will have a little chat. Hope wonders what she hopes to accomplish by this. Ava tells her that Patch will realize the mistake he’s made and dump Kayla and her unborn brat. Hope smiles. Just like that? Ava snaps her fingers and agrees. Just like that.

Phillip hands the girls their coffees and tells Morgan that he felt badly for how he treated her father the other day. This is his way of apologizing. Morgan thinks he ought to apologize to her father instead. Phillip promises to do so as soon as his cargo is out of quarantine. He says he has to go and tells them to have a nice day. The girls sit by at a nearby table and talk about Tony and Anna having the hots for each other. They both agree not to get involved or let it affect their friendship. One of their professors walks in and tells them that they have one last requirement to fulfill to get credit for the internships. He tells them that two communications majors will be following them around and filming them while they complete their internships. He introduces the girls to their cameramen, David and Mark. Mark promises that they won’t be in their way. They can pretend they’re not even there. The girls feign excitement and exchange worried looks.

Anna speaks with her boss, Mr. Lumberg. She tells him that she, too, is disappointed that they didn’t land Kate’s account, but she’s sure that Kate will dump DiMera’s firm as soon as the sales figures come out for the secondary product line. Lumberg tells her that her job is on the line and Ana hangs up. Stephanie comes in with David. Anna asks who that boy is and what he’s doing with that camera.

Tony and Kate discuss Anna. He tells Kate that he tried to get Anna to work for him, but she refused,. Kate thinks she had some wonderful ideas, even though she doesn’t like the woman. Tony has champagne brought in and pours two glasses to celebrate with Kate. He promptly dumps one down the front of her shirt. He apologizes profusely and blots her shirt. Morgan and Mark come in. Mark has the camera recording Tony and Kate. Morgan smiles apologetically.

Abe comes by the hospital and catches Lexie outside Bo’s room. She tells them that things are going well with Bo and he asks if she can get off soon. She says no. She’s not expecting to be him until Theo goes to bed. Abe sighs. That’s perfect, because he has to work from twelve to eight. Lexie groans. When are they ever going to find time to spend together?

Chelsea asks when Bo gets to leave. He isn’t sure, but not soon enough. Chelsea says the same is true for Hope and Ciara, too. She knows they both want him home. She asks where Hope is.

Hope scoffs. So Steve is just going to forget about her with one word from Ava? Ava thinks he will in time. Hope laughs. He already heard from her. Ava threatened her and her baby, and made their plane crash on the way home from Ireland. Ava sulks. That was an accident. Her cousins aren’t rocket scientists. Hope nukes. Three people died because of her! One of whom was her father! Doesn’t she feel guilty? Ava says she had to get Patch back. Hope thinks she is crazy. Ava grabs her arm. She must never say that again. Hope sighs and asks how they will get Steve here. Ava grins. She has her ways.

Morgan tells Tony that this is part of her internship. It was supposed to be cleared with him. Tony said no one cleared it with him, but it’s fine as long as she doesn’t let it become a distraction. Tony explains that he and Kate were celebrating since she has decided to give them the majority of her advertising. Morgan is pleased. Phillip comes in and asks Kate if she’s conducting business. He catches sight of Morgan and asks if she works here. Kate asks if they know each other. Morgan fidgets.

Stephanie explains why the camera guy is here. Anna sighs. It’s fine, but none of this better end up on the internet. She glares at David. Max comes in with flowers. He hopes he isn’t interrupting, but he wanted to wish Stephanie luck. He asks about the camera.

Chelsea is surprised Hope isn’t here. Bo thinks she is just at home, resting. She has to be exhausted. Chelsea cant wait to get home. Neither can Bo. He can be waited on hand and foot. Chelsea chuckles. So he’s going to milk this, huh? Bo says he will. Chelsea wonders if Daniel makes house calls. Bo isn’t sure. He is an amazing doctor, though. Chelsea thinks he’s an amazing guy in general. Bo smiles. He’s thankful to have her, too. Now they’re even closer, because they share a vital organ .Chelsea reminds him the pancreas is a gland. Bo knows, but “vital gland” doesn’t have the same ring to it. They both laugh.

Hope knows all about Ava’s ways. They include kidnapping. Ava smirks. She won’t have to kidnap Steve to get him back. They were in love. He just left one day, and she hasn’t been the same since. Hope asks if she will be well if she gets him back. Ava freaks. She isn’t sick now! Hope thinks she seems like a strong woman. She doesn’t need a man to complete her. Ava laughs. She and Steve are soul mates. Obviously, Kayla’s relationship with Steve is too shallow for her to understand that. And sure, Steve hurt her really badly. Kayla doesn’t understand the pain he put her through. Hope doesn’t get it. If he hurt her so badly, then why does she want him back? Ava sighs. She doesn’t understand. She loves him. Hope says she loves him, too. Ava freaks. No, she doesn’t! And if she just gets Steve alone in a room with them, he will choose Ava. So Kayla just has to get used to the fact that she is going to be raising that brat all on her own.

Chelsea asks if Bo wants to rest. He says no. That’s all he does. Chelsea agrees to stay until Hope gets back. Bo agrees.

Abe thinks they both just have demanding jobs, and now she is chief-of-staff. Lexie laughs. If it weren’t for Theo, they would never see each other. They both agree that they need to find a way to spend more time together. The both say the have to get back to work at the same time and chuckle. Abe heads off. Lexie sighs.

Phillip explains that he and Morgan met down at the docks and he bought her coffee earlier. Morgan blushes and thanks him again. Tony asks if Phillip wanted to see him, or if he just came to see his intern. Kate smiles.

Stephanie explains David’s presence to Max, and Anna takes Stephanie’s flowers out to put them in a vase. Stephanie thanks Max again. They kiss. David zooms in. Max breaks off the kiss and glares. Stephanie giggles. David apologizes. He has to get everything. Stephanie wants to meet up later. Max said he wanted to talk about some stuff going down at the pier, but now it will have to wait for later. He flings David a bitter stare and heads off.

Phillip explains to Tony that he and Victor want to a begin an aggressive ad campaign targeting their shipping line, its dependability, and reputation. Tony readily agrees and agrees to set up an appointment with Phillip at a later time to discuss the campaign. Kate sees that they’ll be doing business with the same guy. Morgan smiles. She hopes she’ll be able to service all Phillip’s needs now that he‘s signed on with them. Kate’s eyes widen. Morgan blushes.

Bo calls Steve and asks if he has seen Hope. He says he hasn’t. Bo hangs up. Chelsea asks if he is worried. Bo says no, but visibly frets. He bets Hope just slept right through the phone ringing.

Hope is tired of being kept prisoner. Ava says she is a guest. Hope sighs. She really is delusional. Ava disagrees. She’s going to get Patch back. It’s just a matter of him seeing Ava and Kayla side by side. She leers. She’ll get him back in a flash.

Kate says they will both look forward to working with everyone here. Phillip shakes Morgan’s hand, and Tony shakes Kate’s. Tony sees Kate out and Phillip leaves. Morgan shuts the office door after them and glares at Mark. She hates him.

A nurse comes to take Chelsea back to her room. She wants to stay longer, but the nurse explains that it’s time for her final exam. After that, she can be discharged. Bo tells her to go. She agrees, but promises to be back everyday. Bo tells her he loves her and she tells him the same.

Hope asks Ava how they will get Steve here. Ava pulls a cell phone out and says she stole it from her cousin. Kayla is going to call Steve and tell her exactly what Ava says. Hope cocks an eyebrow. Which is? Ava grins. She’s going to tell Steve to do as Ava says if he ever wants to see Kayla again.


Chelsea asks Daniel, “I thought I was going home today! What’s wrong with me?” Daniel replies, “ I’m not that one that should break this to you.”

Phillip asks Chloe, “You going to tell me where you’re going?” She replies, “ I have an audition.”

Lexie threatens Bo, “I am telling you to get your butt back in that bed before I jab a needle full of sedatives into it.”

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