Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie and Kayla come into Bo’s room and Hope asks if he’s ready for surgery. Lexie nods. The blood work came back fine. Kayla heads over to five Bo a drug that will suppress his body’s rejection of Chelsea’s pancreas. Hope asks about Chelsea. Lexie explains that she will be assisting with her surgery. Kayla adds that she will be assisting with Bo’s. Hope smiles. She knows they’re both in good hands.

In the waiting room, Belle tells Shawn and Phillip that Bo is being prepped for surgery. Shawn grumps. They need to move faster. Belle soothes him. Dr. Jonas is supposed to be brilliant. He knows what he’s doing. Phillip agrees. Shawn just wishes he could have been the donor for his dad. Belle thinks he has done all he can. Plus, he gave Bo a reason to live when he told him about their plans. Phillip asks, “What plans?”

Nearby, John points out to Marlena that the whole family seems cursed. Marlena says they’ve just had a lot of heartbreak lately. Luckily, they’re blessed with each other, and they all love and adore one another. She reminds him that he’s a part of this family, too. John wants to keep his distance. Someone could get hit by lightning. He doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Nearby, Caroline tells Stephanie and Max that she wanted to see Chelsea, but the doctor wouldn’t let them so soon before the surgery. Stephanie knows this means a lot to Chelsea. Victor thinks she’s very courageous. Max sighs. This operation is very dangerous for both of them. Caroline says they both come from a family of fighters. If anyone can beat the odds, it’s Bo and Chelsea.

In her room, Chelsea talks with Billie on the phone. She insists that it’s much too late for her to get back from London, and Kate will call her every hour with updates. Chelsea tells Billie she loves her and hangs up. Chelsea starts filling out some paperwork. Kate says she is glad that Bo is getting the transplant; she just wishes it wasn’t coming from her. Chelsea sighs. This means a lot to her. She has put her dad through a lot, and she owes him this. Besides, she wants to do this. Kate understands. She is just worried. Chelsea promises that she’ll be fine. Daniel walks in and tells Chelsea that Kate is right. She is risking her life. Is she sure she wants to do this?

Belle tells Phillip that Shawn talked to Bo about all the things they were going to do in the future as a family. Phillip thinks that will give him the will to live, if anything. Family means so much to him. Phillip heads off to get something to eat. Belle apologizes. She didn’t want to lie, but she didn’t think this was the right time to tell him. Shawn thinks they might have to put their plans on hold anyway because of his dad’s recovery. Belle agrees. Marlena and John come over and Shawn tells her they’re close to beginning the operation. John shudders. He doesn’t understand how she can work in a hospital. And Belle wants to get into nursing? She says she likes to help people. He thinks she’s a ball of sunshine. She must get that from her mother. Belle says she got it from him, before he turned so pessimistic. John shrugs. He is a realist. Shawn prefers Belle’s positive attitude. She’s nice to have around in times like these.

Roman, Max, Steve, and Stephanie all talk about the impending surgery. Stephanie frets. Steve reminds her that he gave a kidney to her Uncle Jack, and he’s fine. Stephanie reminds him that he had two. Chelsea only has one pancreas. Steve thought everyone had two of those. Everyone chuckles. Stephanie calls him a dork.

Kayla and Lexie leave to get scrubbed up. Before they head out, they tell Hope that someone will be up soon to get Bo. She leans over Bo and urges him to fight in surgery. She needs him, and his family needs him. She tells him she loves him and rests her head on his shoulder.

Chelsea says she won’t change her mind about the surgery. Daniel just wants her to know what she is getting into. Chelsea doesn’t care. Her dad has put himself on the line for her lots of times. It’s only right that she do the same for him. He’s her dad. She loves him. She doesn’t care if she lives her dies, so long as he makes it. She hands the signed forms over to Daniel in a huff. Daniel tells her someone will be in to take her to the OR. She urges him to save her dad. He promises to do his best and leaves. Kate thinks Chelsea’s courage is amazing. Chelsea laughs. She is scared as hell right now.

Daniel speaks to Kayla, Lexie and Dr. Taylor about the procedure. Dr. Taylor promises to call Daniel to open Bo as soon as they have examined the slice of Chelsea’s pancreas. He thinks this will be interesting. He has never done this surgery before. Lexie adds that Daniel has had success. Daniel says he has also had failures. Bo is a perfect candidate, but they can always use a little luck. Kayla think they’re going to need all the luck they can get.

Caroline and Victor tell Bo that they’ll pray for him. Two nurses wheel him out of his room. Everyone has gathered outside to wish him a few words of encouragement before the operation. Even John tells him to “hang tough,” which Hope and Marlena both seem surprised by. After Belle and Shawn wish Bo well, the nurses take him the OR. Hope follows behind them.

Nick comes to see Chelsea and apologizes for not coming sooner. He brings her a teddy bear that his mom gave him when he had his appendix out. Chelsea thanks him. This was just what she needed. Nick frets about the operation. He doesn’t want to lose her. Chelsea swears she will be fine. Nick sighs. She can’t promise him that. Chelsea grins and tells him to have a little faith. A nurse comes in to take her into the OR. Nick kisses her and tells her he loves her. Kate does the same. Max and Stephanie come into to wish her luck. Stephanie tells her they love her She says she loves them, too.

Dr. Taylor tells Daniel that he will let him know as soon as the slice of pancreas is ready. Daniel and Kayla head off. Lexie sighs.

Hope runs into Chelsea being wheeled into the operating room and thanks her profusely. She is just so proud of her. Chelsea smiles. She would do anything for her dad. Hope cries and thanks her again. She says she will see her in a little while and the nurses take Chelsea away. She passes by Bo and makes them stop. She says she knows he didn’t want her to go through with the operation. But that’s too bad. She’s disobeying him. He can yell at her when he goes home and gets well. Chelsea says they’re in this together. So he better take good care of her pancreas. She smiles and says she loves him. The nurses take her and Bo in opposite directions.

Chelsea lies on the operating table. The anesthesiologist commends her on her sacrifice to save her dad. He tells her she is putting her to sleep and she makes sure that she’s not going to wake up in the middle. He says she won’t and Chelsea says she ready. She falls asleep almost immediately.

The assisting doctors and Daniel agree not to make an incision before they hear Chelsea’s slice of pancreas is viable. Kayla asks about the recovery. Daniel says if all goes well, Bo will feel like he got a good night’s rest. Kayla smiles. She’s ready to give her brother a good nights rest and a new pancreas. Daniel promises to try his best. Bo lies on the operating table.

Lexie and Dr. Taylor begin Chelsea’s surgery.

Nick, Max, Stephanie, and Steve all play cards. Steve wins. Stephanie groans. They should be experts after that summer in Vegas. She reminds Nick of all the money he won. Nick smiles. Chelsea’s reaction was priceless. Stephanie thinks they should all go back after Chelsea recovers. Nick asks to sit out the next round. He can’t concentrate. Stephanie soothes him. The cards are helping to distract them. Besides, she’s sure Chelsea will be fine.

Dr. Taylor tells Lexie to apply some suction. Chelsea is a bit more of a bleeder than he likes. Lexie adds that it isn’t a problem--yet. Dr. Taylor nods. They still ought to keep their fingers crossed.

Belle brings Shawn a sack of burgers and fries from down the street. He isn’t hungry, but she says he needs to eat. Shawn shakes his head. His stomach is in knots. Belle asks him to relax. He isn’t doing anyone any good by stressing out. Shawn sighs and agrees. Belle wants to focus on the positive, like the look on Bo’s face when Shawn graduates from the police academy. Shawn smiles. Or how proud he’ll be of them as they sail around the world.

Kate comes up to John, who doesn’t recognize her. She introduces herself as his ex-fiancée. John wants to know if they are on good terms. Kate says they are friends. That’s why she came to talk to him about his hardball tactics with her son at the docks earlier. She tells him that he’ll want to rethink going up against a Kiriakis. She should know. Victor and Phillip can be ruthless. John tells her that he can be a formidable opponent as well. Are they done? She nods and wags a finger. He mustn’t say she never warned him. She heads off.

Hope tells Roman and Marlena that Chelsea is holding it together pretty well. Roman thinks it’s in her blood line. Hope heads off to the chapel to light a candle and Roman offers to go, too. Marlena promises to let them know if anything happens. John walks over and asks what’s wrong with these people. They ought to go home and sleep and eat some protein. The surgery is slated to last hours. Marlena knows, but they all want to stay close. John says he needs to get out o f here. Marlena wants to go too, but she says she has to tell Belle first. John smirks.

Dr. Taylor tells a nurse that everything looks good. She needs to call OR 2 and let them know that the pancreas is viable for transplant.

A nurse tells Daniel that the pancreas is viable and ready. Daniel tells everyone to hang tight and prepares to make the first incision on Bo.

John and Marlena take a stroll on the docks and she asks about Rolf adjusting to being a butler. John thinks he’s been lost since his laboratory was locked. She wonders if he has asked about his reprogramming. John says that Rolf doesn’t think he will ever recover his memory. She asks if he has any recollection of the brainwashing. John says he just remembers the pain. That’s why he hates the hospital with the monitors and sterility. Marlena thinks he cares about Bo. John denies it. Marlena reminds him denies loving his mother. He glares. He didn’t know her at all. Marlena smiles. For someone who doesn’t care about Bo or his family, it’s funny that John showed up at the hospital.

Belle and Shawn finish their meal and Shawn heads off for more soda. Phillip is glad Belle and Shawn made up and they’re all friends again. Belle just hopes he is ok they she and Shawn are happy. Phillip smiles. It stings, but hey, she isn’t that special. He chuckles. She think he is that special. She hopes he finds the happiness he deserves.

Kate joins the poke game and gets a royal flush. Steve remarks on he skills. Kate smiles. Poker is child’s play for her. All you have to do is go after what you want, and she’s been doing that for years. Stephanie thinks Chelsea is just like her. They all talk about how courageous Chelsea is, now and with the Ford Decker thing. She was like a rabid pit bull. Steve chuckles. He thinks that rabid put bull is going to kick butt in the operating room. They all laugh and agree.

Dr. Taylor works to remove the incised piece of Chelsea’s pancreas. Lexie encourages him. He’s doing fine. He just needs to keep steady.

Roman tells Hope that Sami wanted to be here, but he told he to stay home with the twins. Roman sighs. When he sees Caroline and Victor together, he can’t help but feel like that should be Pop comforting her. Hope understands. She and Victor are just bonding over Bo. She thinks his dad would be happy that someone was there supporting her. Besides, their only focus is Bo. Roman smiles. She’s right. His brother was lucky to marry such a smart woman.

Dr. Taylor removes the slice of pancreas and hands it off to a nurse, who promptly packs it in ice and takes it over to Dr. Jonas. Daniel says the timing is perfect. He guesses this is what they call “miracle time.” Kayla stares.

John tells Marlena that it was just morbid curiosity that brought him to the hospital. Marlena thinks it may have been his worry for Bo. John grunts. Did she always over-analyze his motives? Marlena says no. She always knew what he was thinking. She tells him that this pier has a special meaning for them. He asks if they got mugged here. She tells him that they were first reunited here after being separated for many years. She reminisces about the adventures they had. John sighs. She really misses her life with the old him, doesn’t she? Marlena chokes up. She wishes she could tell him how much. John’s phone rings. It’s Paul Hollingsworth, wanting to set up a meeting. John tells him that he’ll have to call him back. He hangs up. Marlena asks who that was.

Steve comforts Hope. She says she is trying to stay strong for Caroline and Shawn, but she’s a mess inside. She keeps trying to keep her head out of the OR, but it’s tough not to worry. Sometimes she isn’t sure that Bo will make it. Steve tells her to come talk to him when she feels that way. He promises to set her straight. She thanks him for being such a good friend. How can they ever repay him? Steve smiles. Tens and twenties will do just fine. Hope chuckles. A nurse tell them the pancreas has been excised successfully and the doctors are closing Chelsea up. The all hug and celebrate. Hope and Steve join hands and pray for Bo’s recovery. The camera pans to Daniel, working fiercely on Bo.

John tells her that it was Stefano’s lawyer with more papers to sign. Marlena wants him to hand over some reasonability to someone else, but he refuses. She knew he would say that. She suggests they go back to the hospital. He doesn’t want to, but she asks him to accompany her, and he agrees. She thanks him, and is appreciative that he took this walk with her. She feels like they are finally communicating.

Roman, Max, Stephanie, Kate, and Nick talk about how glad they are that Chelsea made it through the surgery. Nick says he feels bad for spending so much time working on the grant. He feels like he needs to show Chelsea that he loves her more often. Stephanie thinks she knows that already. But she’s sure Chelsea would love to hear it again, anyway.

Lexie tells Chelsea that she is a hero. She asks Dr. Taylor if he can close. She wants to go check on Bo. Taylor agrees readily and Lexie heads off.

Hope, Steve, Belle and Shawn talk about the next phase of the surgery, which could take hours. Belle adds that they’ll have to wait and see if Bo’s body even accepts the transplant. Hope sighs. They have to take it one step at a time. His dad just needs to make it through.

Lexie comes in and asks Daniel how things are going. He tells her they are making progress. She and Taylor did an excellent job. Lexie asks if she should assist. Daniel says no, but she needs to stick around. This dance is far from over.


Phillip asks Belle, “Wow, you’re going to be taking Claire. I’m not going to see her again, am I?”

Tony asks Anna, “So what can I do for you?” Anna points, “I want him.”

Chelsea asks Daniel, “Is my dad ok?”

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