Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf listens to a language tape and practices tongue twisters. John comes I and asks what’s going on. Rolf butchers “The sixth sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” and groans. He will never get this. John reminds him that he brings people back from the dead and tells him to keep at it. He heads over to his desk and places a call to Paul Hollingsworth. John hopes he received the donation to the “charity” of his choosing. Paul smiles and thanks John. John toys with a pencil. It sure would be a shame if that last shipment of Kiriakis cargo were to be detained indefinitely. Paul smiles. It sure would be. He hangs up. He catches sight of Max and asks how the cargo loading is going for Save the Children. Max says it’s fine, and Paul asks him to go down to another dock to load the Kiriakis shipments back onto the ships. They’re to be placed under guard. Max protests. Paul explains that he spoke with Max’s probation officer. If he does some work for customs, he’ll have his service cut in half. Max nods and Paul walks off. Max calls Phillip and tells him that two of his shipments are being placed under quarantine. Phillip curses and says he’s on his way.

Victor comes into Marlena’s office. He tells her that her secretary is gone. Marlena knows. She sent her away and she didn’t put his name on the books. She wanted him to feel comfortable coming here. Victor sighs. Actually, he only agreed to this to appease Caroline. He isn’t sure that this is such a good idea.

Steve catches Kayla at the hospital. He thought she was resting. She huffs. Her brother could die! Steve thought Dr. Jonas said Bo was going to be fine. Kayla says she just wants to check on him, and then she promises to go home. Steve sighs and agrees. Kayla heads off. Steve sees her guard and asks if there has been any trouble. He says that everything has been quiet.

Rolf lets Belle, Shawn, and Claire in and apologizes to John for doing so. Belle tells him that they just came to say goodbye. Shawn and Claire and her are leaving. John doesn’t understand why she had to come here in person. She could have called, or even sent a postcard from wherever they’re headed.

Marlena doesn’t want Victor to feel like she is a psychiatrist. She wants him to just feel like this is talking to a friend. Victor says he doesn’t really open up to friends either. She knows that what happened with Bo has upset him, and it has stirred up memories and feelings about the death of Isabella. Victor admits that it’s true. He really has no one to talk to about. He can’t say anything to Phillip. A boy should never see weakness in his father. He doesn’t want to burden Caroline either. Marlena heard that Bo will be fine. Victor nods. But he isn’t out of the woods yet. He just thanks God it wasn’t cancer, like with Isabella. Victor worries about Brady, too. Marlena wonders if he felt like he let Brady and Isabella down. Victor sighs. He has done a lot of bad things, but he always loved his children. Marlena thinks he must be proud of Phillip, stepping into his shoes the way he has. Victor says he can’t help feeling like he wants more for Phillip.

Paul tells Max that the cargo will be kept on the ship until further notice. Phillip walks up and asks what’s going on. Paul lays into him. His manifests are off and his inventory is incomplete. They need more detail on here than “machine parts,” especially in these times. Phillip huffs. Every part should be listed in detail. He asks to seethe manifest. Paul refuses. Phillip says the ones in his office are not incomplete. Paul says it isn’t his problem. The cargo has to be quarantined until it can be inspected. Phillip pulls him aside and asks how much it will cost to make this problem go away. Paul feigns shock. Is he trying to bribe him? Phillip groans. He’s trying to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, that‘s all. Morgan walks up and expresses surprise at seeing Max still working on his community service. She brings Paul a croissant and kisses him on the cheek. Max asks if she knows him. She beams. Of course! He’s her daddy.

Shawn can’t believe John’s callousness. John apologizes. He’d like a souvenir, too. Belle doesn’t think he understands. She explains that they’re leaving town. Shawn tells John that they’re just waiting for Bo to get well. They’re looking for a boat to rent or buy in the meantime. John says that’s no problem. He’ll buy them a new boat. Belle beams. Shawn flatly refuses.

The guard tells Steve that Kayla is smart. She’s going to figure out that something is going on sooner rather than later. Steve agrees and scoots away as Kayla leaves Bo’s room. She tells Steve that everything is going well. She catches sight of the guard thumbing through a magazine and asks if Steve knows him. She’s been seeing him around here a lot lately. Steve shrugs. Kayla looks at him suspiciously. Steve says that he has to tell her something. She thinks it sounds serious. He says it is. But he’d like to take her home first. Kayla gets a page and tells him that she promised Lexie that she’d do a consult. Surprisingly, Steve is ok with this and tells her he’ll wait for her. They can go home after. A surprised Kayla heads off. Her guard waits a few moments and then follows her.

Phillip asks Max who Morgan is. He explains that Morgan is one of Chelsea and Stephanie’s sorority sisters. Phillip huffs. He doesn’t think his daughter would want to know what he’s up to. Paul is stern. He’s doing his job and that’s all. Phillip tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Paul advises that he walk away before he hits him with fines and an investigation. Phillip stomps off. Morgan hopes that guy doesn’t cause her dad trouble. Paul says it’s fine. He’s in the right. He wonders who told Phillip what was going on. He glares at Max .Would he have something to do with that?

Victor tells Marlena that even though Phillip has done wonders at Titan, he hoped Phillip would get into politics. His phone rings. He apologizes and takes the call when he sees it’s Phillip. Phillip fills him in on the situation with the shipment. He thinks the manifests are fine. The customs agent has been gotten to. And Phillip thinks they both know that John Black got to him.

John says that the boat is just an offer. Belle says that isn’t why they came. John knows. He doesn’t see the problem. Shawn wants a minute to think about it. John says he will go get champagne in case they want to toast to the new boat. Claire says she wants juice and John takes her off with him and Rolf. Shawn says he doesn’t want to accept the boat, but Belle does. She knows John doesn’t know why he wants to do this, but she thinks this is his sub-conscious way of saying he loves them. Sometimes she still sees a glimmer of her old dad. She thinks it’s important to accept any token of affection he tries to show. Shawn says that it’s fine and they hug. Belle says she’s anxious to get out of here. John comes back and asks for the verdict. Shawn and Belle says they want the boat. John tells Rolf to crack open the champagne. Then they can go pick out a boat and send him the bill. They thank him, and John calls Belle “Dink” again. Shawn refuses the champagne. They have a lot of stuff to do today, and it wouldn’t be right with his dad not out of the woods yet. John shrugs. More for him and Rolf, then. He asks when they will leave. Shawn says they’ll go as soon as the boat is ready. Belle hugs John and cries. She’ll really miss him. John asks Shawn to take care of both of them. Shawn agrees. John goes over to say goodbye to Claire. He hugs her and says he’ll miss her. She was the only one in town that really got him. Claire hugs him back. She will miss him, too. John wipes his eye and says he has something caught in it. He walks away. Belle, Shawn and Claire leave.

Victor tells Phillip that he knows Paul Hollingsworth. He’s fallen on hard times since he and his rich wife divorced. He’ll take care of him. Phillip agrees to take care of John, and Victor ells him to call if he needs anything. He hangs up and tells Marlena that customs has delayed some of his shipments. He has to deal with it. She asks if John had something to do with it. Victor wouldn’t be surprised. She hopes he isn’t using this as an excuse to end their session. He says that he’d like to reschedule, actually. She asks him to give her a call and sees him out. She sighs, “John, how could you?”

Max tells Paul that he doesn’t work for Phillip. He’s just down here trying to do some community service. Paul thinks he ought to get back to that. Max heads off.

Belle, Shawn and Claire come into Bo’s room to find him sitting up in bed and glad to see them. Belle is glad to see that eh is really doing better. Shawn tells him and Hope that it’s time that they said goodbye. He reminds them about their plans to sail around the world. Hope smiles. Those days were some of the best in her life. But the mother part of her doesn’t want them to go. Belle says that they can stay, but Bo says no. This illness has taught him that you should never put things off. Shawn insists that they wouldn’t be going if they thought that Bo wouldn’t get better soon. Bo knows that. But he wonders what they’re going to use as their boat. Belle and Shawn smile knowingly at one another.

Phillip bursts into the DiMera mansion despite Rolf’s protests. He accosts John, “I know what you’re doing at the docks.” John grins.

Morgan and Paul sit on a bench and drink coffee. She wishes he and her mom would at least talk to each other. Paul sighs. They talk to her, and that is about as close as they need to get to each other. They tried to keep her out of it until she was old enough to understand. She thinks you’re never old enough to be ok with knowing that your parents don’t love each other anymore

Victor runs into Max and asks what he is doing at the docks. Max explains about the community service and thanks Victor for getting Crawford to get the charges against Chelsea dropped. Victor thanks him in turn for giving Phillip a heads up about what was going on down here. How would he like to do that on a regular basis? Max asks if Victor wants him to spy for him.

Belle and Shawn explain that John is buying them a boat. Shawn didn’t want to accept, but Belle thought it was important they do so. Hope understands that. Bo asks when they set sail. Shawn says they called the marina, and they actually have the old sloop Bo used to own. It can be outfitted and ready to go by tomorrow morning. Bo and Hope gape.

Victor tells Max that he just wants him to keep his eyes and ears open. Max says he won’t be here forever. Victor knows that. He would just appreciate his vigilance in the meantime. Max agrees to help. Victor asks if he has seen John Black down here. Max says no and asks why. Victor explains that John has taken over Stefano’s shipping interests and has become a competitor. Victor says he’ll find him and heads off.

Phillip accuses John of holding up their cargo by bribing customs. John scoffs. He doesn’t have that kind of power. Phillip knows he has that kind of money. John tries to deny it but Phillip tells him to shut up. He knows he spoke with Hollingsworth and besides, John promised to shut down their shipping division. John grins, “Tell me, Phillip. How am I doing so far?” Phillip glares.

Hope thought Belle and Shawn meant they’d be leaving in a week or two, not in the morning. Bo just got out of surgery. Bo stops her. He is getting better, and she knows it. Besides, if they stay another week, she’ll come up with some other excuse for them to stay a little longer. It’s best they just go now. Hope ruefully agrees. Shawn sighs. He guesses this is really goodbye, then.

Kayla comes up to Steve and he tells her that her doctor stopped by. Kayla thinks it’s about her appointment next week, but Steve says she was upset that Kayla isn’t resting. Kayla huffs. She knows her own body and her limits. Steve says it isn’t just him anymore. Her doctor thinks that she is endangering the baby.

Victor finds Paul and Morgan and asks to speak to Paul alone. Morgan heads off and Victor asks about the shipments. Paul tells him about the discrepancies in the manifests. He doesn’t have a choice. An investigation has to be conducted. Victor sighs. He knew Paul under different circumstances. He’s sorry that he had to take this job, but he shouldn’t let that make him a target for John Black. Paul feigns innocence. Victor offers to double John’s price. Paul nukes. Phillip already tried to bribe him once. If Victor tries it again, he’s having him thrown in federal prison. He stomps off. Victor whistles. John must be paying him a fortune.

Phillip thinks John is playing dirty. They had an agreement with Stefano. John shrugs. He’s sure Stefano will honor that when he comes back. Until then, Phillip has to deal with him. The doorbell rings. John asks if he called the feds. Marlena strolls in. John groans. It’s worse. It’s his conscience. Phillip says he only called Victor. Marlena clucks at John. What is he doing here? Trying to justify the fact that he is doing something wrong down at the docks? And bribery? Has it really come to that? John wants to know who told her that and what exactly they said.

Kayla asks if the doctor said she was endangering the baby. Steve says that was the general idea. She is supposed to rest and avoid stress. Kayla agrees to go home, but she thought he had something important to tell her. He just wants her to know that nothing is more important to him than her, Stephanie, and the baby, and he’ll do anything to protect them. Kayla knows that. She wishes he would stop working overtime though. They head off for home.


Belle and Shawn promise they will come back for visits. Bo reminds hope of email and satellite phones. It will be a lot easier for them to keep in touch then it was for them on the Fancy Face. Hope smiles and agrees. She goes over to hug Claire and Shawn hugs Bo. He’s glad he’s getting better. He hugs Hope next. She says she loves him and is proud of him. Belle takes Claire over to Bo and he asks Belle to make sure they take care of her. Claire says goodbye to him and says she loves him. Shawn says they have a lot to do and they leave. Belle thanks Hope for her patience and understanding. Hope asks them to take care of each other. She asks to speak with Claire and hugs her. She tells her to take lots of pictures and go shopping for her. She kisses her tearfully. Bo asks Shawn to go through the equipment in the garage and to take what he needs. Shawn agrees and they all say goodbye one last time. Bo wishes them smooth sailing and they leave. Hope bawls. Bo comforts her.

Max asks Victor how it went with Hollingsworth. Victor says it didn’t go well. Max sighs. He really doesn’t want to get involved in this. Victor agrees that he shouldn’t. This is between John, Phillip, and him. Max asks if he thinks John bought the customs guy off. Victor isn’t sure. He’d like to think that he could have an amicable relationship with John, bit if not, then so be it.

Marlena demands to know if John bribed the customs official. He says he didn’t. She says he is a disappointment and huffs off. Phillip smiles. That was pretty cold. He has to go, but this isn’t over. He leaves. John notices that Marlena left her gloves. Rolf thinks that she knew that John lied to her. He sighs. That’s the way it goes. He wants Rolf to send them back to Blondie with a dozen roses. Rolf heads off. John sniffs the gloves and smiles.


Belle tells Marlena, “My father wanted to give me a gift and I wanted to take it.” Marlena replies, “This is not your father.”

As Bo lies unconscious, a doctor asks Kayla, “What the hell are you doing?” She fumes, “I am trying to save this patient’s life.”

Steve pulls Hope into a hug, “Come on.” Ava spies on them.

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