Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Bo’s hospital room, Daniel tells Hope that if they have to wait much longer, she’s going to want to say her goodbyes. Hope says she can’t. Daniel sighs. He is just trying to be honest with her, and he doesn’t want her to have any regrets. Bo could just have a few hours left, so she needs to say anything she needs to say to him soon. Victor and Shawn come in and ask what’s going on. Daniel tells them that Bo is unconscious, and doesn’t have much time. Hope tells Daniel that she promised Bo that he would make it. He’s the only one that can help her keep that promise. Daniel sighs. He’ll go see what he can do, but if Chelsea’s system doesn’t purge that alcohol soon enough, there won’t be any hope. Hope comforts Shawn. Daniel stands by Bo’s bed and tells Lexie and Kayla that they have to buy Boa little time. He just doesn’t know how.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Stephanie tries to convince Max to go home and rest. He’s spent a full day at the docks. He says he has to be there for his family. Stephanie sighs. She knows it’s bad. She woke up last night and her mom crying. Max sighs. It’s just that the Bradys always made him feel like he was one of them, even if he wasn’t related. He feels like he owes them. Stephanie tells him that he doesn’t have to be perfect. Besides, she thinks he’s a lifesaver. Max doesn’t get it. She reminds him of what he did for her during that whole Ford Decker thing. He is amazing. He makes his family proud, and he makes her proud. She hugs him.

In her room at the hospital, Chelsea apologizes to Kate for not listening to her about the drinking. Kate understands. She’s stubborn herself, and has made quite a few mistakes to boot. Chelsea sighs. She should be in the operating room right now. Kate thinks that she should use this time to think things through. After all, this is a very dangerous operation. She could die. Chelsea knows that. She has to do this. Kate knows she is doing this because she loves her dad, but it’s also because she wants his approval. Chelsea says that that isn’t what this is about at all. She asks Kate to go get her some water. Kate tells her she’s brave, and she should never let anyone tell her differently. Kate leaves. Chelsea rips the tape holding the needle in place off her arm.

Outside Bo’s room, Steve greets Roman. Marlena catches sight of John pouring coffee and heads over to talk to him. John says he decided to come since he is supposed to be related to most of these people. Marlena is glad to see that he does the right thing sometimes. He smirks. He didn’t back at the docks with the Kiriakis kid. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about that. She does think he seems to be sympathizing with Bo. John agrees. He knows what it feels like to be hooked up to a bunch of machines. Marlena asks if that is all, and he asks her to stop pushing it. She says that that is what she does. One day, she’ll push him so far that the real John will break through this fake veneer. John grunts. This is the real him, through and through. Marlena smiles, “We’ll see.”

Daniel shuts the blinds to Bo’s room and asks Lexie to ask the family not to hover. He has to think. Lexie heads out and greets Roman. She explains that the family hanging around and watching their every move is making it hard to work. Roman agrees to talk to them. He turns around and asks that everyone move down to the OR waiting room. Lexie and Kayla will keep them abreast of any new developments. Shawn, Belle, Phillip, John and Marlena all head off. Lexie thanks Roman and promises to keep in touch with him. He heads off.

Max frets about not hearing any news as Kate rushes up. She fills them in about Chelsea being the donor for Bo. Max thinks Chelsea must be glad. She really waned to do this. Kate sighs and tells them about Chelsea getting drunk. They’re trying to get the alcohol out of her system, but it might not happen in time to save Bo. Stephanie shakes her head sorrowfully, “Poor Chelsea.”

A nurse comes into Chelsea’s room to find her bed empty.

Daniel asks Hope to leave for a few moments. Hope extracts a promise from Kayla to get her if something changes and then leaves. Daniel tells Kayla and Lexie that he has nothing. He paces. He asks Kayla about an article she showed him earlier in the week. He needs her to get it, and meet him and Lexie in the lab. He’s sure he’s missing something. They all leave.

Caroline and Victor ask Hope about Bo. She says nothing has changed. Dr. Jonas just needs a little space. Caroline asks Hope if she thinks they can save Bo. Hope hugs Caroline. She hopes so.

Phillip tells Roman that he is sorry for his loss. His father was a real hero. Roman thanks him. Phillip says he told Bo earlier that thinks they’ve never acted like family because they were raised so differently. Roman smiles. He can’t argue with that. Phillip tells Roman that he wants to be more like a family with Bo after all of this is over. Roman asks if Shawn is ok with it. Phillip says that he and Shawn have made amends. He hopes the rest of the family can be as generous towards him. John gets up and leaves. Phillip asks Roman what he thinks of the new John. Roman grins. Not a whole hell of a lot. Phillip nods. That makes two of them.

Belle asks if Marlena was surprised to see John here. Marlena nods. He cares; he just doesn’t want anyone to know it. Belle thinks he is suffering from typical macho man syndrome. John walks over and asks if they are talking about him. He wonders what they do now. Just stand around and wait? Marlena is open to suggestions. John says he can’t talk about it in front of Isabella. Belle groans. Marlena laughs. She’s used to his stunts. He can’t shock her. Belle glares. He may not remember being her dad, but he could at least act like it some of the time. John mocks her, ”Sorry.”

Stephanie can’t believe that Chelsea is Bo’s donor. Max grumbles. He can’t believe she was drunk. Stephanie thinks it was just lousy timing. Chelsea will probably feel guilty about it for the rest of her life. Kate hurries over and tells them that the nurse told her that Chelsea can’t have water. She’s just heading back in, and hopes they’ll help her cheer Chelsea up. They all walk into her room to find her gone. Kate asks a nurse if she’s gone to the OR. The nurse panics. She was getting ready to ask Kate if she knew where Chelsea was. Kate fumes. They just let her walk off? Max thinks they need to tell someone. Kate rushes out to the waiting room and tells Roman that Chelsea is gone.

Lexie and Daniel look over some more tests and charts. Kayla comes in with the article and Daniel asks Lexie to look at it. She finds something and hands over the magazine.

Roman gapes. Shawn and Belle overhear and rush over. Kate explains that she just went to get Chelsea a glass of water. When she came back, she was gone. Roman runs off to call hospital security. Shawn grumbles. He loves Chelsea, but as soon as you start to count on her, she pulls something like this. Max tries to defend her, but Shawn won’t have it. Having a few drinks--he can understand that. But disappearing? He buries his head in his hands.

Steve asks a cursing Roman what’s going on. Roman fills him in and tells him that the hospital is on lockdown. They have to find Chelsea--fast.

Chelsea approaches Bo’s room. She goes inside, lies down beside him, and cries. She’s so sorry she let him down.

Steve asks Roman to tell Hope. He’ll get the kids together and start searching. Roman goes over and breaks the news to Caroline, Hope, Victor, and Phillip. Phillip heads off to search. Caroline wonders how Chelsea could do this. She’ll help search, too. Victor agrees to stay in case she comes back. Hope looks at Roman desperately. How could she do this? Roman doesn’t know, but she can’t have gotten far. Kate was only gone a few moments. Hope goes off to check on Bo.

Chelsea tells Bo that she’s been thinking about the day she first found out he was her dad. She wishes she would have acted differently. She’s sorry she was a brat then, and still is sometimes. Its just that she felt like everything she knew was gone in an instant. But now--well, she loved the Bensons, but her real parents are amazing. And she wouldn’t trade either of them for anything in the world. He has been there for her, even when she didn’t deserve it, so now it’s her turn to do the same for him. She sobs. She prays that it isn’t too late.

Marlena thanks John for helping her look for Chelsea. She’s sure that he doesn’t understand this, but he doesn’t need to. Just having him around is a comfort and solace for her, even if he doesn’t remember anything. John smiles. That were that good, huh? She says they were better. That’s why it’s so hard for her when he does things her John would never do--like declaring war on the Kiriakis empire. John stiffens. He’ll do whatever he has to get control. Marlena asks what he wants control of. He wants control of whatever. John huffs. She thinks he’s a dysfunctional control freak. Well, it’s better than being a mad man’s pawn. Who is she to judge? Phillip comes up and clears his throat. Well, here they are again. Marlena asks about Chelsea. Phillip says they haven’t found her. That’s why he came here.

Chelsea bawls and begs Bo to hold on a little longer, just until she’s ready. Hope comes up outside and sees her through the glass. She calls Daniel over and they watch Chelsea and Bo. Hope wants to be mad at her, but she can tell how much she loves Bo. Daniel holds up a syringe. He asks Hope if she believes in luck or fate, and then heads into Bo’s room. Chelsea apologizes and Hope tells her everyone has been looking for her. Chelsea had no idea. She just wanted to see her dad. Daniel tells her he may have something to buy them a little more time, but he needs her getting fluids through her body. Lexie and Kayla come in and Daniel asks Lexie to give Chelsea another blood screen. She tells Bo she loves him and heads off with Lexie. Hope hugs Bo and cries.

Lexie takes Chelsea into a cubicle and Chelsea apologizes again. Next time, she’ll leave a note. Lexie suggests she just take her IV with her. Lexie takes a sample of Chelsea’s blood. She asks if she will be ready in time for surgery. Lexie hopes so. They’ve already wasted so much time. Chelsea gulps.

Daniel inserts the syringe in Bo’s IV and depresses the plunger. Kayla looks on and frets. Hope kisses Bo and rests her head on his chest. Daniel looks over some papers. It looks like Bo’s glucose levels are dropping. Hope beams. Then it’s working. Daniel frowns. For the time being, at least. Kayla thinks he need to be more positive. Daniel says he is just practicing realism. Kayla huffs. That’s hard to do when it’s your family.

Kate asks Phillip how he’s been doing since the crash. Phillip tells her he’s adjusting to his new leg just fine. Kate sighs. He is so matter of fact about it. Phillip raises his eyebrows. Why shouldn’t he be?

Lexie takes a blood sample from Chelsea and Chelsea swears she won’t go anywhere. Lexie goes out, running into Steve on the way. She tells him that Daniel and Kayla are with Bo, hopefully buying him more time. She’s on her way to test Chelsea’s blood. She heads off and Victor congratulates Steve on Kayla’s pregnancy. Steve is glad he gets to raise this one. Second chances are great. Victor agrees. Steve eyes Victor meaningfully. Some things can’t be forgiven. Victor thinks everyone deserves another chance, especially Bo. Steve agrees.

Kayla looks on as Bo wakes up. He tells her she’s creeping him out, staring like that. She’s glad he’s awake. He wants something to drink, but she says he can’t have anything. She sits down beside him and asks him to get well. She’s his doctor. Ma will kick her butt if he doesn’t. She reminds him of the boyfriend she had that liked motorcycles. After Bo got one, Ma blamed her for it. They laugh and reminisce. Kayla gets serious. She really needs him to get well.

Max and Stephanie visit Chelsea. She apologizes again for worrying everyone. She just wanted to see her dad. Max asks what happens now, she explains that they just have to wait for her body to purge the alcohol. Max jokes. Next time, no boozing before donating. Stephanie asks if they know how long it will take. Chelsea has no idea, but if it’s not in time, she doesn’t know what she will do. Max comforts her. She didn’t do this on purpose. She says she’s scared her dad will die and might be her fault. Stephanie thinks it might help to pray. Max holds their hands and leads them in a prayer for both Chelsea and Bo to come through surgery safely.

Hope greets Bo and kisses him. Daniel and Kayla discuss test results and Hope pulls Daniel outside. She asks about Chelsea and he tells her that Lexie is testing her again. Hope is confident that Chelsea won’t let Bo down.

Lexie looks at some test results, smiles, and rushes out of the lab.

Roman comforts Victor and Caroline. Shawn and Belle pace near the nurses’ station. John tells Marlena that the crowd is making him nervous. Marlena tells him that they are all afraid for Bo. He and Bo had a special connection. They tried to make everyone abide by what they thought was right. John grins. Maybe he isn’t a different as she thinks.

A nurse comes and tells Chelsea that she has to get to pre-op. Chelsea celebrates. That must mean her blood is clear! Max congratulates her.

Lexie rushes in and tells Daniel, Hope and Kayla that Chelsea’s blood is clear. Daniel gives some instructions. Lexie says it’s already done. Daniel grins. It’s show time. Hope smiles. She knew Chelsea would come through. Hope tells Bo that he’s going to make it.


Caroline says, “If anybody could beat the odds, it’s Bo and Chelsea.”

Kate tells Chelsea, “Your courage is amazing.” Chelsea replies, “I am scared as hell right now.”

Hope tells Bo, “Your whole family needs you. So you fight. I love you, Brady.”

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