Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Shawn brings Chelsea into the hospital. He lies her on a stretcher as Daniel barks orders to the nurse. He shakes Chelsea’s and asks what she’s taken. Is she drunk or high or what? Chelsea giggles. She doesn’t do drugs. Daniel orders a tox screen as they wheel her off. Chelsea insists that she’ll be fine. Daniel says it isn’t her that he’s worried about.

Lexie comes into Bo’s room and tells Caroline, Victor, and Hope that he’s ready to be prepped for surgery. Bo refuses. He won’t put his daughter through this. Hope tries to convince him that Chelsea wants to do this. Caroline tells him she needs him. He can’t leave her. Lexie jumps in and adds that his risk is ten times that of Chelsea’s. Bo grumbles. She’s just saying that to get him to agree to the surgery. Kayla comes in and tells them that Chelsea is here. Hope tells Bo that that means that she wants to be here. Hope thinks this is God’s way of telling him to go through with the surgery.

Marlena and Phillip meet at the docks. She tells him that she called because she wanted to talk about John. If he knew she were here, he’d just kill her. Phillip’s eyes widen.

Somewhere else at the docks, Paul tells John that he’s new to the business. He only took this job because he recently got divorced. Even though his wife is from old money, she still hits him up for alimony and child support every month. He asks John if he is married. John says he is, kind of. Paul explains that he needs money and he needs it fast. He needs to get out of this demeaning job. John doesn’t think it’s so demeaning. He decides how quickly or slowly things move through customs. John’s brother just liked to spend money, but John likes to make it as well. Paul asks him to cut to the chase. He tells him that Kiriakis Shipping accounts for most of the shipments into Salem. Paul nods. He knew Victor before his former wife kicked him out. John ask if they are friends. Paul says no. John grins. That’s excellent.

Bo refuses to have the surgery. Hope begs him to at least talk to Chelsea before he refuses. Bo agrees. He coughs and grimaces. Lexie tends to him while Kayla explains the procedure to Hope. Bo falls asleep. Hope asks Lexie if she put him out. Lexie grins. She just upped his dosage to help cope with the pain. Hope hugs her and thanks her. She asks if Bo’s odds are good, since Chelsea is his daughter. Lexie admits that they are much better than if they do nothing at all. Lexie tells her that right now, they have to put their trust in Dr. Jonas and his skills.

In her own room, Chelsea tells Shawn and Daniel to let her sleep it off. Shawn groans. They can’t. She’s a match for their dad. Chelsea thinks that’s great. She tells Daniel to go ahead and take out her pancreas. She’ll be fine. Daniel shakes his head. She’s hammered, and her dad is on the verge of death. What was an “iffy” surgery has now become downright impossible. Shawn asks what they can do to sober her up. Daniel has no clue what her blood alcohol level is. What he does know is that Bo is dying, and it’s going to take more than a couple of cups of coffee to get her ready for surgery. Chelsea whines. She didn’t know. Every time she called the hospital, they had no news. Daniel rolls his eyes. She knew she had been tested. She should have waited to get drunk until she heard she wasn’t a match. Does she have any idea what alcohol does to the pancreas? Kate waltzes in and tells Daniel that it isn’t Chelsea’s fault. They should have given her guidelines. Daniel apologizes. He just assumed Chelsea would use common sense. Kate huffs. Yelling at the girl isn’t going to help things. Daniel tells them that he’s having her hooked up to an IV. Hopefully they can flush her system of the alcohol, but he isn’t sure if they can make that happened before Shawn’s dad dies.

Marlena amends her words. She meant that John would be very upset. She asks Phillip if he knew of the alliance between his father and Stefano. Phillip nods. It seems John has decided to rescind that agreement. Marlena explains that while he was a good businessman before all this, he’s obsessed by it now. She thinks he wants to ring in a new golden age for the DiMera family, and somehow, being number one in shipping is how he wants to begin. Phillip sighs. He’s going to have a serious problem with that.

Paul explains that he knows a little about Victor from parties and fundraisers. He may have satellite companies, but shipping is his bread and butter. It always has been, since he turned his father’s small Greek business into an empire. John says shipping used to bring in money for the DiMeras until recently. So, he wants some of the Kiriakis bread, but he mostly wants the butter. John grins. Paul guesses that’s where he comes in. John nods, “Exactly.”

Lexie apologizes for having to knock Bo out, but he has to have this surgery, and he’s just being stubborn. Kayla agrees. Chelsea never would have volunteered to do this if it wasn’t what she wanted. Hope reminds them that Bo never signed the consent forms. Lexie says she can, since he is unconscious. Hope isn’t sure she wants to go directly against Bo’s wishes. Lexie reminds her that he will die. She tells them to hand over the consent forms. She signs them as Kayla tells her that she’s doing the right thing. Kayla leaves and runs in to Caroline and Victor outside. She tells them that Chelsea has been found, and that Bo is unconscious. Hope just signed the consent forms for surgery.

Chelsea begs Daniel not to be mean to her. She feels really badly. Daniel thinks she should. Her father is going to die because of her. Chelsea cries. Shawn tells him to stop. Daniel scoffs. He won’t stop. His patient’s life--their father’s life--is over all because this girl wanted to go out and party all night long. Chelsea bawls. Kate and Shawn argue with him. He tells them to get out. Kate huffs off, promising to complain to Lexie. Daniel tells Chelsea to stop crying like a little baby. She ought to be mad right now. Chelsea screams and sobs. She is mad! Daniel eggs her on. Chelsea bawls.

Daniel leaves the room and Shawn lays into him. How dare he talk to his sister like that after all that she has been through the last couple of years? Daniel listens patiently and then explains to Shawn that he can’t give Chelsea a shot of adrenaline. It might interfere with the anesthesia. So, he needs to keep her heart pumping. He understands that Chelsea needed to numb out. Sure, it came at a bad time, but what can they do? He has to keep her angry, so her heart works harder, thusly pumping the alcohol out of her system faster and faster. It’s their only chance.

Marlena thought Phillip would be more upset. He sighs. There’s no point in getting angry. What would that accomplish? She is glad that he is able to keep a cool head like his father. Since she’s aware that Phillip is calling the shots since Victor’s semi-retirement, she really wants Phillip to try to avoid a turf war between the DiMera and Kiriakis empires. Marlena knows a lot of people would get hurt. John has the means to start this war, but he has no moral compass to guide him. Phillip has to understand how much he loves money. Phillip smirks. Money is power. Marlena agrees. And power corrupts.

John asks if they have a deal. Paul says that they have an understanding. John shrugs. He can call it whatever he likes. As long as he keeps to it, he’ll be back to his accustomed lifestyle before he knows it. John heads off. Paul sighs.

Marlena tells Phillip that she doesn’t understand why John can’t be happy with what he has. Either way, he’s going to destroy whatever is in his way to get to what he wants. And they both know who is in his way. Phillip frowns, “Me.” Marlena thinks they have to find a way to stop him. John strolls up. He though she was his wife. She’s not giving away trade secrets to his competitor? Phillip laughs. John has made it clear that both he and his father are John’s enemies. John smiles. He can live with that. They had a deal with Stefano, not him. Phillip offers to make a deal with him. Jon refuses. Phillip sighs. This doesn’t make sense. There’s enough profit to go around for everyone. Surely they can come up with some kind of agreement. John doesn’t want to share the profits. Marlena asks how he can do this. John scoffs. Stefano programmed him to be a killer, yet he has never killed anyone. Considering how horrible he could be, he finds Marlena to be a bit picky. Marlena says there is no difference. Now he’s just board-room killer. John smiles. Then his first executive decision is to liquidate Kiriakis Shipping. Phillip tells him that there will be a very high price to pay. John grins, “Yup.”

Kayla offers to go check on Chelsea. Belle comes in and asks to speak to them all in the waiting room. Hope lingers behind and tells Bo that she knows he will be mad at her, but she doesn’t care. She will not lose him. She heads out to hear what Belle has to say. Belle tells them that she and Shawn found Chelsea in the park, drunk and out cold. Lexie explains that they can’t operate until her BAC is down to .002%. Caroline asks how much time that will take. Lexie isn’t sure. They’re flushing her system now. Hope frets.

Shawn explains to Daniel what has happened to Chelsea’s adopted parents and their brother. Daniel sighs. He isn’t trying to personally attack Chelsea. But he can’t give her a shot of adrenaline, and he needs her heart pumping. If he has to tick her off to do that, he will. It might save Bo’s life. He heads off. Shawn sighs.

Daniel explains to Chelsea why he was trying to make her angry earlier. He hates not always getting to be the nice guy, and he would have preferred to throw her on a treadmill but he figured she would have passed out. Chelsea apologizes for drinking. Daniel thinks he might have gotten wasted, too, in her shoes. She admits that she does fell a bit more sober. Daniel is glad. But it’s not enough. Is there anything else she can think of that might raise her heart rate? Chelsea isn’t sure. Daniel apologizes again for being so hard on her. He wishes he could give her water, but they can’t have her aspirating while under anesthesia. Chelsea sighs. She’s sorry for being so stupid. As Kate walks in behind them, Daniel asks her not to say that again. That kind of talk won’t be tolerated.

Lexie and Kayla tell them they can’t know how long it will take. It just depends on how fast the rate of dissipation is. They head off to make sure the surgery rooms are being reserved. Several later surgeries will have to be pushed back to hold the rooms for Chelsea and Bo. Caroline asks what they should do. Victor isn’t sure. Belle asks Hope if she is going to tell Bo. She thinks it’s better that she doesn’t know, and heads into his room. She tells that everything will be alright. He just has to hold on a little longer.

Phillip laughs. So John thinks he can just waltz down here, look around, then go back to his office and run the shipyards? John says he’s a quick learner. Phillip grumbles. He wonders if John even remembers how to sign a check. John says he remembers the definition of the word “ruthless.” Marlena stomps. He never used to be like this; he had a heart. John says the purpose of his heart is to pump blood and that is all. Phillip and Marlena’s phones ring. They listen briefly and hang up. Victor and Belle have both called them about Bo.

Daniel leaves Chelsea’s room. Kate moves to slap him outside, but he grabs her arm. She explodes. How dare he treat Chelsea that way after the hell she has been through? He is one smug, vulgar SOB. Shawn rushes over and tries to explain. Kate wants an explanation from Daniel, but he says he is too busy and leaves. Shawn tells Kate that Daniel just did this to flush Chelsea’s system more quickly. He felt terrible after Shawn told him what has happened to Chelsea in the past, and he even apologized. Shawn asks Kate to go see Chelsea. She heads inside and comforts a crying Chelsea.

Hope talks to Belle about Chelsea. Does she realize what she’s done? Because of her, Bo could die! Belle tries to defend Chelsea. She has lost a lot of people in her life. Hope explodes. And she could lose her father over her own stupidity! Belle knows that Chelsea would never forgive herself if that happened, and Hope knows it, too. Hope shakes her head. She won’t be able to forgive Chelsea, either. Hope stomps off, telling Victor she’s going to have a chat with his granddaughter. He goes to follow her, but Caroline stops him. Getting mad is only going to make things worse, and they need Chelsea. Victor grumps. She should have thought about that before she got soused. Caroline asks him to be strong. Victor takes his seat, cowed.

Marlena tells Phillip and John that Bo is going downhill, fast. They can’t do the operation yet, but Belle didn’t say why. Phillip says it’s because Chelsea is drunk. He and Marlena start to head off to the hospital. John chuckles. This is why Phillip will lose. He concerns himself with trivial, personal matters, and loses sight of what it really important. Phillip tells him that there is nothing more important than family. He feels sorry for John, because that is something he will never know. John thinks that is just weakness. Marlena tells him it used to bring him the most joy. John scoffs. He must have been drinking when he said that. Marlena rolls her eyes and she and Phillip leave. John sighs, “It’s all mind over matter, Beauregard. Just hang in there. You’re going to make it.”

Caroline and Victor visit with a groggy Bo. He mumbles about not having the surgery. Caroline urges him to rest. Chelsea is here, but they don’t know what’s going on. Bo sighs. He doesn’t want her to be mad at him. Pop gave his life for him, and now he is doing this for his daughter. Caroline says she isn’t mad. He, Hope and everyone else are doing what they think is best. Bo passes out as Kayla and Lexie enter. They say it’s going slower with Chelsea than they hoped. Bo’s machines go ballistic and they ask Victor and Caroline to leave. Kayla attaches an oxygen mask to Bo’s mouth and pumps frantically.

Hope comes up to Chelsea’s room and listens outside as she tells Kate that she doesn’t want to be the cause of Bo dying. She would gladly give her life for him, or switch places with him. Hope bursts into tears and walks off.

Victor comforts Caroline. She thinks Shawn would want her to be strong for the family, but Victor thinks he would understand her being so upset. All of this is a lot to process. She hasn’t even had time to properly grieve Shawn. Phillip and Marlena rush in and ask about Chelsea. Victor and Caroline fill them in as Lexie comes out and tells them that Bo has lost consciousness.

Lexie comes in and asks how Chelsea is feeling. She says she feels sober. A nurse hands Lexie a paper. She got these results five minutes ago. Lexie sighs. Chelsea isn’t ready yet. Kate suggests she do what Daniel tried to get her to do. She needs to get angry at something. Chelsea muses.

Belle and Shawn walk up outside Bo’s room and Victor tells them that Bo has lapsed into unconsciousness. Belle sees John peeking around the corner and heads over. She’s glad to see him here. He claims to have been in the neighborhood, but she isn’t buying it. She thinks he is worried. John asks her not to tell anyone.

Daniel and Hope rush into Bo’s room as Shawn asks if they can still do the surgery. Hope begs Daniel to tell her that Bo is going to make it. Daniel sighs. If they could do the surgery right now, he could say maybe. If they have to wait, she might want to go ahead and say goodbye. Hope and Kayla stare at each other.


Stephanie tells Max, “You’re amazing Max, and you make your family proud, and you make me proud.”

Hope tells Daniel, “I promised him he was going to make it. You’re the only person that can help me keep it, Doctor.”

Kate yells, “Roman, Roman!” He asks, “What?” Kate replies, “It’s Chelsea. She’s gone.”

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