Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Chelsea’s room, Kate asks about the flowers in her room. Chelsea tells her that they’re from her sorority sisters. Kate tells her that Billie has been calling every hour. Kate convinced her that Chelsea was recovering nicely and that there was no reason for her to fly out. Chelsea thanks her. She would feel like she was dying if her mom flew out. Kate asks about Daniel, and Chelsea says she hasn’t seen him today. Kate huffs. That’s unacceptable. Daniel comes in and checks Chelsea’s vitals. Chelsea hastily stuffs the bear Nick gave her behind her pillow. Kate jumps all over him for not coming sooner, and he explains that he had a video conference. He thinks everything here is “sweet.” Kate glares. That doesn’t sound like doctor talk to her. Chelsea translates. It means she’s recovering. Kate rolls her eyes. Daniel wonders if she has a problem with him.

In Bo’s room, Kayla asks how he is feeling. He tells her it’s hard to breathe, but only because she’s suffocating him with her hovering. He thinks she needs to go home. Kayla refuses. She wants to stay here until Lexie or Daniel are back on rotation. Bo insists. She needs to start thinking about her baby. Kayla tells him that she will just sit at home and worry about him. At least here, she can have peace of mind as to the status of his recovery. Bo smiles. He thinks she’s the best sister that anyone could have. She really saved his life.

In the hospital parking lot, Hope calls Caroline and tells her that she will pick Ciara up later on tonight. She thanks her and hangs up. Ava comes up behind her and clamps a rag over her mouth. Hope shrieks and struggles.

Chelsea asks Kate to be nicer to Daniel. Kate agrees and wonders when Chelsea will be able to leave. Daniel says she can probably leave tomorrow, pending a final examination. Chelsea expresses surprise, but Daniel thinks she is recovering quickly. He wants to head off to see Bo. Chelsea makes an awkward remark about that being perfect and blushes. Daniel leaves. Kate grins. Chelsea doesn’t seem to want to leave the hospital. She wonders why that is.

Bo asks Kayla when he might be able to leave. Kayla says that they’re going to want to keep him here for a while. Bo grumbles. Kayla changes the subject by bringing up Shawn and Belle’s trip. Bo sighs. He thinks that this will be a good thing for them but he will sure miss Shawn. He didn’t even get to see the boat before they left. Bo reminisces about his adventures on the Fancy Face with Hope and Shawn. Kayla wonders if Shaw remembers those good times. Maybe that is why he wanted to rush off and go sailing with his family. Bo isn’t sure. He was so young, but then again, they’ve shown him plenty of pictures from those times. Bo just hopes that they’ll be able to stay in close touch. Steve comes in and says he wants to take Kayla home. She wants to wait for Daniel or Lexie, but Bo insists. Kayla refuses. Steve sighs. Is Bo’s wife this stubborn? Bo chuckles. More so. Kayla was the one that had to convince her to go home and get some rest.

Ava hauls an unconscious Hope over to a car and dumps her in the backseat. Ava throws Hope’s purse and coat into a trash can and flashes back to Hope hugging Steve, and her confrontation with Hope outside the pub. Ava smiles.

Kayla tells Bo that Caroline wanted to know if he wanted anything of Pop’s that was special to him. Bo thinks and finally says he wants the fishing poles. He reminisces about fishing trips with Pop to the lake, and the old rowboat that leaked like a sieve. Kayla apologizes. She actually took them. Bo grunts. She hates fishing. Kayla says she was thinking the baby might want to fishing when he or she grows up. Bo says it’s ok, but he wants his own pole. He carved his initials on it. Kayla readily agrees. Bo asks about Pop’s pocket watch. He’ll take that. Kayla fidgets. Roman already has it. Bo sighs. Did they even ask Ma? She might want to keep some of it. Kayla says they did. She says she has decided to keep some things, but others make her miss him more. Steve sighs. It’s weird how some things help you remember people with fondness, and other things just make you feel pain. Kayla knows what he means.

Chelsea says she does want to go home. She hates the food. Kate thinks she’s reluctant to go home because of Daniel. Chelsea smirks. She does not have a crush on him. Kate rolls her eyes. She dissolved into a giggly little schoolgirl as soon as he walked in here. Chelsea vehemently denies it. She admires him for saving her dad’s life and that’s it. Kate wonders if she will be ok with Daniel just taking off to catch a wave once she and Bo recover. Chelsea says she might mind a little, but that’s only because they are friends.

Daniel comes into Bo’s room and Steve sighs. It’s about time. Daniel chuckles. He didn’t realize the Bradys were such a high maintenance group. Steve and Kayla fill Daniel in on what happened with the doctor earlier who wanted to prescribe the wrong anti-rejection medication. Daniel promises that it won’t happen again. He thanks Kayla and asks her to go home for a much needed break. He’ll take over from here. Kayla kisses Bo and leaves with Steve. Bo sighs with relief. He can finally get some rest before Hope comes back.

Angelo carries Hope into Ava’s room and asks what she has done now. This is kidnapping. She scoffs. It isn’t as if he hasn’t done worse. He thinks her father is going to flip out. She says she will make him understand. Hope starts to wake up. Ava smiles. She’s glad she could join the party. She and Kayla have a lot to talk about. Hope stares, wide-eyed.

Nick comes to visit Chelsea and Kate leaves to give them some privacy. Nick notices the bear that Chelsea hid behind her earlier and asks about him. She fidgets and says he must have gotten stuck back there while she was sleeping. She’s a thrasher. Nick asks when she will get out of here and she says she thinks it might be tomorrow. Nick is glad. Now things can go back to normal. Chelsea smiles and nods. Nick asks if there is anything wrong.

Ava tells Hope that she knows who she is. Angelo asks if she is Patch’s wife. Ava says she is. Her name is Kayla. Hope says that she remembers Ava from outside the pub. Her name is Ava. Ava nods. She knows Steve. Hope tells her that Steve told her about Ava. Ava smiles. Does she knows that they were in love? Hope says that Steve told her that, too. Ava beams. And they’re going to be in love again once they deal with this situation. Hope raises an eyebrow. What situation?. Ava grins. She knows that Kayla is pregnant with Steve‘s baby. She knows a lot of things.

Kayla sends off a fiery e-mail to some other doctors concerning charity work. Steve urges her to rest. He rubs her back and they kiss. He compliments her philanthropic spirit. Then he flashes back to talking to Stephanie about Ava. Stephanie wonders how he could get involved with such dangerous people.

Hope wonders how Ava knew about the baby. She slyly places a protective hand over her stomach. Ava sneers. She knows a lot. She thinks the solution to this little problem is to take Kayla out of the equation. Hope flips her hair and gets up. This conversation is over. Angelo stops her from leaving. Ava says they aren’t done. She touches Hope’s hair. Hope snaps and tells he not to touch her. Ava says she isn’t being very friendly. If she wants to ensure the safety of herself and her child, then she needs to cooperate and not make Ava upset.

Chelsea says that everything is fine. It’s just that she feels different. The whole life and death thing is finally catching up with her, and she feels like a different person. She knows now that she doesn’t want things to go back to the way they were before. She wants to follow a new path. Nick asks if that includes him. She says it does. Nick smiles. When she was in that operating room, he realized that for him, life without her was impossible. A tiny part of him was angry at first He felt like she was sacrificing their future. But he understands why she had to go through with the surgery, and he is proud,. She thanks him and he says he loves her. She says she loves him too.

Daniel tells Bo what a girl Chelsea is for risking her life. Bo knows. It was against his wishes. Daniel reminds him that he would be dead if he had refuses surgery. Bo doesn’t care. Putting his daughter at risk is unthinkable. Daniel sighs. Then it was a good thing he didn’t get to decide. Bo knows it was hard for Hope. Daniel agrees. She knew it was against Bo’s wishes, but he didn’t see Hope here all the time like Daniel did. She obviously loves him. He’s a lucky guy. And as much as Bo doesn’t want to lose Chelsea, Hope doesn’t want to lose him. Bo knows that he is a lucky guy. He asks if he can see Chelsea. Daniel says he needs to rest, but she should be out of here soon. Then she can come by. Bo is glad to hear that she is recovering quickly .Daniel wants to give him a sedative. Bo is reluctant at first, the agrees. Hope won’t be back for a while, anyway.

Angelo tells Hope that she isn’t going anywhere. Ava tells her they have to talk, because she is going to have Patch back. Hope flashes back to Steve telling her that Kayla can’t handle the stress of knowing about Ava. Hope smiles. She agrees with Ava. They do need to talk, because she is Steve’s wife.

Kate comes back and asks how Chelsea’s talk with Nick went. She says it was fine and tells Kate that she wants to see her dad. Kate agrees to arrange it. Chelsea thanks her for being around and being so helpful. She knows that Kate must be busy with her company. Kate agrees that it is a whirlwind right now, but she’s happy with her new product line. Chelsea asks if she has chosen Anna or Tony’s ad agency. Kate isn’t sure. She thinks Anna is obnoxious, but she did come up with some good ideas. She asks Chelsea to take a look at the line. Maybe she can decide between the ad campaigns. Chelsea chuckles and declines. Morgan and Stephanie are working for Anna and Tony. She doesn’t want to get in the middle of that. Kate laughs. She thinks Chelsea is already making smart business decisions.

Kayla tells Steve that she wants to call the hospital to check in with Daniel. She talks to him, ascertains that Bo is fine, and hangs up. Steve wants to talk about baby names. They both suggest each other’s mothers’ names: Caroline and Josephine. For boys, they can’t take Shawn, or use Steve’s dad’s name, so Steve suggests Benjamin. Kayla nods. That would be nice. Steve tells her that he talked to Sonia the other day. She and the baby are fine. She feels safer now that Stefano is in a coma. Kayla sighs. It’s nice not to have a black cloud hanging over their heads anymore. Steve flashes back to his conversation with Ava in the alley. She tells him that she wants him back. Steve comes back to the present and frets.

Angelo asks to speak to Ava outside. She warns Hope not to steal anything else from her. Angelo tells her that he doesn’t think that any of this is a good idea. Her father will be livid, and besides, Patch isn‘t worth all of this. Ava turns on the tears. She’s tired of feeling hurt everyday when she wakes up. She has to have closure, one way or the other. Even the doctors say that. She sobs. Angelo hugs her. Hope checks the window for an escape route, but can’t get out. She frets.

Kate says she has to leave as Daniel comes in. Chelsea blushes. Daniel thinks Kate has venom in her veins, but that’s a good thing. He asks if Chelsea has a fever. She’s flushed. She says no and grins as he checks her forehead and glands. He thinks she’s amazing after what she did for her dad. She’s very brave.

Steve tells the guard he can take the night off. His wife is asleep and he’s here. He asks if there has been any sign of Ava. He listens, says that’s good, and hangs up.

Bo tosses and turns. He moans, “Hope!”

Angelo tells Ava that he will help her with Hope. She has to promise not to try anything like last time. Ava rubs her wrists. Ava thinks Hope will be here a while. So he needs to get her some food--for the baby and all. He doesn’t want to leave her alone with the lady, so they head off together after he locks Hope inside. She tries the door and grunts in frustration. She starts opening drawers and finds the pictures of the Brady family. She flashes back to Steve telling her that someone is gunning for Kayla. Hope finds the picture of Bo and whispers that he shouldn’t worry. She’ll find a way out of here.


Phillip asks Max, “Uh, so you used to date Paul Hollingsworth’s daughter?” Max nods, “Morgan, yeah.” Phillip smiles, “What’s the story with her? She’s awfully damn cute.”

Bo talks on the phone as Lexie looks on, “Have you seen Hope? And you haven’t heard from her again? I’m sure everything’s fine.”

Ava tells Hope, “I don’t think I said anything about letting you go.”

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