Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

In Tony’s office, Ethan and Morgan bustle about busily. Morgan shows Tony a design she’s working on while Ethan fills Tony in on potential accounts and appointments. Anna comes in and interrupts them. She can see that Tony is busy, but she has a “front-burner” kind of problem. Tony wants to know what she needs. She points at Ethan, “I want him.”

At the hospital, everyone in the waiting room dozes in chairs as Roman and Steve talk. They complain about the coffee and Ste frets about how long it’s taking. Roman says Bo has been out of surgery for quite a while. They should have heard something by now. Roman hopes that isn’t a bad sign.

In a hospital room, Kate scoffs at the sex tips in a magazine as Chelsea sleeps nearby. Daniel comes in and Kate frets about her not waking up yet. Chelsea opens her eyes. Daniel asks how she is. She says she’s fine other than a sore throat. How is her dad?

In another room, Caroline and Hope keep watch near Bo’s bed. Lexie and Kayla come in to ask if he has regained consciousness. Hope says no. Lexie encourages her. Bo’s vital signs are stable. Kayla tells her that it’s just a waiting game now.

Ethan stammers. He likes older, aggressive women--not that she’s much older. Anna interrupts. She meant that she wants him to work for her. He’s energetic and capable. Tony chuckles. She won’t be able to afford him. Anan says that money is no object. Tony instructs Ethan to show her his paycheck. Anna asks if he’s paid monthly after she sees the amount. Ethan smiles. That is his weekly salary. Anna gulps. Tony shakes his head. Surely she must know that you always get what you pay for. She huffs. She needs someone to bounce ideas off of. She thinks she might take Morgan. Tony retorts angrily. She can’t come in here and take his assistants. This isn’t some deli. Anna tells him that her own assistant is at the hospital. Tony asks if Anna put her there. Anna scoffs. Of course not. Hasn’t he heard about Bo Brady being sick?

Daniel tells Chelsea that Bo is fine. He is back in his room, but he hasn’t woken up yet. He notes that Kate has been here all night. Chelsea asks her to go home and get some rest. Kate resists, but eventually agrees and heads off. Daniel helps Chelsea adjust her pillows and tells her what a great thing she has done for her father. Chelsea is demure. She just lay there while someone else sawed her open. No big deal. Daniel insists that she is very courageous. She thanks him and asks if her dad will be ok. Daniel says the surgery was long and complicated, and now they have to wait and see if Bo’s body will accept the transplant. That’s all they can do right now.

Roman says he’s going to go crazy. Steve suggest he do something with his hands. Steve shows Roman an origami bird he made. He tells a surprised Roman that he is a dude of many talents. Stephanie comes up and admits she got a little sleep in the chair. Roman gets a call and leaves to take it. Stephanie says she is going to check on Chelsea. Steve agrees to go look in on Bo and try to get Kayla to go home. She’s been up all night. Stephanie hugs him. He takes such good care of her. Steve sighs. He tries.

Kayla, Caroline, and Hope all argue about who should go home and who should stay at the hospital. Steve comes in and tries to convince Kayla to go home. She refuses. He thinks Caroline ought to go home, too, but she say no. Steve groans. He can’t decide which is more bullheaded. Bo moans and his eyes flutter. Hope gasps, “He’s waking up!” Bo asks how he can sleep when they are all arguing. Everyone chuckles and celebrates. Caroline hugs Lexie. Steve congratulates him. Hope smiles. She knew he would come back to her. Bo is confused, “Back? Without the surgery?”

Chelsea apologizes to Daniel about being drunk before the surgery. Daniel tells her it’s ok, but she should probably start taking the term “Drink Responsibly” to heart. She promises to do so, and he also makes her promise to rest. Stephanie comes in and thanks and congratulates Dr. Jonas on the successful surgery. He cracks a joke and asks her to make sure Chelsea rests. After he leaves, Stephanie crows about how attractive he is. He’s like a TV star with a scalpel. She grins. No wonder Chelsea wanted to have this surgery. Chelsea rolls her eyes and Stephanie gets serious. She asks Chelsea how she is and asks for an update on Bo .Chelsea tells her they’re waiting to see if he accepts or rejects the transplant. Stephanie thinks it so cool that she saved her dad’s life. She just has one more question. Is Dr. Jonas single? Chelsea laughs.

Anna explains to Tony that her assistant is Bo’s niece and Chelsea’s cousin, is she had to be at the hospital. Tony doesn’t understand why Anna’s situation is urgent. She sighs. She has never seen her boos before. Not once. And there’s this account she wants. Tony knows all about it. It’s for Kate Robert’s new product line, right? Anna nods. She wants to show someone he ideas. Tony offers to look, calls the nostalgic, and hands the port folio over to Ethan. Ethan exclaims, “Ooohh, paper! I saw this in school once.” Tony offers to show Anna their ideas, as they are vying for the account as well. Ethan shows Anna some flashy pictures and logos on Tony’s computer. Anna gulps.

Lexie tells Phillip, Belle, Shawn, and Max that Bo came through the surgery just fine. He is awake, and so far, there are no complications. Shawn wants to see him. Lexie reluctantly agrees, but Bo mustn’t exert himself. Shawn agrees and they all head off. Phillip pulls Belle back. She asks what’s up. He says he wants to know the same thing.

Hope tells Bo that he did have the surgery. He doesn’t understand. He never signed the consent forms. Hope sighs. She did. She knows he didn’t want Chelsea to take the risk, but she wanted to. Caroline agrees. Chelsea didn’t want him to die, just as none of the rest of the family could stand to see that either. Chelsea is to be commended. She gave with her whole heart, and was so unselfish. And then Victor must be thanked, for finding the brilliant surgeon. Caroline tells Bo that Kayla and Lexie were both relentless, and stayed by his side. Max and Shawn were both steadfast and strong and supported all of them. And then of course, Hope must be thanked. She hasn’t eaten or slept in days. Caroline cries a little. Her name is befitting. She lastly says they mustn’t forget those above, like Shawn, or their loving, powerful God. Hope cries and puts her hand on Bo’s shoulder. Bo smiles.

Anna wonders how Tony put the design together. He tells her he sent it off to their art department. Anan nods. Her sketches are just rough outlines, of course. She hasn’t gotten hers to her own art people yet. Tony compliments her old style. Anna huffs. She thinks new advertising is too slick. She wanted something simple and sophisticated. Tony lightly pokes fun at her and she whines. She just needed some help. Tony huffs. He thought she didn’t want him, and that she was independent. Then at the first sign of trouble, she runs straight to him. Anna says that she doesn’t need his help. She was trying to get Erlon and Margot to help her. Ethan and Morgan correct her as to their proper names. Tony calls her hard headed. She says he is the hard headed one. To prove it, she yanks a paining off of the wall and hits Tony over the head with it. His head bursts through the canvas and he yells.

Steve sprinkles petals on the floor as he leads Kayla into their apartment. She laughs and asked what she did to deserve this. He explains that she saved her brother’s life. He pops open a bottle of apple cider and pours two glasses. He toasts to her, and she insists he include Daniel and Lexie. Steve offers to go get something to eat and hands Kayla the remote. He leaves. Kayla doubles over in pain.

Phillip tells Belle that he feels like something big is going on. Belle apologizes for not saying anything before. First she wants to thank him for being so wonderful to her. She explains that Shawn has always wanted to sail around the world like he did when he was a kid. Belle thinks it sounds fun, so they are going to do that after Bo gets well. Phillip sighs. They’re taking Claire. He’ll never see her again. Belle promises that he will. Claire loves him and she will always be a part of his life. She promises to call, email, and visit. Phillip hugs her and wishes her and Shawn “Bon Voyage.” She hugs him and cries.

Stephanie shows Chelsea the bird her dad made and tells her they ere all really worried. Nick was here all night, but he had to go teach. He promised to be back soon. Chelsea is glad. Stephanie doesn’t want to sound like her mom, but she is really proud of Chelsea. Chelsea smiles. She is really proud of herself, too. In fact, Dr. Jonas told her the same thing and it made her feel really good. Stephanie thinks they seemed to hit it off. Chelsea smiles. They were really going at it when she was drunk. Stephanie thinks that sounds hot, but Chelsea says she didn’t mean it that way. She sighs. She’s really happy for the first time in a long time.

Kate finds Daniel at the nurse’s station and asks to speak with him about Chelsea. Daniel says she will be fine. Kate glares. She knows his main focus his Bo, but she wants him checking on her regularly. If something happens, he is going to have to deal with her. Daniel says Chelsea will be out of here in a few days. She’ll be fine. Kate says she had better be and huffs off.

Tony takes the artwork off of his head and ushers Ethan and Morgan outside. Ethan asks if he will be alright and Tony says he will be fine. He shuts the door and starts toward Anna menacingly. He can’t speak for anyone else though. She laughs nervously. That isn’t a very friendly smile on his face. Tony stalks towards her.

Steve strokes Kayla’s hair. Seeing Bo and Hope in the hospital made him realize how lucky they are. He gets up to refill her water. She grimaces in pain and turns to hide it from him.

Daniel comes in and Hope asks about Bo’s color. He’s been sleeping ever since he woke up briefly. Daniel says it will come back in a couple if days. She asks about Chelsea and he tells her that she’s fine. He asks her to leave so he can examine Bo. Hope heads outside and Shawn asks about Bo. Roman asks about Caroline. She tells them that Bo is being examined by Daniel and Caroline is in the chapel. She hopes the worst is behind them.

Tony calls Anna a spoiled brat. He thinks she needs to be spanked. She calls him smug and callous. He pulls her towards him and kisses her. She breaks away. He wants her to admit she needs him. She says she admits nothing. He pushes her onto the couch. He thinks she wants him. She smiles. She does want him. She pulls him on top of her and they kiss.

Chelsea wants to get up and go see her dad, but Stephanie refuses. She’s hooked up to all these machines for a reason, and she can’t stand up anyway. Stephanie promises to go see Bo herself and come back with a full report. Chelsea still can’t believe a part of her is inside her dad, helping him live. Stephanie thinks it’s a miracle. Chelsea smiles. It is. And it has changed her life, too.

Anna lies on the couch and kisses Tony. She feels very relaxed. She thinks they should replace their three martini lunch with this. Ethan knocks and asks if everything is alright. Tony and Anna scramble to get dressed. She leaves and feigns anger in front of the assistants. She swears Tony will never get the account and huffs off. He grins.

Stephanie says she is going to check on Bo, but Chelsea has to promise that she won’t get up or do anything stupid. She jut had major surgery. Chelsea promises. She promised her dad that she would get well, and that is a promise she intends to keep.

Daniel tells Hope, Shawn, Belle and Roman about Bo. They will be giving him anti-rejection medications soon. As long as those work, and Chelsea’s pancreas continues to support his, he’ll make a full recovery. Shawn asks about Chelsea. He says she will be just fine. Hope doesn’t know how to thank him enough.

Bo wakes up sweating. He calls out for Hope.


Max makes a call, “I thought you might like to know your company just had two shipments of cargo placed under quarantine.”

John asks Belle, “What can I do for you?” She replies, “We came over to say goodbye. Shawn and Claire and I are leaving.”

Steve tells Kayla, “I have something I need to tell you.” She says, “Well, that sounds serious.” He replies, “It is.”

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