Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Hope comes in to Bo’s room to find Kayla. Hope thinks she should be at home resting, but Kayla explains that no one was around that was familiar with Bo’s condition. Daniel is on a video conference, and Lexie had emergency surgery. Hope sighs. She knows Bo isn’t in the clear, but she still feels relieved. Kayla asks about Ciara, and Hope says she just came from visiting with her. She’s really becoming a handful. She fills Kayla in on Belle and Shawn’s departure. She is happy for them. She and Bo have so many wonderful memories of their time sailing around the world, but she is going to miss Shawn. He is still her baby. She hugs Kayla and cries a little. The machines hooked up to Bo beep wildly. Hope asks what’s going on. Kayla rushes over and gasps, “This can’t be happening.”

In her room, Ava looks at a picture of Hope and vows revenge on Kayla. She pouts in the mirror. She thinks she’s way prettier than her anyway. She hears a knock and asks who it is. She tells a man named Angelo to come in and greets him excitedly. He wonders why she is locked up in here. Can’t she get better? Ava sulks. They’re cousins, and they’ve known each other a long time. She’s fine. It’s just that she is unhappy, and her dad wants her to see shrink and take meds. Angelo sighs. He wishes they could still have fun like they used to. If only Patch hadn’t come along. Ava thinks Patch was the reason they all had so much fun. Angelo tells her that she has to forget about that guy.

Marlena, Belle and Shawn sit at the pub. They tell Marlena about their sailing trip. She thinks a short trip will do them good. Belle shakes her head. This isn’t a short trip. They’re taking off for a while. Marlena asks about Shawn’s dad. Shawn says that they already talked to him and Hope about it. Sami comes in with the twins and asks what they’re talking about. Belle tells them that they’re sailing around the world on the Fancy Face IV. Shawn nods and smiles. They plan on leaving tomorrow, in fact. Sami and Marlena gape.

A doctor rushes in and Kayla explains that Bo’s fever has spiked and his heart rate is elevated. The doctor tells a nurse to up his anti-rejection dosage and add another pill to his regimen. Kayla says that’s a mistake. Dr. Jonas has already prescribed the correct dosage. The nurse explains that the doctor outranks Kayla. Kayla snatches the prescription from the nurse. The doctor asks what the hell she’s doing. Kayla fumes. She’s trying to save this patient’s life. The doctor thought that’s what he’s doing, but for some reason, Kayla is trying to stop him. Hope frets. Kayla glares.

Angelo reminds Ava that she did kind of lose it right after Patch disappeared. She huffs. Oh yeah. She cried and was depressed. That makes her crazy, right? She rolls her eyes. She says there is only one thing that can make all of this better, and that’s Patch. Angelo tells her that the psychiatrist disagrees, but she doesn’t care what he thinks. She changes tactics and begs Angelo to make her a sandwich. He agrees and she asks if she can take a walk while he’s making it. He refuses. She pleads. She won’t leave the grounds. Angelo gives in and tells her to be back in fifteen minutes. She promises and walks out. The camera pans in on a picture of Ava and Steve.

Kayla tells the doctor to get the hell out of the room. He stammers. She furiously flips through a sheaf of papers and hands him a study. The medication he recommended is specifically prohibited for this specific procedure. He could have killed Bo. The doctor, cowed, apologizes. Kayla tells the nurse to adjust Bo’s dosage of anti-rejection meds slightly and tells the doctor that she can take it from here. He leaves. Hope cries. Kayla soothes her. They’re not quite out of the woods, but it’s going to be ok. Hope shakes her head. If Kayla hadn’t been here--Kayla interrupts her. They can’t think that way. She’s here now, and she isn’t going anywhere.

Angelo brings Ava’s sandwich to her room and groans when he finds the room empty. George rushes in and tells him that Ava is gone. Angelo wonders how. There’s an electric fence and only one gate. George explains that Ava disabled the locks. Angelo doesn’t think she can have gotten far. George says she wouldn’t have on foot, but she stole Angelo’s car. Angelo feels for his keys and curses. She must have lifted them when she hugged him. She was planning this the whole time. George asks if he has any idea where she might be going. Angelo picks up the picture of Steve. He doesn’t know where, but he does know who.

Marlena says they can’t go. Bo is in the hospital. Shawn explains that neither Bo or Hope want them to put off pursuing their dreams. Marlena asks where they got a boat. The Fancy Face sank. Belle beams. It was a gift from Dad. Marlena gasps. They need to talk about this. Sami helpfully offers to go get Claire juice. She has Shawn come along, too. Marlena want Belle to think about what she’s doing. Belle huffs. She knows Marlena doesn’t want them to go. Marlena says this has nothing to do with that. Belle says her father wanted to give her a gift, and she accepted. What is the big deal? Marlena says it’s a big deal because he isn’t her father. She wants Belle to really consider that before she accepts the boat.

Shawn and Sami talk about his upcoming trip. Sami asks about John buying the boat for them. Was it weird? Shawn nods. He didn’t want to accept, but it made Belle so happy, that he couldn’t say no. Claire finishes her juice. Shawn smiles and explains that he might have buy a bigger boat just to hold all the juice boxes Claire will go through. Sami chuckles.

Belle sighs. She knows that this man isn’t her father, but buying her a boat does sound like something John would do. Marlena muses. John was always a generous man. Belle agrees. It was never about the price tag with him. He just wants to make the people he loves happy. Marlena sighs. She fears Belle is reading something into this that just isn’t there. And she’s afraid Belle will be terribly disappointed that this wasn’t a sign of the old John returning.

Steve come up to the guard standing outside Bo’s room and asks how long Kayla has been inside. He says for a while, and Steve urges him to remain inconspicuous. He heads off as Hope comes out. She fills him on what’s going on with Bo. They thought he was rejecting the transplant, but now they aren’t so sure. She thanks God that Kayla was here. A doctor that didn’t know what he was doing could have killed Bo earlier. She cries and Steve hugs her. Ava spies on them briefly and ducks back around the corner. Hope asks Steve what is wrong with him. She can tell something is going on. Steve sighs. He doesn’t want to worry her with his problems right now. She insists. She won’t let up until he tells her. Steve sighs. Someone is gunning for Kayla. And it’s all because of him.

Bo wakes up and Kayla ask how he is. He asks her to tell him. She sighs. To be honest, he gave them a bit of a scare. They thought he was rejecting Chelsea’s pancreas, but they have everything under control now. Bo asks how Chelsea is doing and Kayla says she’s fine. Hope just went to get a drink of water, so she will be right back. Bo thanks her for staying with him. She smiles. She’d do anything for her brother. She’ll be right by his side through all of this.

Steve tells Hope about meeting Ava all those years ago when he briefly escaped from Stefano. He was involved with her family and their business, which operated outside of the law. Anyhow, she’s back and wants to pick up where they left off. He tells Hope about the threatening letter, and running into Ava that day. He can tell something is off with her. The real kicker is that he saw her in Ireland, from the plane. Hope gasps. Steve nods. She was right out on the tarmac. She was the reason their plane crashed. Hope freaks. They all could have died! Bo’s father did die! Steve frowns sadly. He knows that. Hope assumes he went to the police, but he says he can’t, really. All hell would break loose. Hope gasps. She remember meeting Ava herself. It was right after Shawn’s wake. She and Steve had hugged, and a woman came up to her and asked if she loved Steve. She didn’t think much of it at the time, with everything going on, but the woman scared her. She thinks he has to get this woman put away. Steve sighs. They don’t have any evidence to take to the police. He needs more. Besides, they don’t want to mess with this family. They just got the DiMeras off of their backs. Hope thinks the most important thing is keeping Kayla, Stephanie and the baby safe. Steve agrees. He has been doing that, and will continue to do so.

Belle sighs. She loves Marlena, but it isn’t fun to be psycho-analyzed by your own mother. She knows that John isn’t acting like her father, but he doesn’t know how to have relationships with people. She honestly thinks that this gesture is his way of trying to be her dad. She loves him, so she’ll take what she can get. Marlena smiles. She thinks Belle is wise beyond her years. Belle laughs. She knows she has made a lot of mistakes, but she has grown up a lot. She hopes this trip will make her grow up even more. She and Shawn have to go be a family together before they can come back here and build a life. Can’t Marla understand that? Marlena says she does understand. Belle asks if that means they have her blessing.

Hope asks how Steve has been protecting Kayla and he nods in the guard’s direction. He’s having her tailed, but she can’t know that. It would be way too much stress, especially considering what is going on with Bo. Steve sighs. Maybe he shouldn’t have told Hope. Hope says she won’t blame him for what happened in the past. Steve wishes Stephanie could be as understanding. Hope asks if she knows, too. Steve says yes. Hope gasps. Is Ava after Stephanie, too? Steve doesn’t think so, but he isn’t taking any chances. Hope asks what he will do. Steve says he will keep doing what he has been doing. He’ll keep the guards tailing Kayla and Stephanie, and he’ll keep looking for Ava.

Kayla tells Bo about telling the doctor to get the hell out of his room. Bo laughs and asks her to remind him not to mess with her. She huffs. Well, when it comes down to her family, she is protective. Bo sighs. So, he almost died, huh? Kayla tells him he didn’t, so what does it matter? She promises to stay by his side.

Steve promises Hope that he has the Ava situation under control. She hopes so. Steve heads off to call Abe and find out if they have nay leads as to her whereabouts. Hope frets.

Sami asks Shawn if he has talked to Caroline. He says yes. He offered to stay a little longer in light of what happened to his grandfather, but she insisted that he go. Sami smiles. Caroline would never stand in his way, and she knows their grandfather wouldn’t either. Plus, when he’s out on the open ocean, he can look up at the stars and know Shawn is with him. Shawn smiles and thanks her. They hug.

Marlena gives Belle her blessing. She isn’t completely happy about the boat situation, but that’s ok. Belle says she can live with that. She gets to go off to exotic places, and Marlena has to stay here with her dad. Marlena laughs. Belle asks seriously what she will do about John. Marlena isn’t sure. She’ll take it one day at a time. But one thing is for sure, she will never give up on him. Belle cries and tells Marlena she will miss her. Marlena promises to pray for her every day. Belle thinks she ought to try to fly out to meet them somewhere. Marlena would like that. Perhaps she could even bring her dad along--Belle’s real dad. Belle sobs. She would like that. Sami comes over and makes a joke about their girl’s night being fun even without Belle. Belle chuckles and promises to buy pizza the next time she comes back to town. They all hug and cry.

Hope comes into Bo’s room and asks how he is. Kayla says he is sleeping, and will be for a while. It’s the only way to hasten his healing. Hope asks how Kayla is. She huffs. Women have babies all the time. Being on her feet for a couple of hours won’t hurt. Hope hastily agrees. Kayla asks if Steve put her up to this. She says no. He is worried about her, though. Kayla says she knows, but he’s starting to hover, and it’s making her claustrophobic. Hope thinks he is just worried about the baby. Kayla urges Hope to go shopping or visit Ciara or her dad. Bo will be out of it for a while. Hope reluctantly agrees. He kisses Bo and heads off.

Shawn tells Belle that they had better go pack. They have to decide what they’re taking and what they aren’t. Belle sobs a little. She wishes they could come with her. Shawn is already telling her she’s taking too much, though. Shawn chuckles. They have a big boat, but it isn’t that big. Belle smiles. So this is really it, right? Marlena and Sami cry. Shawn soothes Belle. Salem is their home. They can’t stay away forever. Marlena hugs Belle. Shawn and Sami hug, too.

Steve asks Kayla how Bo is and where Hope is. She tells him that Bo is getting some much needed rest, and Hope is getting some down-time, too. Steve asks if she has rested. She says he has a little. She’s glad he’s here. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. He does the same.

Hope asks the nurse to call her if anything changes with Bo’s condition. The nurse agrees and Hope heads off. Ava follows her.


Chelsea tells Kate, “For the umpteenth time, I do not have a crush on him.” Kate replies, “Come on, Chelsea. You dissolved into a giggly little school girl as soon as he walked in the door.”

Bo says, “Hope isn’t going to back for a while, anyway.”

Hope talks on her phone, “Ok. Thank you so much.” Ava comes up behind her and clamps a rag over Hope’s mouth. Hope struggles and screams.

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