Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Bo’s hospital room, Hope tells Steve that she isn’t sure how much longer Bo will last. He thinks Bo will hold on as long as he has to. She can’t give up on him. She sighs. Both he and Shawn said that he was making preparations. Steve just thinks Bo was taking precautions. She can’t start losing faith. Hope says she doesn’t need a pep talk. She and Bo have been to hell and back. They’ll make it through this. Steve nods. Bo is here, and he’s fighting. She has to hold on to that, and he will be here right beside her.

Outside, Kayla tells Shawn that they’ve found a donor. Kayla wants him to come down to the lab. Belle walks up and asks what’s going on. Kayla says she has good news. Shawn thinks Hope needs to hear it, too, but Kayla wants to speak to him alone first. Shawn heads off with Kayla.

Victor finds Caroline in the park. She dissolve into sobs, and says she was on the way to the hospital. Victor comforts her. He knows this is so hard on her. Caroline wails. She can’t lose Bo. Victor says she won’t. She wonders if finding a donor means Dr. Jonas could save him. Victor knows the procedure is risky, but Daniel will do his best. Caroline wonders if his best is good enough.

In the lab, Lexie runs through the litany of items being prepared for the surgeries. Daniel nods and says he still needs the checks done on the donor. If everything isn’t perfect, this transplant could fail before it even gets underway. Lexie reminds him the blood types and all others tests match. The donor is young and healthy. There’s no reason to think the surgery won’t be successful.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Chelsea orders another screwdriver and asks the bartender to go easy on the orange juice. Kate comes in and says she has been looking for Chelsea everywhere. Her phone is off, and she wasn’t at the sorority house or the hospital. Chelsea shrugs. She still found her. Didn’t it occur to Kate that she turned her phone off because she didn’t want to talk to anyone? Kate sighs. She understands how upset Chelsea is about her dad. Chelsea frowns. She called the hospital every half hour. There’s no news, no donor, and no chance for her dad. He’s dying. Kate wonders hoe getting drunk will help matters. She is acting as if he is already buried. He’s not dead yet. Chelsea laughs. No, but he will be, thanks to her. She toasts Kate. She is Chelsea Benson Brady, otherwise knows as the kiss of death. Kate thinks she’s being ridiculous. She needs to stop this nonsense and go be with her family. Chelsea whines. She’s a jinx. Everyone she touches ends up dying. Kate snatches her drink. Chelsea whines some more. What if she were the one to die? Then the curse could be broken. Kate thinks that is the booze talking, not Chelsea. Kate says she wants to take her home and sober her up so she can spend time with her dad. Chelsea tells her to be careful. If she gets to close to her, it might result in her death.

Caroline asks Victor if he thinks they will find ha donor. Victor thinks there is a good chance. Caroline frets. Even if they do find a donor, Bo could reject the transplant. Victor wants to take things one step at a time. Caroline thinks the odds are good for both Roman and Shawn. Victor says he couldn’t be considered because if his age and heart condition. He’d gladly give his life. Caroline says Bo couldn’t handle both of his fathers giving their lives for him. Caroline asks about Phillip. Victor says he is already being tested. They’ve talked about it. Caroline thinks whoever does it is putting themselves at enormous risk. Victor agrees and they head off to the hospital.

Hope frets about not hearing any news. She thinks they haven’t found a donor. Steve thinks they’re still working on it. It’s not as if they’re going to stand there and let Bo die. Lexie and Kayla would never let that happen. Kayla tells Hope that they have to check and recheck everything before they jump into this. She has to trust that the doctors are doing everything they can. Steve shakes his head. He just can’t let her give up. Hope says she could never give up. She is just scared--very, very scared. Steve comforts her.

Lexie says everything is ready. Now they just have to inform the donor and get their consent. Daniel thought everyone that was tested already signed a consent form. Lexie says it’s one thing to agree to donate in theory, and another when your life is on the line. He asks if she thinks the donor will back out. Lexie says no as Kayla and Shawn come in. He asks about all the secrecy. Who’s the donor? Lexie and Daniel fidget. Shawn freaks, “OMG, it’s me, isn’t it?” Lexie says no. He asks who it is. Daniel says they can’t tell him. It’s in case the person has last minute reservations. Shawn says they can’t. It might save Bo’s life. Daniel reminds him that they’re risking their own life. They have the right to change their mind. Shawn says they don’t if he has anything to do with it. Lexie assures him that there no reason to think the person will change their mind. At this point, the donor’s cell phone is off, so they’re trying to get in touch with the person. Then they will perform the transplant. Shawn asks what he can do. Kayla tells him that they want the family to know they’ve found a donor, but they don’t want everyone to get too excited until the consent forms are signed. Shawn agrees to keep everyone’s questions at bay and heads off. Lexie gets on the phone and gets voicemail again. She leaves a message telling the person that they’re a match for Bo. They need to call her right away. Kayla frets.

Bo wakes up and asks Hope if she is an angel. Steve excuses himself and heads out of the room. He tells Belle, Caroline, and Victor that Bo is awake. Caroline asks about donors and Belle tells them about Kayla taking Shawn to the lab. Caroline doesn’t think Bo would want Shawn to risk his life. Shawn comes up and tells her it’s a moot point; he isn’t the donor. They ask who he is and he explains that they have to find the person first. Victor nukes. They don’t have time for this! Bo needs to get prepped for surgery. Shawn thinks they’ll do it soon, it’s just that everything is on hold while they try to find the donor.

Chelsea wants another drink, but Kate orders coffee instead. Chelsea sulks. She can’t cut her off. The bartender says he can, and is. She’s reached her limit. Chelsea sulks. Kate tells her they need to get her sobered up so her father doesn’t see her like this. The bartender brings over the coffee. Kate tries to force it on her, and Chelsea knocks it out of her hand. She doesn’t need her overbearing grandmother around. Last time she checked, Kate’s life was no better than anyone else’s, so she has no room to be doling out advice. Chelsea says she’s going somewhere quieter and huffs off. Kate tries to follow, but the bartender stops her. The girl still owes him for the drinks. Kate takes out her wallet.

Daniel laughs. He can’t believe Lexie can’t find the donor. The person is just unconscionable. How could they get tested, know they’re a potential donor, and then disappear at the critical moment? Lexie sighs. Maybe there is a good reason. Daniel says the only good reason at this point is alien abduction. The minute any decent person gets tested, they’re supposed to be ready and waiting by the phone. Lexie says they will be found. She is sure of it. He sighs. And if they’re not? Lexie wants to take this one step at a time, as Daniel is so fond of saying himself.

Kayla tells Caroline and Victor about the donor. The OR and surgery teams are prepped. Now they just need to find the donor, and they’re looking. Now she just needs to tell Bo and Hope.

Kate rushes out of the bar, calling for Chelsea, who has already left. Kate calls Nick and briefs him on the situation. Luckily, Chelsea didn’t take her car. Kate listens to Nick, thanks him, and hangs up. She frets.

Kayla comes into Bo’s room with Belle, Caroline, and Victor in tow. She tells them they’ve found a donor, and are preparing for surgery. Hope wants to know why they can’t do it right now. Kayla explains how complicated the procedure is. Everything has to be perfect. They want to know who the donor is, but she tells them its hospital policy to inform the donor first. Caroline thinks it must be someone in the family. Bo agrees. He has to know. Kayla relents. The donor is Chelsea.

A drunken Chelsea stumbles into the park. She flashes back to Bo asking her to move in with him and Hope. Then she flashes back to telling Bo that he is going to beat this thing. They’re all going to help him. She hugs him in his hospital bed.

Back at the Cheatin’ Heart, Kate hands the bartender her number and asks him to call her if Chelsea shows back up. She heads out grumbling. Where the hell is Chelsea?

Caroline thinks that makes perfect sense. Bo won’t let Chelsea do it. She could die. Even if she doesn’t she’ll live with a partial organ. Hope says they have already discussed this. Steve reminds him he will die. His family wants him to take care for them himself. Bo asks Daniel what the risk is to Chelsea. Daniel walks in and sighs. It isn’t as big as the risk to him. Besides, he really has no say in this. Chelsea is of age, and signed the consent form to be tested, knowing full well what would happen if she were a match. Bo says he will refuse to go through with the operation. Everyone tries to talk him out of it. Caroline reminds him that Shawn didn’t just die for him so Bo could go right after. Bo doesn’t care. He will not let his daughter risk her life for him. Shawn comes in and tells them he was able to get in touch with everyone except Chelsea. She needs to kept in the loop, though. Kayla tells him it’s imperative that they find Chelsea. Shawn’s eyes widen. She’s the donor, isn’t she? Kayla asks them to all step outside.

Chelsea continues to stumble around the park. She sits on a bench and takes out her phone. She marvels at all of the voicemails. Maybe they found a donor for her dad. She lies down and passes out, dropping the phone. It vibrates incessantly. Chelsea sleeps.

Lexie tells the group outside Bo’s room that they have to find Chelsea as soon as possible and get her into surgery. Victor says he will get his men on it. Steve say he’ll check the hospital, and Shawn says they’ll cruise around and look for her where she likes to hang out. Belle, Shawn, and Victor all head off. Steve asks how long Bo can survive without the surgery. Kayla sighs. Not much longer.

Daniel tells Bo that he’s in great health other than the pancreas issue. He’s a great candidate for surgery. And Chelsea and Bo are one of the closest matches he has ever seen. Bo says he won’t go through with it. It’s too risky for Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea wants to do it, and she wont understand why he wont let her. Bo says he will talk to her and make her understand.

Belle and Shawn come to the Cheatin’ Heart and describe Chelsea. He tells them that she got pretty drunk and left a half hour ago. He tells them the lady she was with may know where she is. She handed over her card. He gives it to them. Shawn exclaims, “Kate!”

Kate yells for Chelsea in the park. Shawn calls and she tells him that she’s looking for her. She got drunk because she was upset about Bo. Shawn tells her to call as soon as she finds Chelsea. It’s very important. He hangs up. Kate continues to call for Chelsea. Shawn tries her phone again, cursing. The phone vibrates near her as Chelsea sleeps on.

Steve tells Kayla that Chelsea isn’t at the hospital. Victor says she isn’t at the pub, the sorority house, or Bo and Hope’s. Steve wonders where she can be. Kayla sighs. She just hopes they find her soon. Hope comes out and asks about Bo begin prepped for surgery.

Bo lies in bed and flashes back to Chelsea fretting about bad things happening to them. Bo hugs her and tells her that she is his flesh and blood, just like Shawn and Zach. He comes back to the present and vows not to let Chelsea risk her life for him.

Kayla tells Hope that they haven’t found Chelsea. Hope nukes. Steve calms her. They just started looking. They’ll find her. Hope says she has to go to be with Bo. Caroline wants to go too, but Steve thinks too many visitors will tip Bo off that something is wrong. Hope heads in and Bo asks if Chelsea is on her way. He has to talk to her, and tell her not to do this. Hope strokes his hair. Bo coughs feebly.

Lexie talks to Daniel about what they can do if they can’t find Chelsea. Daniel sighs. There are other approximate matches, but none of them are as good as Chelsea. Lexie sighs. They have to figure out something to do in case they can’t find her. Daniel nods. He just doesn’t know what that is yet.

Chelsea’s phone vibrates. Kate hears it and rushes over. She answers and tells Shawn that she found Chelsea unconscious on a bench, he says he is on his way, he calls Daniel at the hospital and fills him in. Daniel says he’s on his way, too. Daniel tells Lexie that Chelsea is unconscious and has been drinking. Daniel tells Lexie to get the OR prepped in case her stomach has to be pumped. He heads off, grumbling. What the hell was he thinking?

Kate cradles an unconscious Chelsea. She’ll probably be out for the night. Kate sighs. When she wakes up, she’s going to be very sorry she did this--very sorry.

Kayla and Steve come in and Lexie tells them that they found Chelsea and Daniel went to get her. There’s a problem though. She’s been drinking. Kayla groans. They can’t do the surgery with alcohol in her system. Lexie explains that they’re preparing for a rush detox as soon as she gets here. Steve asks if that will work. Kayla says it’s a question of whether or not they can get the alcohol out of her system in time.

Bo asks why Chelsea isn’t here. Caroline thinks she will be here soon. Hope says there’s something they have to tell him. It’s about Chelsea--they can’t seem to find her. Bo says that’s God’s way of saying she shouldn’t go through with this.

Kate urges Chelsea to wake up as Belle and Shawn rush over. He picks up Chelsea and heads off with her. Kate thinks he is overreacting. Shawn argues with her. Belle reminds him that Kate doesn’t know. Shawn tells her that Chelsea is a match. She may be the only one that can save his dad’s life. Daniel runs up and takes Chelsea. He tells Shawn to call the hospital and tell them that he’s on his way with the donor--who may or may not be able to save Bo’s life. Kate murmurs, “ Oh my God.”


Belle tells Hope, “Chelsea’s lost a lot of people in her life--“ Hope interrupts, “And because of her stupidity, she could lose her father as well.”

Chelsea yells, “Stop!” Daniel nukes, “My patient’s life, your father’s life--is over!”

John tells Phillip, “Then my first executive decision is to liquidate Kiriakis Shipping.” Phillip replies, “There’s going to be a very high price to pay.“ John grins, “Yup.”

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